henrys cat

I think of Henry VI as a cat person, but not very good with names. He takes in two pretty kittens and calls them both Rosa. They are very active little things, often getting into trouble and tearing around, even when he tried to distract them. 

Once, he offered one of them a handkerchief to play with and her sister immediately began vying for it. He watched them struggle for a moment before looked over to Margaret and smiling.

“War of the Rosas.”


Why is this so funny to me….

Okay I think I may need to explain myself a little. Back in college, I had to take a class where we had to learn some of the basics in the Unity engine (software that lets you render and program games). The default player model was this little pill-looking thing that would hover above the ground a little; and  if I had to guess, the default looked this way just in case the students were making a game in the first person view with no intention of creating a model for the playable character. 

So far we have no idea what Henry looks like, nor does he appear to have a shadow that would give off any hints to what he could look like. Even though there are hypothetical designs for Henry that I really like, my brain keeps coming back to Henry looking like this in-game because of the fact we’ve never seen what his character model looks like yet. XD