( @hrutherford )

They had been exchanging texts all week and it was hard for Alex to hide her excitement for tonight. Even though it had partially ruined their plans of having one day all to themselves, it had also added something in… a social event, where they would be seen together and in a way, it made her nervous, for some unknown reason. It wasn’t like they were hiding, but–ah… it didn’t matter. All that mattered, was that they were supposed to be going to this masquerade ball together and she was hoping to have some fun there, even though murder mystery parties weren’t exactly her favorite. At least it gave her a chance to dress up for this. She and Pippa had gone shopping for the ball a few days ago and the two women had found the perfect outfits for them, even though Alex was sure that she had left a kidney at the store as a form of payment.

With Pippa riding beside her, the two were chatting about what more they could change at their apartment until Alex stopped her car by Henry’s house and the blonde moved to the back seat. It wasn’t long until Henry joined them and Alex greeted him with a peck on his lips. “Hi, handsome. This is Pippa, my roommate. Pippa, this is Henry.” She made quick introductions to the two and then shifted her attention to Henry momentarily. “Are you excited for tonight?”