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‘’ Well, this is a surprise.’’ - Peter Pan x Reader. PT.2

Part 1

Estimated Reading Time: 9 Minutes
Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader

Prompt: Reuniting with Peter Pan in Storybrooke
Warning: None

A/N: Well, I don’t even know what happened with this one xD Wasn’t supposed to be a part 2 but you guys asked for it. It may suck so but I hope it will satisfy you hungry people xD

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Characters : David x Reader


The diner was crowded with familiar faces. People you have grown up with. Everyone knew one another, it was a great little community.

You and your best friend decided to have a little study session before class next week.

“This is stupid.” Amaya muttered.

You were nose deep in your book, feeling your head begin to pound. This was starting to give you a head ache, and all you wanted to do was sleep. “I give up.” You exhaled.

In the booth next to you, David sat with his son.
“Are you excited for school tomorrow?” He smiled.

You were chuckling with Amaya beside him. And he wasn’t able to help but glance over from time to time.

The first time he saw you, he felt his breath hitch. You were beautiful, breathtaking actually. And David was hooked from that moment on.

Henry shrugged his shoulders, and nodded his head. “I guess so. Kind of nervous.”

David furrowed his brows, leaning over the table. He glanced back at you, then met Henry’s gaze. “You’re going to do great. And I promise you, this is the last time we are moving.”

Henry flashed a smile, happy to hear those words fall from his fathers lips. He has been to 5 schools in 2 years, and honestly, he was beginning to dread it.

“In that case-” Henry muttered. “Maybe I can finally get a bike?”

David let out a soft chuckle, and nodded his head. “We will see. But most likely, yes.”

Amaya made her way to the bathroom, leaving you alone in the booth. You decided to take a small little break from studying, and enjoy the cup of coffee.

You glanced around the diner, until you met a pair of beautiful blue eyes.

David was taken aback, feeling his stomach flutter. He couldn’t believe just how beautiful you are.

You’ve never seen him before. His face was unfamiliar, mysterious, and yet inviting. You wanted to know him. Wanted to stare at every feature of his face.

But as the sound of the door opening from across the way, you snapped out of your trance and flashed a shy smile.

David felt the blood rush to his cheeks and forced to glance away. Hoping you wouldn’t notice.

“Dad!” Henry squeaked. “Did you hear me?”

David cleared his throat, and focused on his son. “Sorry, I didn’t. What happened?”

“I was wondering if maybe we could go to the town party tomorrow?” He pointed at a flyer that displayed on the wall.

“Yea, sure. Sounds fun.” He smiled.

You kept your gaze on the stranger. Absentmindedly nibbling on your lower lip. He was so attractive. From the way his hair stood up, to the way his shirt caressed his body. You were definitely drawn to him.

And though you couldn’t help but think of his appearance, you also couldn’t help but wonder who he was.


Should I make a part 2??


killian jones hiatus meme [7/14]
        ↳   week seven; saddest brotp scene

Um... I’d love to know why ANY of these scenes are wrong or inappropriate.

I have missed almost all the drama (and that makes me so happy). But there common themes in these three pictures.

Dad and Henry….

Grandpa and Henry…

… and father figure (Mom’s boyfriend/true love) andHenry.

Henry has and has had these men be a significant part of his life!  He needs male role models. And, okay we can’t see his face in these shots lol, but I think it’s undeniable what these moments must mean to him.

I haven’t read many comments, but I know they are out there. I don’t get it. I’m literally shaking my head in utter confusion over why people are threatened for the bonding time that is being displayed in ANY of these pictures.

Initial Thoughts--5x22: Only You and 5x23: An Untold Story

–So I liked the finale!  I thought it set up the conflict/theme of 6a quite nicely.  Now let’s look at a few specific characters:


–I really liked the Regina/Emma scene in Neal’s apartment.  I thought that was really well done.  Regina’s clearly struggling to be the kind of person Robin would be proud of; the kind of person who has family and friends who will love and support her rather than fear her.  She’s got these two sides of herself, and it seems to her that no matter which side she chooses, she ends up loosing.  She chose to pursue the good.  That’s a good thing.  

–Regina took responsibility for the terrible things she’s done.  I loved that.

–The problem, of course, is that Regina doesn’t yet realize that she is both.  Regina and the Evil Queen are not two different people (well…right now they sort of are, but you get my drift, lol).  They are both parts of her.  She wants to be rid of the “Evil Queen”, but it’s not as easy as ripping the EQ’s heart out and crushing it.  It was never going to be that easy.

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Hi all! We are Jessie and Miri. This is my (Jessie’s) blog, but the misses and I are with Swen members.

 We are 27 and 25 and mothers of two wonderful girls that will hopefully be legally ours forever in the next few months [adoption]! Jessie was born and raised in MI and Miri was born in Lebanon and immigrated to America at 14. We both work in the IT field. We currently live in southeast MI and are hoping to move to the Dallas, TX area soon. We are major nerds and love video games, comics and anything related to those. 


This Here!!!

In the words of our five year old about Henry “He has two mommies like me!”

SQ is family. Emma and Henry are responsible for helping to dispel the darkness that was the Evil Queen and letting her just be Regina again. We love the irony of Snow, who took Regina’s happy ending, giving it back to her in the form of her daughter and grandson its poetic.

Jessie began watching it on TV in season 3b. We both went back and watched season 1 and 2 on Netflix and season 3A on Hulu. Jessie shipped it first from the 3A finale, because honestly neither of us saw it before then. Eventually we became really addicted and have been shipping it hard core since 3b.

Emma is constantly caring for Regina and protecting her. Its….wow. We can’t understand how other dont see it. Not to mention the love in Regina’a eyes. Not sure what the actresses are trying to do, but if they arent supposed to look in love….someone is directing them wrong.


Seriously! Have you seen the videos, manips and posts? And dont even get us started on the fics. Jessie writes, but we have both been up late swapping what fics we are reading and recommending to each other. I have never seen such a talented fandom!
And the love! We are both part of the whatsapp Swan Queen group and they have been there for us throughout the legal battle regarding the adoption for our youngest. Giving up words of support! Listening when we are just going insane from the stress of it all.
SWEN is family just like SwanQueen. 

We love this fandom!!!!