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Hi! Love your writing! Could you maybe do some more poly!bowers gang headcanons/imagines please? I have nothing specific in mind. (Probably not helpful, sorry.) 😊🌸

It’s fine, I will be getting on a poly!bowers imagine soon, I promise! I’ll give you some headcanons for now!

Poly!bowers gang:

  • All of them brag about banging you to everyone
  • There isn’t a single person in the school who doesn’t know who you belong to
  • All of them hate the dark hickeys that Patrick leaves all over you - sometimes you come out looking like a leopard
  • You get the most cutesy with Belch in public
  • In private, you get to feed Henry things and feed his ego
  • Sometimes you purposely set off their jealousy - not with each other though, that’s never a good idea
  • You try to set schedules for date when they get whiny about wanting more time, but no one can keep to it
  • A lot of people avoid you just because of the gang
  • You also lost a lot of friends because of it
  • Sometimes the ballsy guys still hit on you - doesn’t normally work out well for them since all the guys have some jealousy(despite agreeing to share you because “that’s different”)
  • Patrick always tries to mess around if you guys even get a second alone(he tries when the other guys are around too)
  • It gets to the point making out around the others isn’t even weird(until Patrick gets too close, that is)
  • Sometimes you’ll have 2-3 all over you at once - sometimes taking turns because none of them have any patience
  • Henry always pushes in private for you to tell him you love him the most
  • Patrick thinks you’re only in it for him
  • You don’t actually have solid a favorite - the best part about there being 4 is that there’s different things to enjoy
  • You like to hold hands, but most of the guys are waist grabbers if they have the choice(even though Vic is happy to hold hands)
  • If one has an arm on their waist, then another gets to hold your hand
  • There’s no hiding your relationship(even if you wanted to)

Hope these are what you were looking for!

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hc for officially being in the bowers gang and dating belch??

🍭 — The guys all love you
🍭 — If Belch likes you, you have to be worth it
🍭 — Just as a warning, the boys are mega protective over Belch so if you hurt him ever you’ll suffer
🍭 — Hand holding in Amy
🍭 — Drive in movies where he ‘slyly’ slips his arm over your shoulders and pulls you in close
🍭 — When you get to kissing you hear a noise and turn
🍭 — The boys had crashed your movie date by sneaking into Amy before y’all left
🍭 — Getting to go on car rides with the boys
🍭 — Belch letting you sit on his lap to work the wheel while he pressed the pedals
🍭 — The boys having a soft spot for you because they see how much you care about Belch
🍭 — “Wow your boyfriend’s fat lol”

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Yes hi hello, I love your writing!! I hope you're doing well!! But uh I suddenly can't get the idea of taking the bowers gang to disney world out of my head, and totally wouldn't mind hearing if you had head canons on the idea haha

  • Henry absolutely hates those characters. He knows they’re just people in costumes but they’re so big and weird looking. He doesn’t want some weirdo in a costume touching him.
  • Belch is in love with the parades. So many things going on at once and it’s nothing he, or any of the boys, have ever seen before. 
  • The princesses are their favorite thing for obvious reasons. (nasty boys)
    • Snow White came up to Henry once and asked if he was related to grumpy
      • Belch held him back while Victor made sure Patrick didn’t try anything stupid with Snow White
  • Everything is so EXPENSIVE! They better have won a sweepstakes or something that included meals otherwise they’re not eating anything
    • It’s sad really, they’ll just watch others eat hope people get too uncomfortable and give them their food or wait for someone to throw away whatever they can’t finish
  • Victor would totally get those micky mouse ears
    • So would Patrick
      • Henry slaps them off both the boys saying they look like idiots
      • Belch would want to wear them to feel a part of the gang
      • Henry has no choice but to get a pair but he gets the kind that are attached to a wizard hat because he’s extra and likes feeling special compared to them
  • Belch doesn’t do rollercosters and neither does Henry
    • That just leaves Victor and Patrick together so close and snug on a ride
    • Belch and Henry will stand in lines with them tho because it ain’t fun going to Disney World and not hanging with your friends
  • Almost got kicked out because they kept swearing too much
    • it’s a FAMILY FRIENDLY theme park you dolts
  • Belch and Victor like to get the signatures of all the characters
    • Donald and Daisy duck are Vic’s favorite ;))
      • All the ducks are Vic’s favorite tbh
  • Henry throws up on the spinning tea cups
  • Belch’s favorite park is Magic Kingdom, Vic’s Hollywood studios, Patrick and Henry liked the Animal Kingdom
    • All of them were impressed by Epcot’s tomorrow land 
  • They only got to go to one (1) water park called Disney’s River Country
    • Patrick kept an inter tube with him at all times
    • Henry would actually ride the slides and rides there
      • but Belch was still nervous
        • Until Henry told him to ride the slide or get pushed down
    • SO many girls in their swimsuits
      • It was a freakin’ treat man
    • Got kicked out for sexual harassment
  • Victor is the only one who puts on sunscreen during this whole vacation
    • Even then he gets a sunburn like the rest of them

I love the sound of Nicholas Hamilton and Wyatt Oleff dragging Finn’s haters

The IT fandom is strange because it has like three sides. You have the one side that would kill a bitch to be apart of the Losers Club and would protect the kids with their whole being, the second side just wants to fuck a clown, and the third side you don’t see too much are the people who wish they could date everyone in the Bowers Gang. The three sides barley interact with each other, but we somehow all thrive on the same content.


henry bowers: *passes eddie a note that says “your gay”*

eddie, outloud, and very confused: my gay? what about my gay?

*watches show*

Me: Oh my god this guy is so hot. I love him so much. He is so sweet. I feel bad for him.

*guy turns into a psychopath*

Me: …. Oh my god this guy is so hot. I love him so much. He is so sweet. I feel bad for him.

  • Nicolas Hamilton before filming IT, probably: man, kids are the worst! who needs 'em anyway?
  • Nicolas Hamilton after filming IT: being a mother of seven is the most difficult job you can have but its the most rewarding as well.