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cornbreadcrumbs  asked:

I started following you for your love of Richard "The Kingmaker "Nevill, Earl of Warwick. I still have love for that magnificent bastard to this day, but I stayed a follower because of how different you are from most every other blog on Tumblr. Cheers!

*thumbs up* Oh, Warwick is still my historical favourite, and always will be. :D  I admit I’ve not thought about the Wars of the Roses much for a while now, occasional trips to see Henry VI aside, but it’s a period of history that will always be dear to my heart.

Well, now I’m intrigued; how is this blog different from others on Tumblr? :D

“Portrait of Agnes Marsh, Wife of Henry Wheelwright Marsh, at Warwick Castle” (detail) (1915) by Frank Percy Wild (1861-1950).