“So that’s him?” 


“I could take him…”

“Black Adam please!”

“I could…”

Getting married to Henry:-

•Henry having his brothers as his best men because he couldn’t choose just one best man

•Your mum enforcing the “no seeing each other before the wedding.” and Henry grumbling constantly about it as he doesn’t want to be apart from you.

•Henry giving you one of his t shirts to wear to bed so that the smell of him makes you feel like he’s really there with you.

•Letting you design the wedding however you want.

“Are you sure? You don’t have anything that you specifically want or don’t want?”

“Love, all I care about is getting married to you, so the only thing I want to see is you walking down that aisle towards me.”

•Henry having Kal stand beside him in a small tuxedo at the altar.

•His brothers jokingly asking if you’re sure you want to marry him

“It’s not too late you know, we can still smuggle you out of here”

•Henry’s sister-in-laws giving you tips on how to get used to being a part of such a large family.

•Getting married in Jersey, where Henry grew up as it’s so beautiful there.

•He takes you on a worldwide trip for your honeymoon as you had never really been many places before.

•Henry getting you a puppy as a wedding present as you always felt that Kal needed another dog around.

•Henrys mum saying that she couldn’t be happier that you are going to be a part of their family.

•One of his brothers jokes around during his speeches that it was about time Henry got married.

“We were all beginning to worry for a moment there little bro.”

Henry loving looks at you when they say this and says, “but she was definitely worth the wait.”

henrycavill Since I came off the ol knee injury I’ve been steadily increasing my training work load. I know it’s irritating when people say this but it genuinely does feel so good to be back in it. I’m not destroying myself every day. Just working towards improvement by pushing hard enough to illicit change. Nothing funny to post here, it’s deadly serious because I’ve got to make sure that I’m bigger than Green Lantern….Wait whaaat?


“So Superman, how would you describe Wonder Woman?”..

Being pregnant with Henry's baby:-

•Henry willing to go to the shops at 3am to get whatever new random thing it is that you’re craving.

•Singing to the baby when they’re kicking you to try and calm the baby down.

•Always having his hands on your bump when he’s near you in case he misses the baby kicking.

•Rubbing your feet when they’re sore after taking Kal a short walk.

•Henry buying loads of superhero costumes for the baby.

•"What are you going to do if we have a girl and she doesn’t like Marvel or DC characters?“

"Of course she’ll like them, I’m one of them. I’ll be the coolest dad around. I’m bloody Superman for gods sake!”

•Trying to convince you to think of naming the baby after a Comic book character.

•Constantly reminding you that he thinks you look beautiful when you start to feel self conscious about how large your bump is getting.

•"Henry, I mean just look at me! I’m the size of a hippo!“

"You’re the most beautiful hippo I’ve ever seen.”