Botanical description and medical, culinary & other uses of the plants in the first volume of my American herbarium

By Williams, Stephen W. (Stephen West), 1790-1855 , author
Moody, D. W. (Dan W.), 1853-
Negus, Caroline, 1814-1867 , artist
Whitefield, Edwin, 1816-1892 , artist
Williams, Harriet Godhue, 1799-1874 , artist
Henry N. Flynt Library, , current owner
Lewis & Brown, , lithographer
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Ryoji Ikeda

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The Anti - Museum
An Anthology By Mathieu Copeland & Balthazar Lovay
Fri Art Kunsthalle Freiburg
König Books

For the first time, this anthology is devoted to the Anti - Museum, through Anti-Art, the Anti-Artist, Anti-Exhibition, as well as Anti-Architecture, Anti-Design, Anti-Culture, Anti-Philosophy, Anti-Writing, Anti-University, Anti-Technology, Anti-Religion, Anti-Cinema and Anti-Music. This notion (unpatented but regularly reappropriated) traces the erratic and sometimes paradoxical counter-history of the contestation of artistic institutions.

From the first Anti-Exhibition to the first catalogue retracing the history of Closed Exhibitions, from Dada to Noise Music, from ‘Everything Is Art’ to ‘NO ! Art’, the Japanese Avant-Gardes to Lettrist Cinema, and not forgetting such major protest figures as Gustav Metzger, Henry Flynt, Graciela Carnevale, and Lydia Lunch, The Anti-Museum sketches a polyphonic panorama where negation is accompanied by a powerful breath of life.

'During the exhibition the gallery will be closed’
Robert Barry

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Raster - Noton

Music & Design by Olaf Bender

Raster - Noton . Archiv Für Ton Und Nichtton

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Alva Noto
Raster - Noton

The Anti - GMA …

Arthur Russell - Instrumentals LP

Before he fell in love with the disco and the delay box, Arthur Russell was a fresh arrival in New York City, looking to make it somehow as a composer. He befriended Rhys Chatham, who offered him his position as music director of The Kitchen, a downtown avant-garde space where Russell would expand his skeptical audience’s definition of minimalism by booking the Modern Lovers and Henry Flynt. Having examined both Eastern and Western composition as a student, Russell made the unusual, yet typical choice to meet them in the middle, constructing a series of short sketches that elevated the everyday sounds of traditional jazz and pop to a transcendent level of focused, bright intensity. At the Kitchen, Russell assembled a group of NY’s most limber players: Julius Eastman, Ernie Brooks, David Van Tieghem, Peter Gordon, Chatham, and several more, in various configurations around his cello. They perform billowing, glowing fanfares that continually awaken; jittery, engine-like pocket symphonies of percussion, flute, guitar and trombone that twitch and lurch as if containing all the motion of a city. These pieces have been collected before on the CD ‘First Thought Best Thought’, but never before on vinyl, and represent, alongside his Dinosaur L disco productions, his solo cello work, and his forays into new wave and folk music, a crucial fourth node of Russell’s dazzling recorded output that continues to resonate today.