Hello! This is my follow forever and in here are some of my favourite blogs and people I absolutely adore. I’m too lazy to put the blogs in alphabetic order so, just try to find yourself in here.

Blogs I like and I’m afraid of talking to their owners because they are too awesome for me:

maistyles; harrysvagina; hensleigh; georgesass; gayfortaylorlautner; eyesontaybert; psychadeliachild; -somerhalder; sugar-motta; 69withtomlinson; melark; coltonpayns; lawyerupasshole; cuthbertz; joshcuthbabe; weheartpattison; mr-styles; alaric-saltzman; (and i think there are more, but my memory sucks)

Blogs that are soooo worth following and from people I talk to and that are really cool:

 b–anderson; beatricemc; wondersinthedark; delafleurs; zoydberg; ron-weasley; lawsomeryan; fiftyshades-of-shelley;a-l-m-o-s-t-d-o;timmysturner; banana-icetea; smile-istheonlyway; miriameliana; richardlawrence; dirtylikeavamp; agrantthing; ihavenothingtodotodaybutsmile; antonia-jasmins; mariaalmeidaa; evaplag; catiasimoes; i’m sorry if we talk and i’m forgetting you :(