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Prompt: Sophia's reaction to finding out Henry cheated on her

ooc: I’m saying this is like 2 years later, kayyyy?

It was nearly Thanksgiving and Sophia was excited. She had invited her family and Henry’s over to her apartment to enjoy the day together, regardless of how hard social interactions were for her. She had just gotten back from shopping, and put the groceries away, before getting ready to go over to Henry’s.

Walking towards Henry’s dorm, Sophia took a deep breath before opening his door, not prepared for what she was about to see; Henry with another girl. “Oh my god.” She said, her voice shaking as she could feel tears stinging her eyes, it was like she couldn’t move.

“Sophia.” He said, getting up as she shook her head, heading out the door as he followed her out the door and she quickly turned around. “Don’t. Don’t you dare follow me and act like you care.” She crossed her arms over her chest, a defense mechanism she had all her life to keep others from hurting her, from breaking down her walls.

“You know I do, Sophie. I’m sorry.” Sophia rolled her eyes as he called her by her nickname. “Where the hell do you get off?” she yelled. “I can’t believe you. You of all people. You were the one I thought would never hurt me and you have.” She said dropping her arms.

“Sophia I’m sorry.” Henry said grabbing her arms, pulling him into her chest. “No.” Sophia said pushing him away, hitting his chest. “Stop, just stop. I..” She shook her head biting her lip. “We’re done. This is over. I..I like you so much, and no matter how much you mean to me,I won’t ever be able to trust you again.” she shrugged, kissing his cheek, before turning around and walking down the hallway, going downstairs and going out to her car, and resting her forehead against the steering wheel and started to cry.