henry when i see you i feel this urge to have a baby


Pairing: College AU Henry CavillxOC and Chris EvansxOC some Chris EvansxOCxHenryCavill

it’s all smut

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oq + "i love you so much, i forgot what hating myself felt like." please? :*

Thank you so much for the prompt! And as always sorry it took me so long! I hope you like it!

Set after 06x11

Regina wakes up from the shattering sound which makes her jump in her bed, eyes wide opened, all sleep forgotten. Her first thought is that someone has come here her, or worse - to hurt Henry,  and she’s about to get out of the bed and rush to his room but then she remembers that Henry’s with Emma, and she’s alone here. 

Well, not completely alone.

There is Robin, this new and different, yet so familiar Robin in her living room sleeping peacefully on the couch that just hours ago made him laugh and frown, not being able to understand what kind of thing it is.

Her breath catches in her throat when a shadow is seen in her bedroom and there’s a fireball in her palm before she knows it. The fire lights up the room and her jaw drops open, a hand falling over her chest in relief as she finds Robin standing at her doorway. 

“I didn’t mean to scare you,” he tells her, his voice sheepish as he looks down at the vase shattered on the floor. Regina closes up her palm and turns to her side to turn on the bedside light. Then she turns to look back at him and sees him holding a box where she put all of the pictures, letters, and everything that reminded her of him, of Robin Hood. 

“What are you doing?” she asks confused and she has an urge to take the box from him - no one is supposed to open that box, not anymore - but it’s Robin, and he may not be the same, but he’s still there, his soul is in this man, and she thinks she should let him know, she should give him a chance to see what kind of life they’ve had.

“You knew I was a thief when you met me,” he says with a smirk on his face and she feels tears welling up in her eyes. Robin’s said that, in the library, when he’d found their page, when he had pulled her into his arms and kissed her until she was out of breath.

Her heart clenches at the memory and she inhales sharply, forcing herself to calm down. 

This new Robin must sense that something is not right because his smirk disappears and he comes to sit on the edge of the bed, beside her, the shattered vase completely forgotten. He looks at her for a moment, lets her take a moment to put herself back under control before showing her the box and asking, “Can I?” 

She should be offended that he was looking through her things, what is more he has broken the vase but she cannot find it in herself to be mad, so she nods her head and watches quietly as he opens the box and starts to look at the things in there. The first thing he takes out is a picture of him, Roland and Regina at the park, then it’s him and Henry building a tent, and then it’s them, Regina and Robin standing just outside Snow’s apartment, his hand on her cheek, back from when they’ve just started dating. 

He takes picture after picture, letter after letter (she wrote many of them, as stupid as it sounds, she wrote all of them to him after his death in hopes that maybe he’s still somewhere and will somehow read it) and with every thing Regina’s heart breaks. 

They sit there in silence for what feels like forever and then when he finally takes the last photo, he turns to look at her. “It would be stupid to ask if you loved the other version of me,” he tells her and she manages to smile through her tears. 

“I loved you so much, I forgot what hating myself felt like,” she whispers, afraid that if she’ll say the words out loud, her voice will break. She has never told Robin this before, has never said that she loves him openly and that’s the thing she regrets the most. “I-” and she has so much to say but all of this seems inappropriate so instead she just looks right into his blue eyes as her lower lip trembles.

Robin swallows hard and puts all the photos back into the box, closes it, puts it on the bed and then surprises Regina by pulling her into a tight hug, a hug that only her Robin could give. A hug that once upon a time put all of her broken pieces back together. 

“I may not be the same Robin but I promise to love you just as much,” he tells her and if she wasn’t this emotional, she would have laughed at him because they’ve just met, and he knows nothing about her, there is no way that someone can fall in love that quickly.

But as his arms tighten around her and she feels warmth surrounding her, she thinks that perhaps life has given her another chance, she realizes that this Robin may be different than hers but he has the same soul, and that soul is tethered to hers and she thinks - hopes - that maybe this time she’ll be able to save this precious soul from suffering.

She hopes.

Out Of Nothing At All - Two

“Y/N?” Hotch stared at you, taking in the words the doctor had just said. “You’re pregnant?”

“No…. ” you laughed. “Don’t be ridiculous. This must be what they mean when they say that hospitals are under staffed and over worked. People make mistakes, it’s fine though.”

Turning to the doctor you explained, “Doc, you’ve got the wrong file. I’m Y/F/N. Date of birth 17 April 1987. Social security number 146295. Definitely NOT pregnant.”

“I’m guessing this is news to you then?” he checked the files again quickly.

“It’s not news, it’s not a fact. I’m not pregnant. How could I be? I’ve not missed a period, I’ve not had any sickness. I feel absolutely fine.” You racked your brains trying to recall the dates of your last cycle.

Okay, so you had missed one period. It was two weeks late, but you figured it was due to the stress of the case or something. And you’d had three days of vomiting around a month ago. But that was down to bad food. Right. RIGHT!?

“Miss Y/L/N, a number of expecting mothers still have periods all the way through their pregnancy, and not all people experience morning sickness. I can run another test quickly if you’re able to provide a urine sample. I can run it here, in front of you.”

You nodded, swinging your legs over the side of the bed and holding your arm out expectantly. “Give me a cup and get the test please. I am NOT fucking pregnant. You’ve got this wrong.”

The doctor sighed and opened one of the storage cupboards that lined the room, handing you a small plastic beaker. Taking it, you hobbled through to the bathroom, returning moments later and handing the tub over. In the meantime he’d collected two plastic boxes, them both your standard run of the mill drugstore testing kits.

“I’ll do two tests as I can see you’re going to take some convincing but I can assure you, the tests are accurate.”

You watched as he unwrapped both boxes and dipped the ends of the two sticks into the fluid, laying them down one by one on a tray.

Hotch moved from his seat by the window so that he was closer to you, and you settled back onto the bed waiting the required thirty seconds. You couldn’t read the expression on your supervisor’s face.

You waited, your breath held until the time was up and the doctor checked the sticks before handing them both to you.

Plus signs. On both.

It took you half a minute to realise that the strangled cat you could hear wailing was you. The doctor began to back away muttering an, “I’ll leave you alone” and you felt Aaron’s cool hand on your arm attempting to soothe you.

“Wait. Don’t leave! Get it out. Get it out of me!” you were suddenly yelling.

“Pardon?” the doctor frowned and you felt Hotch stiffen besides you.

“You heard, I don’t want it. Get it out of me. Now. Today. I have money, I’ll pay whatever. I’m not leaving here until it’s no longer a problem.”

“Y/N….Think about what you’re saying.” Hotch was trying to keep the shock out of his voice.

“I’m being serious. Get it out of me. I do not want a child. I’m not Mommy material.” Swiping away the tears that were streaming down your face, you stared at the medical professional until he agreed to make a call and send someone down from the clinic to speak with you.

They arrived thirty minutes later, Agent Hotchner leaving the room so you could speak in private. You shot down every option the poor women offered you, impatiently telling them that, no adoption wasn’t an option and no you didn’t need time to think about this. You wanted it done now.

Eventually they relented, advising that they could do the procedure tomorrow. As you weren’t far along it would be fairly straight forward although you blocked them out as they explained what it would involve, leaving you with a pile of pamphlets.

Hotch came back into the room after the woman had left.

“I apologise for my outburst Sir. I’m sorry you had to see that.”

“It’s fine. Are you okay?” Concern coated his voice.

“I’m fine. Or at least I will be tomorrow.”

“Are you sure about this Y/N?”

“One hundred percent. I do not want children.”

“But you’re great with Jack and Henry. I don’t understand. You’d make a great mother.”

“Hotch, please don’t.”

He sighed, “What about the father?”

“What about the father exactly?” you asked.

“Well, do you not think he deserves to know?”

“Nope. It’s my body and my choice. I’m not having this THING ruin my life.”

“Okay. If you’re sure this is what you want then as your boss and friend, I’ll help in anyway I can.”

“Thank you Sir.”

The ride home was long and quiet. You kept your gaze averted from your travelling companions, tears silently rolling down your face as you contemplated your predicament.

You’d been checked over an hour ago and been cleared to leave the hospital, Hotch leading you carefully back to the SUV.

He’d stayed with you all day, arriving early at the hospital and waiting outside the clinical white room where they’d taken you to perform the procedure.

When you’d panicked and started yelling and crying, he’d been the one who’d stormed into the room, holding you, rubbing your back and stroking your hair as the nurses looked on sympathetically, used to this sort of reaction. He was going above and beyond the duty of just a boss, and you’d never forget him for being there for you today.

Every fibre of your body wanted the bundle of cells that had taken up residence in your womb expelled from it.

But when you’d been lying there in the hospital bed, legs akimbo in the metal stirrups, something else had taken over. 
Something had made you panic, crying out for your colleague whilst you struggled to breathe.

You couldn’t do it.

You didn’t want to be a mom, you could barely take care of yourself let alone be responsible for another human being.

And you knew adoption wouldn’t be an option. You couldn’t carry something for nine months just to hand it over and forget about it.

But you couldn’t bring yourself to end the pregnancy. Some fighting urge, some deeply hidden maternal instinct had kicked in and you hated what that meant.

You were going to have a baby.

A crying, messy, vomiting baby.


You could sense Hotch watching you as he pulled into your street, parking outside your house. He’d been quiet too on the way home, leaving you to your thoughts.

“Y/N. We’re here.”

You made no move to exit the car.

“Y/N. You’re going to be okay, you’re one of the strongest people I know.”

Nodding you opened the door and picked your bag up, your ankle still sore as you slid out of the seat.

Hotch followed you to your door.

“Are you going to tell the father? He could help.”

“No. I’ll do this alone.”

He looked uncomfortable as he asked th next question. “Do you… Do you know who the father is?”

You didn’t judge him for asking. It was no secret that you’d had a few lovers over the past twelve months, having come out of a five year relationship. It had become kinda a joke across the team in fact.

“Yes I know who the father is Hotch. And….I don’t want to involve him. He’s not a bad person or anything but it was a one night only thing and I have no desire to have any sort of relationship with him.”

He nodded. You could tell he disagreed but he wasn’t going to push the matter.

Up until you’d ended up in this position yourself you’d have agreed too, thinking that every child had the right to know their fathers. And every man had the right to know if they had a child out there.

But you just couldn’t go there right now.

“Okay, get some rest. It’s Wednesday and I don’t want to see you in work until Monday at the earliest. Take some time, maybe talk to your family. I know you’re not close but maybe it will help.”

It wouldn’t. That was a conversation you intended on putting off for as long as you could. Christmas in five years time should do the trick.

“And Y/N. Call if you need anything. Anything at all, and I mean that. I’m here for you as a friend, one that cares about you and not just as your boss.”

You sniffed back fresh tears and gave him the tiniest watery smile you could manage, murmuring a thanks to him before entering the front door to your house.

You’d just about made it to your couch before collapsing into tears again.

What a fucking mess. 

This is my first time writing so bear with me. Also, English is not my first language so sorry for the grammatical errors!!

Prompt: Being married to Henry Cavill.

POV: you (the reader)

slightly nsfw!!!

You wake up to the smell of coffee and pancakes, and you wrap yourself in a robe. You walk to the kitchen and see the most perfect sight in the morning.

Henry in his boxers with an apron on, cooking.

You stay near the table, leaning slightly on a chair, and you watch him. He effortlessly flips the pancakes on the pan, and he throws it on the plate, spreading butter on top of it, just like the way you want it. He sees you and places the plate on the table. You walk up to him and he kisses you hard and rough.

You open his mouth for him and moan. You continue kissing for a while, not getting tired. He breaks the kiss, panting. “Good morning, baby.” He says, running his hand not busy with setting the plate in your hair.

“Good morning, Henry.” You answer, kissing him on the corner of his mouth and sitting at one of the chairs in the dining table, facing the window showing a very beautiful view of Central Park.

You’ve been married to Henry for six months now. Henry was getting homesick so you told him that you two should go to Jersey and you did. You spent a week with his folks and his five brothers and at the end of the week, you got married, only family and closest friends around.

After that, every day feels like it’s still the first day after getting married. He never gets tired of preparing meals for you, bringing you to dates, spoiling you, and the sex. Jesus Christ. The sex is mindblowing. He is one insatiable sex machine, and you are not complaining.

He seats down at the chair at the head of the table and eats his 20 pancake stack and a dozen bacon strips. He makes you coffee and places it in front of you. “Are you still gaining weight for Supes?” You ask, your mouth full.

“Yes I am. I’m also tired of eating so much when all I want to do is get me good pizza and doughnuts. I need to maintain my shape.” He says, digging in on the pancakes.

“Why did you have to be so gorgeous that you are the closest resemblance of Clark Kent in our universe?” You sigh, pinching his cheek.

“Am I sensing my wife being insecure and jealous of my job?” He says, holding your hand that’s still pinching his cheek.

“No, it’s not that. I’m just getting used to the fact that people are so attracted by you. That you naturally arouse the crowd. You even get straight men confused.” You say, taking a sip of coffee.

“First, I’m not gorgeous. Second, I don’t control how the world sees me. And lastly, even though they get attracted and well, aroused by me, you are the only person who can do those things to me.” He says, kissing your hand. You blush.

Finishing his stack of pancakes, he extends his hand to reach out the bacon in your plate. “Are you done?” He asks. You nod, not caring.

He eats your food, and he reaches for the last piece of bacon in your plate. “Henry! Stop eating!” You swat his hand and eat the bacon off the plate.

“Look at that. You just needed me to eat it first.” He says, smiling.

You roll your eyes and he kisses your cheek. “I need to get ready for work.” He says as he pulls you to sit in his lap.

“I thought you needed to get ready to work.”

“Give me some sugar.” He urges, his eyes blue and beguiling. You look at the table and grab the jar where you keep sugar. He laughs.

“I shouldn’t have married a smart, wonderful woman like you.” He says as he kisses your neck, running his hands in your arms.

“Henry.” You say, squirming. He runs his hand on your thigh, raising the hem of the robe deliberately, and he reaches your waist and he gasps. You are wearing nothing under the robe. He runs his hand lower, lower, and you are still, anticipating. You look at his hand and look up at him, and he’s smirking. He inserts a finger into you and you groan. You see the clock behind him and snap back to reality

“Henry. You can’t afford to be late for work!” You say, standing up from his lap, gasping, missing contact.

“Okay.” He says as he pinches your ass.

“Damn it!” You exclaim. He caresses your butt and spanks you lightly. You shriek, surprised.

“Stop being so playful!” You scold him, starting to wash the dishes.

He stands behind you and wraps his arms around you. You lean to him and he kisses your hair. “Okay, I’ll take a shower. You really don’t want to join me?” He asks one last time and you shake your head. He smiles and goes to the bathroom, showing you his bare ass before closing the door.

You finish washing the dishes and sit down on the couch.  You play with Kal, your dog, and he climbs up the couch, lying at your lap. You pet him and ruffle his hair. He licks your jaw and naps quietly on your lap.

Henry comes out the shower, just wearing a tiny towel hanging dangerously low on his waist. You inhale his smell, and he smells damn good, like mint, aftershave and something more. You clasp his hand and you realize his wedding ring isn’t on anymore. He sits beside you, pulling you close.

Portraying Clark Kent, Henry needs to be a bachelor. Clark Kent didn’t settle, according to the movies. That’s why during filming, he needs to remove his wedding ring. Even though this has been going on for months, it still hurts you a little.

“I hate doing this.” He says, looking at your hands and looking right back at you.

“That’s fine.” You say, kissing his hand.

“If I just had a choice, but Zack won’t let it go. All these Clark Kent isn’t taken crap is annoying the fuck out of me.” He says.

“Don’t worry. These rings doesn’t matter.” You say, reassuring him.

“It does. You always get so sad when I remove it.” He says.

“I’m sorry.” You say. He smiles.

“I completely understand. If I were you, I would’ve probably made a mark or something so that they’ll know you’re with someone.” He says.

You smirk and his eyes widen.

“What are you planning?” He asks. You laugh. “Nothing.” You say.

You kiss his jaw and suck on it, making him exhale sharply.  You bite it and let go, and see a reddish mark getting formed with the shape of your lips.

He smiles. “Thank you.” You say, grinning widely.

He just smiles, his eyes wide, amazed. “I can’t believe you did that.” He exclaims, touching the love bite.

“Well, believe it. Now get your ass off here and go to work. Come home to me, okay?” You say, hoping he knows how much you mean it.

He laughs and gives you a kiss. “I always will.”

The Second Time Around

Written for Day 4 of AU Week: Another Time

Summary: Emma hadn’t planned on getting pregnant the first time. It had been pretty darn awful.

Things were a hell of a lot better the second time around.

Length: 1,463 words

Notes: Long story short, I’m having far too much fun with AU Week and I’m a sucker for pregnancy fics. 

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Emma was late.

She was very late.

Now, Emma was not the most punctual person in the world, but she wasn’t that variety of late.

Oh no, she was late late. It had been six weeks, she’d counted, and nothing. Her boobs were sore, she was tired as fuck, and walking from the station to Granny’s never used to be so tiring. Not wanting to make any assumptions, Emma had run to the pharmacy on her way home after bowing out early from work. A simple complaint of a migraine and her husband and father sent her home to get some rest.

She picked up two pregnancy tests at the pharmacy just to be safe. (It was easy, too easy, to convince Sneezy that she was buying them for an embarrassed friend)

And now, with the completed tests sitting on the bathroom counter, all Emma could do was wait. And pace.

All of a sudden, the timer on her phone went off, signaling that the tests were ready.

“Oh, God,” Emma muttered before steeling herself and going back in the bathroom.

Both of the tests were positive.


She was pregnant.

Holy fuck, she was pregnant.

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The Kiss Cam

A/N: This is my hockey themed Spencer story - Reid and reader go to a hockey game! Some side notes you might want to know before you begin: The Penguins (from Philadelphia) and The Capitals (from Washington D.C.) are both hockey teams. Alexander Ovechkin is the captain of the Capitals hockey team. I feel like the rest is pretty self explanatory… if you have any questions, just ask :-) Enjoy!!


“Guys!” you yelled as you ran into the bullpen.

“Whatcha got there, pretty girl?” Morgan smiled at you.

“Two tickets to see the Capitals and the Penguins game right up against the glass tomorrow! Who wants to go with me?!” you exclaimed excitedly. The team looked at each other blankly. “You know, hockey??” you tried to further explain yourself.

Everyone already had plans: Morgan had to go home to his wife and new baby, JJ wanted to go home to see Will and Henry, Garcia had a date, Hotch was working late, and Rossi was going to visit his daughter and his family. So that left Spencer.

“C’mon, Spence please! Don’t make me go by myself!” you poked your lip out and gave him your best puppy eyes.

“Y/N, I don’t know anything about hockey” he complained. You continued with the pouty face in hopes that it would eventually work – and it did.

“Fine, fine, you win! I’ll go” he finally gave in.

“Yay!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ll pick you up at 6 o’clock tomorrow” you gave him a tight embrace and when you pulled away, he gave you a smile smile, and you could swear you saw a blush on his cheeks.

You had a crush on Spencer almost the second you walked into the BAU – he was so handsome, intelligent, and has the kindest heart out of anyone you has ever met. Secretly, you were glad that Spencer was the one going with you to the game.


It was 6 o’clock the next night and you showed up to Spencer’s apartment and knocked on the door. When he opened the door, you started laughing.

“What are you laughing at?!”

You had a hard time containing yourself. He was dressed in what looked like the nicest suit he owned and he was wearing a bowtie. “What on earth are you so dressed up for?” you said through the laughing.

“Well I wasn’t sure what attire to wear, so I asked Penelope to look up some pictures of hockey players and they were all dressed up… is this not what I’m supposed to wear…?”

“Oh Spence” you sighed. He must have looked up pictures of them before the games when they were dressed up and taking photos with fans. “This” you gestured to yourself “is what one wears to a hockey game.” You were wearing your oversized Alexander Ovechkin jersey, a pair of jeans, and some boots.

“This hockey sweater is probably big enough for you to fit in, plus I have my Capitals sweatshirt on underneath this. Go throw on some jeans and put this on and let’s go! I don’t want to miss the puck drop” you smiled at him.

“Thanks Y/N… I’m uh sorry I don’t know much about hockey” he mumbled.

“What?? I know more about something than you do??” you exclaimed sarcastically, getting a laugh out of him. “Well, tonight you’re going to learn about it. Now, go change, I don’t want to be late!”

He quickly changed and you had to admit, you loved how he looked in that hockey jersey. You both got in your car and headed to the Verizon Center.


You got a couple beers and found your seats and began to watch the game. After the first period and a few more beers, you were really getting into the game – yelling at the players, yelling at the referees, and basically just yelling in general. At the same time, you were trying to explain to Spencer the rules of hockey why you were yelling so much.

“How do you know so much about hockey?” he asked.

“Well, I lived in an area where hockey was a big part of life – my father played, all of my brothers played, and even I played for a couple of years. Plus I love when they beat up on each other” you winked. He laughed and you continued explaining to him the rules of the game.

It was in between the second and third period and there was a break. You sat and chatted about work and life when all of a sudden there was a tap on your shoulder. You turned around and the woman behind you pointed to the big screen and sure enough – there were you and Spencer on the “kiss cam.”

You both turned bright red, and after some urging from the crowd, you leaned in and gave him a big smooch. What was supposed to be just a peck on the lips suddenly turned into a much longer kiss than expected. You pulled away and looked back up at the screen, seeing as they had already changed to a different couple. You blushed again, and after a long, awkward silence, you started talking about hockey some more.

After the game was over, Spencer insisted that he drive home considering the amount of beer you had consumed. He stopped in front of his building and expecting just a polite thank you and walking in, Spencer surprised you.

“Y/N, I really don’t want you driving home like this. Do you want to um… come in and maybe uh… stay at my place? I could call you a cab, but it’s pretty late…” he trailed off. You felt like you could probably drive home, but just to be safe, you decided to agree.

He walked you up into his apartment and flopped down on his couch. “No, no, I can sleep on the couch and you can sleep in my bed” he insisted.

You sighed. As good as a bed sounded, you were already on the couch and didn’t want to get up. “But Spenceeee” you droned his name on. “I’m already comfortable.” You were feeling a little risky, and the way he looked in that hockey jersey was just too much. “Come sit on the couch with me”

He hesitated for a second, but sat down next to you. He fiddled with his hands as he said “Look, I know that you just kissed me tonight because of the “kiss cam,” but I…” he stopped for a moment. “I really like you, Y/N. I think you’re smart and beautiful and talented at everything you do… you’re just… a really amazing person”

You had always liked Spencer, and hearing that made your heart pound. Instead of answering with words, you kissed him again, with more passion than before. You crawled onto his lap as his hands explored your curves and your hands got tangled in his hair. All of a sudden, he stopped you.

“Y/N, believe me, I want this. Like, more than you know, but not under these circumstances…” he sighed. You drooped your shoulders – as much as you wanted this to happen too, he was right. You had had a lot to drink tonight and he was just being the good guy he was…

“I guess you’re probably right…” you said in defeat. “But we’ll talk about this in the morning, right?” you asked as you started to feel very tired.

“Of course we will” Spencer said as he kissed your forehead. He grabbed a blanket and covered you with it as you dozed off on his couch.

anonymous asked:

Can you please do Henry holding baby Morgan? P.s. I love your work!!! Thank you ❤

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

“Little pup, little pup! Ohh, just look at you, my sweet little peach pit! You’re so tiny and pink!” Henry was having a ball, holding your son. 

His arms wrapped tight around the blue bundle, Morgan’s face red from a combination of newborn laughter and trying to cope with his father’s endless energy. He kept surprising the baby with showers of kisses, which startled the boy more than anything.

While you were happy to see Henry so elated to meet his son, you weren’t sure he was handling the baby quite as gently as he was supposed to.

“Um, Henry? Maybe you should bring it down, a little. You’re a bit too excited for Morgan’s…brain capacity.” You said tiredly, watching helplessly from the confines of your bed while Henry spoiled Morgan with affection.

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A Weekend With the Cavills

Originally posted by robbiequinns

Prompt: You’re best friends with Henry and you go to visit them. (6)

Pairing: Henry Cavill x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, brotherly rough-housing

You and Henry pulled into his parents driveway and Kal jumped into your lap. Henry smiled and scratched behind Kal’s ears.

“I swear this dog knows where we are faster than I do sometimes,” you shared looping the leash around your wrist.

“It’s because, unlike you, Kal is not directionally challenged,” Henry teased.

“Whatever,” you rolled your eyes and playfully shoved him.

“Y/N,” Henry smiled looking at you, “you still have to double check where our flat is and we’ve lived there for two years now.”

“Alright, okay,” you admitted defeat. “C’mon Kal,” you urged the pup out of the car.

“Y/N,” Niki smiled from the front lawn when you got out of the car.

“Niki,” you saluted playfully. He rolled his eyes at your gimick before hugging you close.

“Already putting the moves on my girlfriend huh Nik?” Henry questioned stepping out of the vehicle.

“Not likely punk,” Niki replied loudly, “but as I last checked, she as Charlie’s friend first,” Niki caught his brother in a headlock ruffling his hair.

“Both of you knock it off before you injure one another,” Marianne came out of the house and directly up to you. “Y/N,” she laughed, “so good to see you again.”

“You as well mama Cavill,” you joked as she laughed.

“Come on the others are inside,” Mrs. Cavill ushered you all inside taking Kal from you so you could greet the others.

“Y/N,’ Simon smiled pulling you in for a hug. He pulled away to greet Henry, “ah little brother,” Simon repeated the actions of Niki from outside.

Charlie rushed to hug you seeing as how you were his best friend who he hadn’t seen in ages. “Still have a thing with my brother I see,” he teased ruffling your hair.

“If you  didn’t want us together, you shouldn’t have introduced us dumbass,” you sassed.

“That is why I have always liked you, Y/N,” Colin laughed, “you don’t put up with any of my boys’ shit,” Mr. Cavill came and hugged you close.

“Well,” Henry shrugged, “with the exception of me.”

“Oh no,” you rolled your eyes, “I don’t live with these Cavill’s. Henry, I really don’t take shit from you,” you wrapped an arm around his waist as the rest of the men laughed.

                                                      * * * * *

You and Henry were out playing frisbee with Kal as the rest of his family sat on their back porch.You squealed as Henry got tackled by Kal but, took you down with him. You looked at each other and bust out laughing. HE helped you stand and you joined his family in their sitting.

“So,” Piers caught your attention, “when can I expect little Henrys to be running around here?”

“PIERS,” Marianne slapped his shoulder.

“Oh come off it,” Richard defended his brother, “we were all thinking the same thing.”

“Uh, I would like to say soon but, with Henry’s busy schedule I honestly can’t. I mean we aren’t even married yet,” you answered awkwardly, feeling uncomfortable for the first time with these people.

“Well, I’m afraid you would be missing some important hardware if we were married and that would make me look like an ass to my family,” Henry spoke. You looked to him confused to find him kneeling on one knee and you gasped. “Y/N, you have made me the happiest man alive.Would you make it even better by being my wife?’

“Do you even have to ask? Yes! Yes of course,” you laughed pulling him in for a kiss as he slipped the ring onto your left hand.

“Hey,” Charlie shouted causing you two to look at him, “no making babies here.” 

Like A Drum

Written for blangstpromptoftheday #848: Blaine was born with a heart defect and was ultimately fitted with a pacemaker when he was very young. Present day Blaine- the pacemaker stops working and he collapses in the middle of class/glee club/on the subway in NYC. Kurt isn’t there so he doesn’t find out til later that his boyfriend/fiancé nearly died. [Ao3]

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Our Own Little Captain Swan

Thank you to those who gave me suggestions for what to write next. This will probably have a second part to include the two pregnancy prompt ideas. For now, thank you @fleurreads for this first suggestion. 

She didn’t realize until she was mixing the batter for the brownies, sipping on her fourth cup of hot chocolate (extra cinnamon). She was usually never this chocolate oriented. Sure she enjoyed the occasional hot chocolate in the mornings, or when she was out with Henry, but she was usually drawn more to salty foods than sweets.  But for the last week or two, her diet had consisted of two things: chocolate and cinnamon. A combination that hadn’t made itself present until she was pregnant with Henry.

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Not Blood of My Blood

Henry finds out he’s adopted.

Regina isn’t called to Henry’s school often. In fact, she can’t remember the last time she had answered her office phone to hear that her son had fallen on the playground, or that he had forgotten his lunch at home, and whether that was because Henry is older now, already 10 years old, and is less clumsy and forgetful, or if his teacher would rather not risk upsetting the mayor, Regina doesn’t know.

So when her phone rings at 1:08 on a Thursday afternoon, Regina is surprised to hear Ms. Blanchard’s voice on the other end, asking her to come to the school, that something had happened with Henry.

There are few times that Regina had wished for her magic through the past 28 years, and this was certainly one of them. She’d rather poof to her son’s side, to see how badly he was hurt in an instant, but she is stuck grabbing her purse and running to her car, to speed the whole way to the school until she can rush inside the building.

Ms. Blanchard is waiting outside the classroom door for her, arms crossed over her chest and sad eyes staring intently at the floor until she hears the clicking of Regina’s heels echoing down the hall.

Regina feels a bubble of anger at the sight of the teacher. Henry had only been in her class a few weeks, and already he was getting hurt. She had been reluctant to allow Henry to enter her class, but of course, why would she ever want her son to be taught by Snow White, of all people? She has ruined Regina’s life at every turn; surely no good would come out of her interacting with Henry on a daily basis.

But Henry had insisted that he wanted Ms. Blanchard as a teacher, that she was the best in the whole school, that she told better stories than all the other teachers (not as good as his mom’s, though), and she couldn’t deny her son, no matter how badly her gut told her to.

But look where it got them. Best teacher, my ass, she thought.

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SQW Summer 2016 - Day 7: Physical Intimacy

“Wait, don’t–” Regina began when those kisses reached the hem of her panties, but alas, she was too late, as those too were torn off with a jerk of Emma’s teeth. She sighed dramatically. “If you’re going to tear apart all my lingerie, I may as well not wear any.”

“No complaints here,” Emma rumbled, pressing soft kisses into a neat little patch of dark curls, shifting further down towards where those curls were damp with Regina’s essence. “Do you know how long I’ve been wanting to taste you?”

Dark eyes stared down at her, all naked heat and uncontained lust, a wicked smile dancing across her lips. “By all means, Sheriff, don’t let me stop you.”

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Fic: Back to Me

Back to Me
by misscam

Summary: Come back to me. Snow kisses him, and Charming remembers. An AU take on early S1. [Snow/Charming, with daddy!Charming, grandpa!Charming and Mary Margaret & Emma friendship.]

Rating: Teen. Implied adult activities, but nothing graphic.

Author’s Note: Written to the following prompt: “When Mary Margaret Blanchard gave David CPR right after he woke from his coma, it brought back his true memories. (Since the curse hadn’t fully take hold of him yet). So Charming knows who he is, and Snow and Emma don’t.” I played with it a bit and it kinda got away from me. Oops? This is fic enough for at least two days of the summer ficletathon, I do believe!

A03 / ff.net


He remembers being confused, so confused, everything in his mind so muddled except for one thing: Finding her. He had to find her. He always found her. Her. He didn’t even remembers who she is, just that she was love and light and everything.

He didn’t remember, until she kisses him back to life and memories and everything he is floods into him like a torrent and he is drowning again.

Come back to me.

She is looking at him, her green eyes like anchors. Her. Snow. He is Charming and she is Snow. Yes. He remembers. He remembers everything.

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Thinking It Over- Part 2

This is the continuation of ‘Thinking It Over’ part 1


 Do check it out! ;)

Thank you so much lovely Phoebe @omelialover for helping me to proofread the PP details and characters. <3

And thank you Jordan @jordan202 for helping out with the medical detail in the middle as my Paeds knowledge might be little rusty already ;)

I’ve to admit - I didn’t watch PP and don’t have the time to watch the entire series, but lots of researching on PP Wikia and the wonderful Omelia GC helped a lot!  Thanks to the Omelia GC girls who always readily answered my questions about PP:D

Enjoy!! :)


Addison gasped in shock as she saw Amelia standing at her doorstep, shivering and soaking wet.

 ‘ Amelia?!’she whispered in surprise and disbelief. She just couldn’t believe her eyes. Was this a dream? Sure, she did speak to Amelia on the phone at least once or twice a month and they FaceTimed occasionally, but for the past few months since Amelia had gotten married, they hadn’t been keeping in touch with each other often. Addison concluded that Amelia was busy with her newly married life.

 But now here Amelia was, standing right in front of her. Something was wrong, she could sense it.

 Addison quickly sprang into elder sister mode once she recovered from her initial surprise upon seeing Amelia, taking Amelia’s luggage.

 ‘ Come on in’. she ushered Amelia into the living room. ‘You’re soaking wet, damn it! You must be cold. I’ll make you a cup of hot chocolate. But first, you should take a warm shower and change your clothes first.

 ‘ Who is it?’ Jake called from up the stairs.

 ‘ It’s Amelia’ Addison answered.

 Jake was at Addison’s side in an instant.

 ‘ Amelia?!’ he exclaimed.  ‘You’re here!!!’

 ‘ Shhh….Henry is sleeping’ Addison whispered. ‘ And Amelia here needs a shower and some warm clothes.’

 ‘ You can sleep in the guest room.’ Addison offered, as Jake took Amelia’s luggage into the guest room and Amelia followed behind, smiling gratefully at Addison.

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What Child Is This?

This is my @onceuponasecretsanta gift for @optimistof30thstreet. I hope you had a very good Christmas and have a Happy New Year! 

I know in the teaser the baby’s name was “Maria” but that was really just a placeholder name. I’ve changed it to Hazel. 

Hazel’s cries woke Regina. She rolled over, groaning when she saw her clock reading 3:30 AM. Beside her, Robin shifted. “I’ll get her,” he said, voice thick with sleep.

“No,” she croaked, patting his arm. “You’ve taken this feeding all week.”

“Because you were up early and home late. You needed the rest.”

She smiled, sitting up. “And I can sleep in in the morning. So let me go and you get some rest. Got it?”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” he sassed, giving her a bright smile. He closed his eyes as Regina wrapped herself in her robe. Before she even reached the bedroom door, his soft snores filled the room.

Regina padded down the hall to the nursery, walking into the room they had hastily thrown together when Emma had accelerated little Hazel’s entrance into the world. Over the past couple months, though, the family began to properly decorate the room for her. The walls were painted a light pink and an apple tree had been added by Robin when she wasn’t home. Henry had written parts of everyone’s stories in fancy gold wording around the tree, which had touched Regina when she saw it. Roland’s contribution was the little plaster sign with “Hazel” painted on it in childish lettering that hung over the girl’s crib. She herself had added a roaring lion on the headboard as a tribute to Robin.

Hazel’s cries died down to whimpers when she saw Regina, who picked her up. “I know, baby girl, you’re hungry. Let’s go downstairs and I’ll fix that, okay?” Regina soothed.

Once the bottle was made, Regina carried Hazel into the living room. She clicked on the Christmas tree and let its multicolored lights illuminate the darkened room. Regina positioned herself on the couch so that Hazel could watch the lights, which they learned since putting up the tree fascinated the young girl.

As Hazel watched the tree, Regina watched her. She was three months old and starting to settle into her looks. Her eyes had stayed blue, clearly her father’s rather than her mother’s. Both Regina and Robin had been relieved about that, though guilty that they had doubted if they could love her if she had Zelena’s eyes. There were a few more things that they could trace to Robin but not much they recognized from Zelena. And Mary Margaret swore Hazel had Regina’s smile and nose. “It’s possible,” she had said. “You’re her aunt so she could have some traits from you.”

But her hair puzzled everyone. When they had left the hospital with her, Hazel had brown hair that had seemed closer to Robin’s color than Zelena’s. When they returned from the Underworld, they had been surprised to find it had darkened drastically. Henry had held her and said, “It almost looks like your color, Mom.”

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When A Heart Breaks It Doesn’t Break Even: Part Two

Tittle: When A Heart Breaks if Doesn’t Break Even: Part Two

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Rating: PG

Warning: Violence

Requested: Yes

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Peter Pan sighed out in annoyance as he watched Y/n and Stiles helped their four year son pick out a puppy. Or to be correct watching as Stiles helped the little boy, Y/n chased after their two year old, one hand always resting on her barely there baby bump. The two year old giggled happily as his mother scooped him into her arms, heading back to the rest of the little family. Her face softened with a loving smile as she spotted her eldest son giving each puppy a hug, despite his fathers urges to pick one.  

  Peter may not be able to deny the small family was a cute one, but that did not make it any easier for him. Peter would give anything to leave the small family, to go and forget about the girl who had broke his heart, but thanks to Henry, he would be forced to sit and watch the family until both parents had passed. It was Henry’s only demand. For him to live an immortal, he had to protect Y/n and her family. Should he fail, he died. If he succeeded he got to live forever on Neverland, never growing old with the lost boys Henry choose.

  Henry choose forcing him to watch over Y/n’s family because he knew that it would be the worst kind of pain he could inflect upon the lost boy without actually having to hurt him. It was the worst kind of torture. Having to watch the women you love, the one who broke your heart, live happily with her family, was like breaking your heart over and over again.

  So far it seemed to be pointless, Stiles had friends perfectly capable of protecting the small family, Peter hardly saw the reason for having to be their watch dog. That was until he noticed the Supernatural creature following the small family. It was then than he realized that he would have to be the one to protect them. Mainly because he was the one that brought it.

   Stiles  P.o.v


 “Hey buddy.” Scott cooed, picking up yet another puppy and hugging it. I sighed, shaking my head as he repeated the process, hugging yet another puppy.

  “Scoot, bud what puppy do you want?” I asked, chuckling when he sent me a glare suitable for a four year old boy.

  “Daddy I have to love them all.” He scolded, his eyebrows crinkling together as he picked up another puppy.

  “Yes but we need to get going. Mummy shouldn’t be on her feet this long.”

  “Then maybe she should not eat my baby sister.” He huffed, shaking his head as he pressed a kiss to the puppies head. 

  “Scott she didn’t eat your sister.” I sighed, chuckling when he ignored me, his attention locked back onto the 6 puppies crawling all over him.

  “How is it going?” Y/n asked, Parker seated on her hip.

  “Down.” The two year old squealed, his little finger pointing towards the puppies. Y/n giggled and placed him down, smiling as he tottered towards the puppies, flopping down beside his brother.

  “Well Scott is determined to hug ever puppy, multiply times.” I sighed, rolling my eyes when Scott started to protest.

  “I got to love them all!”

  “Well what one loves you the most?” Y/n asked, kneeling down beside me. Instantly I wrapped my arm around her waist, holding her steady as she smiled at Scott.

 “That one.” He answered instantly. The puppy in question was currently crawling onto a giggling Parker, licking every inch of skin he could reach.

  “Well then, that is the one will get. Why don’t you say goodbye to the other puppies.” She chuckled, grunting as she started to stand up.

  “Let me help.” I muttered as I stood up, pulling her up with me. Once she was standing I placed a hand on her stomach, smiling up at her before I leaned down and pressed a kiss to her stomach. “How is our little princess?”

  “Active.” She answered, giggling when I leaned down to press a kiss to her stomach.

  “Are we a little hyper today baby girl?” I cooed, brushing my nose against my wife’s stomach.

  “Gah seeing you with my baby belly is the cutest thing in the damn world.” She laughed, running her hand through my hair as she smiled at me. I looked up at her, smirking as I stood up.

  “Does that mean another baby?”

  “Oh no Stiles, three kids, each one two years apart, is more than enough.” She chuckled, smiling as I pressed a kiss to her lips. We were pulled apart by Scott’s blood curdling scream, Y/n’s joining his. I spun around a froze, my blood turning to ice as I took in the scene before me.

  A man, one that I never saw before, had Parker in his arms, Scott pinned against his side. Both of my boys were screaming, their eyes locked on us. I moved to run towards him only to freeze when I finally took in his eyes. They were gold, the sight causing me to feel sick. My sons were being held hostage by a werewolf.

  “I don’t want to hurt them.” He said slowly, his eyes never once leaving my own. “But I will if you don’t do what I ask.”

  “Anything just don’t hurt my boys.” Y/n screamed, trying to move around me. I held her back, not wanting the mad man to get a hold of my wife and unborn daughter.

  “I want Lydia.” He said slowly, smirking when we both paled. “Get me Lydia or I kill them both.”

  “No you won’t.” A voice rang out from behind us. Y/n spun around, a cry leaving her lips.


  “Hey my little lost girl. Don’t worry about a thing. I am going to save your boys.” Peter said slowly, his voice confidant as he walked past us. Behind me, Y/n let out a cry , her body shaking with silent tears as we watched Peter. Neither of us trusted him, but seeing as he was the only one that stood a chance of saving our boys.

  “Let them go.” Peter demanded, stopping right in front of us.

  “No. I made my…” Before he could finish his sentence, the werewolf was thrown backwards, his grip leaving our sons. Y/n screeched loudly as Parker went flying, only to come to a halt as Peter waved his hand again. Moving quickly he moved towards where Parker sat frozen. He grabbed him, placing him on his hip as he lead both boys back to us. Instantly Y/n let out a cry as she surged forward, pulling both boys into her arms.

  Before Y/n could say a word he focused on the werewolf, who was now running towards him. Before the werewolf could attack Peter plunged his hands into his chest and pulled out his heart. Crushing it easily in his hand. The werewolf fell to the ground, dead as Peter emptied his hand. He turned back around, staring at us as he looked Y/n clinging to our boys.

  “Thank you. Oh Peter thank you.” She sobbed, clinging tightly to both boys. Parker and Scott clung just as tightly to her, their little hands grabbing her shirt. I let out a cry as I fell to my knees, hugging my little family against my chest.

  “Thank you.”

  “Your welcome. It seemed unfair to let him harm the boys.” Peter answered, rubbing the back of his neck as he stared at Y/n.

  “How did you know they were in danger?” Y/n asked as she pulled out of my grasp, throwing her arms around the shell shock young boy.  He hugged her back, his hands curling around her shirt.

  “Don’t be upset but I have been watching you. I just wanted to make sure you stayed safe.” He answered, blushing slightly as he spoke.

  “I’m not mad, not at all. You save my boys.” She answered as she pulled back. “For that I am going to give in. Come around when you want, have dinner with us, get to know Stiles and the boys. Be a part of my family.”

  “Gladly.” He answered, smiling widely at her.

anonymous asked:

Can you repost your fic where it was like Emma and Killian were trying to get pregnant and they were doing it really quickly before work?

Here you go! :)

Seven months. It’s been almost seven months and nothing.

“Shit, we forgot the candle.”

Killian’s body presses her into the bed, hands roaming in an all too familiar dance as underclothes are quickly discarded and bodies fall into place - special fertility candle free (she still claims she had accidentally stumbled on it on Amazon, a story she’s sticking to as long as it sits in plain sight in her bedroom where her mother of all people can comment on how pretty it is and how it smells like a popular medicinal plant from the Enchanted Forest, all while making suspicious eyes at her – god).

“Sod the bloody candle, love,” he grumbles as he buries her face into the crook of her neck and begins sucking needy kisses along her shoulder. “If I recall, its rather pungent scent only serves to make my head ache.” Killian chuckles into her neck and reaches between them, guiding and entering her with a sharp thrust followed by a number of smaller one as he works his way into her.

And wasn’t it supposed to be easier than this?

Didn’t schools teach that you could practically get pregnant from dry humping in the back of a van? Hell, she was a poster child for inopportune teen pregnancies, but the moment she’s ready for a baby, True Love and all, her body forgets what it’s supposed to do or something?

Rational or not, as much as she loves Henry, as much as she wouldn’t change anything for the world, just the thought frustrates her far more than she wants it to. The lack of choice, the wondering if it’s too late for them, and she’s only 31 for God’s sakes!

(She wonders if it frustrates him too.)

“Yeah, yeah, fine,” she gasps in reply, meeting his lips with a bruising kiss and getting lost in the moment, the rock of hips, the slide of their tongues, the bruising of fingers… until she opens her eyes for a moment and sees the alarm clock, blinking red and angrily by her head.

Monday. Shit, it’s Monday. Where had Sunday even gone? Oh yeah, another town crisis. Because there wasn’t a fucking shortage of those in Storybrooke, was there?

“Crap. Just hurry, I have work in like forty minutes.”

Killian laughs again and she melts a little at the feeling of him nuzzling her throat while he pumps his hips back and forth at the same, leisurely pace.
“Romantic as ever, Swan,” he grunts amiably and bites down onto her collar, yet he picks up the pace (she’s pretty sure he wouldn’t want to explain why she was late to her father anyway) pushing his hips forward, both needing and hurried all at once (two entirely different things when it comes down to it, they’ve discovered these past few months). 

“About as romantic as pushing me up against the counter while I’m making dinner because I was supposed to be ovulating and Roland was going to be here in an hour.” 

Not that it was bad sex.

Actually, it was pretty damned great sex, her legs wrapped around his waist and her ass digging into the edge of the table. Quick. Rough. Dirty. Exciting. Hold on tight, Darling, he’d whispered into her ear as he rode her into oblivion that she was just sure had made a baby.

They hadn’t.

That was over three months ago and she’s almost stopped having those feelings now.

“And you’re sure that it is your fertile time now?”

“As sure as I fucking can be,” she snaps and rocks her hips upward (she doesn’t mean to snap at him, she never means to snap). “I peed on three damn sticks and- ohh, right there… yeah.. Killian.”

Emma dissolves into whimpers when he hits that spot and she’s still not there, not quite there - it’s only been two minutes, after all - and she has to shower and eat breakfast and drop Henry off and it’s going to take her another ten minutes to get to the station. The way she sees it, it’s either no shower or no orgasm, and today, the responsible, adult answer seems pretty damned clear.

(She is a lucky lady.)

“Just hurry up, I need to shower and I don’t want to go to work smelling like-“ She stops her thought abruptly when he slips his hand between them (tempting, oh so tempting, but there’s no time). She pushes him away. “It’s fine, don’t worry about me. You can owe me for later, okay?” she pants into his ear and reaches down to grip his ass, tugging him into her faster.

“Come on, don’t worry about me,” she repeats.

“Gods, Swan,” he groans, used to “quickies” and the unfortunate necessity of leaving her very occasionally unsatisfied in these moments. “Do you know I was dreaming of you?” he mumbles into her breasts and gives an especially spirited thrust that makes Emma consider calling in sick. “You were riding me. A position we haven’t tried in some time, as I recall.”

"Yeah, well, you’re the one that claims gravity working against us isn’t going to help matters.”

“Perhaps. But after more than six months of attempting to conceive, do you want to take the chance? Still, I do miss the lovely view of your breasts-” he cuts himself off with a sharp whine when she grabs both of his hips roughly and begins riding him from below. “Gods, love. Darling- are you- are you certain I shouldn’t take you from behind? Didn’t the internet say that could help?”

"No. I-I like you like this.”

“It doesn’t feel right. Taking you so quickly and not bringing you to-”

“It’s fine.This is good.”

“Are you sure? I have heard a woman needs to release in order for the seed to-”

“Dammit, Killian, can we stop talking about it and just finish?”

Minutes later, she’s playfully pushing him off of her chest (damn, it’s always the times that they have to be quick that she has the inexplicable desire to cuddle and watch tv with the idiot all day).

“Give a man a moment, love,” he laughs warmly, but acquiesces, rolling to his back and staring at the ceiling, chest heaving with each breath.

Emma glances over, apologetic. “It won’t be like this forever, okay?” She reaches over and runs a hand along the tense plane of his abs, smiling at the tight muscles and the way his lips curve up every time she touches him there.

(She wonders for a brief moment if their baby would be ticklish like him? Or if its eyes would be blue or green? A boy or a girl? Would it have their family’s sense of adventure or be a bookworm or a combination of the two, like Henry?)

(She stops thinking them as soon as she starts because after seven months of trying something that is supposed to be so easy - especially with the added bonus of True Love - it’s become habit not to let herself wonder things like that for too long.)

“Like what? Frantically making love to you before work, and after, almost every day? I could imagine worse fates, Darling,” Killian purrs, closing his eyes in the haze of satisfaction.

“You know what I mean.”

Emma frowns, and he must sense it, because he opens his eyes and meets hers. After a few seconds, he grabs the pillow behind his head and she lifts her hips, allowing him to place it beneath her so she rests at a slight angle.

“Aye. I know, love,” he nods, resting on his side and kissing her cheek.

“And we’ll have it.”

She fights the urge to argue, to question, to doubt, and instead she nods back, forcing a smile and stroking his belly again, giggling softly when he arches out of her reach, and right now, this second… she believes him.


No Matter Where I Run (The Past is Always There)

A/N: This was originally going to be a part of my still-needs-to-be-completed sequel to “A Fraction of Your Smile (A Fragment of Your Mind)” but I kept writing more and more, and before I knew it, I had cranked out almost 3000 words on this scene alone.

While I fully accept that Killian will be able to move past his well, past, with Emma, I truly believe he will hit his own emotional roadblock with any future children, even if his fears are all in his head. This explores that.


“What’s a My-lah?”

His daughter had been previously stuttering over words in her book, sounding out vowels and tripping over consonants as she attempted to read to him and her mother. Now she looks at his arm studiously, blue eyes squinting as she attempts to make out the name branded on his skin. Not even five, and her teachers have noted that she is ahead of the curve when it comes to her literacy skills, a fact that he boasts to anyone who would listen. In this moment, however, he curses her abilities, not at all ready to open that can of worms on this Sunday night. Killian’s eyes rise to meet Emma’s, silently pleading for help.

Emma, his hero – his Savior – rises to the task, wrapping her arms around their little girl, attempting to return her attention back to her book. “Eliza, honey, why don’t you finish telling me about Frog and Toad? I really want to know if they stop eating those cookies.”

“But I wanna know what a My-lah is…” Eliza whines, large blue eyes darting between him and her mother, confusion etched on her features.

“Um.” Emma Swan – the woman who broke countless curses, fought numerous monsters, and literally marched into the Underworld – is somehow felled by persistent preschooler.

Killian sighs. It’s a conversation he knew he couldn’t avoid forever. Eliza is at the age where almost every other sentence out of her mouth is a question, her favorite words being “why,” “how,” and “what.” She’s an inquisitive little thing, that daughter of his. It’s another trait of hers that he normally admires, one that seems to do him in at this moment. They long ago addressed his tattoos, leading to an adorable moment where she sloppily colored her arms with markers to be “just like Daddy,” but that was before she could read. Now her questioning nature is driving daggers into his heart.

But just as he is with her mother, he cannot deny his daughter anything.

“It’s Milah, little love,” he corrects softly, his voice just above a whisper. He feels Emma reach around and squeeze his hand in support. “Milah is the name of a person I once knew.”

“Oh. Okay.” Eliza nods, eyes returning to the book sitting on her lap. For a moment, Killian believes that his daughter is satisfied with his answer. He is wrong. Much like her mother, she does not make things easy for him. “Do you have a tattoo of Mommy?”

“No, I’m afraid I do not.” He isn’t sure where this line of questioning is leading, and is afraid to find out.

“Why not?”

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It’s Just A Flu

Originally posted by miroslavsklose

I love London, I really do. But one thing I hate is the weather. The plummeted temperatures increased my body temperature, imprisoned me in severe flu. There’s nothing for me to do today but lying uncomfortably in bed with my back pain, watery eyes and a runny nose while looking at my husband who’s getting ready for his daily practice.

“Are you sure you don’t want to see the doctor, Love?” Kieran walked up to me, he touched my forehead with his left hand while another hand pulling the zip of his jumper.

“Ah, it’s just the flu. I’ve been drinking the medicine. I will be okay after a good quality of sleep” I said, taking his hand from my forehead and entwined it with mine.

“I really wish Jaydon could stay to look over you, but he seems busy today and Boss told us to practice hard today’

“Yeah, Dinamo Zagreb and Chelsea” I muttered.

Kieran nodded, “Do you want me to call my mom?”

I nearly choked on my saliva, “Do you want to kill me?”

“Why?” Kieran giggled, ruffling my hair with his left hand, “You two get along well”

“I know, but… it’s your mom!”

‘Nice’ would be the perfect word to describe Kieran’s mom. Almost every Sunday we visited Kieran’s family, not just his mom, but also his grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and their children. Kieran’s mom was the one who make me feel like I was with my own family, not like they’re not my family, but you know what I mean.

She took care of me well, asking how I’ve been, how’s thing going, etc. But… She is Kieran’s mother! It’s always nerve-wracking to be around your mother in law!

“I look awful!”

“You’re still outstanding, although your face is pale” he said, looking at me with his deep brown eyes.

“Ki, don’t spray too much perfume. It’s only nice with good amount, but not too much” I said, pushing his body away from me.

“What? This is the usual though, with usual amount as well. I thought you’re catching cold”

“I know. It’s just sometimes my nose turns more sensitive when I got the flu although it’s runny.”

“How can you smell it if the nose clogged? Maybe the flu made a little damaged to your head”

“Ki!” I hit him with my pillow that he could easily dodge.

Kieran laughed hardly, his dimple emerged from his cheek. “Okay-okay. Are you sure I can leave you though?”

“Just go. If anything happens to me, I’ll let you know right away”

Kieran kissed my forehead before he disappeared behind the door. I could hear the sound of his car slowly disappearing in distance. I starred out to the window to check Henry in the backyard for few minutes before my eyes felt so heavy and I had to close my eyes. I staggered to the bed, slipping my body under the covers. I even had to breath with a mouth open. This flu is much worse than I thought.


About two hours later I woke up to the ruckus outside my room. Maybe Mr. Wenger was having a good mood today and decided that Kieran could go home early.

My head was still as heavy as before and the noise from outside getting louder. I reluctantly dragged my body to walk outside the room. I could smell something like ginger being cooked from the kitchen.

“Oh, (y/n)! Did I wake you up? I am so sorry, I didn’t know where you put the pot and stuffs.”

“No, it’s fine Mrs. Gibbs” I walked up to Donna, Kieran’s mom, who’s standing behind the kitchen counter. I swear I’ll get you later, Kieran Gibbs!

She put her hand on my forehead. “Wow, you still have the fever, sweetheart. Just lay down there, I’ll get the soup ready for you”

“Please, you don’t need to do this, Mrs. Gibbs”

She waved her hand motioning that she didn’t mind, “Just sit down, dear. Oh, and you can call me Donna, you’re my son’s wife and I’m not exactly Mrs. Gibbs anymore remember?” She showed me the ring on her finger.

I smiled at her. I remembered Kieran excitedly picking the right shirt to wear to his mother’s wedding, he didn’t want to use the same shirt as Jaydon but ended up the same since it’s supposed to be a uniform. They were really happy to see their mom walking down the aisle with the man of her life.

I really want to help her really but my head was too dizzy that I had to give up and finally throwing myself on the couch.

Donna sat down next to me with a bowl of soup, “Are you using white musk now?” I asked.

“You’re sharp. It’s a gift from a friend” she smiled, handling me the soup. “This will make you feel better”

“Thank you.” I held the bowl with my hand then adjusting my position in the couch. It looked good, chicken ginger soup with noodle. I knew she’s a good cook, I was glad by the fact that she still let her son married with a girl who knew nothing about cooking!

I cut a piece of chicken with the spoon and put it to my mouth. The next second I knew, I spitted the whole piece of chicken back to the bowl. It was the ginger I couldn’t stand, and now the smell was even clearer it urging me to puke.

I turned my face to Donna and she looked terrified. I apologized to her before I ran to the bathroom. I squatted down, getting ready to throw everything but nothing came out. I took a deep breath, sitting myself in the toilet seat. Fucking flu! I never had problem with ginger before. I love ginger! Ginger tea was one of my favorites.

I heard knocking on the door, “(y/n), are you okay? I just called Kieran, he said he’ll be home in an hour.”

“I am okay! It’s just upset stomach” I opened the bathroom door, and smiled to Donna, her worry face shown.

“Why? Was the soup that bad?”

“No, no-no-no. you’re a good cook and you know that. It’s just the taste and the smells of the ginger made me sick”

She raised her eyebrows, perhaps a little surprised by the answer, “Well, how about mint? I can still make you mint tea if that makes you feel better”

I took a deep breath, “I guess that will be okay” I reassured her with a smile.


“Hey! Hey! Baby, are you okay?” Kieran barged in with a loud noise, cutting between the talk I had with Donna.

“Yeah. Your mom and I was just talking about how you and Jaydon always put your hand on your nipple when you drank your milk.” Donna and I let out a laugh.

Kieran smiled to the two of us, then he placed his left hand on my forehead. “It’s getting better now.”

“Yes! Thanks to your mom’s greatest mint tea!” I said, holding up the mug higher.

“Thanks mom” Kieran muttered to his mother and he motioned to the kitchen asking his mother to speak with him privately.

I knew Kieran didn’t believe what I said and was going to make sure that I was really okay. I just shook my head leaving the funny thought; maybe he was just confused since it’s the first time I got sick after almost a year of marriage. I saw Donna pointing at the counter, where she left the leftover soup that she gave me earlier. Clearly she was telling Kieran what had happened. I turned my attention to my phone when I received a message from Coleen, wishing me a speed recovery. Kieran must have told Rambo.

Donna sat back next to me, grabbing the TV remote from the table. “He’s going to call the family doctor”

I shrugged, “You know I am okay”

Donna turned to me and smiled, “You know he’s a worrywart, he won’t stop until he’s really sure that you’re okay”

I giggled, “Maybe that’s better, so the Doc could tell him that I am okay!”


Kieran and his mother stood side by side on my bedroom as they watched the doctor put his stethoscope on my chest, then my belly. “Take a deep breath” he ordered. After a few second, he put back his stethoscope and grabbed what looked like a small flashlight. “Open your mouth, stick your tongue out.” I did what he said until he turned of his flashlight.

“Flu, right?” I asked the doctor, taking a glance at Kieran who shook his head mischievously.

“Yes, correct. You’ve taken the right medicine also. But I have several question” the doctor said.


“Do your back feel sore?”


“Do your breast feel sore too?”

I took a glance at Kieran then his mother, they both looked intense this time. “Well, sometimes I feel like a tingling sensation, but nothing more than that”

“Do you have a regular menstrual cycle?”

I frowned to his question, this time I didn’t dare to look at Kieran neither his mother. “I don’t really count… It usually in the beginning of the month” I answered unsurely.

“Well, then that could be the answer to Mr. Gibbs question.” The doctor turned his face to Kieran.

“What question?!” I starred at Kieran who’s now biting his lips.

“The pregnant signs Mrs. Gibbs, but we will be sure after you take the pregnancy test to know the result” Doctor announced. He smiled at me then he stood up, shaking Kieran’s hand, he walked out the room with Kieran’s mother, leaving me gawking.

Kieran stoned at his place, still biting his lips but his eyes were somewhere else. Am I really pregnant?

I counted to ten before I called him, “Kieran”

“I bought this before I came” he took out something from his pocket and handed it to me.

“A pregnancy test?! Kieran Gibbs! How can you-“

“The mood swings, bigger food portions, the cravings.” He said. Yes, I was desperately asking for a taro gelato at 10 pm three nights before, where Jaydon had to take me to the downtown since Kieran’s having a practice in the morning.

He smiled at me, extending his hand to guide me to the bathroom.


“We open our eyes together after I count to three, okay?” Kieran mumbled, his hand held mine tightly.

I just finished doing the pregnancy test, waiting for two minutes seemed like decades. Kieran asked me not to see for myself; instead he wanted us to see it together.




I slowly opened my eyes, adjusting to the light before I saw two red stripes appeared on the pregnancy test. I looked at Kieran who’s now smiling ear to ear. He put his arms around me, hugging me tight. Kissing my forehead repeatedly, “I am so happy”

“Me too!” I really do! Kieran and I, we’re going to have our mini version soon!

Kieran turned my body facing the mirror in the corner of the room, his hand now rubbing my belly. “Little baby, please take care of mommy. She needs to be really healthy to give you all the delicious meals.”

I giggled, “That sounds really funny”

“Yeah?” Kieran turn my body facing his before he put a deep kiss on my lips, “I love you, (y/n)”
“I love you too, Kieran”

He escorted me back to the bed, “You need to lay down.” He said, putting his serious face back on.

“Where are you going?”

“I am going to call Theo and Rambo!”