Manhattan looking north -  Manhattan looking south

Manhattan Island is approximately 13.11 miles long, though other estimates put it at 13.4 miles long. The 13.11-mile distance runs from The Henry Hudson Bridge in the north down to Battery Park in the south.  Manhattan is only 2.3 miles wide, notes NYC The Official Guide. The borough is not very big, considering that the population was approximately 1.8 million people in 2015, according to the Department of City Planning for the City of New York. That is equal to about 67,000 people per square mile. The borough is divided into avenues, mostly running north and south, and streets that mainly run east and west.

It is the most populated of the five boroughs, and is one of the top tourist attractions in the United States. Times Square is one of the country’s most famous tourist attractions, with approximately 50 million visitors each year. 

The “Gnomes” of the Catskills

Many a child has heard Washington Irving’s tale of Rip Van Winkle and his one night of carousing with the strange, small people in the Catskills that leads to a many-year slumber, but what about the origins of those ghostly people that forced the hero to sleep away a few decades?  The odd appearance of those men that Winkle accepts a few drinks from can be attributed to another legend of the Catskills–one that is based on the lore of Henry Hudson.

It was said that on his quest to find a Northwest Passage, in the long shadow of the Catskills, Henry Hudson and his crew came across a raucus group of tiny men who had congregated in some kind of festival, playing nine-pins and drinking the night away.  They happily invited the explorers to play and drink with them.  Hudson, having heard of these small people from the Natives on his journey, was wary, sipping only lightly from the spirits given while his crew indulged.  Late into the night, Hudson lifted his head from a conversation with the leader of this band to find that his crew had disappeared!  But, he suddenly realized with horror, they had not.  They were merely transformed into small men like the others by the spirits they had consumed!

Alarmed, Hudson gathered his crew and returned them to his ship.  Coming to late in the day, the crew was back to normal, although with what one can only assume was a terrible, terrible headache.  It was the spirits of these men that Winkle was said to have stumbled across as he traveled the wilderness with his dog–Hudson’s merry crew, drinking and playing a thunderous game of nine-pins, leading lazy men astray from the nagging of their wives.

Looking at the confluence of the Hudson and Harlem Rivers from Spuyten Duyvil. the Bronx.

Deleted Scene- Long Live Rock

Married Bughead Epilogue

Flash Forward

Jughead slammed the hatch on the station wagon and slid behind the wheel. “I can’t believe we are really doing this.” Their new Volvo station wagon had been packed with the last of the essentials, their suitcases and the valuables that Betty hadn’t trusted to the moving company.

“Wave goodbye to New York City, Jugs.” Betty raised a hand and waved out the window as Jughead pulled the car out onto Amsterdam Avenue. Jughead hated driving in New York City. Just getting out of town was going to take way too long. The GPS already showed a big red exclamation point: there was a backup on the Henry Hudson Parkway. Of course.

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