Cathédrale St-Julien du Mans,  Maine-et-Loire.

Le Mans Cathedral (Cathédrale St-Julien du Mans) is a Catholic cathedral situated in Le Mans, France. It is dedicated to Saint Julian of Le Mans, the city’s first bishop, who established Christianity in the area around the beginning of the 4th century. Its construction dated from the 6th through the 14th century, and it features many French Gothic elements. Following a fire in 1134, a major rebuilding programme was begun by Bishop Guillaume de Passavant (reg.1142–1186). The new works were partly funded by King Henry II of England who was baptized here, and whose father, Geoffroy of Anjou, was buried here in 1151. (x)

Can we please talk about how in that finale Emma and Henry fight to protect Regina? Then Regina ends up sacrificing herself for them. Not only did the Swan Mills family do everything in their power to ‘find one another’ in the alternate reality, but we also see them fiercely protecting one another. 

Also Regina is the freaking SAVIOR, like why haven’t we talked about this yet. She is essentially Emma in the alternate reality. Abandoned as a baby, a thief, then the savior!!!!


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OUAT finale

Okay did anyone else think:
Henry was a freaking genius,
Emma was a bamf,
Hook was adorable,
Regina was awesome,
Snow/Charming were epic,
And Rumple was hilarious in that alternate universe? Cause I certainly did.


“Hey, hi,” Robyn called, as she let herself into Libra’s tent without any other warning. In her arms laid a completely unconscious Henry, limp arm swinging as she walked. Normally she’d be apprehensive about having to re-introduce herself, but at this point she wasn’t even worried about surprising him by being a “female Robin” or whatever. This was because Henry was freaking her out rather badly. 

At some point during their jog over to the closest healer (Libra… the healer’s tent was clear on the other side of the camp), the wizard’s eyes had cracked open even though he was still unresponsive… and that was creepy. At least in her tenure as the camp’s tactician she’d learned that hitting him on the head again wouldn’t fix it.

“He took a book to the face.” she explained, putting Henry in Libra’s bed without so much as asking. He was limp as a ragdoll, still wrapped in her jacket, head back and eyes open a sliver. Robyn looked… sheepish.

“Sorry for barging in.” She finally apologised, if a bit standoffishly. “I think he’s maybe… dying or something.”

Libra was one of the best, if not THE best healer in her version of the Shepherds, if anyone was going to fix what she’d broke, it was him.

anonymous asked:

I think the 5th season long story will be about Emma's connection to the sorcerer. Her being the savior, her magic being so strong, her connection to lily (always being connected despite Issac). I think CS TLK will be in the 100th episode or some other milestone related to them. I think we will get flashbacks from the 6 week jump too. Hook and Belle got tons of research done that we dont know about.

Wasn’t that research all related to getting the fairies out of the hat? They’re out now, so I’m not sure how helpful that would be. I would like some wee!Killian flashbacks (perhaps contrasting with his new father figure role to Henry?) AND some freaking flashbacks to Emma as a bailbondsperson, post-Person. How do you even get that job anyway? I don’t know about you all but I’ve had enough of foster kid!Emma. It just hurts my soul seeing her so sad and lost, hope broken at every turn.

As for the long story…who knows. I’m kinda hoping that they don’t do two OBVIOUS arcs for 5A and 5B, with two different villains/obstacles. They’ve done that two seasons in a row, I’d like to see them change it up. But we just don’t know enough yet, since there were no post finale interviews!

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