So while I was at (Re)Generation Who I bought this audio drama featuring our favorite potato Strax.

I haven’t really started to listen to it yet (I tried but was exhausted from the con and had to give up 4 minutes in saying “I’m too tired to try and understand these thick British dialects” and turned it off) but WHEN I DO… I will be sure to write down anything I learn about the Paternoster gang and or hilarious Strax comments.

Additionally the story synopsis is as follows:

“Strax, the Sontaran butler to Victorian investigator Vastra and her wife Jenny, suffers a disorienting attack and mistakes Jago and Litefoot for Jenny and Vastra and moves into Litefoot’s home.

Together, they are on the trail of a creature that is stealing brains, which may or may not be linked to a haunted house in London…”

Not going to lie, first sarcastic thought to come to my head was “oh, Strax will be safe then. He doesn’t have much of a brain and what he does have is protected by his thick skull”

Classic and Expanded Universe Doctor Who Appreciation Week
Day 5: A Favourite Non-Companion Character: Henry Gordon Jago and Professor George Litefoot
Okay, I’m cheating a bit here because a) that’s two characters, not one, and b) they’ve travelled with the Sixth Doctor, so technically they are companions buuut… they weren’t introduced as companions, and being companions aren’t their primary roles, sooo… they count, right? Honestly, I’m just so ridiculously invested in these idiots and their shenanigans. I love them both equally, but I feel like I’ve found a soulmate in Jago: I, too, bumble through life with absolutely zero tact.

Jago And Litefoot, Best Friends Forever

Professor George Litefoot and Henry Gordon Jago, because these two are just so blasted adorable. Holding hands for safety. Whether you know these two from The Talons Of Weng-Chiang, or you’ve been listening to their wonderful audio spin-off series from Big Finish (and you really should be) it’s impossible not to love them very much.

(Still taking commissions, incidentally - ask me how!)


“That’s my trouble, Litefoot.”
“I’m not awfully–well I’m not so bally brave when it comes to it.  I try to be, but I’m not.”
“If it comes to it I don’t suppose anybody is.”
“Well I thought I ought to tell you anyway.  In case I let the side down.”
“You won’t, Henry.  I know you won’t.”

anonymous asked:


  • His blog url: ingeniousimpresario
  • The kind of posts he reblogs: Video and audio posts, mostly. Especially Vines.
  • The first person he followed: Ellie Higson
  • What kind of theme he’d have: Something extravagant. Lots of animation. He probably got Litefoot to write the HTML for him.
  • What kind of text posts he makes at 2 AM: Out-of-context quotes from himself and Litefoot
I have Jago & Litefoot feels

I love how when Litefoot’s talking about Jago with someone else he’ll always refer to him as a friend (and in one case “My Mr Jago”) but when Jago’s there he says they’re just colleagues. Unless Jago’s really unhappy; then they can be friends.

And Jago spends all his time trying to persuade Litefoot to have lunch or a drink with him, or investigate something or meet someone with him, and barging into his house to see him, and holding his hand when asked only to touch his fingers.

And Litefoot always pays for Jago because he doesn’t have enough money and the way he threatens Tulp about hurting Jago and the way they look after each other at the end of The Bloodless Soldier and their snark.

I kind of ship them a lot.

Companion sketch #30: Investigators of infernal incidents and Machiavellian machinations, Mr. Henry Gordon Jago & Professor George Litefoot.  Associates of several incarnations of the Doctor, and briefly companions of the 6th.

(Keen-eyed followers might notice I’ve recycled the line art from my old “Baker Street Justice Society” pic.  Much as I’d love to do 100% new art for Jago & Litefoot, the list of companions I’m covering is 121 names long.  Sue me.) ;)