”I’m on my break, but… How may I serve you?”

I’m always amazed by @hensa ‘s artwork and, seeing her artwork of herself as a waitress, I couldn’t wait to draw her in those clothes. I’ve gotta say, that uniform basically hits all of my tastes. I’m really sorry about the feet, I’m really bad at drawing feet.

Well, I hope she likes it. I’m quite proud of it, as I’m not used to full cell-shading like this and I need to train more backgrounds. I had fun drawing this!

I deleted the old one and added the red marks to Shiv’s cheeks. I also brightened his eyes up a bit. These are not my characters and they belong to @hensa. It’s Hensa and Shiv being cute as always.

The eyes were done in a style influenced strongly by @punipawsart. Overall shading style was done using multiply of the base color and highlights were accomplished by doing a screen of the base color. I must say it is much quicker and very effective.

❤Mega Milk, Baby❤

gift for hensa
I’ve loved her art for ever and after seeing the new cow babe she made, I couldnt resist but ask her if i could draw her and my Milka babe together, n she said yes, so yaay \w/

Cow babe on the right belongs to her, Milka babe on the left belongs to me~ 


Ooooookay, so I got the final rough sketch finished. I was going to wait to continue working on this, but I was just told that hensa prefers this OC to be displayed in SFW pieces by other artists and I am not at all fond of crossing boundaries. Thank you very much for informing me, buxbi! I’ll be removing the previous sketch from Tumblr as a gesture of apology. My bad, guys.