bierz mnie całą, wraz z uczuciami i humorkami, rozczochranymi włosami i wadami, których mam sporo. Bierz, a dam ci wszystko co piękne tylko nie rezygnuj ze mnie
—  moja głowa

anonymous asked:

A while ago you drew M and Alcyone responding to an asker saying they wanted to smooch them, and I wanted to see if I was right or not in regards to something. Not sure if this was already answered, but was the skull Mary, the heart Marin and the question mark Matthias? That's kind of what I assumed, but I'm not sure.

Ahhh, this ask! Yes, you are correct, the heart was from Martin, the skull was from Mary, and the question mark from Matthias!


3:28am, Libertad y Alvear, Buenos Aires.

saliendo de lo de una amiga después de terminar una entrega para dormir un par de horitas y volver a la facultad *sigh*