henry's diner

sometime at granny's diner probably
  • Henry: hey, where's mom?
  • Regina: hang on, i've got this. someone say something mean to me.
  • Zelena: you'll never get your happy end–
  • Emma, whipping the door open, shoving various family members aside, knocking over tables and chairs, disturbing her sleeping baby brother, and pushing Hook out of the way: bitch what the FUCK did you just say i'll fuck you up regina deserves her happy ending and i'll do whatever it takes to get her that so you better back off–
  • Regina: there she is

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W I L L I A M  A F T O N


We all know that Once Upon a Time has countless mysteries but one of the biggest mysteries for me has been unanswered since the middle of SEASON FREAKIN’ TWO.

What mystery, you ask? THIS ONE.


Because look, it’s breakfast, right? Emma and Henry leave the diner in this scene because Emma is going to walk Henry to the bus stop. They both are drinking what I’m assuming is hot chocolate. Henry has what looks like pancakes or waffles but Emma?




I mean, I get that there’s no real difference between French fries and home fries/hash browns, but you don’t typically see crinkle cut fries being served at breakfast.

And I have always had countless questions about this turn of events. Like, I get why Emma would want French fries after returning from the Enchanted Forest, considering the dearth of McDonald’s and Burger King in the area. But I had always wondered if Emma like, begged Granny for an order of fries or if Granny’s actually serves French fries for breakfast..


Thanks to a certain set visit, I was able to take a picture of Granny’s menu and




So since my blog got deleted, over the next few weeks I’ll be reposting most of my old one shots. 

Summary: Killian kisses Emma every time she steals his hook, because he couldn’t the first time she did it. 

The second time she did it was shortly after they defeated Zelena.

Emma and Killian were sitting at a booth in the diner with Henry, sharing cocoa and eating fries.

“Want to see something impressive, Henry?”

Henry nodded.

Emma waved her hand and suddenly Killian’s hook disappeared from his brace and reappeared hanging from a light fixture.

“Cool!” said Henry with glee.

Killian smiled indulgently before retrieving his hook and clicking it back in to place. Then he leaned in and kissed Emma tenderly, not even caring that Henry was sitting right there.

“Gross,” said Henry.

“What was that for?” asked Emma, when he pulled away.

Killian just gripped her hand and took another fry.

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Time Upon Once, Ch.3 (3/?)

Summary:  Killian Jones is a bailbonds man, living in Boston and doing his own thing. But on his 29th birthday, a kid knocks on his door and claims to be his son. What happens when Killian is forced to face his past along with a mystery prophecy about his own purpose in life?

Rating: M (eventually)

A huge thank you to @tnlph @businesscasualprincess and @blessed-but-distressed  for beta duties and @shady-swan-jones for the banner!

Tagging a few people that showed interest in this story: @lk0622 @nowforruin @sambethe @xemmaloveskillianx  @l-e-x-a-xd @profoundlyfadedprincess @once-uponacaptain and @icecubelotr44   (want to be tagged? let me know and I’ll do it)

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I know… it’s been ages. But I’m back to this story now! I cannot commit to a weekly update, because writing this fic is a lot of work that involves plotting, rewatches, tweaks, backstory and a huge amount of detail that is really draining for me. So bear with me. I will commit to have an update every two weeks.
All comments and reviews of encouragement will be highly appreciated

Chapter III

The sound of knocking at the door interrupted Killian’s first cup of coffee in the morning. He went to answer, still absentmindedly holding his mug in his right hand.

Regina was standing on the other side of the door, wearing a sensible grey dress and a coat, holding a basket full of red apples. She was poised to speak, but whatever words she had died on her lips the second she got a good look at him, her eyes widening as she trailed her gaze back and forth over his body. It was then that Killian realized he hadn’t bothered to put on his shirt before opening the door, his bare chest attracting the Mayor’s attention before she lowered her gaze appreciatively to where his jeans were hanging low on his hips. Killian contemplated acknowledging her interest with a suggestive remark, but he ultimately decided against it. He had zero intention of following up on those remarks with any type of dalliance with his son’s adoptive mother. Some doors - much like his heart - were better to remain closed. He settled for a soft clear of his throat and a raised eyebrow in her direction.

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Just Imagine...

You walk into Mary Margaret and David’s apartment, all dressed up for your date with Henry at Grany’s Diner. Henry immediately smiles when he sees you and Emma is trying to hold back how happy she is.

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To Catch A Swan (12/22)

I got REALLY irritated last night.  Enjoy!

“Neal! What the hell?!”

Neal barely heard her.  “Guardian angel? I’d say you’ve been doing a pretty crap job.”  “She has a destiny. And you? This life? You’re going to keep her from it.”  “And if I can’t be there for her, man, you got to promise me that you will be…if anything changes, and she does her job, this inanity ends, and she’s free…”  He pulled his arm back to get another punch in but was abruptly stopped by Emma snatching his arm and pinning him to the counter.  

“Let go, Emma,” He growled, watching August scramble up and back away quickly. He weaseled outside and Neal attempted to wrest himself free from Emma’s grip.  He was rewarded for his efforts by another slam on the counter. 

“Forget it,” She snapped and he heard the clink of cuffs.  He groaned when she handcuffed him.

“Are you serious?!” He snarled at her. “Are you seriously cuffing me?”

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Righting the Wrongs

Disclaimer: I don’t own Once Upon a Time.

AN: This is a one shot – An Underworld fix it fic. Emma didn’t have a vision of Neal on the way to the Underworld. Instead, they find him in Underbrooke’s version of Granny’s and he’s upset that Emma has dragged their son, her parents, and the others to the Underworld to go after Hook. Neal makes a few things clear to Emma when he finds Robert and reveals his murderer to David.

This is Snowing and Swanfire, with mentions of Outlaw Queen.

Warning: this is anti-Hook and doesn’t portray him in a very nice light. You’ve been warned!

Righting the Wrongs

The Underworld

The instant his lips touched hers, Snow realized why David was suddenly wearing different clothes. Because it wasn’t David at all. The kiss was nothing like how her husband kissed her. There was nothing behind it, no emotion or love like she felt with Charming. Even normal kisses for them felt like magic and she always felt her heart flutter when his lips touched hers. This man may have looked exactly like her husband, but he was a sad imitation.
“James,” she hissed, as their lips parted.
“Mmm…I can see why my brother likes you. Tell Dave there’s a new Sheriff in town,” James said, as he quickly made his way to the back of the diner. She felt her husband behind her before she saw him.
“Was that my brother?” he asked, seeing the retreating form.
“Yes…” Snow replied. She was about to say more when they heard another voice.

“Snow? David?” a voice asked. They turned to see Neal sitting in a booth, looking horrified that they were there.
“Neal…” Snow uttered.
“God…you guys are here…” he said, as he started to panic. Her eyes widened.
“Oh no…we’re not dead,” she assured.
“What? Then how…” Neal uttered, as the rest of their group piled into the diner.
“Dad!” Henry called. Neal was pretty sure he’d be having a heart attack if he wasn’t already dead.
“Henry…why are you here? Emma, why is he here in the Underworld?” Neal started to panic.
“We…we came to find Hook. It’s a long story…but he shouldn’t have died,” Emma squeaked. Neal rolled his eyes.
“That pirate has been cheating death for the better part of two hundred years,” Neal replied.
“I love him,” Emma said defensively.
“So you had to drag our son and your parents here?” he exclaimed.
“They’re here for Hook too!” Emma claimed, but then saw the look her parents exchanged.

“Mom…Dad…you’re agree with me, right? You’re here to help Hook too,” she said. David sighed.
“Emma…we love you. We’re here for you…because you need us,” David confessed.
“Honey…the only thing that would get us to leave your little brother is if it was something to help you,” Snow said. Honestly, they had hated this whole idea from the beginning, but they were afraid of Emma rejecting them again if they didn’t agree to help her.
“But Hook…” she uttered.
“Tried to kill us all,” David interrupted.
“Why doesn’t that surprise me. What the hell have I missed?” Neal muttered.
“Much…” another voice said. Neal turned and smiled at his father.
“Papa…” he said.
“Bae…” Rumple replied, as they embraced. Henry shared a smile with his grandparents.

Seeing Henry this happy again was worth the trip down here. They were only hoping Emma could see it too. Maybe this would help her let the pirate go. Snow and David knew true love when they saw it, they practically personified it themselves, after all. What Emma had with Neal had been true love. What she had with Hook wasn’t.
“I need to find Killian,” Emma said, almost desperately. Neal sighed. He almost didn’t recognize Emma, but she had been through a lot. Being the Dark One probably left deeper scars than any of them realized, including Emma herself.
“Well, if I had to guess, he’s probably with his brother. Liam runs a bar on the other side of…whatever this place is,” Neal said, reluctant to call it an actual town. With that, Emma rushed out of the diner. Snow and David sighed, as they started to follow.
“Dad…let’s go with them. If anyone can get Mom to see reason, it’s you,” Henry pleaded.
“Maybe…but there’s someone else that might be able to put Hook in a whole new light,” Neal said.
“We all know what the pirate is. David’s right…he tried to kill us all. And I may have tried to kill Snow and David many times as well…” Regina trailed off.
“But you’ve changed, Mom. Grams and Gramps know that, but I think they also know that Hook hasn’t changed,” Henry replied.
“He’s right…more than you know,” Neal added.
“What do you mean?” Robin asked.
“I mean he’s the reason David grew up without a father. Come on, there’s someone we need to find. Emma needs to know exactly who she’s trying to bring into this family,” Neal said, as he led them in the opposite direction.
Emma walked into the bar and gazed around at the dimly lit surroundings.
“Well, well, someone finally gave you what you deserved it seems, dahling,” a female voice hissed.
“Cruella…” she uttered, as the fur clad woman sat at a table with a glass of gin and a man that was a copy of her father. In looks only perhaps though, for James’ eyes were much colder than her father’s.
“So…you’re my niece,” he commented, seemingly unimpressed.
“I’m looking for someone,” she said.
“Yes…the smarmy pirate you seem obsessed with. He’s right over there,” Cruella said in delight. Emma’s eyes scanned over to the bar and she smiled, as Killian sat there and from the description, she knew the man behind the bar to be Liam. But she frowned, as she saw him smiling at some woman that was leaned over the bar, obviously flirting with him.

“You were right, Jimmy dahling. She is alive,” Cruella commented, as she touched Emma’s hair. The blonde shrugged her away.
“I told you…she dragged them all down here. But you know what that means,” he prompted.
“Our ticket out of here,” Cruella laughed. Emma glared at her.
“You really think I’m gonna let you two take my place and the place of someone else back in the land of the living?” she growled. They laughed at her.
“Oh no dahling…we don’t plan to take your place. Now your Mummy and Daddy on the other hand…” Cruella said deviously. James chuckled.
“My brother stole everything from me and now I get the chance to do the same to him,” he hissed. Emma’s eyes widened, as she was suddenly starting to realize how much danger she had just put her parents in by letting them follow her down here.
“Don’t worry, that little loft apartment is all ready and waiting for them to accommodate them for eternity,” Cruella goaded.
“My parents don’t belong down here,” Emma refuted.
“You should have thought about that before you came here, princess. Once we take their place, I have a feeling their unfinished business will trap them forever. There’s nothing like abandoning another child to make sure they can never move on,” Cruella commented. Emma’s eyes widened. Her baby brother…how had she almost forgotten him? Her thoughts were interrupted again though by another voice.

“Swan?” Hook questioned.
“Killian…” she uttered, as she ran over to him.
“What are you doing here?” he hissed.
“I came to save you,” she said, taken aback by his anger.
“I told you to let me go,” he snapped.
“But…” she started to protest when they heard a commotion.
“Get your hands off her!” she heard her father growl. She gasped, as she saw her parents being forcibly led into the bar by four men, probably former black knights, and obviously employed by her Uncle now.
“Seems I was right to send six of you. Where are the other two?” James asked.
“You were right, Your Highness. They put up a good fight,” one of the answered. He was sporting obvious cuts and bruises. Her parents weren’t ones to go down easily. James smirked and approached them. Snow shuddered, as he caressed her face, ignoring Cruella’s huff of jealousy.

“Don’t touch her,” David growled. James smirked and then punch his brother in the jaw. Snow cried out, as her husband coughed and spit a little blood, but didn’t stop his defiant glower he had for his twin.
“You stole everything from me…” James hissed.
“I didn’t steal anything from you! It’s not my fault your own arrogance got you killed!” David yelled back. James wrapped his hand around his brother’s neck and balled his fist.
“I’m going to enjoy this,” he said, as he wound up, intending to bring his fist down on his brother again.
“No…stop!” Snow cried, as she kicked and struggled against her captor’s grip.

Fortunately, at that moment, James was blasted away with magic. Snow expected it to be her daughter that had come to the rescue, but found it was Regina, who now stood in the doorway with the rest of their family.
The former black knights were all too familiar with the Queen’s magic and released Snow and David without any protest.
“Thank you,” Snow and David both said, as Henry hugged them both. Cruella helped James to his feet and they glared at the newcomers.
“What the bloody hell is all this?” Hook demanded to know.
“They came to help me get you back,” Emma said, hoping that he was touched by the gesture.
“Emma…did you just miss the part where your parents almost became permanent residents here?” Neal asked.
“And orphaned your baby brother,” Regina added.
“Mom…Dad…I’m sorry, but we came here, because I’m giving into love…like you did,” Emma said. They shifted uncomfortably and exchanged a glance, having a silent conversation.

“Emma…your mother and I love you more than anything, but coming here was a mistake,” David said. Emma looked at them in disbelief.
“But…Hook is my true love,” she squeaked.
“Is that why he ran straight to my mother when he got here?” Neal interjected. Emma whipped around and looked to Hook for confirmation.
“I loved her for a long time, Emma. Seeing her again was overwhelming,” Hook tried to explain. Neal snorted.
“So overwhelming that you jumped back into bed together,” he muttered bitterly. David snorted.
“You didn’t even wait a day before you moved on from my daughter?” he commented, but Killian ignored the Prince.
“You’re with Milah again?” she asked.
“I am,” he confessed.
“But I thought what we had…it was true love,” she said. He rolled his eyes.
“We’re not your parents, Emma, far from it. No matter how much you wanted us to be,” he replied.
“So all those things you said…and did…” she started to say tearfully.
“You know why I did them,” he leered and David clenched his fist.
“Charming…now is not the time,” Snow chided, as she held him back. His harsh words broke through the fog in Emma’s mind and she sobered, realizing what a fool she had been to ever entertain a future with him.
“I hope you had a good laugh at my expense,” she said tearfully.
“Swan…it wasn’t like that. We both caught up in whatever this was. But you turning me into the Dark One…it soured whatever we had,” he admitted. She nodded.
“I’m sorry,” she said.
“It’s okay, Swan. I know I’m a man that’s not easy to resist,” he leered.
“That does it,” Charming snapped, as he started toward the pirate, who backed away in amusement.

“Oh don’t act all high and mighty, pirate!” Neal cried.
“What the bloody hell is your problem, Baelfire?” Hook demanded to know.
“You never belonged in this family and I think it’s time everyone knows why,” Neal snapped.
“What are you talking about?” Emma asked.
“I believe he’s talking about me,” a new voice said, as they all turned.
“And you are?” Hook asked. The man smiled slightly.
“You don’t recognize me,” he replied.
“Should I?” Hook inquired.
“Father?” David asked in disbelief.
“Hello David,” Robert said fondly, as he looked to James.
“Hello James,” he added.
“You’re…you’re here…” David uttered.
“Yes…as you can imagine, I have unfinished business, but not for the reasons you might think,” Robert said, as he came closer.
“You mean how you fell off the wagon? And then tumbled off a cliff, because you were drunk?” David spat angrily.
“Son…I know that’s what you were told. But it’s not the truth,” Robert tried to explain.
“What are you talking about?” he demanded to know.
“When I left on that two week trip, it wasn’t for supplies. I went to find your brother. I went to get him back, because he ran away from the King. I didn’t drink a drop,” Robert explained. David looked at his twin.
“Is that true?” he asked.
“I ran off a lot when I was a kid. I might have met him. Father tells me of how he saved me from being taken back to some farm to be raised by a lowly, poor as dirt Shepherd,” James recalled.

“You weren’t happy with the King. You didn’t want to become a Knight and kill for him,” Robert retorted.
“I was six. I didn’t know what I wanted. I became a great Knight…and then he stole everything from me,” James hissed.
“You were cut down in your prime, because of arrogance and the way that man raised you. You can’t blame David for your life being cut short,” Robert reasoned.
“Watch me,” James growled.
“You blame me or George. But you don’t blame David,” Robert replied.
“Forgive me for interrupting this little family squabble, but what does this have to do with me?” Hook asked.
“You really don’t remember me?” Robert asked.
“Can’t say I do, mate,” Hook replied.
“I suppose that’s fair. You’ve killed a lot of people, so I guess they all start to look the same,” Robert said, making Hook frown.
“What?” David asked.
“My unfinished business is my boys, but not for the reason you were told,” Robert said.
“Papa?” Neal asked, as Gold materialized a dream catcher and handed it to the Charming, who looked at it in question. But those questions were soon answered, as the dream catcher contained a memory and it played out before their eyes.

He watched George’s men, who were ordered to kill his father, be cut down. But his savior was no savior, as Hook appeared.
“Please…I won’t tell anyone I ever saw you. I have a son,” Robert pleaded.
“Sorry mate…but dead men tell no tales,” Hook said, as he speared David’s father through the abdomen. Snow gasped and put a hand over her mouth. This time, she didn’t stop her husband, as he lunged at the pirate.
“You Son of a Bitch!” David screamed. Hook jumped back, as Neal and Robin managed to hold him back.
“David…please, revenge is not your way,” Robert soothed. Snow put herself in his line of vision and cupped his face in her hands.
“Charming…look at me,” she pleaded.
“He’s not worth it,” she said.
“He murdered my father…” he hissed.
“Yes…because that’s who he is. We gave him the benefit of the doubt before all this and he failed those expectations miserably,” she replied, as he started to struggle less.
“You are twice…three times the man he is. We’re going to go home and he’s going to stay here,” Snow reminded. David stopped struggling completely and she hugged her husband tightly, brushing her hand soothingly along the back of his neck. She then gently prodded him toward his father and the two hugged tightly. Snow put her hand to her heart, as she watched Robert cradled David’s head. When they parted, he glared at Hook.

“He needs to pay,” David said.
“Oh he’ll pay by being stuck in this limbo for eternity, because he knows what awaits him if he moves on isn’t pleasant,” Rumple commented.
“You’re one to talk, Crocodile,” Hook hissed.
“Oh I never denied what I am, dearie,” he retorted.
“You made me this!” Hook accused.
“No…you chose to be this,” Emma realized, as they turned to her.
“My father lost his father…and then his mother, who was murdered. My Mom’s parents were both murdered too. I lost my parents, because of the curse…but we didn’t burn the world around us,” Emma said. Snow and David shared a smile. Their Emma was slowly coming back. She took her parent’s hands.
“I’m sorry…this could have been really bad. Let’s go home,” she said.


A final task remained though and that was for David to convince his father to move on. Rumple led them beneath Underbrooke to the place that final judgments were made. Beyond the river of lost souls, they came to an abyss where a lake of fire churned below and the gap between them and the other side was far too large to jump.
“This is it?” David asked.
“Yes…this is where the final decisions are made when a soul is ready to move on,” Rumple replied.
“David…I’m not sure I can move on and leave your brother,” Robert said uncertainly.
“Father…I’m not sure James will ever be able to move on or accept us as his family. You should be with Mother,” David urged. Robert smiled and put his hands on his son’s shoulders.
“I’m so proud of the man you’ve become, David,” Robert said.
“I wish things were different or I wish I had known. I blamed you all my life,” David lamented.
“It’s okay…now you know that I never wanted to leave you or your mother. I thought I had a chance to get James back and fix our family. Things just went badly,” Robert explained. David nodded and hugged him tightly. It was then that a bridge appeared over the gap and a bright light shined down upon them. Robert looked at it in awe. As he started to walk toward the bridge, David heard a gasp behind him and his wife call out.

“Charming…” she cried. As he turned, his eyes widened in horror. His brother had sneaked up behind her and now had her in a headlock with a gun to her head.
“James…” he growled.
“You’re taking my place down here, brother,” he growled.
“James…please don’t do this,” Robert pleaded. But he cocked the gun and pressed it tightly against Snow’s temple.
“You take my place or I blow her pretty head off,” he hissed. Emma and Regina raised their hands, ready to blast him with magic, but essentially he was using Snow as a shield against that.
“Okay…okay…just don’t hurt her,” he pleaded, as he put his hands up in surrender. James snickered.
“She makes you weak, brother. I mean…I understand the appeal, but willingly dying for a piece of tail…even a nice one like this,” he hissed in Snow’s ear, as he let his eyes scan her body appreciatively.
“Don’t talk about my wife like that,” David growled.
“I’m giving the orders. Go to the edge of that precipice,” James ordered, pointing the gun at him.
“David!” Snow cried, as her husband walked back toward the edge.
“Dad!” Emma cried.
“Grandpa!” Henry called.
“Jump,” James ordered. David looked down into the fiery hell below. He looked back at Snow’s tearful face and for her, he would do anything.
“Charming…please don’t,” she pleaded.
“I love you,” he said. James was so distracted that he didn’t see Neal sneaking up behind him, but Snow caught him out of the corner of her eye. At the exact right second, she bit James’ arm, just as Neal tackled him and they went rolling to the ground. James threw Neal off and he went rolling over the edge. Emma caught his hand and he gripped the edge, dangling above the fiery abyss.
“Emma…you can’t hold me. I’ll pull you in too,” he said.
“I’m not letting you go…I’m not letting you go again,” she sobbed.
“Dad!” Henry cried, as Regina held him back. Another hand grabbed his other arm.
“I’m not letting you go again either, Bae,” Rumple said, as together, they pulled him up.

James grabbed the gun again and pointed it at David.
“David!” Snow screamed, as he fired at her husband. She screamed and at the last moment, Robert shoved his son down out of the path of the bullet. He was struck and while the bullet couldn’t hurt him, the force of it threw him off the cliff.
“Father!” David cried, as he fell into the abyss. Regina blasted the gun out of James’ hand and then waved her hand, causing him to lose consciousness.

The most miraculous thing happened next, as Robert was lifted back onto the bridge and the light bathed him in its glow.
“Father…” David uttered in awe.
“Goodbye son…I love you,” Robert said.
“I love you too,” David replied, as Snow put her arms around him and they watched him disappear into the light.
“Oh Charming…” Snow said, as she took her husband in her arms.
“You guys need to all go home before Hades decides to make you all permanent residents,” Neal insisted, as Henry hugged him tightly.
“I miss you…I don’t want to leave you,” Henry cried. Neal hugged him tightly.
“I know buddy…but you don’t belong here,” Neal said.
“Neither do you, Baelfire,” a female voice said, as they all whipped around to see who the newcomer was. She wore a long gown and was very beautiful.
“Who are you?” Emma asked.
“I am Athena and I’ve come to right a wrong,” she replied, as she looked over the group.
“Coming here was very unwise, Savior,” she chided.
“I know…I know that now. Hook…he’s not my true love,” Emma admitted.
“Yes…you made a mistake, but you have been through so much. You all have. Baelfire…” she said, as she turned to him.
“Your lifeline was not meant to be cut when it was,” Athena revealed.
“What does that mean?” Snow asked anxiously. She smiled.
“It means that the author can fix all of this,” she replied, as all eyes turned to Henry.
“But…I snapped the pen in half,” Henry said, as he felt his heart sink.
“Which sent it here to the Underworld,” Athena said, as she opened her palm, revealing the broken pen. They watched in amazement, as she mended it and handed it to him.
“But I thought I wasn’t supposed to manipulate events?” he asked.
“Normally, you shouldn’t, but there are exceptions and this is one of them. Your father’s lifeline shouldn’t have been cut by the fates when it was and none of you should be here. You can fix all it, author,” Athena said, as the book appeared in his hand.

He opened to the last blank page, right next to the new information they had learned, like David’s father being murdered and finally being able to move on with his killer revealed. And that Captain Hook was exactly where he belonged. Henry put the pen to the page and new text was magically scrawled.
“The heroes, as they searched for a way home, learned that one of their own they had lost did not belong in the Underworld either. Since the snipping of Baelfire’s lifeline was unjust, the Goddess Athena granted permission to the author to rectify this. Baelfire’s lifeline was restored and his body renewed,” Henry said, as a glow enveloped Neal, much to everyone’s amazement.

“Then a portal back to Storybrooke was opened and the heroes filed through,” Henry wrote, as a swirling vortex appeared before them. Emma and Neal smiled at their son and walked through with him between them. Snow and Charming smiled at each other and followed them, with Robin and Regina right behind them. And lastly, Rumpelstiltskin, with tears still in his eyes, followed them through scarcely believing the reality that he had his son back. The trip to the Underworld had in fact been a mission to right a wrong, but not the one Emma had initially taken them there for. And now, all was right again.

The Crush

Another Henry imagine because there are not a lot of Henry imagines out there. I’m watching Ouat in Neverland (season 3) because Robbie Kay <3

I know the picture shows Henry in the diner, just pretend hes in the library xD

Henry’s Pov

I walk my way to the library because ever since the library opened, my best friend, (Y/n) had been going there a lot. I also had been going because I’ve been helping Belle with the books. I arrive at the library, and is greeted by Belle. “Hey Henry. You’re here early.” She says with a smile. “Hi Belle. I’m ready to work.” I say. Belle nods and tells me to put away books.

I begin to work and I get so caught up sweeping the floor, I don’t notice the time. (Y/n) usually came here at 3 pm. “Shoot. She’s almost here.” I say to my self. “Who’s almost here?” I hear Belle ask. She walked over beside me and sat down. “So who’s coming Henry?” She asks.

I sigh, should I tell Belle. “It’s fine Henry, you can tell me. It’ll be our little secret.” Belle says, interrupting my thoughts. “Fine. It’s (Y/n).” I say. “I know (Y/n)! Nice young girl, she comes here everyday. She’s always looking for a new book to read.” Belle says, and I laugh.

“Yeah, she’s really special to me.” I say blushing. “You must like her a lot Henry?” Belle asks. I nod my head and try to control my blushing. I look back at the clock, 2:50 pm. “(Y/n)’s is gonna be here in 10 minutes.” I say nervously.

“I know Henry, that is why you should ask her out.” Belle says. I look at her with wide eyes. “Go on a date with her? But - where would we go? Will she even agree to go out with me?” I continue to rant till Belle cuts me off. “Henry, you’ll be fine. You’ll never know the answers to these questions, if you don’t ask.” Belle says giving me some hope that (Y/n) will say yes.

I hear the door open and I turn around and see (Y/n) with a smile on her face. “Hey Henry. What are you doing here?” she asks, and I try not to blush. “Oh I’m just helping Belle around the library.” (Y/n) smiles and greets Belle and goes off to look for a new book. Belle looks at me with the ‘Ask her out already’ face and I put my hands up in surrender. “Fine.” I mouthed to Belle and she smiles.

I walk over to where (Y/n) was and I see her reading a book about Alice in Wonderland. I clear my throat and she turns around, her (y/e/c) eyes sparkling. “Um (Y/n), I’m just w-wondering if you w-wanted to go o-out with m-me?” I ask stuttering. (Y/n) laughs softly and grabs my hands, causing me to feel very nervous. “Of course I’ll go out with you Henry.” she says before kissing me on the cheek.

“So,” I say, before taking (Y/n)’s hand, “let’s go out for some ice cream.”

Henry is so adorable omf


Well I hope you liked this imagine <33 and Robbie Kay is Hot ok bye

-Angelina  ♬

Give me touch 'cause I've been missing it

(Because we all know what happened after the screen went black and because I have too many feelings have some post-finale smuff. Enjoy!)



It is very hard to focus on the fact that she most likely just ruined Regina’s life when she has someone who makes her feel good and cherished and loved with the way he presses his lips into hers.

And it is even worse that she can’t help herself from kissing him back, while her thoughts keep on spinning and guilt keeps nagging at her.

After everyone in the diner had found out that the woman Emma had saved was Maid Marian, Robin Hood’s (not so) dead wife Regina had stormed out of the diner, Henry following her almost immediately after getting Emma’s approval.

Her son hadn’t returned since then and he wouldn’t, not this night - she has got the hastily typed text message on her phone to prove that (b over at mom’s 2n8, she needs me) - and she can’t help herself but think that it is her fault.

Because it is, Marian would be dead and Regina happy if she had listened to Killian - who is tugging at her lower lip with his teeth, teasing the sensitive skin with his tongue before letting go of it and pressing his lips back to hers and she really, really wants to simply lose herself in his touch because it feels so good and it’s what she’s been denying herself for far too long, what she wants for far too long and was afraid to take until now, but she can’t because she hears Regina’s voice in her head, sees the tears in the other woman’s eyes and she sighs and breaks away from her pirate, touching her forehead to hers.

“Swan? Are you alright?” he asks, his voice soft - just as soft as he had told her to look down - his hand cupping her face, thump tracing the apple of her cheek tenderly.

She sighs and tilts her head up once more, pressing her lips into his and he kisses her back immediately, now that he can, now that he has her.

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Imagine everyone in storybrooke woke up one morning GAY. Like, hormones raging, super gay, and everywhere you went someone outside was making out with someone of the same sex.

The only people who don’t seem affected by this are Snow White and Charming. “Because we have True love, of course. It protected us.” And she lays her head on charming’s shoulder in that way that’s nauseating to Emma. But Emma also doesn’t feel any different. And neither does Regina. They’re completely the same. Same, “you are good, Emma Swan.” And “I believe in you.” And “I’ve got your back,” and gentle hand caresses and longing glances while they research whatever this is that has turned the whole town gay (not that Emma sees a problem with it). Snow is convinced though that the spell “got” Emma and Regina and how embarrassing this will be for her daughter when the spell is finally broken. And maybe it IS spell or maybe it’s because Emma just feels so comfortable and not judged for once (since everyone is running around gay now anyways) that she lets herself relax around Regina and the glances linger and the soft touches become a little more urgent and the next thing she knows is she’s in Regina’s lap and holding on to her face and kissing her like her life depends on it. They only break apart because a rainbow of TLK bursts through the room and whatever spell/curse, whatever that had been cast is broken now. Emma looks up at Regina sheepishly, scared that what they had just started is over. “Was that?” Emma asks, still straddling Regina’s lap. Regina straightens her hair and then places her hands on Emma’s hips, “it appears so.” Regina’s fingers dig into Emma’s hips in a way that sets Emma in motion and she’s grinding on Regina. “So, We’re really doing this, huh?” Regina’s lips ghost over Emma’s neck, sucking lightly “oh yes, Miss Swan. We’re definitely doing this.”

The next day they stroll in to granny’s, hand in hand, and Mary Margaret gasps and immediately stands up, “Oh Emma! I thought the curse was broken! Did it miss you guys? Why are you— why are you still gay?”

Emma shoves the hand that’s not in Regina’s into her pocket, “because I AM gay, mom. I’m gay. I was never affected by the spell. Neither was Regina.”

“But I thought only true love couples were immune?” David asks and his face is twisted in confusion.

“So that means….” Snow gets it. Snow has ALWAYS GOTTEN IT. And now there’s no room for denial.

“Yup. True love. Right here. R'gina and me.” Regina rolls her eyes because Emma is so damned annoyingly cute and stupid.

“What you should be saying, my dear snow, is thank you. Thanks to the true love between Emma and I you no longer have to witness Captain dingleberry give fellatio in the streets.”

“You broke the spell?” Snow looks like she is about to faint but is interrupted by Henry.

“Moms…grandma, gramps… I have something to confess.” Emma and Regina share an “oh fuck” look.

“I cast the spell that made everyone… Gay. It was an accident though. Everyone was always fighting and being stupid and I just thought the world would be a better place if there were more people like my moms in it.”

“So you made everyone gay?” Emma deadpans. This is laughable really.

“Well. That wasn’t supposed to happen. I just wanted everyone to love like you two love each other.” Regina nods in understand and if possible Snow looks even more pale than usual.

“So I made a wish. And I didn’t think anything of it until I walked in to talk to Archie and he was in his office with his pants around his knees watching gay porn.” Henry screws his face up in disgust and Emma feels Regina stiffen next to her.

“Don’t worry moms, I ran out of there so fast.” Regina relaxes.

“And I’m sorry I messed with magic. But I’m also not sorry because I have my moms and now that they’ve FINALLY realized they love each other they can be happy.” Regina smiles, tears shining in her eyes as she lays her head down on Emma’s shoulder.

Later, after they left the diner and Henry ran off to Violet’s and Snow and Charming went home flabbergasted (though, Charming had admitted he wasn’t that surprised), Emma brings Regina a glass of wine. “You know, Regina,” Emma starts as she sits down on the couch next to the other woman, “I promised you once I’d help find your happy ending.”

Regina smirks, remember this all too wells “oh yeah?”

“mmmm, yeah. I’m just glad I get to be it.”

anonymous asked:

Prompt: Regina wants to keep their relationship a secret and not make anything official. Emma goes on a date to appease her match making mom causing a jealous Regina to take a very public stance.

Thanks for the prompt :)

Emma sighs as she walks into the Diner before plastering on a smile as she walks towards her blind date. She really doesn’t want to be on a date but her Mom has been pestering her for months about trying. 

Truth be told she doesn’t need a date. She has a girlfriend. It’s just that her girlfriend still wants to keep them a secret. Emma understands why, they both have their fears about how people will react but Emma also knows hat she wants to hold Regina’s hand in public, and kiss her just because they both feel like it and have lunch together at Granny’s instead of hiding away in the office. 

Which is why she told her Mom to tell this date to meet her at Granny’s where she knew Regina would be with Henry. 

Her date already knows the plan for this evening. When her Mom had given her the number, Emma had called her to tell her that she didn’t want to string anyone along and that she wasn’t interested only for her date to offer up a potential solution. 

Regina spots her immediately noticing her dress and make-up before raising a confused brow. A sad pout appears on her lips for a few moments before Regina schools her features before turning away. 

Emma grins walking over to the booth where her date sits, “Thanks for doing this Sam.” 

Sam nods, “Trust me I get it, she’s noticed us.”


“Oh yeah, keeps staring at us when she thinks you’re not looking…she doesn’t look happy.” 

“Sad not happy or jealous not happy?” 

“We’ll find out in a minute, she’s coming over.” 


“Emma don’t panic…this is the point…”

“Hello Emma,” Regina says as she appears at the table, “And this is…”

“I was just leaving, it was nice to meet you Emma, we’ll have to catch up another time.” 

Emma nods flashing a grateful smile at Sam as she mouths, “Thank you,” before looking to Regina, “Hey Regina, I had no idea you’d be here.” 

“I come here every Wednesday with Henry, you know that,” Regina fires back. 

“And?” Emma asks, “Why does it bother you that I was out here with someone?” 

Regina sighs as she bites her lower lip before looking at Emma, “You know why.” 

Emma grins cockily as she counters, “Do I?”

Regina rolls her eyes at her before leaning down to kiss Emma tenderly to which Emma beams before deepening the kiss and pulling Regina onto her lap. “That’s better,” Emma declares, “I’m sorry I tricked you.” 

“I’m sorry you felt like you had to,” Regina replies, “And it bothered me because…I really…I love you.” 

“Knew it…I love you too.” 

“Does this mean I can stop pretending I don’t know about you?” Henry asks as he slides in opposite them, “Oh and can I get a sundae?” 

“You’re not surprised?” Regina asks. 

Henry looks around the Diner, gesturing to the numerous occupants, none of whom seem even slightly fazed, “Mom…is anyone?” 

The Waitress

Summary: AU where Emma decided to keep Henry once she got out of jail. She works at Granny’s diner and meets Killian. Killian falls for her quickly, and Henry seems pretty taken with him too - it’s only Emma that remains at a wary distance.
Rating: Teen
Word Count:  ~11,300
A/N: So this ended up being way longer than originally intended - but I’m pretty pleased with it and happy I finished it before the season returns. Hope you guys enjoy it!

          When Henry’s just shy of a year old Emma finally feels secure, like she is a good mother. Six days a week she wakes up at six am, gets Henry ready for the day and walks the two blocks to the diner. Granny usually takes Henry into the back room and looks after him – saying she’s tired of dealing with customers, (but really just missing the little guy)– while Ruby and Emma run the diner. Emma takes Henry when her shift ends at two and they run some errands, or go to the park if it’s nice enough out, or just head back home if it’s been a particularly tiresome day.

          While Emma complains to Ruby about work being boring seeing the exact same people day after day (since Granny’s is almost completely populated by regulars), Emma secretly loves it. She loves the feeling of community in the small town diner, she loves being away from the city where she has too many bad memories, she loves Granny and Ruby and Henry and she loves the way it feels like family. So when Granny calls begging Emma to come in on her day off because one of the other waitresses is sick with the flu, Emma doesn’t think twice before agreeing.

          On Sunday mornings the diner doesn’t open until 8 and Granny hadn’t called until 7:30, so Emma has to rush to get out the door with Henry on time. The bell chimes over the door as Emma walks in to the already open diner, with Henry balanced half asleep on her hip. The difference between Sunday and the rest of the week is noticeable. Every table at the diner is occupied and there’s a hum of conversation filling the air. Granny rushes up to Emma the moment she walks inside, taking Henry from her with a smile and throwing off her apron before fleeing to the back room.

          It turns out to be one of Emma’s busiest shifts ever, and she barely recognizes any of the patrons even though it seems like most of the customers are regulars since the other wait staff call them by name. Emma, on the other hand is slightly flustered, running about like a chicken with its head cut off. She manages to handle the insanity that is the morning rush until the diner quiets down around noon.

          A man sitting quietly at the far end of the counter catches her attention for a refill. She can tell by that devilish smirk on his face that he’s trouble. She walks to him and smiles at him as she refills his coffee anyway.

          “You new here lass?” he asks her, and of course he has an accent.

          Emma turns away from him to return the coffee pot back to the stand. “No,” she says, turning back around to wipe down the counter. “I’ve worked here for about six months.”

          “Are you sure, because I know I’d remember meeting someone like you,” though his words seem innocent enough, the intent in his eyes is most definitely not – but Emma Swan is not easily flustered.

          She rolls her eyes. “I bet you say that to all the ladies,” she says walking away.

          Ruby was walking behind the man during the exchange and thumps him lightly upside the head. “Cut it out Killian, and eat your food.”

          He smiles sheepishly at Ruby and gives Emma a sort of half bow before resuming his meal.

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Emma Swan has more than enough to deal with. For one, her son believes the entire town of Storybrooke is cursed. She definitely doesn’t have time for the mysterious pawnbroker, Killian Jones, even if Henry insists that he’s the prince she’s meant to be with. Cursed!Killian AU

Thanks to @lyriumrebel for editing this with me!

ff.net | ao3 | from the beginning


Chapter 37

Henry and Neal’s first conversation hadn’t lasted too long. Emma had stood by the door to the loft as they spoke in awkward, halting sentences and tried to get to know one another. Eventually, they had decided to try again the following morning, when Henry had time to prepare himself and Neal had thought of more to say.

And so, after having the best night’s sleep she’d had in a while, though that wasn’t saying much, Emma walked Henry to Granny’s diner and the two of them joined Neal in one of the booths. It was just as uncomfortable as it had been the night before, at least until Neal brought up the original Star Wars trilogy and the two boys actually started to communicate.

After noting they seemed a little happier, Emma suggested leaving them alone to talk. Once she’d told Neal to make sure Henry got on the school bus and given her son a kiss on the forehead in goodbye, she ordered breakfast to take out instead.

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cosmicpines  asked:

With the drunk Cassie one, follow up. Dipper didn't learn to drive as a human. Someone taught the most powerful demon in existence to DRIVE (probably Stan), and you know he'd be the most out of control driver in the world.

They had been married for a year before Henry found out that his brother in law didn’t know how to drive.

Mabel had summoned Dipper onto the corporeal plane for breakfast at Greasy’s Diner, and Henry was dumbfoundedly watching Dipper attempt to shove thirteen pancakes in his mouth at once.

Stan and Mabel were both egging him on (and thank god everyone in town knew Dipper and Greasy’s would never kick them out) when Mabel said “This is going to be an even bigger disaster than when Grunkle Stan tried to teach you how to drive!”

Henry looked up from adding sugar to his coffee, and raised an eyebrow at Dipper, who had unhinged his jaw like a snake at this point to get the pancakes down.

Dipper swallowed and looked at Henry. “What?”

“You don’t know how to drive?”

“No, why would I need to?”

Henry smiled a bit. “Well, you don’t need to but obviously you want to know otherwise Stan wouldn’t have tried to teach you.”

“SICK BURN!” Mabel yelled at the top of her voice, and raised her hand to high five Henry.

Henry high fived his wife and turned back to Dipper.

“Aren’t you omniscient?”

Dipper would have face palmed but was too busy stuffing his maw.

“No I’m-” Dipper started, but then Stan smacked him upside the head. “Don’t talk with your mouth full!”

Dipper swallowed five pancakes at once, his throat expanding in a way that no human body was capable of, before responding with “It doesn’t work like that.”

Mabel snorted. “You’re just upset because you only lasted forty minutes with Grunkle Stan before he gave up!”

Grunkle Stan primly took a drink of his coffee. “Sweetie, I didn’t give up, I made a strategic retreat; I could have taught you both to drive and died of a heart attack after, or just taught you and only get an ulcer.”

Mabel beamed at her grand-uncle. “You’re such a joker Grunkle Stan!”

“He’s not,” Dipper said at the same time that Grunkle Stan said, “I wasn’t kidding.”

Silence, the sounds of chewing, and in Dipper’s case, his jaw dislocating to shove more food in his maw and snapping back into place.

Henry finished his ham, and looked across the table at Dipper. “I can teach you.”

Immediately, Stan put down his fork, looked solemnly at Henry and went, “Son, do you actually want to make it to next month or are you in that much of a hurry to die?”

“Hey!” Dipper cried.

“No, really I don’t mind, I taught five of my friends in college.” Henry normally wasn’t one to preen but here he decided that a small amount of preening was acceptable. “I’m sure it’ll be just fine.”

That even his wife looked unsure about this should have been a sign for Henry.


T-plus three minutes.

Henry had sacrificed three bombers of the most expensive beer he had been able to get from Deschutes Brewery in order to guarantee Dipper being on the physical plane for about six hours.

He had taken the truck and his brother in law to an empty park and ride between Gravity Falls and Bend, and now Dipper was in the driver’s seat, looking more nervous than Henry had ever seen him.

“Okay, so remember, right is gas, left is break, so why don’t we get started and slowly press on the gas-“

Dipper proceeded to slam on the gas pedal, and run into a light pole.

T-plus forty five minutes.

It had only taken three drops of Henry’s blood to fix the damage to his truck; luckily the damage was minor because the Ford was so hearty, and Dipper had been able to take the brunt of the deal because it was kind of his fault.

Now they were back in the car, and only slightly shaken up. Dipper had gently tapped on the gas this time, and now they were slowly but surely doing big loops around the parking lot.

"Do you think you’re ready to practice your parking?” Henry asked.

Dipper beamed. “Sure! I got this; parking’s going to be no sweat.”

Henry pointed to a space that was between two trees.

“Okay, can you pull into that space?”

“Sure!” and then there was a wrenching feeling in Henry’s stomach and a feeling of ‘plib’ and then the car was perfectly centered into the space.

Henry didn’t want to discourage his brother in law, especially since Dipper looked so pleased with himself, so he managed barely to restrain himself from face palming.

“Dipper, you can’t just teleport the truck into the space. I needed you to pull in.”

The dream demon looked at him with a look of complete and utter incomprehension.

“Why don’t we try backing up slowly, and doing this again?” Henry suggested gently.

Dipper put the truck into reverse, and promptly backed up into a light pole.

T-plus one hour, two minutes

The dent in the back of the truck was slightly more sizable, so Henry had to sacrifice a cookie, and then Dipper insisted on eating lunch before continuing.

Now they were smack dab in the middle of the parking lot, as far away from trees, light poles, telephone poles, and anything else that Dipper could possibly run the car into.

Dipper had a white knuckled grip on the steering wheel, but they had managed a few more laps around the parking lot, and even some successful backing up, so Henry felt confident having Dipper try to park again.

Dipper pulled in.

“Dipper, you’re taking up three spaces. Pull out and try again.”

Dipper reversed the truck, and pulled in.

“Okay, you’re still taking up two parking spaces, but hey, that’s one less than before. Great job! Can you pull out and try again?”

Dipper reversed the truck, and pulled in.

“Okay, almost there but the bed of the truck is crossing over into the next space and-”

The bag of leaves that Henry needed to haul to the dump in the bed of the truck burst on fire.

T-plus one hour, ten minutes

Henry and Dipper both agreed that Dipper really didn’t need to learn how to drive, and to do their best to ignore any snerks that came from Mabel or Grunkle Stan.

Give Up The Ghost + Part 2 [CS Nightmare Fanfiction]

Killian and Emma have nightmares after returning from the Underworld. Angst/comfort with eventual fluff/smut. Inspired by THIS SONG.

Slow down
We’re losing the meaning of words now.
Quiet the noise ‘cause we’ve made
A mountain of minuscule things.

He didn’t know when he’d finally drifted off the night before. He wasn’t actually convinced that he did any sleeping at all until his eyes forced themselves open, exhaustion still causing them to feel heavy as early daylight threatened to peek through the curtains. They swayed in the breeze in a comforting fashion - the true essence of home and a sweet reminder that Emma knew he liked to sleep with the window open.

She was always rather sneaky about acquiring such knowledge, the coy curve of her lips never giving away much when she observed his preferences for things. It made what was left of his heart swell and he settled into the relaxation the dim dawn was offering.

He turned carefully, the fact that he’d dozed off in his regular clothes making it difficult to do so. He’d barely grown into the idea of a modern wardrobe when he’d traded it all for his Dark One attire. The sweater was his favorite color and one Henry had been excited to coax him into buying. The material was soft and as much as he knew Emma liked his leather, there was something insanely comfortable about the way she snuggled into his chest when he wore it. She had a way with that - with making him feel relaxed and wanted, even when self certainty was out of reach.

She’d proven that again when he’d shown up on her - well, their doorstep the previous night.

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All I Want For Christmas Is You -- Part XIII


“Emma!” Neal called, jogging to catch up with her and the boy. “Hey, wait up!”

“Not now, Neal,” Emma said as he caught up. “It is not a good time, and you were in the middle of something, so…”

“Don’t worry about that,” he replied, keeping pace with her. “Let’s talk about you. So what have you been up to the last decade or so?”

“Mom, what’s happening?” the boy said. “Who is this?”

“He’s nobody,” Emma said before turning back to Neal. “It’s fine.”

“I’m Neal,” Neal said, not daring to take his eyes off of the child who looked so uncannily like he had. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Henry,” he said. “How do you know my mom?”

“Your mom and I were friends in high school. So what grade are you in?”

“Don’t answer him,” Emma snapped, stopping so fast that Neal didn’t notice immediately. “Henry, why don’t you go across the street to the sheriff’s station and say hi to your grandpa?”

Henry glanced at Neal quickly before looking back to his mother and shaking his head no.

“Henry, this is not negotiable.”

“I wanna know what’s going on,” he said. “Who’s this guy? What was happening in the diner?”

“Henry, just go see your grandfather,” Emma said with a squeaky voice. “I promise we will discuss this tonight, okay?”

Henry sighed and nodded, casting one last look as he trotted off to the sheriff’s station and vanished inside. As soon as he was gone Neal felt everything start to bubble over. He’d been trying to process everything and now his mind was running away from him and he didn’t know what the hell he was going to even do.

“Is that my kid?” Neal blurted out at last. “Is that why you went to Boston after graduation?”

“It’s not that simple, Neal.”

“How is it not that simple? It is a yes or no question. Is that my son?”

She opened her mouth as though she was about to say something, and then closed it again and looked away and that was really all the answer he needed.

“Oh my God,” he said as the reality of the situation came crashing down around him. He had a son. He had a ten year old son who he’d never met. “Oh my God, Emma! How could you not tell me about this?”

“I don’t know,” she replied. “You were going to college and I had just turned eighteen and we lost touch.”

“It’s been ten years! My dad still lives in the same town!”

“I wanted to, but I wasn’t sure what I was going to do at first,” she said a little defensively. “And then after I decided to keep him it had been so long and you were gone and…it just snowballed, okay? I mean, what was I supposed to do? Show up on your dad’s porch and go ‘surprise, you’re a grandpa?’”

“You should have told me,” he said, feeling tired and betrayed and utterly in over his head. “I deserved to know. It’s not like we ended on bad terms…I’d have been there for you. Both of you.”

“Yeah, I know,” she said. “But you don’t have to worry about it, okay? We’re doing really well.”

“You don’t get to decide if I’m going to worry about it!”

“I screwed up. I know. I’m sorry. I should have said something. But I mean, look at that girl you’ve been all over town with!”

“That? That’s just my friend Belle. It was a prank on my dad that got way out of control.”

“Okay, but you are a grown man who is trying to prank his father by, apparently, making out with a vacuum cleaner,” she said, reaching out and pulling his scarf down. “Doesn’t that seem a little immature to you?”

God, she had a point.

“That doesn’t make what you did okay!” he replied. “I never had a chance to make those choices, Emma. You can’t expect me to be prepared for something I never knew about!”

She was quiet, and he knew that he was right and that she knew it but he couldn’t deal with this. He’d just gotten the biggest news of his life and there was no graceful way to handle it.

“This is not over,” he said before he turned and walked away.

“Where are you going?” she yelled after him.

“I can’t have this conversation right now, I just need to figure this all out.”

“Fine!” she shouted. “Just walk away!”

That was too far, and he stopped and turned back to face her.

“Don’t you dare,” he said. “You had ten years to get used to this, I think I deserve a couple hours.”

She narrowed her eyes at him and stormed off to the sheriff’s office, presumably to collect her – their – son. This was all too much, and there was no way he could go back to his father’s house where he’d be expected to explain what had happened, so he did the only thing he could do. The one dive bar in town was only a couple blocks away, and he had a mighty need to forget.