❤Mega Milk, Baby❤

gift for hensa
I’ve loved her art for ever and after seeing the new cow babe she made, I couldnt resist but ask her if i could draw her and my Milka babe together, n she said yes, so yaay \w/

Cow babe on the right belongs to her, Milka babe on the left belongs to me~ 

Not sure what Hensa does, but I finally got video. Sherbet the cat doing her rolly-polly dance to get me to watch her eat. It really shows how fat and fluffy she is. But not nearly how chatty she gets. It’s taken me nearly 4 years to get past her being camera shy to even get this little clip. 

And yes, she does want me to watch her eat. She starts in the hall, then the rolly-polly dance on the rug. She will eventually hop up on the bathroom counter where her food is (so it’s safe from the dog). She’ll eat two of three bites, look for me to make sure i am watching, and then eat some more.