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The Punisher (2004)

Plot: After leading a drugs bust that leaves a mobsters son dead, Frank Castle (Thomas Jane) sees his own family gunned down in response, including his wife and son. Now he only has one thing left to live for; revenge on  Howard Saint (John Travolta)

Review: When I was a kid, I didn’t like th Punisher. He was the scary killing-machine that turned up every once in a while in my Spider-Man comics / TV show, and he didn’t seem much of a hero.

If there was one Marvel character for whom the term ‘anti-hero’ was invented then it was The Punisher. A character for whom vengeance is his only reason to live, who shoots to kill and asks questions later. Wearing all black, with only a skull motif, he seems the antithesis of heroes such as Superman and Spider-man, who might have problems, but aren’t psychotic. He’s like Batman as re-imagined by the NRA. It would be fair to say he wouldn’t fit in very well with The Avengers, and Thomas Jane does a very good job on bringing him to life. With Castle, less is more, and his dark brooding and merciless attitude to taking out the gangs is more of an internal role than the typical superhero. But he’s not a superhero; he’s a vigilante.

It’s just a shame the organisation he’s up against doesn’t seem like that great a threat. It’s no Hydra, no S.P.E.C.T.R.E., but lead by a man who doesn’t seem all that rational an calculating. All Frank has to do is plant a couple of pieces of evidence and Saint offs his right-hand man (Will Patton) and wife (Laura Harring) without so much as an explanation. It’s mentally imbalanced, but not threateningly so. Likewise his entire operation seems to be crewed by people who aren’t quite up to the job - faceless suits who can’t think on their own. There is also a sub-plot about Castle’s neighbours at his hideout, but to life as a group of social misfit caricatures and leaving about as much of an impression.

There is a lasting feeling that a little more time, effort, and money could have turned The Punisher into a really interesting, very strong film. Instead some casting misfires, and some poor characters, leaves the film coming up short.

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1) what celebrity would you date if you had the chance? all of them

2) what fictional character describes your life? certain aspects of charlie from the perks of being a wallflower

3) what song describes your life? we’re my otp by troye sivan

4) sweatpants or jeans? jeans

5) favourite tv show? friends

6) turn ons? good fashion sense, nice hair, lip biting unf, if you look like harry styles

7) turn offs? spitting, if you smell weird, if you don’t look like harry styles

8) whats one thing you want to do before you die? something i’m scared of doing

9) dream job? a writer for a magazine, a photographer or smth like that

10) favourite store to shop? topshop

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