Henry Cavill for Dunhill Black (2009)

→ “My upbringing was typically English: a traditional, big, male family. I went to boarding school,“ Henry recalls. "All my brothers enjoyed acting, but we were never aimed in any direction. Our parents gave us a lot of freedom to do what we wanted. They helped us, they guided us, and they answered questions when we asked them, but they left a lot of our decisions up to us.”

Henry Cavill for Dunhill Black (2009)

→ Confident, dashing and witty, Henry epitomises the modern British Gentleman – one who is in possession of effortless style and indefatigable self-assurance. Unashamedly masculine, Henry is utterly seductive. "I am very honoured to be the face of dunhill BLACK. My traditional values are important to me and I love that this fragrance is all about taking a gentleman’s approach to seduction.“