henry x grace

fairytales are more than true

What happens to Henry and Paige/Grace (the Mad Hatter’s daughter) when they grow up and escape Storybrooke? They have trouble fitting in, and leaving the past behind, they have a lot of problems with relationships, and with the line between reality and fantasy, and they are soulmates who can’t stand to be together. It’s a list-story about a long relationship between two people who are pretty screwed up, both together and separately, and they almost certainly would be healthier if they broke all ties. But that would mean giving up each other and they can’t because their screwed up relationship is the best thing they have. Also, magic.

Fairy Tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten. (G.K. Chesteron)

Years after Henry first left Storybrooke to bring Emma back, years after the curse was broken, Henry left again. And he didn’t come back. Paige followed, because that’s how stories work.

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Once Upon A Time Confessions

Sebastian Stan needs to come back to Once Upon A Time (I bet you he’s in wonderland) why? Because we don’t know if he and Grace were separated again by the new curse. Plus I want to see more interactions between Henry and Grace. I’ve shipped them since Henry convinced Jefferson to find Grace.