Bellarke cosplayer with baby have a question. Jokes about holding the baby, haha.

“If your characters had the day off, what would they do to relax?”

Eliza: chill out and relax

Henry Ian: hang out with my tree

Marie: Octavia needs to take a shower

Lindsey: get a massage from Marie/Octavia

Chris: find a nice secluded place with Harper… and discuss political science

Richard: find a nice secluded place alone, away from people with fists and shut lie down and cry. but a good cry. he needs it. then wake up and be fine.

Who’s This?

Who’s this?
Who’s this?
There’s perfume in the air.
Who’s this?
She’s brushing Henry’s hair.

Who’s this?
I can’t believe my eyes,
I must be dreaming,
wake up Cole, this isn’t fair!
Who’s this?

Who’s this?
Who’s this?!
There’s something very wrong.
Who’s this?!

Are they really singing songs?!
Who’s this?!
Their speech is lined with little smiles,
laughing, Henry Jekyll seems so happy,
have I possibly gone daffy?
Who is this?!

Who’s this?

She’s really making snowballs,
and messing with his head,
They’re busy holding hands,
and absolutely no one’s dead!

Henry nearly skips when he’s beside her,
oh I can’t believe my eyes!
I mean, look at them,
you can even feel the warmth that’s coming from inside!

Now look, who’s this?
Henry hangs his head, and – no.

They kiss.

[[A small pause.]]

No, no not after all this.
I’m gathering around the sharp things
in my house that I have found!
Who’s this?!!

Who’s this?!
In here, Henry got her a new room, how queer.

And who would ever think, and why?!
She’s making him think tiny little things,
a love like colored lights on strings,
now there’s a smile on everyone,  
Oh God, correct me if I’m wrong!

He’s having fun!
He’s having fun!
Oh, could it be, he got his wish?
Who’s this?!

Oh God, what now?
It seems that they’re asleep, but look,
Henry looks like he’s in peace.

No ghouls, no witches here to 
scream and scare him, or ensnare him,
only little cozy things secure inside his dreamland….
[[Looks at Luriana.]]


Henry’s monsters are all missing,
all his nightmares can’t be found,
and their place thoughts of
this one damn girl are all around!

Instead of screams, 
I swear I can hear music in the air!
The smell of Lavender is absolutely everywhere…!

The signs, the sounds!
She’s everywhere and all around,  
Henry’s never felt so good, before,
the emptiness inside him has been filling up,
he simply cannot get enough!

He wants her, oh, he wants her,
oh he wants her for his own! 

I’ve got to know, I’ve got to know,
who is this girl that he has found?