henrybuildsstuff replied to your post: btw in case any of your are actually reading…

it’s ok…. sometimes you just don’t want to or can’t write. Whenever you get to it is ok :)

Wow, thank you. That really means a lot.

Idk this is gonna sound weird, but I think I had too much time lately? Like, I never knew what to do with my time so I just got incredibly lazy. But I just started college last week, so maybe I’ll be busy now and up to writing again. :) 



First picture is the view you get when you come up the spiral stairs. Second is a cool den (my favorite thing in the whole house) with an Eames lounge chair and small ottomans/seats. Third is the bedroom area (behind the kickbutt sliding glass wall made of old windows). Next is a wall of awesome art, and last is a view of the closet area, which is scandalously open to the public.hehe