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Apollo Shipping
  • Nico: *approaches Will*
  • Apollo: *squeals*
  • Nico: *smiles at Will*
  • Apollo: *legs kick uncontrollably while squealing*
  • Nico: *holds Will's hand*
  • Apollo: *arms flail as legs kick and squealing continues*
  • Percy: what
  • Apollo: Olympus is boring we need things to ship you shoulda seen how many views Hephaestus TV got with you and Chase aw man that season was the best
Hephaestus TV Interview

This is an interview between Aphrodite(Hephaestus TV host), Nico Di'Angelo, and Will Solace.

Aphrodite: Hello darlings, welcome to Hephaestus TV! We have some questions for you today, is that alright?

Nico: umm I guess.

Will: Hello! Yes of course.

Aphrodite: Okay, great! Our first question is from a demigod named Jason Grace.

Nico *moans and facepalms

Aphrodite: Alright then, Jason’s question is, “When are you two going to stop being complete dorks and start dating?”

Will: Well…..

Nico: Nope I’m done. I knew this was a bad idea, bye. *runs out the room and drags Will with him

Aphrodite: Well then

newworldchild  asked:

PJO AU question! (I'm very excited XD) What are the Gods reactions to finding out that Keith and Shiro are together? Also, do you think some of them made bets about when they'd get together?

Oh my god lmao I love this There’s another ask, Camp Version but I’ll answer the Gods Version first because this would be funny and this came first.

Voltron PJO AU: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 

The gods were having their luncheon (let’s pretend they actually do that) at Mouth Olympus. They were all gathered around the big golden table and Hephaestus TV was on. It was the gods’ entertainment, they get to see how their children are doing and they get to witness some dramas between the gods and the demigods.

Camp Half Blood was on, it showed that scene wherein the son of Ares had the son of Hades pinned down with his sword

“Oho! That’s my boy, Dan!” Cheered Ares as he drank wine. He looked around the table, “Mother’s from the marines. Pretty—”

“You were not supposed to injure your opponent, demigod.” Shiro on the TV said, catching everyone’s attention back.

Zeus smirked. 

Ares snorted, the same time his son on TV snorted. Like father like son. They witnessed Keith turning the tables and sneering at Dan. “You piece of shit.”

“Ohohohoho!” the other gods cheered. “Hades’ boy really knows how to get shit done.” Hermes barked out his laughter. 

Hades just shrugged proudly as he drank wine. “My boy is resilient.” Zeus could see how Hades was smiling a little when he saw his son immobilize the son of Ares. 

TV Keith spat out blood and walked out.

“Now that was just a very cool exit,” hummed Apollo. “Why can’t my kids be badass like your kids, Hades?” 

TV Shiro grabbed Keith’s arm but failed miserably to stop him. The gods continue to watch until they see Shiro sit beside Keith under the tree and they held hands.

“Oh, what is this?” Aphrodite perked up. She giggled. “Do I sense love in the air?” She wiggled her eyebrows at Zeus. “Your son has got good taste, doesn’t he, Zeus?”

“Now that you’ve mentioned it, Hades’ son is quite handsome. Like he’s so rugged yet handsome. Totally manly basing from what he did a while ago, too.” Apollo commented. “I’d totally—”

“Don’t finish that sentence, Apollo,” Hades interrupted to which the sun god just chuckled.

“I agree with Apollo though,” Athena joined. “They would be quite a pair. Two most powerful demigods? Together? Zeus and Hades’ offsprings at that?” She hummed in pleasure. 

“Definitely interesting! They could literally destroy the world!” Aphrodite rejoiced. “Imagine if they broke up.”

“No one is breaking up,” Zeus sighed. “Besides, they’re not even together yet.”

“Obviously, ‘cause your son is a wimp.” Hades muttered.

“Did you just call my son a wimp?” Zeus raised his eyebrow, bending a little forward to look at his brother. “Are you telling me he can’t muster up every ounce of confidence and confess his undying love for your boy?”

“Ah, so you do acknowledge he’s in love with my boy.” Hades smirked.

“Why of course. Everyone can see it. Can you?”

Hades just hummed. “I saw it the first time they met actually.”

“Oh my gods! Yes!” Aphrodite exclaimed. “It was the cutest puppy love! I was wondering when they will actually admit it.”

“Alright, alright. Bring it all in.” Hermes said. “Let’s start a betting pool. Let’s all see when one of them finally admits to the other, eh?”

“We are not placing bets on my son,” Zeus interrupted. “If he wants to take it slow, then he will take it slow.”

“You’re just scared you’ll lose, Dad,” Apollo giggled. “C’mon! Have a little faith in my lil brother, will ya? He’s got Zeus genes!” 

“I’m betting it will be Hades’ boy who will snap and just kiss him just to get shit done,” Hermes chuckled, placing his bet. “Give or take in a month.”

Hades gasped, scandalized. “My son has more tact than that!”

“This will be fun,” Aphrodite grinned as she looked at the TV and Shiro and Keith were napping under the tree.

aphrodite/ares/hephaestus headcanons

(this was requested by @martel884)

- guess who’s in charge - not hephaestus - not ares - but yes, aphrodite

- very big bed for snuggling obviously you freaks

- hephaestus doesn’t like anything cutesy and romantic / ares tries but he sucks / aphrodite is gr8

- she will shower her boyfriends with compliments

- hephaestus and ares r sometimes at odds but they compromise for aphrodite

- though when she’s not around, they actually get along

- she once came home to find them cuddling

- whenever she mentions it, they deny it

- they all love each other but this is why they have three tvs

- hephaestus is all abt documentaries, ares loves action and horror movies and aphrodite loves romcoms and reality tv shows

- movie nights are hell bc of that

- if anyone find their relationship weird you better watch out bc aphrodite will fight u

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Voltron pjo Au. Is Zeus now angry or furious on the monsters for hurting his son Shiro. I know he is! Including Hades?!

[Voltron PJO AU] One of the rare times Hades visits Mount Olympus to do some business with Zeus, he got to see something terrible. In front of them on screen was Hephaestus TV once again and on the channel that showed Shiro and Keith saving a demigod. 

Zeus’ stopped whatever he was doing when he heard the scream that was coming from the son of Hades. He saw his son, Shiro, get his arm ripped out of his body in such a barbaric manner. Then the son of Hades released his powers that obliterated everything.

Everyone was quiet at the scene unfolding in front of them.

“Oh my poor handsome brother,” Apollo said to break the silence, looking at Shiro on the screen. “Did you know your son could do that?” Apollo asked Hades.

“He wasn’t supposed to unlock it until such a later age,” Hades hummed. “Keith keeps surprising me. He killed 6 chimeras on his own at the age of 11.”

“Six? A demigod could hardly handle one!” Apollo gasped.

“He’s my son,” Hades smiled proudly.

“Of course. The Big Three Kids a.k.a. The Big Shots.” Apollo rolled his eyes fondly, as if he wasn’t one of them.

Zeus was too quiet until everyone noticed he stormed out of the room. Apollo was about to follow his father when Hades stopped him. “I’ll handle this.”

Hades found Zeus overlooking the camp, his fist clenched as if ready to murder someone with his own hands.

“If you’re that concerned of your Golden Boy, you could always visit him,” Hades said softly. 

Zeus just scoffed. “Please, I’m not that concerned. This happens all the time to demigods.”

“True,” Hades agreed without missing a beat. “Demigods die all the time. They get hurt all the time and gods could always just have a new one to replace the ones who died. Like clockwork. As if their lives mean nothing.” He paused to look at his brother who loosened his grip. “But that’s not the case for us and Poseidon now, is it? Big Three children are rare, even more so Big Three’s who survive and reach the age 18 and 20.”

“Where are you heading with this, Hades?” Zeus sighed exasperatedly.

“Visit your son,” Hades simply answered, as if it was that obvious. 

“I can’t do that. We’re not allowed to do that.” 

“True, but I still visit my little bat—monthly,” Hades smirked. “I know you’re the god of the gods, dear brother of mine. If the other gods see you break your own rule, you’re going to lose their respect. I get that. That’s why I don’t care about those rules. I rule the Underworld, I have my own rules. No gods even go there, aside from Hermes and Persephone and her mother, so no one to actually put a face on for. But you see, Keith, my precious boy. He’s the only one I have now in a while and as much as possible I’d like to be the father he deserved.”

Zeus didn’t say anything so Hades continued. “Our children don’t get to live long, Zeus. You know that very well. Your son could’ve died today if it wasn’t for Keith. You could lose him tomorrow for all you know.”

“I haven’t seen him since he was five,” Zeus finally said.

“All the more reason for you to visit your boy, don’t you think?”


Keith was sitting beside Shiro on the bed, his arms around him as they read a book. He was trying to make Shiro go to sleep when suddenly someone joined them in the Zeus Cabin. Keith looked up and was shocked to see the god of the gods himself.

“Lord Zeus,” he whispered, as he nudged Shiro’s shoulder, the human one.

That made Shiro look up to see his own father right in front of him. He opened his mouth and closed it again, gaping like a fish. 

Then Keith noticed dark shadows in a corner and he saw his Dad materialized, his finger on his lips to tell him to hush it. He detached himself from Shiro but not before he whispered “Good luck,” then with a gentle kiss on his cheek, Keith joined his father in the shadows. 

“Hi, Dad,” Shiro said, sounding so bewildered that finally his wish came true.

“Son,” Zeus said.

Keith smiled so wide upon hearing that and he gladly took Hades’ hand in his and they both were swallowed by the shadows after Hades gently kissed him on the forehead. 

A Hephaestus TV Special

Summary: Olympus tunes in to a Hephaestus TV Special- featuring Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase on the Thrill Ride of Love.

The screen suddenly switched, eliciting protests from gods and goddesses, both major and minor, and even nymphs, all over Olympus.

“Now, why would he cancel the show that had been made in my honor?” Athena shook her head, frowning slightly. ’So You Think You Can Weave Better Than A Goddess’ was one of Olympus’s favourite shows and Athena made an effort to tune in only because weaving was her specialty. Heck, she invented it. Besides, she wanted to view the nincompoops who dared challenge her try and fail.

A Hephaestus TV Special, live from Waterland! Featuring: Ares and Aphrodite!

“Not this again!” Demeter complained. “Can’t Hephaestus just eat his cereal and forget about that love goddess?”

“Mother, do you really have to mention cereal in everything you talk about?” Persephone, who was spending the summer with her, sighed in exasperation.

“Haha!” Apollo grinned as the words flickered across a small screen in his Maserati. “This is going to be good. I’ll have to record it.”

In her palace, Hera had her face in her hands. “My sons, my sons, why?” she grumbled.

“This gets old, but I guess it won’t hurt watching it again,” Poseidon muttered to himself, in his palace in Atlantis.

“Those messages can wait,” Hermes said.

Aphrodite, enjoying a treatment by her favourite nymphs at their spa, looked up in surprise. “But I’m not even there!” she muttered, absent-mindedly holding out a hand to a nymph who began preparing her nails for a manicure.

The screen flashed to life, but there was no sign of the god of war nor the goddess of love. Instead, water washed across the screen like it was a live tsunami broadcast. The water roared into a pool, sweeping away a hoard of metallic insects with eight legs.

“Ugh, spiders,” Athena muttered, but her eyes widened at the next scene.

Percy Jackson, that son of Poseidon whom almost all of Olympus had branded ‘The Lightning Thief’, was pulling Annabeth Chase, the daughter of Athena into a boat, and fastening her seat belt just as a tidal wave crashed against the boat, drenching both of them and sweeping the spiders away. The boat turned, lifted in the flood and began spinning in circles around the whirlpool.

“What is that boy doing with my daughter?!” Athena yelled, outraged.

“Plot twist! Best episode ever!” Apollo exclaimed. He thought of his sister. “Oh, Artemis, if only the forests had televisions…”

“Percy! It’s my boy, Percy!” Poseidon gaped at the screen. Nearby, Amphitrite and Triton scowled. “And isn’t that an Athena girl?” His eyes took in the amount of water swirling about, and he smiled to himself. The apple never falls far from the tree!

“What’s going on?” At his forge, Hephaestus scowled at the screen. “The location hasn’t been changed…” His face grew red at the thought of his brother escaping this one.

“It’s that thief!” Zeus fumed.

Down in the Underworld, Hades glared at his screen as well.

Aphrodite clapped her semi-manicured hands. “My new favourite demigod couple!”

The boat was turning. Poseidon noticed his son’s grim expression and knew he was trying to control it. “Go, Percy!” he cheered. Then the boat’s nose turned towards the tunnel and the two demigods rocketed through it. They disappeared from sight, but all the gods and nymphs could clearly hear the screams coming from the tunnel.

Then the cameras panned, and all the viewers were treated to a view of the boat shooting straight out of the tunnel and barrelling towards the exit- the Golden Gates of Love. But the gates were closed, and chained.

“They’re going to crash. Annabeth, think of something!” Athena spoke to her screen as though her daughter could hear her. At the moment, she didn’t care that Percy was in the boat as well; Annabeth could get injured if that piece of wreck slammed into those gates.

Percy Jackson strapped a shield to his arm. Aphrodite raised an eyebrow. That looked a lot like Ares’s shield.The boat was hurtling fast towards the chained gates. “Simple physics!” Annabeth could be heard yelling. “Force times the trajectory angle-”

“That’s my girl!” Athena beamed.

The two demigods were thrown into the air as the boat smashed. All of Olympus held their breaths. Percy and Annabeth soared straight over the gates, over the pool, and down towards solid asphalt.

“Annabeth, no!” Athena cried.

“Percy!” Poseidon yelled.

But then the two demigods appeared suspended in mid-air. The cameras panned a little to reveal a satyr with flying shoes (Hermes raised an eyebrow), grabbing them and trying to pull them out of a crash landing, but they had all the momentum. They went down fast, and smashed into a photo-board, the satyr’s head going through a hole. the other two demigods tumbled to the ground, banged up, but alive.

“Thank goodness,” Athena sighed with relief.

“They did it!” Poseidon beamed.

Apollo shouted with laughter. “That satyr-dolphin! I need to make a gif for this.”

Spotlights rained down on the demigods and the satyr, who had gotten to their feet. Percy Jackson looked up. “Show’s over!” he yelled. “Thank you! Good night!”

“Aww!” Apollo pressed a button a small remote and the words 'RECORDED’ flashed across the screen. “I’m giving this episode the highest ratings!”

“Well, that was refreshing,” Demeter stated, as the screen cut to a commercial break advertising a new restaurant run by dryads (Be one of our first 50 customers and receive a package of ambrosia and nectar packed in a tree-bark thermos, for FREE!). “I bet those kids eat cereal. Maybe I’ll actually take some time to give it a good rating.”

Persephone groaned.

“My new OTP! This is wonderful!” Aphrodite squealed with delight. “Did you see that, girls?” she shot at the nymphs serving her. “They make such a lovely couple!”

“He’d better be on his way here to return my lightning bolt,” Zeus growled.

“That’s my boy!” Poseidon was humming to himself, completely oblivious to the dark looks on Amphitrite and Triton’s faces.

“Now, what was my daughter doing with that sea spawn again?” Athena scowled.

“Oh well,” Hephaestus sighed. “But next time, brother Ares is not getting away from me!” He glanced at a computer. “Wow, look at the ratings…”

(The whole ratings thing was because Percy wondered about them :-D Thanks for reading!)

To the seven + Nico + Thalia: Favourite God?
  • *Olympus* *Gods watch Hephaestus TV*
  • Apollo: Ooooooh! Interesting question. YO HEPHAESTUS
  • Hephaestus: YEAH
  • Hephaestus: YEAH, WHY?
  • Apollo: Round up the Olympians, we're paying the kids a little visit
  • *Camp Half-Blood*
  • Percy: I -
  • *Gods appear*
  • Zeus: We heard the question and were curious
  • Aphrodite: YO HADES! GET YO ASS UP HERE!
  • Hades: Wazgoinon? I just got Cerberus to sleep
  • Aphrodite: Look at the question
  • Hades: Oooh, torture! My favorite
  • Jupiter: Hephaestus, my Greek friend here, has a lie detector
  • Hephaestus: Sup
  • Jupiter: Jason, you first
  • Jason: *sweats* Um...
  • Hades: We have all eternity
  • Jason: Jupiter
  • • beep • beep • beep •
  • Jason: Fine! It's Poseidon
  • Hades: *hands Poseidon 100 sand dollars*
  • Jupiter: *single tear rolls down cheek* Juno I need a hug
  • Juno: Not happening. You cheated on me to have him
  • Jupiter: She was pretty
  • Juno: And I'm not?
  • Jupiter: For my own safety, I'm not answering that
  • Juno: *glares*
  • Poseidon: That's one for Team Fish! *fist bumps Jason* Percy?
  • Percy: Hestia
  • Hestia: *waves* I got noticed *dances*
  • Poseidon: B-B-But Team Fish
  • Percy: My opinion dude
  • Poseidon: Fine! I see how it is *sniffs*
  • Athena: My daughter will make the wise choice
  • Annabeth: *glares at Hera* definitely not that cow over there
  • Hera: *flicks hair* *sticks nose in the air*
  • Annabeth: Honestly, I'm a subscriber to Team Fish
  • Poseidon: YUSH! TEAM FISH FTW! See, your girlfriend likes me
  • Percy: *shrugs*
  • Annabeth: *high fives Poseidon* Group photo?
  • Nyx: *from Tartarus* DON'T TRUST A GROUP PHOTO FROM HER
  • Team Fish: *group photo*
  • Zeus: Wait! My Roman self forgot about my Greek kid! What's her name? Tia? Make the Greeks proud Tia
  • Thalia: THALIA
  • Zeus: *looks hopeful* what's your answer Leah?
  • Thalia: *roles eyes* obviously my bestie
  • Zeus: *leans forward hopefully*
  • Thalia: Artemis
  • Zeus: *looks at Hera upset*
  • Hera: She was also an extramarital affair WITH THE SAME WOMAN!!!
  • Zeus: You're mean
  • Artemis: YASSS!!! All the single ladies all the single ladies all the single ladies all the single ladies! Now put your hands up
  • Hunters: *puts hands in the air* *dance off with Artemis*
  • Aphrodite: *looks on disgusted* Piper?
  • Piper: Unlike Jason, I won't try to spare your feelings. I'm Team Fish all the way
  • Aphrodite: Why is everyone choosing Poseidon?
  • Piper: 'cause the dude's real chill
  • Poseidon: Eeeeeyyyyyy *starts conga with Team Fish*
  • Pluto: Hazel?
  • Hazel: Um, sorry, but Hecate
  • Hecate: It's a kind of magic
  • Hazel: What are you singing?
  • Hecate: Queen
  • Hazel: The Queen does songs now?
  • Hecate: No, it's a band
  • Hazel: The Queen's a band now?
  • Hecate: No, not a band as in a rubber band! Ugh, it's like the Chicken Nuggets all over again
  • Hazel: How can a chicken be a nugget?!
  • Hecate: Come with me. I need to show you YouTube
  • Hazel: I don't have a tube
  • Hecate: Ugh, come on!
  • Everyone: . . .
  • Frank: I know the feel
  • Mars: Ah, Frank. You haven't answered
  • Frank: Fudge
  • Everyone:
  • Frank: Excuse my language
  • Everyone:
  • Frank: Ok... Did I d cross the line?
  • Everyone:
  • Frank: I'm just gonna answer the question. Sorry dad but everyone already knows it's Apollo
  • Apollo: Because I'm awesome and hot!
  • Artemis: *calls from distance* no your not
  • Apollo: Yes I am
  • Artemis: Not
  • Apollo: Am
  • Artemis: Not
  • Apollo: AM
  • Artemis: NOT
  • Apollo and Artemis: NO
  • Apollo and Artemis: And your massive group of friends is going to help you
  • Zeus: I have feelings you know!
  • Apollo and Artemis: We know
  • Zeus: Why is everybody being so mean today?
  • Hephaestus: I'm surprised my son has managed to stay quiet so long
  • Leo: *playing on games console*
  • Leo: Yes
  • Leo: And that's why you're my favorite God
  • Hephaestus: See, my son's loyal
  • Hades: It's just you, Nico
  • Nico: Team Fish *joins conga line*
  • Hades: Fine, your banned from seeing Cerberus for a week and I'm cutting off your shadowtravel allowance for the week
  • Nico: *shrugs*
  • Poseidon: WHOOP!
  • Percy: I thought water wasn't your type
  • Nico: No, I said YOU'RE not my type
  • Leo: Ooh, sick burn bro
  • Percy: *sniffs*
Percabeth Wedding Headcanons

Okay, so I had been itching to write these since forever and given that the Magnus Chase excerpt was so good I decided to post them as a little celebration.

I spent forever perfecting these I am so lame

Here we go:

·        They got married in New York

·        It was a small wedding, really

·        They asked Chiron to marry them, he was deeply moved and of course accepted

·        Percy’s best man was Grover

·        Annabeth’s maid of honor was Piper

·        The groomsmen were Jason, Frank, Nico and Leo (leO CAME BACK OKAY HE CAME BACK)

·        And the bridesmaids were Rachel, Hazel and Reyna

·        Hephaestus-TV covered it so all the gods Poseidon and Athena could watch their babies get married

·        Athena spent the entire ceremony conflicted between feeling happy for Annabeth and wanting to punch Poseidon in the face because hello Poseidon’s spawn is marrying my precious child

·        Sally spent weeks freaking and gushing over the whole thing while Paul stood there as an awkward, very proud and very happy potato

·        It took Frederick a while for it to sink in that Annabeth was getting married

·        When it did, he had to sit down and take deep breaths

·        His little girl was all grown up and getting married. Married. Holy shit.

·        Annabeth had trouble writing her vows, she wanted them to be perfect

·        The kitchen trash can was full of balled up drafts that she threw away in frustration

·        Finally she surrendered and asked Piper for help, who simply stated she would know what to say when the time came

·        (Turns out she was right)

·        Percy on the other hand knew what he wanted to say since the day he proposed

·        Sally insisted Annabeth wear her wedding dress from her marriage with Paul

·        She accepted it with the widest smile possible

·        They both cried

·        Right before the wedding, Annabeth started panicking while Piper and the bridesmaids hovered over her like mother hens

·        “What if I freak out in the middle of the ceremony? What if I get cold feet? And if I judo-flip him again? Gods, I can’t do this…

·        The girls immediately comforted her saying how it was all going to be okay, that she and Percy loved each other and that’s all that mattered, and that what did she think the first-aid kit was for?

·        Tyson was the ring bearer/flower boy

·        He was also in charge of the wedding cake and reception

·        The whole thing made him even more excited than peanut butter and Rainbow combined

·        As she walked down the aisle with her dad, Annabeth fought back the lump in her throat and the tears in her eyes

·        Once her hand was in Percy’s firm and warm grip, she calmed down

·        Naturally, that’s when things took a turn for the worse

·        Before Chiron had a chance to move on to the whole ‘say-your-vows-and-exchange-rings’, a pack of Laistrygonian giants crashed the church

·        There were easily about forty of them

·        People were running around in a panic

·        The demigods were trying to control the damage that they were causing

·        Swords, shields and magic items were being pulled out of coats, pants, shoes and dresses

·        Percy and Annabeth never lost sight of each other’s backs

·        Chiron was calmly shooting down monster after monster

·        The seven, Reyna and Nico all looked at each other like ‘here we go again’

·        There were explosions and monster dust everywhere

·        Defiant screams, insults and roars

·        No major casualties occurred

·        After all of the monsters were brought down, everyone was dusty, scraped up and tired

·        The Apollo kids were running around tending to wounds

·        Once the frenzy calmed down, Percy and Annabeth tottered to the burnt remains of the altar

·        Annabeth’s dress was ruined, her face was sweaty and covered in golden dust and grime, one of her shoes was gone, the other, broken

·        Percy’s coat was missing, his shirt was in tatters, he had a sizzling hole in his pants and no shoes

·        He took Annabeth’s face in his hands and looked her square in the eye

·        “I knew there was a reason I wanted to marry you”

·        She laughed and smacked him in the arm for being a kelp head

·        “I love you, Seaweed Brain”

·        “Ditto, Wise Girl”

·        They kissed with such love and devotion, there wasn’t a single dry eye in the crowd

·        Percy gave Annabeth a piggyback ride out of the church

·        Everyone cheered

This turned into fanfiction at the end, I am such trash

Head cannon

I want Percy to accidentally slap Annabeth’s butt during a monster fight because I can see her slowly turning around with an incredulous expression like you are trying to flirt around now? and Percy is horrified.

The Gods are watching the fight via Hephaestus TV and Aphrodite is cackling in glee, Hermes and Apollo are hysterical and Poseidon is just rubbing his forehead in exasperation.

Athena is having to be restrained, shouting put profanities on how she will murder Percy.

(credit to owner)

While Hephaestus was having Greek/Roman issues was Hephaestus TV constantly switching programming? Did one of his workers take over? How many projects were added to his trash heap because he couldn’t commit?

anonymous asked:

Will + Nico bed sharing? Maybe on a quest and there's not enough beds and they have to share or something idk? Your choice, thanks in advance! :)!

  • Nico had no idea how tired he was. He just wanted to find the nearest place to crash. He had no strength to shadow travel home.
  • “Okay, there has to be a Hypnos Hotel somewhere around here.” Will said as they walked through the streets of a foreign place. 
  • “Yeah, well, the faster we find it, the faster we can rest.” Nico told him. 
  • The two boys were on a quest for the love goddess herself. She missed place one of the gifts that her lover, Ares, gave to her. And she had to pick Nico and Will to go get it. Not even a third person to drag along.
  • But the two boys had their work cut out for them. They had to have fought off at least fifteen different monsters, get around the traps Hephaestus set up to catch Ares and Aphrodite, and not try not to get on Hephaestus TV. 
  • “I see it.” Will said, pointing to the sign for the hotel.
  • The sign was lit up in white lights reading, “Hypnos Hotel”. 
  • Nico and Will practically ran there, wanting to go to sleep so bad. 
  • The two boys went the the front desk and the attendant seemed to be asleep himself.
  • The boys looked at each other before Nico slammed his hand on the bell there.
  • The attendant jumped up. “Huh? What?” He looked up and saw the two boys. “Welcome to the Hypnos Hotel. How may I help you?” He yawned.
  • “Two rooms please or one room with two beds.” Will told him.
  • The attendant looked through the computer. “There’s only one room left and there’s only one bed in there.” 
  • “We’ll take it.” Nico told him, just wanting to pass out. He would sleep on the floor if he had to.
  • “That would be ten  drachmas for the night.” He yawned.
  • Will and Nico handed over their money before they got the key. 
  • They went up to the room and noticed it was tiny. There was just enough space for the bed and a walk way to the bathroom and out of the room. 
  • “This is not what I expected.” Nico grumbled. 
  • “Let’s just get some sleep. The bed is big enough for the both of us.” Will said as he kicked off his shoes. “If we go to bed now, then we get an early start in the morning to head back to camp.”
  • “Fine.” Nico agreed. 
  • The two boys stripped down to their boxers and got into bed. Nico shut off the light and the boys instantly feel asleep.
  • The next morning Nico woke up to sunlight coming in through the window. He felt refreshed and also felt something wrapped around his stomach. 
  • He looked back and saw Will, still asleep, right next to him and it was his arm wrapped around his stomach, holding him close.
  • Being so close, Nico could hear his steady heart beat and even breathing. His cheeks started to feel warm. He didn’t want to wake Will since he was still sleeping but also, he didn’t want to get out of his warm embrace.
  • Will woke up five minutes later. He saw that he was spooning Nico and instantly jumped and moved away. His cheeks were bright red. 
  • “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…sorry.” He was embarrassed out of his mind. He wanted the bed to swallow him whole.
  • “It’s okay.” Nico turned away from him, also red. “Let’s just get dressed and go back to camp.”
  • The two boys quickly got changed and checked out of the room, not bring up what happened ever again.

A Series of UnFinished Fics: Part 5

Pairing:  Jason/Nico, Onesided Apollo/Nico

Description:  Apollo convinces Nico to go on five dates with him. This is actually finished, for once, but makes the list because it’s got absolutely zero effort put into it. The whole thing came out of a conversation with kingburu, and was meant to be a complete joke, though it didn’t turn out as funny as I wanted it to. I might give the pairing another go at some point, because I find it hilarious.

EDIT: Also posted on AO3


Finding flowers on the doorstep to the Hades cabin had been a surprise. Nico assumed it was some kind of joke, and that he as the son of death was the punchline, though the red tulips were an odd choice. Then Nico found the card attached  them.


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Episode 1: The S.S Percabeth

Here you will find the biggest ship in Greek Mythology. The Queen Anne’s Revenge, more commonly known as the S.S Percabeth, was actually sailed by Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase on their adventures in the Sea of Monsters. This ironic fact has only made this ship bigger. Most decent human beings would agree that the S.S. Percabeth is one of the better ships. The S.S. Percabeth has experienced a first kiss under Mount St. Hellen, lots of arguing fueled by romantic frustration, a date that ended with retrieving Lord Hermes staff (but don’t tell anyone, that’s a secret), overcoming other ships, a separation for 6 months….oh and a little fall into Tartarus. 

anonymous asked:

I like to imagine that since the gods have Hephaestus TV they watch the ridiculous antics their kids get up to, especially Percy, Jason and Nico (you know those three would get up to wacky stuff).

P: 1 million golden drachmas says my kid uses his sick water powers to destroy the next monster before your two can even unsheathe their swords

H: Oh yeah? TWO million drachmas says my kid splits the Earth and sends the monster straight to Tartarus the old fashioned way before your two can stop gazing into each other’s eyes

Z: Well three million drachmas say my kid can knock up a girl way faster than yours can

P & H:


H: See, this is why we don’t invite you to things

P: you always have to make it weird

Z: *grumbles* whatever you’re just mad cause my kid is the most veril