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I don’t think these people understand that being latin or hispanic doesn’t exactly have anything to do with one’s skin color. We’re quite varied in that regard.


There’s a misconception that someone who doesn’t look Indigenous to a specific country (i.e, Mexican -> Mayan) isn’t Hispanic/Latino.

Funny because the other day I was told by someone that I’m too white to be Puerto Rican, go figure. Little do people know that Puerto Ricans are a diverse group of people, having a mix of Spanish, African, and Indigenous (Taino) blood. Some have more of one than the others so we all look different. But Puerto Rican all the same.

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He’s a couple thousand years old though, he could have had hoards of children. In fact I know by the time he reaches his millions he already had.

yeah but she’s exactly the same in 3 different points in time so far and died twice so far…..and has no memory of the Doctor. Im thinking she’s something like Jack n the sense she’s some kind of fixed point in time (that exists in several points in time simultaneously? do u understand) but there’s so much more that needs to be answered. THIS IS WHY I LOVE HER SO MUCH SHE’S SO INTERESTING ALSO SHES aWESOME. This season is so amazing so far like I just can’t wait for the rest.