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Omg can you just imagine Stiles giving the sex talk to the kids like it would be fucking hilarious


I feel like he’d under no circumstances do it for the girls, he’d tell Lydia he’ll explain everything to Reese and it’ll be fine.

But then the situation from an earlier ask comes up where he wants in on Ally and Henry and he freaks the fuck out and calls Scott then Scott and Stiles together go through their own version of the talk with their kids. (of course Lydia already gave it to all the kids but they don’t know that)

some sarchengsey roadtrip things

  • in maryland, they stop at a 24-hour diner in baltimore and a bunch of rowdy looking street punks crash their table to invite them to a warehouse party that johns hopkins students are throwing just a little past the notorious art kid-filled copycat building. henry is practically falling asleep in the booth but mention of a skate ramp and bonfire and a dancefloor wake him right up and they agree to go because why the hell not – and it’s everything they were promised and more. gansey gets drunk and kisses a frat boy who looks a whole lot like declan lynch while henry and blue dance with the same girl between both of their bodies (her name is mikaela and she’s a printmaking major but what really matters is that she’s warm and giggly and more than happy to be in the middle of a henry-blue sandwich). 
  • in pennsylvania, they drive through expansive rural farmlands that are lush and green and the air smells sweet and crisp. they stay in an old colonial-style cottage that’s said to be haunted and stay awake all night pretending to film their own spoof episode of ghosthunters. the only problem is that blue actually can kind of feel something even though she can’t see anything, and henry is freaked out of his mind at the thought; gansey pretends it’s noah and proceeds on as usual. they end up with some entirely hilarious voice recordings of henry admitting that he’s actually highkey scared of old haunted houses while blue tries to sound way more chill than she actually feels and gansey rambles on about electromagnetic fields and energies.
  • in nebraska, they roll through omaha and stay at an airbnb owned by a kid named ricky with bright hazel eyes and a cute crooked smile who has a huge map of the US on his wall filled with pins of roadtrips he’s taken in the past. he tells them all about the one that he’s planning up to canada henry is beyond thrilled to geek out about vancouver a bit. they buy a bottle of patron from the liquor store across from ricky’s house for only $14 (gansey is blown away by how cheap it is to buy liquor here?!) and make margaritas and drink them in an inflatable pool in ricky’s yard. the room they sleep in has blankets draped from the ceiling and christmas lights strung around the walls and a nintendo 64 in the corner with a tupperware bin full of games. they play mario party 2 until it’s nearly one in the morning before all passing out in a pile on the queen-size mattress that takes up most of the floor.
  • in colorado, they stop at a strange little cantina nestled in the mountains that has the best salsa blue has ever tasted and real cowboys sit in the booth opposite theirs. blue spends the entire meal trying to eavesdrop on them while gansey gives henry a thorough history of how cantinas came to be. henry steals more than a few sips of the beer gansey ordered with a fake i.d. that ronan dreamt him up and may or may not get quite buzzed when gansey orders a glass of over-proof bourbon for him; blue watches amusedly as henry gets increasingly more handsy and affectionate with gansey. by the time they finish eating and get back in the car, blue’s stuck driving because henry insists that he and gansey have to snuggle in the backseat, they just have to, okay?
  • in utah, they spend a few days in the uinta national forest to camp and explore a bit. while searching for a good place to pitch their tent and build a fire, they come across a group of train hopping kids who’ve been camping near a little creek. blue is instant friends with a girl who introduces herself as cosma; they start weaving little crowns from the long strands of grass and weeds while chatting about the stars. gansey strikes up an intellectual conversation with this stoned kid named sequoia and impresses him with tales of welsh kings. henry plops down besides a girl who’s doodling flowers and britney spears lyrics into a beat-up sketchbook. she calls herself sprout; henry proceeds to call her lentil and alfalfa and every type of sprout he can think of and she laughs and laughs and laughs. they all build a fire together that night and smoke a little weed while sitting around it - they toast marshmellows over the fire and talk about love and blue braids cosma’s hair and they all howl like wolves at the night sky and sing silly songs to the moon til the sun paints the morning sky a dusty pink.


The fact that he went back in time and went through all that crap again just for her…"This is for you Charlotte.“ ASGAHJKDSHAJK


I need them to get it together soon cause how can they not?!


You were snapping pictures of some of the cast that walked passed you and your best friend. Everything was so surreal and chaotic but it was pretty damn amazing.

As you lost yourself in the madness, someone a little ways down took an interest in you.

From the moment he walked down the carpet, and saw you, he was hooked. Henry wasn’t one to be captivated by someone he hadn’t met, but you changed everything.

There was just something about the way you smiled, and they way you cocked your head back as you laughed. You were beautiful and he couldn’t help but be drawn to you.

Your best friend nudged your side, snapping you out of your trance.

“Okay, don’t look but Henry freaking Cavill has been checking you out all night!” She cackled, leaning more into you.

You furrowed your brows to her, “what? No he hasn’t.” You stated.

“I’m serious! He’s-oh he’s looking this way.”

Without realizing, your gaze moved up and suddenly, you met his eyes. Everything in your body froze, as your stomach began to flutter.

There he was. Flashing a cheeky grin, the same smile that made your breath hitch.

In that moment, with the lure you too had on each other, he wasn’t able to focus on anything but you. Which didn’t help his interview.

He let out a soft chuckle, as he forced himself to look away. “I-I’m sorry. What was the question again?”


Mama Bear Mode ACTIVATED!


“A son!”  The Queen Dowager had said first, spotting the gender before it could be proclaimed officially. “Praise Jesu! My sweet Elizabeth, it’s a boy! A Prince!”

request by anon Prince Arthur Tudor’s birth

On Septembre 20, 1486 Arthur Tudor was born shortly after midnight on September 20, 1486, just eight months after his parent’s marriage. King Henry was optimistic and insisted his son be born at Winchester, the legendary capital of King Arthur’s Camelot. Henry required the child be named Arthur, anticipating his reign and dynasty would bring back the golden age of the legendary king.
Arthur’s christening took place at Winchester Cathedral. The baptism rites followed the etiquette observed for all of King Edward IV’s ten children. He was christened in front of the entire congregation, including the remaining members of the Yorkist nobility and their wives. Elizabeth Woodville, Arthur’s maternal grandmother, was his godmother while his aunt, Cecily of York, carried the baby into the church.


“Oh Madam Sexytary seems a little jealous!” - Tim Daly (x)

Henry and Amber's interview (more like confession)
  • >>LISTEN HERE: https://www.flitto.com/twitter/85/1455059
  • Henry: Hello everybody. I have a secret.. I have a secret guest with me. Wanna say hi?
  • Amber: Hello~
  • Henry: No. No no. Your real voice so they can..
  • Amber: Hello!
  • Henry: Alright yeah let you, why don't you, want to introduce yourself to everybody?
  • Amber: Hey what's up everybody. My name is Amber, I'm from f(x)
  • Henry: Do you love me, yes or no?
  • Amber: NO!
  • Henry: Come on, do you love me, yes or no?
  • Amber: Not at all
  • Henry: I know you love me Amber
  • Amber: No, I know you love me though
  • Henry: Okay I love you. Do you love me?
  • Amber: I love you too, Henry
  • Henry: Everyone she loves me. Uh..did you, you just finished your performance, right?
  • Amber: Yes, I just did
  • Henry: How do you feel?
  • Amber: Better than you!
  • Henry: OOOHH, okay okay alright. Say, say something to your all your fans
  • Amber: I love you guys thank you for supporting us, and we'll be out with something, some time in the near future.
  • Henry: Who's we? Who's we?
  • Amber: f(x)
  • Henry: Ohh I though you meant me and you!
  • Amber: Oh no no
  • Henry: You don't wanna do anything with me and you?
  • Amber: Oh no no I don't wanna do anything with you, Henry
  • Henry: Okay oh alright
  • Amber: Hah-ha
  • Henry: Okay, see ya!
  • Amber: Bye guys!