henry x jen


Ouat Con New Jersey 2017 - Saturday, Gold Panel with Colin and Jen

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  • “We didn’t actually get married” Colin (x)
  • Jen said Emma would be “Emma Swan Jones charming” (x)
  • “They were laughing I thought you were making fun of me” jen to Colin (x)
  • Deleted line from 7x02: “she’s bad at goodbyes” - Henry about Emma (x)
  • Jen: Did you get your hand back? Colin: I did! Jen: Congratulations! (x)
  • Jen:  "At the end of the day, we’re all just people, doing our best" (x)
  • Jen: I just say stuff and Colin agrees. Colin: Yup, she’s right! (x)
  • Fan: What do CS watch on Netflix? Colin: OUAT! Jen: This is Us, Outlander, Friends… Colin: You’re just listing shows you watch! (x)
  • Colin: It took 3 hours to do Wish Hook’s makeup Jen: It takes SO LONG to make Colin look bad! (x)
  • They’re talking about what their house needs especially with a baby coming soon (x)
  • Advice on acting: jen speaks eloquently Colin: what jen said (x)



anonymous ask me: who do you think was the right guy for Jen?
“Henry…9 months ago, you paid $500 to kiss me, and I was too dumb to realize what that meant and what you were really offering me, but I know now. It means that there really is such a thing as a second chance and that no matter how old or how jaded you are, when you meet the person you’re supposed to be with, everything’s gonna be new…a sunset, a cheesy love song, and especially sex. I have been with guys before, but I have never been with anybody that I l o v e d.”


Henry, nine months ago, you paid $500 to kiss me and I was too dumb to realise what you were really offering me. But now I know. It means there really is such a thing as a second chance. No matter how old or jaded you are, when you meet the person you’re supposed to be with, everything’s new. A sunset, a cheesy love song and especially sex.

Ouat Con Burbank 2017 - Saturday, Jen’s Panel
  • “I always feel so lonely when he leaves me up here.” jen after colin left (x)
  • jen is very confident she’ll work with colin again bc of how well they worked together she’d love to direct him in something (x)
  • Jen very proud of working on ‘Warrior’ & ‘Back Roads’ (x)
  • if jen was a superhero, her power would be to heal people her and Colin’s superhero team name would be the healing healers (x)
  • Jen said she will attend more conventions in the future if she’s available! (x)
  • jen wouldn’t direct an episode of ouat bc directing tv is different from the kind of directing she’s interested in rn (x)
  • Jen dreams of writing a novel, loves fiction. Wants to start writing her own work as a director (x)
  • by the end of season 3, they had a pretty good idea that cs being true love was the track the show was going to go (x)
  • jmo read a lot of memoirs of people who were in the foster system to build Emma’s story (x)
  • Jen & Emma are similar in that they were both outsiders in the beginning. (x)
  • She liked the complexity of Emma & Regina and that they grew to be friends and both parent Henry. (x)
  • jen wants to take a month off to write a script she’s been thinking about (x)
  • she will always act, she won’t stop just because she’s started directing (x)
  • Every scene with drunk Hook was basically a blooper. Colin was hilarious (x)
    • Jen: “Colin loves Drunk Hook so much, it’s so easy to love those scenes because it brings him so much joy.” (x)
  • “Emma is a little bit of GI Joe and Cinderella.” (x)
  • a lot of emma’s toughness comes from the things she’s went through in life (x)
  • she thinks the scene where emma chooses hook over her heart in the underworld was a great point of growth for Emma (x)
  • when she’s faced with difficult decisions, she always tries to think about what decisions she can make and still feel good about herself (x)
  • jen wants people to know that she gave her all everyday she played emma swan over the years (x)
  • we will soon hear more about how to see sun dogs (x)
  • jen got her first agent after participating in fashion shows as a kid (x)
  • ½ Jen: “I hope success has revealed that I’m still the same person I always was. I try to be a very even person. I don’t ever want to lose (x)
    • 2/2 touch with who my parents raised.” (x)