These images were taken from JEFUSION. Click through to read there article about these recently released images from Kamen Rider Drive.

One of the things I forgot to mention in my little ‘First Thoughts’ post I wrote last night was that Drive’s car, Trideron, totally reminds me of the Mach 5, or even KITT. Which is another reason I’m really excited for this series. A car adds so many possibilities to the story telling and can add so much creativity to HOW Drive conducts his investigations, fights his battles, travels, etc, etc. 

Appearance-wise, Trideron looks pretty fuckin’ sweet, man. Very 70’s-muscle car (that’s what I get from it, I could be completely fucking wrong). 

Well! A few more weeks and we’ll be seeing this whip in action!


At first, I absolutely hated Gai. I didn’t enjoy his character at all. But, about two episodes after he was introduced, I pretty much loved everything about the character. Especially his over-dramatic call out! 



Earlier today/yesterday/recently, Orends: Range posted an article about Kaito’s terrible-secret-past. Totally an Girl-chan reference. Whatever. But yeah, someone translated some cool-ass-shit about Kaito’s life prior to the Beat Riders and prior to his bad boy dance career. 

I won’t post the article, but, if you haven’t read it you can click the image to head straight to Orends: Range to read their post.

Okay. I read the translation a couple of times, just to let it all sink in. And after much consideration - reading it at work, reading it now after work, I have come to the conclusion that Kaito might be the most thought out character in Kamen Rider Gaim. And honestly, the most dynamic, interesting, and makes me wonder why he isn’t the lead. I mean, I get why he isn’t the lead, but… he’s written so much better. Sure, sure, you have the typical ‘bad boy’ trope, but with added context you really get a feel for the character. Now, I’m sure if we got some more context for Kouta’s life prior to being a Beat Rider/dancer, maybe he’d become a more interesting character looking back. Probably not, though. 

Just my opinions, what do you dudes think?

Gaim is ending soon! OOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhh.


I haven’t gotten a chance to watch this season of Akibaranger yet, but, I had to check out Kibaranger’s appearance! So awesome! I have pretty high expectations for this season of Akibaranger - I have no doubts that it will! 

I just started watching Kamen Rider OOO, again. When it came out I was onboard for the first six or seven episodes, but dropped because it didn’t really hook my attention. But, now that I have the drive to finish it, plus I hear sooo many great things about OOO, I decided to give it another chance! 

Currently on episode 4… so I have a good bit left! 

Kamen Rider OOO - Episode 4


I was going to review this episode of Kamen Rider Wizard, you know, since I caught up and all that jazz. But, instead of using my words, I think everyone will agree that the show stealers of this week are definitely Nitou and Shunpei. All their bickering and back + forth made the episode for me. Hell, Haruto is barely in it, which is fine with me! 

I think that Nitou is one of my favorite Kamen Riders ever. Also, props to the writers for actually having Nitou use his animal rings in a way that utilizes their fucking skills. That whole Chameleo/chameleon thing is pretty fucking rad. 

But yeah, Wizard Episode 34 is pretty damn awesome. Thanks for Nitou and Shunpei. Lets just have a spin-off Kamen Rider series where them two just save Gates together. 

Kamen Rider Drive Teaser: First Thoughts

In case you haven’t seen the teaser for Kamen Rider Drive, it’s right here

Okay. Whenever it’s this time of year, the time when Kamen Rider is ending and teases for the upcoming series are being slowly released in a very well thought out fashion, I get really fucking excited. I was excited for Fourze, I was excited for W, I was excited for Gaim - FUCK I’ve been excited for every series to start since Blade. BUT. TO be completely honest I have not been this hyped for a tokusatsu series in a long, long, long time. And the weird thing is I don’t even know why. 

Hold on. The teaser that’s out. First things first (I’m the realest), it didn’t show some amazing amount of footage that we could really sink our tokusatsu-fanboy-fangirl-teeth into. We get the main character, we get right away that he’s some sort of police officer, he’s young (so he’s probably like that overused trope “HE WAS THE TOP OF HIS ACADEMY, YOUNGEST TO GRADUATE, GOD DAMMIT”), we see the sweet-ass-whip, his crew that we’ll end up seeing every episode, the minions that Drive will fight against, and of course - Kamen Rider Drive himself. 

With that, I know I said it wasn’t much even though it seems like quite a bit - alright, maybe we actually get quite a bit of footy/footage to get us hook-line-and-sinker. It did for me, at least. I’ll break it down:

  1. Drive himself. Not in-suit, the actual character who henshins into Drive. I think his overall style is really rad. From the teaser and the photos I feel like I am going to really dig him as a lead character. His suit (not the Drive suit, his work suit. I guess both suits are his working suits…) looks great, too. I don’t know, just overall happy with this character design.
  2. A car. A god damn car. Just break all the tropes of Kamen Rider. That alone = fuck to fuck, yeah.
  3. He’s a cop! Okay - it’s an overused motif, an overused trope, an overused everything: but I always will get excited for the ‘AGENCY/COP/GOVERNMENT FIGHTS EVIL’.
  4. Of course, the Drive suit is an obvious appeal. 

What do you guys think? Are you hyped for Drive? Sad to have Gaim end? 

Check back soon for my Kamen Rider Drive: Teaser Thoughts video on my Youtube channel

It’ll like this post, but, not text. 

Maymester + Summer Semester = 3D Animation classes = sucks when you have an assload of toku you want to watch. Shikenger, Den-O, OOO, Dekaranger, Boukenger, Go-Onger… 

Damn you education and future careers.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Episode 11 of Samurai Sentai Shikenger! See some dual-sword action from Takeru, baby. I’m really digging this Super Sentai. I’m enjoying all the characters and their personalities so far. I also really appreciate the writer’s taking their time with upgrades/new rangers (Kyoryuger…). Excited to see ShikenGold!!!

I Love Power Rangers Ninja Storm!

Since I have NOT gotten the chance to check out Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger in it’s entirety, I am stuck fanboying over what Saban gave us - Power Rangers Ninja Storm. Sure, some people like to shun Power Rangers and Saban, and some even ignore the fact that they loved the series’ growing up. Not me. Nuh uh. I love Power Rangers Ninja Storm. And here is why:

  1. Fucking ninjas. Sure, there have been ninjas before in Super Sentai, but the last time we (we being people watching the Saban series’) saw ninjas they were from some water-ass-planet and had a stupid vocal effect to make them sound like fish or something. Ninjas, then thunder-ass-ninjas. Yes. Yes, my God, yes. 
  2. The plot was actually very, very, very, very entertaining. From the intense plot of Time Force, to the crap that was Wild Force, I needed something amazing and fun to make up for the crap that I had to endure for a year. Ninjas - schools attacked and people are captured - shit gets real. Love it. 
  3. The rangers weren’t even the number one picks! That is awesome! In most Power Ranger seasons, every ranger seems like the ‘chosen ones’. Not in Ninja Storm. It was a, ‘You’re all we got left, dude. Do your best. Please don’t screw up, guys’ kinda situation. 
  4. ‘Ninja Storm, Ranger Form, HA!’. Love it. 
  5. They were actually ninjas… Not some stupid alteration to accommodate American audiences. 
  6. Blake and Hunter… (sure, the Asian guy is named Blake. But, other than that, they were the coolest dudes in the show).
  7. Lovable characters! All the characters in Ninja Storm are fun to watch, and you genuinely care for them as they continue their ninja journey. I think so, at least.

Well, maybe I’m just a guy who likes to live in the past? Either way, Power Rangers Ninja Storm is awesome, and I know that Hurricaneger is going to be amazing, whenever I get the chance to watch it.




It’s pretty sweet that we’re getting another Space Sheriff installment - I really enjoyed the last movie - especially that suit, jeeze was it nice lookin’ - October 10, 2014, check it out on Blu-Ray and DVD. Damn, tokusatsu on Blu-Ray… 

Might have to cop that Kamen Rider Kabuto set.

Check out JEFusions’ article on Space Sheriff Estevan!

GARO Season 1 - Review!!!

I was putting off GARO for a long time. A close buddy of mine started the series and was really into it, told me about it, showed me some clips on Youtube, and I said to him, ‘Looks rad, dude! I’m definitely gonna have to check it out’. Fast forward three or so years, and I just now have finished the first season of GARO. Now, I won’t lie, I had my doubts about the series. A tokusatsu series that was also horror-esque with swords and wolf armor didn’t really catch my attention right off the bat. After seeing the entire first season (and currently watching Beast of the White Night), I do have this to say:

GARO is dope as fuck.

I can’t lie, man. I really enjoyed this season. Sure, at the start of this season I had already watched the first two episodes of GARO: The One Who Shines in the Darkness, but that minor exposure really only affected me in the aspect of the series’ genres, as well as the difference between Kouga and Ryuuga, personality wise. Other than those 40-ish minutes I was not prepared for the awesome amounts of trench coat swaying and mermaid-demon killing. 

I’ll start with the plot. After watching the first 12 episodes I started to get worried that there wasn’t a story for these characters to progress in, but around 17 or 18 we really get the 'STORY INCOMING’ mark. Grant it, we get a backstory episode about Kouga’s childhood pretty early on, which sets up a pretty good foreshadow for the end of the season, other than that we get singular episodic stories per episode. And usually I hate episodic-type-episodes but I kind of accepted it with GARO. Sure, I know that more plot could be stuffed into a two-episode/multi-episode story, but GARO executes the episodic story pretty dang well. I’ll give GARO a pass on this one. 

When we actually get an overall story I sat and thought about it and I came to the conclusion that I really like the overarching story that the series sends us on. All the Taiga/Barago (it’s that right? I forget…), the Zero stuff, and the Kaoru stuff, it all adds up to a pretty well written story that is definitely entertaining. Between all of the plots mentioned in this first season, I think it is obvious that Kouga’s is the most fleshed out and entertaining. I mean, his dad was GARO… killed by his trainee, man… fun shit. 

I mentioned in a previous post that I think I enjoy Ryuuga from season three a little more than Kouga. And now that I’ve had some time to think about it… I prefer… I can’t pick, man. Even though we’ve only had Ryuuga for four episodes, I love the character. He is just like Dante from Devil May Cry 3… but, Kouga is, well, Kouga. I really love Kouga, though. His whole demeanor and attitude is just awesome. At first he was just an emotionless robot protagonist, but, he grew on me. Especially once he started showing signs that he cared for Kaoru. 

Personal favorite Kouga quote: 

(his response to being told he is breaking Makai law, again…"


I think Rei/Zero is annoying as fuck. I’m not dedicating any more text to him.

Fuck him.

I love, love, love, love, LOVE, the suits in this damn series. Why can’t season three be suits?! WHY?! I hate the CG in season three. The GARO armor is beautifully made, and whomever is the suit actor is, straight kills it. I think the GARO armor might be one of my favorite tokusatsu pieces of armor ever. Up there with Kamen Rider Blade and Ryuki (my two favorite Kamen Rider series). Truly, the suit work in this series is top notch, and it pisses me off that the studio moved to CG… I love the GARO armor/suit. Yes. Yes. Yes.

To bring this puppy to a close, since it’s already long as shit, I’ll end with this: GARO season one is a great series. It truly is. It is a great mix of horror that you’ll only get from Japan and tokusatsu. The characters (besides Zero…) are pretty rad, and the fight scenes are definitely top tier. GARO season one is a must watch for any tokusatsu fan looking to expand their horizons outside the big two (Kamen Rider/Super Sentai). I am so glad I finally gave in and watched it!!!


On A Non-Super-Sentai-Note,

Is Garo worth checking out? I know the newest season just started and there is tons of hype behind it in the toku community. I haven’t even seen an episode of the damn show.And everyone I know who has seen Garo tells me it is super fucking cool. I might have to check it out after my rewatch of Gokaiger, Hurricaneger, and my first watch through of Go-Busters (it looked crappy when it first came out so I never watched it…). 

I guess I will check out the first season whenever I get a chance. But with Akibaranger back in full-force with season 2, my tokusatsu fill is fulfilled, I think. 

Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger - Episode 12 - Review!!!

Voltasaur Team Kyoryuger - Brave 12 - ‘Kick Some But! King and I!’

Fun as shit. Fun as hell. Fun as fuck. Super duper fun. Mega fun. Hey, however you want to put it, episode 12 of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger is definitely fun. I mentioned last week that I keep getting surprised that each episode is better than the previous one and this week it is no different - jeeze, man… this episode is really fucking good. 

As we have all come to realize (maybe?), Kyoryuger is definitely not a plot driven Super Sentai, which is perfectly fine with me. Maybe we’ll see an overarching plot within the next few episodes, but, as of now it seems to be bits of story here and there with the main focus on the characters at that specific moment, and being brave/having fun. Which is cool as fuck, too, for sure. It’s definitely a good change of pace for Super Sentai; Go-Busters is more serious, so and Gokaiger is a good middle ground between serious and whatever you would classify Kyoryuger as. And I think that if Kyoryuger started to replicate the Gokaiger feel, it wouldn’t work as well, I think. I’m rambling, haha, but I’m enjoying this super fun Super Sentai. 

In this episode Utchy and King between friends. I like this. I like how they became friends and all the chitchat that they had before they finally became bros. But - always a but - I mentioned before that this Super Sentai is fast as hell, and this is no different. I want more conflict! More disagreement! At least five or so episodes, man! This episode can still be how they become friends, just give me two more before this one! Ahh… oh well, KyoryuGold is part of the team now… 

Why the fuck is the new Snap Combination just the other combination with Utchy’s zord on it’s back and a new helmet? Like Tommy’s falcon just sticking to the back of the Ninja Zord. 

Overall, this episode is really great. It’s crazy fun and worth watching (fuck it, you’re gonna watch it anyways… even if it’s bad). I’m excited to see how the writers take it with Utchy being part of the team, I see some really good jokes and gags coming about!