henry x neal

Um... I’d love to know why ANY of these scenes are wrong or inappropriate.

I have missed almost all the drama (and that makes me so happy). But there common themes in these three pictures.

Dad and Henry….

Grandpa and Henry…

… and father figure (Mom’s boyfriend/true love) andHenry.

Henry has and has had these men be a significant part of his life!  He needs male role models. And, okay we can’t see his face in these shots lol, but I think it’s undeniable what these moments must mean to him.

I haven’t read many comments, but I know they are out there. I don’t get it. I’m literally shaking my head in utter confusion over why people are threatened for the bonding time that is being displayed in ANY of these pictures.

Happy Father's Day

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So Jennifer Morrison is leaving Once Upon A Time after this season. If the show does get renewed for a 7th season how do you think her exit should be portrayed?

I think they should kill her and to help resolve her death for Henry, guess who pops up from heaven? Neal/Baelfire (the one I thought was her true true love).
He should help her, guide her and as her time on earth comes to an end they both look upon their son (Henry) and walk towards the light.
Henry with his author powers starts to write about his mother finding her one true love again (Neal in the after life) and how much they both love and are proud of their son.
Then an image pops up on the page of Emma with Neal (in front of a light), smiling and then end it.

He can tear the image page, put it in a frame and use it as a picture of both of his parents cause I don’t think he has one.

Anyway, for me, the show declined in interest when:

1) They killed Peter Pan (greatest villain the show had).

2) They killed Neal/Baelfire.

3) Emma went to the underworld to get Hook (like really? Just let sleeping dogs lie).

4) When they brought Hook back to life but not, Robin Hood or Neal (basically anyone else who deserves it better).

5) Regina tried to kill the Evil Queen (like for real? That was so ridiculous).

6) What happened to the only person who could help Emma properly? August/Pinocchio. Like they just left him.

It’s a good show but they need a great villain and better links between the characters to get back to what it was.

Emma-Does nothing but fight for Henry the whole of season 1, makes him feel safe, cared for and loved, indulges him in his fantasy so he doesn’t feel alone, always puts him first.

Emma-Gets hated and pushed away for lying to Henry about his father in order to protect him and let him think good things about his father.

 Killian-Makes Henry feel important and cared for, repeatedly risks his life for him and has died for him, is happy when he makes friend and takes pride in his accomplishments.

Killian- Is hated because of a bullcrap idea planted in Henry’s mind by the Evil Queen.

Regina-Gaslights Henry for a decade, makes sure he can’t make friends, kills someone he loves, destroys his beloved castle, erases his memory after telling him she was going to kill his whole family, hurt him to drive Emma away, tortured his grandparent in front of him to force him to live with her, physically restrains him with magic when he tries to leave her, neglects him to rape someone and locks him out of the house when her boyfriend dies, is creepily possessive when Violet comes into his life.

Regina-Gets a True Love’s Kiss, has Henry apologise because “I should have just lived under the curse with you” and whitewashes her with “you’re not a villain, you’re my mom”, acts like her parent.

Neal-Makes fun of Emma right in front of Henry, acts entitled to him, allows Henry to disrespect Emma, puts the whole realm (including Henry’s family) in danger to ‘get back’ to him.

Neal-Is remembered as a great father and practically sainted.