If Regina’s such a great mother, why didn’t she try to comfort Henry and tell him that they’d find Emma and save her exactly? You know, the way Emma always does for Henry whenever he’s freaking out about Regina going on a murderous rampage again. (Like she’s actually fucking done before.)

Oh right. Because she doesn’t give a shit about him or his feelings.

At least he has Snowing and Hook at this point. Regina is a pathetic excuse for a parent, let alone friend.

(We’ve seen the woman mourn before. We’ve seen her be upset without being a total bitch. Is it that hard for the writers to show her being like that instead? Especially since we’re supposed to like her now or something?)

-First Mod

Henry: Well, when I was young, my best friend in the entire world was a wolf. My parents ignored me most of the time, so that wolf become my whole family. Then one day she came to visit me, and some hunters in the village… They shot her full of arrows. Killed her on the spot.

Cherche: … Th-that’s terrible!

Henry: But they paid… Oh, how they paid… They paid in BLOOD.

I just wanted a nice simple relationship between Henry and Cherche. Not freaking this!

Is anyone else even awake… am I the only one……. what if everyone else disappeared and I didn’t know it bc it’s four am and I won’t see anyone in person until later today anyway?  What if the rapture happened and I’m the only one left.  WHAT IF.


henry is so freaking attractive wtf

— christina

Why TF does Henry have a girlfriend?

Seriously? Is it required that everybody I love be paired up with a member of the opposite sex or the OUAT universe collapses in on itself? Why does Henry need a freaking girlfriend? As a Henry Stan, I would have been awesome with Henry being treated as an actual character from time to time instead of a plot device. Why do Adam and Eddy suck so bad?