OK but hear me out here

What if like instead of being all stabby stabby murder Hyde was like just a minor inconvenience.

Jekyll goes to put some salt on his dinner and the cap falls off.

Henry Jekyll feels like he’s been walking with a limp. Hyde shaved down one shoe out of every pair.

Henry opens some windows in his house to see that each has a smudge on it and desperately tries to wipe it off only to see its on the outside.

Hyde replaces all the of Henry’s chemicals with either baking soda or vinegar. Everything is a science fair volcano-y mess. Henry weeps gently to himself.

Hyde is hardly a monster but a minor inconvenience in every respect.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: It annoys me when Jekyll's described as the 'good one' as opposed to the 'evil one' in the Jekyll and Hyde relationship. Jekyll’s not a monster, but he’s definitely no saint. The whole POINT of the drug he made was to create an outlet for all the less savory tendencies that he wanted to experience, but can’t as a respectable man of high society. Hyde isn’t Jekyll’s literal opposite, he’s a personification of all the lusts and desires that Jekyll felt, as a gentleman, he couldn’t express, like indulging in prostitution and murder. Hyde is Jekyll’s every dark desire made flesh. Plus, I should point out that ‘good one’ Henry Jekyll keeps taking the drug, EVEN AFTER HYDE SAVAGELY TRAMPLES ALL OVER A LITTLE GIRL AND HAS TO PAY BLOOD MONEY TO HER FAMILY TO PREVENT THE LAW COMING AFTER HIM. Jekyll gets a thrill out of Hyde’s illicit activities. He essentially does it all for shits and giggles. We don't even know a QUARTER of the stuff he gets up to as Hyde. Even after he gets scared by turning into Hyde while asleep, he returns to the rush of the drug only a few months later. He knows full well he might hurt someone else - but that doesn’t matter, he can simply change back to Jekyll, no harm done to his social life! He only stops taking the drug for pleasure altogether when Hyde gets into serious trouble by murdering Sir Danvers Carew, and has to flee back to his other personality to escape repercussion. I sympathize with Henry Jekyll, he might even be a relatively decent man, but he's not the 'good' one. Never the 'good' one.
  • Kid: Dr Lanyon... what is Dr Jekyll doing in this period..? I haven't seen him in ages...
  • Lanyon: well, little one, what my friend Henry does is really simple. I'll try to explain it without getting too much in the dull and boring details. Okay? Okay: so, he goes to his laboratory; he locks the door; he takes some of his chemicals; and then h<i>E SHITS ON THE BIBLE.</i>
Confrontation plays

*Jekyll and Hyde inside the brain, fighting with one another*

Jekyll: wait….If I’m fighting you..And you’re fighting me…
Hyde: ….Who the bloody hell is controlling the body???

*Henry Jekyll running into the wall over and over again in the background*


All the broken and shunned creatures.
                       Someone’s got to care for them. 

                                                                                  Who shall it be if   n o t   u s ?