henry when i see you i feel this urge to have a baby


Pairing: College AU Henry CavillxOC and Chris EvansxOC some Chris EvansxOCxHenryCavill

it’s all smut

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oq + "i love you so much, i forgot what hating myself felt like." please? :*

Thank you so much for the prompt! And as always sorry it took me so long! I hope you like it!

Set after 06x11

Regina wakes up from the shattering sound which makes her jump in her bed, eyes wide opened, all sleep forgotten. Her first thought is that someone has come here her, or worse - to hurt Henry,  and she’s about to get out of the bed and rush to his room but then she remembers that Henry’s with Emma, and she’s alone here. 

Well, not completely alone.

There is Robin, this new and different, yet so familiar Robin in her living room sleeping peacefully on the couch that just hours ago made him laugh and frown, not being able to understand what kind of thing it is.

Her breath catches in her throat when a shadow is seen in her bedroom and there’s a fireball in her palm before she knows it. The fire lights up the room and her jaw drops open, a hand falling over her chest in relief as she finds Robin standing at her doorway. 

“I didn’t mean to scare you,” he tells her, his voice sheepish as he looks down at the vase shattered on the floor. Regina closes up her palm and turns to her side to turn on the bedside light. Then she turns to look back at him and sees him holding a box where she put all of the pictures, letters, and everything that reminded her of him, of Robin Hood. 

“What are you doing?” she asks confused and she has an urge to take the box from him - no one is supposed to open that box, not anymore - but it’s Robin, and he may not be the same, but he’s still there, his soul is in this man, and she thinks she should let him know, she should give him a chance to see what kind of life they’ve had.

“You knew I was a thief when you met me,” he says with a smirk on his face and she feels tears welling up in her eyes. Robin’s said that, in the library, when he’d found their page, when he had pulled her into his arms and kissed her until she was out of breath.

Her heart clenches at the memory and she inhales sharply, forcing herself to calm down. 

This new Robin must sense that something is not right because his smirk disappears and he comes to sit on the edge of the bed, beside her, the shattered vase completely forgotten. He looks at her for a moment, lets her take a moment to put herself back under control before showing her the box and asking, “Can I?” 

She should be offended that he was looking through her things, what is more he has broken the vase but she cannot find it in herself to be mad, so she nods her head and watches quietly as he opens the box and starts to look at the things in there. The first thing he takes out is a picture of him, Roland and Regina at the park, then it’s him and Henry building a tent, and then it’s them, Regina and Robin standing just outside Snow’s apartment, his hand on her cheek, back from when they’ve just started dating. 

He takes picture after picture, letter after letter (she wrote many of them, as stupid as it sounds, she wrote all of them to him after his death in hopes that maybe he’s still somewhere and will somehow read it) and with every thing Regina’s heart breaks. 

They sit there in silence for what feels like forever and then when he finally takes the last photo, he turns to look at her. “It would be stupid to ask if you loved the other version of me,” he tells her and she manages to smile through her tears. 

“I loved you so much, I forgot what hating myself felt like,” she whispers, afraid that if she’ll say the words out loud, her voice will break. She has never told Robin this before, has never said that she loves him openly and that’s the thing she regrets the most. “I-” and she has so much to say but all of this seems inappropriate so instead she just looks right into his blue eyes as her lower lip trembles.

Robin swallows hard and puts all the photos back into the box, closes it, puts it on the bed and then surprises Regina by pulling her into a tight hug, a hug that only her Robin could give. A hug that once upon a time put all of her broken pieces back together. 

“I may not be the same Robin but I promise to love you just as much,” he tells her and if she wasn’t this emotional, she would have laughed at him because they’ve just met, and he knows nothing about her, there is no way that someone can fall in love that quickly.

But as his arms tighten around her and she feels warmth surrounding her, she thinks that perhaps life has given her another chance, she realizes that this Robin may be different than hers but he has the same soul, and that soul is tethered to hers and she thinks - hopes - that maybe this time she’ll be able to save this precious soul from suffering.

She hopes.

Breakfast for the Boys

Notes: Once again, gotta thank @welllpthisishappening for listening to be babble on about this drabble and others like in the works. Without her encouragement, I probably would do nothing with this. Anyway, no Beth or Wes in this one. Strictly Harrison and Captain Cobra. You can read on AO3 here: [LINK]

Summary: Killian meets Henry for breakfast at Granny’s sans Emma despite sleep deprivation brought on by his newly-teething son. He quickly discovers he isn’t the only fan of bacon and sleep-deprivation does not excuse oneself from being teased by their stepson.

Rating: T

Word Count: 3,900+

When Killian had found out Emma was pregnant, he had been anxious, but more than anything, he had been excited; over the moon to be quite frank. Never in his nearly two centuries of life did he ever really expect to be someone’s father. (There had been a brief glimmer of hope with Baelfire all those years ago but that dream had died almost as soon as it has been begun to form in his head. And sure, he had Henry, whom he adored and loved fiercely, but Killian would never dare to try and replace Baelfire. It would have been a disservice to the man who desired that title so fiercely. No, Killian was never going to be Henry’s father, but he was definitely going to try hardest to be the best stepfather he could be.)

Now that the babe had been born and had been dictating their lives for the past months, Killian was just tired. Constantly. After spending practically centuries captaining the Jolly with a limited sleep schedule, Killian had thought he had at least been prepared for this aspect of fatherhood. He hadn’t. Reality had sunk in quickly and ruthlessly when his son had arrived home. The days seemed to bleed into each other painfully with no end in sight for midnight, two o’clock, four o’clock and six o’clock cries for feedings, cuddles and diaper changes. The worst thing was that it hadn’t petered out over the months like all the parent books promised, much to his dismay. No, instead of sleeping more, his son was sleeping less now that his teeth had decided to come in early. Their sleep schedule was even more messed up now especially since new teeth were not as easy to placate as a nightly need to feed. Though Killian loved his son fiercely, the sleep deprivation was jarring and he felt more like a zombie than he did when he was actually dead.

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Out Of Nothing At All - Two

“Y/N?” Hotch stared at you, taking in the words the doctor had just said. “You’re pregnant?”

“No…. ” you laughed. “Don’t be ridiculous. This must be what they mean when they say that hospitals are under staffed and over worked. People make mistakes, it’s fine though.”

Turning to the doctor you explained, “Doc, you’ve got the wrong file. I’m Y/F/N. Date of birth 17 April 1987. Social security number 146295. Definitely NOT pregnant.”

“I’m guessing this is news to you then?” he checked the files again quickly.

“It’s not news, it’s not a fact. I’m not pregnant. How could I be? I’ve not missed a period, I’ve not had any sickness. I feel absolutely fine.” You racked your brains trying to recall the dates of your last cycle.

Okay, so you had missed one period. It was two weeks late, but you figured it was due to the stress of the case or something. And you’d had three days of vomiting around a month ago. But that was down to bad food. Right. RIGHT!?

“Miss Y/L/N, a number of expecting mothers still have periods all the way through their pregnancy, and not all people experience morning sickness. I can run another test quickly if you’re able to provide a urine sample. I can run it here, in front of you.”

You nodded, swinging your legs over the side of the bed and holding your arm out expectantly. “Give me a cup and get the test please. I am NOT fucking pregnant. You’ve got this wrong.”

The doctor sighed and opened one of the storage cupboards that lined the room, handing you a small plastic beaker. Taking it, you hobbled through to the bathroom, returning moments later and handing the tub over. In the meantime he’d collected two plastic boxes, them both your standard run of the mill drugstore testing kits.

“I’ll do two tests as I can see you’re going to take some convincing but I can assure you, the tests are accurate.”

You watched as he unwrapped both boxes and dipped the ends of the two sticks into the fluid, laying them down one by one on a tray.

Hotch moved from his seat by the window so that he was closer to you, and you settled back onto the bed waiting the required thirty seconds. You couldn’t read the expression on your supervisor’s face.

You waited, your breath held until the time was up and the doctor checked the sticks before handing them both to you.

Plus signs. On both.

It took you half a minute to realise that the strangled cat you could hear wailing was you. The doctor began to back away muttering an, “I’ll leave you alone” and you felt Aaron’s cool hand on your arm attempting to soothe you.

“Wait. Don’t leave! Get it out. Get it out of me!” you were suddenly yelling.

“Pardon?” the doctor frowned and you felt Hotch stiffen besides you.

“You heard, I don’t want it. Get it out of me. Now. Today. I have money, I’ll pay whatever. I’m not leaving here until it’s no longer a problem.”

“Y/N….Think about what you’re saying.” Hotch was trying to keep the shock out of his voice.

“I’m being serious. Get it out of me. I do not want a child. I’m not Mommy material.” Swiping away the tears that were streaming down your face, you stared at the medical professional until he agreed to make a call and send someone down from the clinic to speak with you.

They arrived thirty minutes later, Agent Hotchner leaving the room so you could speak in private. You shot down every option the poor women offered you, impatiently telling them that, no adoption wasn’t an option and no you didn’t need time to think about this. You wanted it done now.

Eventually they relented, advising that they could do the procedure tomorrow. As you weren’t far along it would be fairly straight forward although you blocked them out as they explained what it would involve, leaving you with a pile of pamphlets.

Hotch came back into the room after the woman had left.

“I apologise for my outburst Sir. I’m sorry you had to see that.”

“It’s fine. Are you okay?” Concern coated his voice.

“I’m fine. Or at least I will be tomorrow.”

“Are you sure about this Y/N?”

“One hundred percent. I do not want children.”

“But you’re great with Jack and Henry. I don’t understand. You’d make a great mother.”

“Hotch, please don’t.”

He sighed, “What about the father?”

“What about the father exactly?” you asked.

“Well, do you not think he deserves to know?”

“Nope. It’s my body and my choice. I’m not having this THING ruin my life.”

“Okay. If you’re sure this is what you want then as your boss and friend, I’ll help in anyway I can.”

“Thank you Sir.”

The ride home was long and quiet. You kept your gaze averted from your travelling companions, tears silently rolling down your face as you contemplated your predicament.

You’d been checked over an hour ago and been cleared to leave the hospital, Hotch leading you carefully back to the SUV.

He’d stayed with you all day, arriving early at the hospital and waiting outside the clinical white room where they’d taken you to perform the procedure.

When you’d panicked and started yelling and crying, he’d been the one who’d stormed into the room, holding you, rubbing your back and stroking your hair as the nurses looked on sympathetically, used to this sort of reaction. He was going above and beyond the duty of just a boss, and you’d never forget him for being there for you today.

Every fibre of your body wanted the bundle of cells that had taken up residence in your womb expelled from it.

But when you’d been lying there in the hospital bed, legs akimbo in the metal stirrups, something else had taken over. 
Something had made you panic, crying out for your colleague whilst you struggled to breathe.

You couldn’t do it.

You didn’t want to be a mom, you could barely take care of yourself let alone be responsible for another human being.

And you knew adoption wouldn’t be an option. You couldn’t carry something for nine months just to hand it over and forget about it.

But you couldn’t bring yourself to end the pregnancy. Some fighting urge, some deeply hidden maternal instinct had kicked in and you hated what that meant.

You were going to have a baby.

A crying, messy, vomiting baby.


You could sense Hotch watching you as he pulled into your street, parking outside your house. He’d been quiet too on the way home, leaving you to your thoughts.

“Y/N. We’re here.”

You made no move to exit the car.

“Y/N. You’re going to be okay, you’re one of the strongest people I know.”

Nodding you opened the door and picked your bag up, your ankle still sore as you slid out of the seat.

Hotch followed you to your door.

“Are you going to tell the father? He could help.”

“No. I’ll do this alone.”

He looked uncomfortable as he asked th next question. “Do you… Do you know who the father is?”

You didn’t judge him for asking. It was no secret that you’d had a few lovers over the past twelve months, having come out of a five year relationship. It had become kinda a joke across the team in fact.

“Yes I know who the father is Hotch. And….I don’t want to involve him. He’s not a bad person or anything but it was a one night only thing and I have no desire to have any sort of relationship with him.”

He nodded. You could tell he disagreed but he wasn’t going to push the matter.

Up until you’d ended up in this position yourself you’d have agreed too, thinking that every child had the right to know their fathers. And every man had the right to know if they had a child out there.

But you just couldn’t go there right now.

“Okay, get some rest. It’s Wednesday and I don’t want to see you in work until Monday at the earliest. Take some time, maybe talk to your family. I know you’re not close but maybe it will help.”

It wouldn’t. That was a conversation you intended on putting off for as long as you could. Christmas in five years time should do the trick.

“And Y/N. Call if you need anything. Anything at all, and I mean that. I’m here for you as a friend, one that cares about you and not just as your boss.”

You sniffed back fresh tears and gave him the tiniest watery smile you could manage, murmuring a thanks to him before entering the front door to your house.

You’d just about made it to your couch before collapsing into tears again.

What a fucking mess. 

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17. Laflams

17.) “You’ll die and I can’t watch the person I love die.”

Thanks to @coffee-quill for letting me play in her Vampire verse for a bit!

Content Note: Blood, period typical homophobia

The war was over. The white flag flown. British troops retreating. Go home, boys, show’s over.

All John could do was wonder what would happen now. He’d spent the bulk of the war under the protection of two vampires, and now it was over, their little world was closing. He supposed Lafayette and Alexander would move on, continue their wandering of the globe. Together. He’d return to Charleston and…

And what?

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Are all right ? So how about a scenario one is MC getting pregnant ?

For everyone else, this was to be changed to MC having a baby ^^


  • the least prepared
  • probably ready to go out somewhere and suddenly
  • shit, chiaki, my water broke
  • has you immediately rushed to the hospital
  • probably frets the whole time during labor
  • introduces mutsuki immediately and just
  • meet ur niece/nephew
  • ALSO MUTSUKI IS SO EXCITED but probably jealous let’s be real he wants all of brother chiaki’s attention


  • lets be real toma is always prepared for everything LMAO
  • and he’s just holding your hand the whole time, rubbing your tummy fondly and affectionately
  • super excited to start a family with you and to be the father that henry wasn’t
  • ready to give that child everything
  • and while you’re in labor / giving birth he’s just pacing with the most straightforward face
  • when the baby arrives he just… admires your beauty with your new child


  • unprepared af
  • panics more than you likely
  • always constnatly asking you if you’re in pain and it’s like, WELL YEAH
  • asks 30000000 questions to the doctors and nurses while you’re in labor
  • probably wouldn’t have it in him to be in the room during it
  • and would feel bad afterwards lol
  • would try to come make it up to you and smother you with flowers and love
  • very shy around the baby bc like oh god that’s mine
  • he’s just so awestruck that something that he helped to make came out of you, like he knows how it works but holy shit the baby is so cute and e can’t take it


  • many jokes to get him through the anxiety and the pain that you and him are both suffering
  • probably would tease you about him likely seeing you poop when you push and get smacked in the process
  • but when the time comes he’s just holding firmly onto your hand and urging you
  • letting you squeeze the fuck out of his hand and just cheering you on
  • when the baby finally arrives he just
  • “I worked so hard to bring you into this world.”


  • but would be like, no, i’m your boyfriend and i have to be here fro you and support you like you have for me
  • doesn’t say much during it all, just is there and holds you and lets you even crush his hands in your grip even at the risk of hurting his fingers
  • Already so enamored by the baby once they’re cleaned off
  • and while you’re feeding them / resting / just holding the new life in your hands
  • he just comes over and presses a sweet chaste kiss against your forehead and your lips and just
  • your love that you share goes unspoken and just the way he’s keeping himself around you, you know exactly what he’s feeling and you’re just content with the new family you’re going to start


  • silent and stoic type but like
  • while he’s with you, he’s just constnatly eyeing you and gauging your reaction and your words and your pain
  • feels horrible because he can’t stop those labor pains
  • in the moments before labor actually starts, you’re talking about the new life ready to join the world and
  • he’s talking about how he’s going to protect you forever, and the child too especially and how you’re his and
  • wouldn’t be able to stomach the actual birth but would do it anyway because he wants to share that moment with you
  • coddles you close to him while your baby is in your arms, and he can’t help but gush about the future of your life together
This Isn’t The Last Time

This was supposed to be an Outlaw Queen wedding but it just turned into a somewhat angsty, Snow Queen thing. I might plan a part two of the actual wedding if anyone wants a part two (looking at you, my two likes) The original idea for this formed when I thought of Roland in a suit and at the urges of @its-a-story-of-love and @madjeknotts they said to write it so even though it didn’t turn out the way I originally planned, I’m still proud of this little ball of kinda-angst I’ve created. So yeah, have fun :) Read it here or ff.net

She feels sick.

That’s the only thing she can feel.

There’s no excitement, no glow radiating off her, no happiness. Nope. Just this nausea, a twirling stomach every time she thinks of this day, looks at that dress. It just sends her stomach into somersaults, wishing that there were still a few days left, a few more days to process everything.

And she’d been so happy. So, so happy when that question had came. In the quietness of their living room, tucked away from the world, in the safe comfort of each other, half asleep when the questioned had been asked. Indirectly, of course. What started off sounding like nothing more than a curious question- a, What would you do if I asked you to marry me? her overworked and tired brain mumbling, Probably say yes, not a lot of thought really put into the answer. Only when the true intention of the seemingly curious question had turned not so curious after all did it really sink in.

So you would then?

Would what?

Marry me?

She’d opened her eyes then, blinking a few times as it sunk in. What he was really asking her. It was only made more real by the ring that was facing her on his knee. The box open and inside holding a silver ring with three blue sapphire stones either side. And all she did was stare.

She’d been here twice before, both on the same day. Stared at Daniel’s ring with freedom and Leopold’s with fear. One she kept, the other she lost. And now a third sits in front of her.

She brought her eyes up to meet Robin’s, saw the blue pools filled with hope, a desperation that she’d say yes, just like she told him she would. In a haze, she’d nodded her head, not really feeling all there but Robin’s worried look turned into a wide smile as he slipped the ring onto her finger.

It had been the happiest she’d ever felt. A real happy ending in sight.

Now that happiness had been replaced with this. This nasty, horrible feeling in the pit of her stomach.

She has no reason to be feeling like this. She wants this. Has wanted it since that day, maybe even before if she thought hard about it, but now…she wishes it was anything but this day.

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I know this is scaling back your series like thirteen? (Christ Harrison is like thirteen now. Omfg) years but I really want to know how Emma and Killian found out about the first baby pirate Harrison (captain of the crew?)

Hi there! I’m so sorry that you waited so long for this. Unfortunately, I’m just a slow worker. With that being said, I don’t mind scaling back. I don’t write them chronologically. (I should perhaps write a timeline on when each story is taking place though.) 

In regards to Harrison being the captain of the crew? He’s more the quartermaster than the captain. Beth is more the captain since she can manipulate people to do her bidding the best. Quartermasters were vessel navigators; pirate quartermasters were elected by the crew and ranked higher than any officer except captain. Harrison is more of a guider than a demander, so I see him as a navigational guy. (I put way too much thought into this. Ignore me.)

Anyway, getting all that out of the way. Killian finding out about Harrison is a very angsty story. If you wanted a happy pregnancy reveal story, you picked the wrong kid. Like Harrison’s origin story is kinda horrible. This takes place three months after the finale. Please note that this angst-ridden ridiculousness has a lot of disturbing themes including child death and abortion. However, I mean this is at the way beginning. Like arguably this is the beginning of the Little Pirates timeline, so as angsty as this is, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Anyway, this is 4,100+ words of Killian discovering Emma is pregnant with Harrison.

There were some days when the good guys won but not everyone got a happy ending. Those were the hardest for Emma, who had been prophesied since birth to be the Savior, and had been told it was her duty to save everyone and bring back the happy endings. Today was one of those days.

For once the tragedy of the day wasn’t because magic or anything fairytale related at all, but a tragic tale of a broken family where one unhinged father discovered he wasn’t a father at all and decided the best course of action was to hunt down his wife and her children.

Killian had shot the husband when he had turned his weapon on Emma, saving ten-year old Ana Maria and eight-year old Dante but they couldn’t save the wife nor her six-year old son Oscar. The wife had been found shot in the back of the head in the residence. He and Emma had arrived too late for Oscar who had been suffering from a gunshot wound to the stomach. Emma sat with the boy as they had called for an ambulance, holding her hand against the wound in hopes of stopping the flow despite the blood pouring out between her fingers and pooling onto her jeans. She had held him close, whispering how it was going to be okay despite the fact that both Killian and Emma knew it was far from okay. Oscar had died before the paramedics had arrived and Emma had cradled his body close to hers, running her hands through his dark hair and tears silently streaming down her cheeks.

Killian had known that there was nothing he could do or say to make it better. He had felt this in his bones. He had tried to comfort her in a physical way, reaching for her hand and trying to put an arm around her shoulders. She had shrugged off both attempts so Killian let her be. David, who helped answer the call with them since they were having dinner together at Emma’s parents’ place, hadn’t gotten the memo, trying to tell Emma it wasn’t her fault or how “no team bats a thousand” - whatever the bloody hell that meant. Emma had just nodded absently in response, blood still covering her hands and mascara leaving trails under her eyes; David’s words hadn’t even penetrated the surface. She was lost somewhere dark in her head, beyond their reach.

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Out Of Nothing At All - Twenty Four

… Five months later…

“Guys that was a beautiful ceremony but I need to get that little guy off to bed.” JJ nodded over to the garden chair where Henry was currently slumped over, fast asleep.

“It’s long past Jack’s bedtime too, so I think we’ll head off as well.” Aaron ruffled his sons hair, looking down to where Jack was sat holding Saoirse, still utterly transfixed by her.

Five months had passed since the birth of your daughter. Five…. you were meant to say glorious months, but you’d be lying.

You’d been exhausted for the first three months and how Spencer had not upped and left, you didn’t know.

Saoirse had been a colicky baby and for two months immediately after she’d been born you’d barely had any sleep. You’d yelled at Reid so many times and then broken down crying afterwards, scared he’d leave.
He hadn’t though. And he’d been patient and kind, and loving with both you and her. She was, almost annoyingly, a complete Daddy’s girl. Her face lit up when he entered the room and nights when she wouldn’t settle for you, she’d settle for him. But then there were also nights she’d cry and cry for you and only your lullaby would soothe her, so that made you feel needed again.

Once the colic had passed and you’d gotten into a routine, life had become much more enjoyable. She was generally a happy baby. But gosh, she liked to be talked to though. Reid’s fault, you always thought. Those damn books on tape he’d made you play to her whilst she was inside.

Whenever you were pottering around the house cleaning, you had to give her a running commentary of what you were doing. Or else she’d cry. So anyone walking past your kitchen window when it was open would hear something along the lines of:

“Mommy’s cleaning Little S…. Cleaning up Daddy’s freaking coffee and sugar mess…. Oh look, Daddy has actually emptied the dishwasher… Well done Daddy, first time all week. If only we could teach him to… Why is there a book in the fridge? Little S, did you put the book there? I know I didn’t. What shall we do with it? Hide it from Daddy? Yes let’s hide it……”

Your’s and Spencer’s relationship had surprised no one else but yourselves. Everyone in the team admitted that they’d thought you two were perfect for each other for a long while, long before you were even pregnant. You’d settled into a partnership nicely, the feelings you had for him only growing stronger with each day. He’d moved into your bedroom once you were home from the hospital, although up until a month ago there’d been no…. funny business. You’d been far too sore at first and then, just scared.

But it had happened, and he’d reassured you afterwards that it felt exactly the same and it definitely was NOT baggy. And now Saoirse was settled into a routine and you had more energy, you were starting to get to know each other again in the bedroom. Condoms were definitely not being forgotten this time though and at your doctor’s urging, you’d had the coil fitted.

You were still off work on maternity leave and would remain off for another month. You were returning to the BAU but only part time and only in an office based position for now. You’d help Garcia with the technical side of things and keep the filing up to date. Kate was staying on as your replacement, and having you in the office as well meant that in theory, filing wouldn’t build up as much. 

Spencer and you had found a nanny that was coming to spend three days a week with Saiorse, a middle aged woman named Julie. You’d interviewed for weeks before finally coming across her. It was the bag of books that she’d bought with her that had sold her to Reid, and her no nonsense attitude that had sold her to you.

Today had been the naming ceremony. Penelope had planned the whole thing, completely taking over your house when you’d given her permission to do so. Neither you or Spencer were religious so Penelope had performed the ceremony herself, giving each of the team things to say and do throughout.

When it had come to appointing legal guardians in case of emergency, you’d selected Aaron and Spencer had selected JJ. They’d both been elated and the choices made total sense for both of you. Aaron had been there throughout and him and Jack were a continued presence, coming over at least once a week if they could. Jack was smitten with Saoirse, the little girl that had kicked him when she was inside you. It was adorable to see him sitting and reading to her and you and Aaron couldn’t help but make eyes over the top of his head wondering if perhaps your prediction from the hospital room all those months ago, would come true. JJ had been a great help to you as well, on hand to offer motherly advice which you knew you wouldn’t get from your own mother.

Your own mother hadn’t been to see her new grandchild, and you hadn’t expected her to. She’d sent a Tiffany rattle and some cashmere baby blankets along with a bottle of champagne but that had been it. You’d invited her to today’s ceremony out of courtesy, not surprised to receive a note with her apologies. Liam however had made an effort. Since reaching out to you that night she’d call at least once a week and both her and George, along with their children had come down for the day, checking into a hotel nearby. It was strange, embarking on a relationship with a sibling you’d grown up hating, but you were taking baby steps and were actually coming to realise that you had more in common with each other than you’d initially thought.

Diana had been able to make the trip as well, with the assistance of an aid. You and Spencer had visited Vegas when Little S was two months old and the look on the woman’s face as she’d held the granddaughter she thought she’d never get was enough turn the water works on for both you and the nurses in the room. When she’d heard that you and Reid were now a couple, her grin had become even wider and as she’d embraced you when it was time to leave, all she could do was whisper “thank you”  to you, over and over.

Once Aaron and JJ announced their intentions to leave, it seemed to signal leaving time for the other guests too. The team were coming over tomorrow to help tidy up so you sent Spencer off to put Saoirse to bed as you saw the last of the guests out and locked up.

You were exhausted, happy but exhausted. As you climbed the stairs to bed you could hear the sound of Spencer singing quietly to her.

The boy couldn’t sing for shit, for it was still the sweetest and cutest thing hearing him trying to soothe her to sleep with the lullaby you’d sang to her when she was snug inside your tummy. You leant against the nursery door for a moment, watching him in the wooden rocking chair, adoration all over his face.

You smiled and let out a happy sigh. Spencer heard you, glancing up and grinning at you. “I’ll put her down in a minute, I just want to make sure she’s fast off.”

“Okay…. Don’t be too long.” You headed into your bedroom, taking your make up off and getting ready for bed.

Sitting there, an idea began to form in your head. There was only one thing that bothered you about this whole situation and that was…… the baby’s surname. You didn’t regret giving her the surname Reid, it meant more to him that it did to you.

But you weren’t lying when you’d said that you wanted your children to have the same surname as you. And you loved Spencer, more than you dared to admit sometimes.

As he walked into the bedroom, looking handsome as hell with his shirt sleeves rolled up and the buttons undone at the collar, it became clear to you what needed to happen.

“Spence…. Come here a second.” You reached out your arm for him, taking his hand as he came closer and pulling him down next to you on the bed.

“Today was good wasn’t it?” you asked him.

“Today was amazing Y/N. What’s wrong… You look, well… Kinda lost in your own thoughts again.”

“Nothing’s wrong. In fact, for the first time in my life everything is actually going right. Spence, you and Saoirse, you’re all that I never knew I wanted. I never imagined I could feel this much love for another human being, let alone two human beings. I love you both so much.”

“Y/N, it still feels so amazingly strange to hear you say those words to me. Strange but so very right. And you know that I love you too. I adore you, not just for giving me Little S, but for giving me you.” He started to kiss your cheek, moving from one to the other, pushing your hair aside as he did.

Stopping him, you slid off the bed onto the floor so that you were kneeling before him.

“What are you doing?” he looked confused.

“Spence….. We’ve done everything else totally backwards so we might as well break tradition here too. I never wanted children. And… I never really wanted marriage either. But now I’ve got one, and I’ve got a partner that I love wholeheartedly….. I kinda want the other.”

You took a deep breath, hearing a soft, “oh my god” leave his lips as he realised where this was going.

“Spencer Reid, will you marry me?”

He burst out laughing.


Not the reaction you expected.

Seeing the hurt expression on your face, he quickly tried to rectify his actions.

“No no no, Y/N, I’m not laughing at you… I promise.” He climbed off the bed, rummaging in his sock drawer before joining you on the floor and kneeling in front of you.

“I was….. erm, I was going to give you this on your birthday in two weeks. I kinda had it all planned out, fancy meal, tickets to see a band I know you like. But seeing as you’ve spoilt the supprise.” He grinned at you before holding out a tiny velvet box.

Opening it you saw the most beautiful white gold engagement ring, purple amethysts and diamonds adorning it.

“So…. My answer, Y/N, is yes… If you’ll marry me.”

You nodded, laughing together as he took your hand and slid the ring onto your finger before pulling you in for a breathtaking kiss.

“Oh the others are going to go mental tomorrow when we tell them,” you giggled.

“Probably not you know, they seemed to have been more sure about us all along than we have.” He stood, reaching down for your hands ready to pull you up. “Now, how tired are you exactly?  Because I think we’ve got some celebrating to do.”

Looking at up at him at laughing again, you reached for his belt.

“Dr Reid, I think I’m in a fairly good position to start the celebrations off, don’t you?”

He looked down at you seeing your eyebrows raised and getting your meaning. Licking his lips he groaned, “Well.. You are down there already right?”

You pushed him lightly into sitting position onto the edge of the bed and started undoing his trousers.


The Second Time Around

Written for Day 4 of AU Week: Another Time

Summary: Emma hadn’t planned on getting pregnant the first time. It had been pretty darn awful.

Things were a hell of a lot better the second time around.

Length: 1,463 words

Notes: Long story short, I’m having far too much fun with AU Week and I’m a sucker for pregnancy fics. 

Read on AO3

Emma was late.

She was very late.

Now, Emma was not the most punctual person in the world, but she wasn’t that variety of late.

Oh no, she was late late. It had been six weeks, she’d counted, and nothing. Her boobs were sore, she was tired as fuck, and walking from the station to Granny’s never used to be so tiring. Not wanting to make any assumptions, Emma had run to the pharmacy on her way home after bowing out early from work. A simple complaint of a migraine and her husband and father sent her home to get some rest.

She picked up two pregnancy tests at the pharmacy just to be safe. (It was easy, too easy, to convince Sneezy that she was buying them for an embarrassed friend)

And now, with the completed tests sitting on the bathroom counter, all Emma could do was wait. And pace.

All of a sudden, the timer on her phone went off, signaling that the tests were ready.

“Oh, God,” Emma muttered before steeling herself and going back in the bathroom.

Both of the tests were positive.


She was pregnant.

Holy fuck, she was pregnant.

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anonymous asked:

Can you please do Henry holding baby Morgan? P.s. I love your work!!! Thank you ❤

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

“Little pup, little pup! Ohh, just look at you, my sweet little peach pit! You’re so tiny and pink!” Henry was having a ball, holding your son. 

His arms wrapped tight around the blue bundle, Morgan’s face red from a combination of newborn laughter and trying to cope with his father’s endless energy. He kept surprising the baby with showers of kisses, which startled the boy more than anything.

While you were happy to see Henry so elated to meet his son, you weren’t sure he was handling the baby quite as gently as he was supposed to.

“Um, Henry? Maybe you should bring it down, a little. You’re a bit too excited for Morgan’s…brain capacity.” You said tiredly, watching helplessly from the confines of your bed while Henry spoiled Morgan with affection.

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SQW Summer 2016 - Day 7: Physical Intimacy

“Wait, don’t–” Regina began when those kisses reached the hem of her panties, but alas, she was too late, as those too were torn off with a jerk of Emma’s teeth. She sighed dramatically. “If you’re going to tear apart all my lingerie, I may as well not wear any.”

“No complaints here,” Emma rumbled, pressing soft kisses into a neat little patch of dark curls, shifting further down towards where those curls were damp with Regina’s essence. “Do you know how long I’ve been wanting to taste you?”

Dark eyes stared down at her, all naked heat and uncontained lust, a wicked smile dancing across her lips. “By all means, Sheriff, don’t let me stop you.”

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Our Own Little Captain Swan

Thank you to those who gave me suggestions for what to write next. This will probably have a second part to include the two pregnancy prompt ideas. For now, thank you @fleurreads for this first suggestion. 

She didn’t realize until she was mixing the batter for the brownies, sipping on her fourth cup of hot chocolate (extra cinnamon). She was usually never this chocolate oriented. Sure she enjoyed the occasional hot chocolate in the mornings, or when she was out with Henry, but she was usually drawn more to salty foods than sweets.  But for the last week or two, her diet had consisted of two things: chocolate and cinnamon. A combination that hadn’t made itself present until she was pregnant with Henry.

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Like A Drum

Written for blangstpromptoftheday #848: Blaine was born with a heart defect and was ultimately fitted with a pacemaker when he was very young. Present day Blaine- the pacemaker stops working and he collapses in the middle of class/glee club/on the subway in NYC. Kurt isn’t there so he doesn’t find out til later that his boyfriend/fiancé nearly died. [Ao3]

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Not Blood of My Blood

Henry finds out he’s adopted.

Regina isn’t called to Henry’s school often. In fact, she can’t remember the last time she had answered her office phone to hear that her son had fallen on the playground, or that he had forgotten his lunch at home, and whether that was because Henry is older now, already 10 years old, and is less clumsy and forgetful, or if his teacher would rather not risk upsetting the mayor, Regina doesn’t know.

So when her phone rings at 1:08 on a Thursday afternoon, Regina is surprised to hear Ms. Blanchard’s voice on the other end, asking her to come to the school, that something had happened with Henry.

There are few times that Regina had wished for her magic through the past 28 years, and this was certainly one of them. She’d rather poof to her son’s side, to see how badly he was hurt in an instant, but she is stuck grabbing her purse and running to her car, to speed the whole way to the school until she can rush inside the building.

Ms. Blanchard is waiting outside the classroom door for her, arms crossed over her chest and sad eyes staring intently at the floor until she hears the clicking of Regina’s heels echoing down the hall.

Regina feels a bubble of anger at the sight of the teacher. Henry had only been in her class a few weeks, and already he was getting hurt. She had been reluctant to allow Henry to enter her class, but of course, why would she ever want her son to be taught by Snow White, of all people? She has ruined Regina’s life at every turn; surely no good would come out of her interacting with Henry on a daily basis.

But Henry had insisted that he wanted Ms. Blanchard as a teacher, that she was the best in the whole school, that she told better stories than all the other teachers (not as good as his mom’s, though), and she couldn’t deny her son, no matter how badly her gut told her to.

But look where it got them. Best teacher, my ass, she thought.

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The Littlest Winchester (Part 3 of 5)

(Note: I’ve never done mpreg before but my friend has been having a hard time, so I’m doing it for her because she likes mpreg stories and friends do nice things for each other. Enjoy! To catch up on this story, you can read it on Tumblr or on Ao3.)

Kansas suffered through one of the most blistering hot droughts in generations that summer. For most people, it was inconvenient. For a pregnant angel on flight restriction, it was a nightmare.

Jody Mills’ figure appeared on the security monitors, making Dean give up on looking for Castiel for the moment. Rustling and voices toward the back corner of the residence in the bunker suggested he was up to something with Sam anyway. Those two developed a much closer friendship since the pregnancy became known, not that he pretended to understand why or how.

The moment Dean let Jody in, she glared at him through dark bangs swept sideways over her forehead. “Can’t you ever call me just to say hi like normal people or do you have to keep dropping atomic bombs of crazy on me? A pregnant angel? Are you even real at this point?”

“Hi, Jody,” Dean greeted through a grin. He yanked her into a hug.

“Ugh, don’t try to get on my good side. I’ve been driving for three days and I stink,” she groused. “Sorry it took over a month to get out here, but y'know, some of us have jobs that require vacation time requests.”

“It’s fine. We’re just glad to see you,” he replied as he took a bag off her shoulder and a box with a handle from her. “I fixed up a room for you. Clean sheets, a TV, the whole nine.”

“My hero,” she said. “Where you got the pregnant angel stashed?”

“His name’s Cas. He’s upstairs with Sammy. C'mon, I’ll introduce you guys.” Dean motioned for her to follow.

Upstairs, Sam crossed the far end of the hall, arms loaded down with fragile boxes probably as old as Henry Winchester. The two of them, Sam and Castiel, worked in an unused and barely explored room in a quieter corner of the residence. There, Dean found Castiel squatting in an awkward balanced position with an expectant belly six months along getting in his way. He sorted through papers in multiple boxes at once. A dust rag hung over his shoulder and Dean’s sweatpants cut below his belly. He generally looked hot, uncomfortable, and unhappy.

“Uh, Cas, what are you doing?” asked Dean cautiously.

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Can’t Wait to Meet You (Henry Cavill x Pregnant Reader)

Originally posted by henrycavillbeinguncomfortable

 A/N: To the anonymous who requested me this cute little fic about what would Henry would be like when he becomes a father or preparing for a baby! it was adorable! I loved writing it! and  Sorry if im a little late on this haha i have been busy with work and different things but here ya go! :D

You have been with Henry for over a little 6 months, and about a couple weeks ago you found out that  you were pregnant with your’s and Henry’s first child. You were nervous and excited to tell Henry about this pregnancy but on the other hand you both really never touched on the subject of kids just yet .

In the bedroom, you stood in the full length mirror and rubbed your belly and whispered softly “hey little one.” you smiled knowing that there was a life forming inside of you created by you and Henry. You sighed  not feeling the best and laid down on the big California king bed, and got on your phone looking through it when the front door shut and the dog was began barking.

“Y/N”  Henry yelled through out the house, you giggled as you got up from the bed and walked to the stair balcony and leaned on the railing.

“Henry i’m right here” you yelled at him with a smile playing on your face as he came from the kitchen and smiled up at you.

“what are you doing”

“What i am doing, i was laying down baby, i don’t really fe-” you suddenly go the urge to puke, you ran towards the master bathroom making it on time to the toilet and started to get sick. You couldn’t hear Henry jog up the steps and come into the room and into the bathroom, but you felt him pull your hair away from your face and toilet bowl. He rubbed your back as you soon finally stopped, you groaned and closed your eyes and leaned onto Henry’s shoulder.

Henry was worried about you, that was about the third time you had gotten sick, you brushed your hair with his hand and looked down at you with great concerned “Y/N baby that’s the third time you had gotten sick you alright” he asked you worried. You just moaned his response and mumbled softly. “water can i have some water please.” He nodded and got up easily so he didn’t disturb you and got you a cup from the sink.

“here baby” He handed you the water from the sink, you softly and easily took it from his hands and put it up to your lips and took a small sip and put it down.

Just then you felt you being lifted from the ground and being carried by strong arms, you opened your eyes softly and looked up at Henry and smiled. Henry placed you into bed, and laid by your feet after tucking you in. “ i hate seeing you sick baby” he frowned as he rubbed up and down your leg.

“i know darling, i know i hate it too” you sighed softly as you drifted off to sleep.

Henry smiled softly at you “I love you Y/N So Much” he whispered and easily stood up from the bed without waking you, you looked so peaceful and he didn’t want to wake you. Henry leaned over and kissed your forehead and walked into the bathroom to use it.

When using the bathroom, Henry noticed a little pink tip in the trash can at the bottom of the trashcan. He soon was done and flushed the toilet and fixed himself before he grabbed a piece of not used toilet paper and started to dig in the small trash can and grabbed the little stick, his eyes went wide he finally knew what it was

“pregnancy test” he whispered and read it and noticed the two pink lines, he grinned from ear to ear, he had always wanted kids but never told you that yet because he was afraid that you didn’t want any, but not knowing you did want to have kids.

He walked out with the pregnancy test behind his back and watched you softly wake up with a small smile playing on his face. “hey baby, im sorry you had to see that” Henry smiled as he sat next you, and chuckled “Its alright, i hate seeing you like this” he used one of his free hands to rub your thigh, he stopped and looked down and bit his lip, you chuckled.

“Henry, is there something wrong” you asked now sitting up in bed, Henry looked up and softly smiled “oh yeah everything is fine, but i have a question” he kept watching your expression.

You swallowed nervously, and started to get sick again not due to being pregnant but being nervous about what Henry has to say “I hope he didn’t find the test” you thought to yourself quietly as you watched him move his hands from behind him with..”the test, Shit” you muttered quietly to yourself

Henry looked at you with one of his eyebrows raised “so when were you going to tell me” he looked at you and then to the test, you sighed and closed your eyes.

“i was going to tell you Henry, i truly was but i was afraid to, i mean we never talked about kids yet” you whispered softly and sniffled. Henry laid the test at the end of the bed and got in behind you on the bed and wrapped his arms around you. He then used one of his hands to turn your face towards him, he had a great big smile playing on his face and kissed you.

“Y/N, Honey you don’t need to be afraid to telling me things specifically like this, i always wanted kids and have a big family like mine” he softly told you, you looked down while biting your lips and placed your hands on his chest.

“ever since i was little girl, i would always dream about having kids and getting married” you looked up at Henry with a small smile, he smiled.

“well we’re not married yet, but we’re having a kid so have you been to the doctors yet” Henry asked you shook your head “No i haven’t not yet anyways” he nodded at took your hand and rubbed it.

“I love you Y/N so much and Our little one”  he smiled as he placed both of his hands on your stomach, you grinned great big as you watched Henry start talking to your belly.

“hey little one, i’m your father” he whispered, “I can’t wait to meet you, neither can your mommy” he looked up at you, you had tears in your eye’s you knew he was going to be a great father. He then traveled back up to your lips and kissed you with passion and pulled away.

“i think you’re going to make a great father” you smiled, he chuckled and looked at you, “Yeah well you say that now, im nervous Y/N what if im not a great father to our child” he looked down and played with your hands, you smiled softly and placed one of your hands on his face and rubbed your thumb smoothly over his cheek, he then looked up.

“Henry, you will make a great father, i see the way you talk to the little kids when they see out in public, your going to be great don’t worry, im nervous too but we can do this” you smiled softly “we’ll do this we will get through this together” he smiled at your comment and wrapped his arms around you again, to where you were laying your head on his chest with your arms wrapped around him.

“I love you and our little one, i hope its a boy” he grinned “then i can teach him different things” he smiled down at you, “what about you Y/N?” he asked you, you hummed in response you were almost asleep “i just want our little one to be born healthy” you mumbled, he felt his chest rumble with a little chuckle as he kissed your head “sleep-tight Y/N my queen and sleep-tight little one” he placed his hand on your belly and whispered “ i can’t wait to meet you”  he then fell asleep along with you.

Thinking It Over- Part 2

This is the continuation of ‘Thinking It Over’ part 1


 Do check it out! ;)

Thank you so much lovely Phoebe @omelialover for helping me to proofread the PP details and characters. <3

And thank you Jordan @jordan202 for helping out with the medical detail in the middle as my Paeds knowledge might be little rusty already ;)

I’ve to admit - I didn’t watch PP and don’t have the time to watch the entire series, but lots of researching on PP Wikia and the wonderful Omelia GC helped a lot!  Thanks to the Omelia GC girls who always readily answered my questions about PP:D

Enjoy!! :)


Addison gasped in shock as she saw Amelia standing at her doorstep, shivering and soaking wet.

 ‘ Amelia?!’she whispered in surprise and disbelief. She just couldn’t believe her eyes. Was this a dream? Sure, she did speak to Amelia on the phone at least once or twice a month and they FaceTimed occasionally, but for the past few months since Amelia had gotten married, they hadn’t been keeping in touch with each other often. Addison concluded that Amelia was busy with her newly married life.

 But now here Amelia was, standing right in front of her. Something was wrong, she could sense it.

 Addison quickly sprang into elder sister mode once she recovered from her initial surprise upon seeing Amelia, taking Amelia’s luggage.

 ‘ Come on in’. she ushered Amelia into the living room. ‘You’re soaking wet, damn it! You must be cold. I’ll make you a cup of hot chocolate. But first, you should take a warm shower and change your clothes first.

 ‘ Who is it?’ Jake called from up the stairs.

 ‘ It’s Amelia’ Addison answered.

 Jake was at Addison’s side in an instant.

 ‘ Amelia?!’ he exclaimed.  ‘You’re here!!!’

 ‘ Shhh….Henry is sleeping’ Addison whispered. ‘ And Amelia here needs a shower and some warm clothes.’

 ‘ You can sleep in the guest room.’ Addison offered, as Jake took Amelia’s luggage into the guest room and Amelia followed behind, smiling gratefully at Addison.

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Stranger Things Have Happened

A Captain Swan Secret Santa gift for @captain-dbrady. Hello! It is I, your Secret Santa! I had a bit of trouble trying to figure out what you might like for Christmas, and even less time to write it in. So this is what happened.

I know you are partial to the Season Three Finale, as I am. But if it never took place, maybe this would happen?

Merry Christmas!

Love, Rachel.

Emma had always been partial to rooftops at night.

Sure, there was always the odd chance you might cut yourself on a rusty nail and come down with an awesome case of lockjaw. You might suddenly develop vertigo and be unable to climb back down the fire escape, and have to be rescued by the Fire Department. Or, worst case scenario,  you might lose your balance, slip off the edge and plunge to your death. All very attractive options.

But all that aside, there really was no better feeling than sitting up on a ledge and letting your feet dangle out below you. Being able to see everything, where no one could see you.

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Fic: Back to Me

Back to Me
by misscam

Summary: Come back to me. Snow kisses him, and Charming remembers. An AU take on early S1. [Snow/Charming, with daddy!Charming, grandpa!Charming and Mary Margaret & Emma friendship.]

Rating: Teen. Implied adult activities, but nothing graphic.

Author’s Note: Written to the following prompt: “When Mary Margaret Blanchard gave David CPR right after he woke from his coma, it brought back his true memories. (Since the curse hadn’t fully take hold of him yet). So Charming knows who he is, and Snow and Emma don’t.” I played with it a bit and it kinda got away from me. Oops? This is fic enough for at least two days of the summer ficletathon, I do believe!

A03 / ff.net


He remembers being confused, so confused, everything in his mind so muddled except for one thing: Finding her. He had to find her. He always found her. Her. He didn’t even remembers who she is, just that she was love and light and everything.

He didn’t remember, until she kisses him back to life and memories and everything he is floods into him like a torrent and he is drowning again.

Come back to me.

She is looking at him, her green eyes like anchors. Her. Snow. He is Charming and she is Snow. Yes. He remembers. He remembers everything.

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