henry valois

Pairings you would have liked to see more of

Henri and Dianne—for history’s sake. In real life Dianne WAS practically the queen and she was a big cougar. She was nothing like Reign’s version of Dianne, she was 100 times better and more interesting.

Catherine and the Duke of Guise- I was all prepared to ship Catherine and Narcisse at the beginning of this season, but then Narcisse and Lola had a scene and I quickly changed ships. When the Duke of Guise came back I thought he was going to be Catherine’s version of Narcisse, but no they robbed us of our joy after one scene! No!

Leith and Yvette would have been interesting. Leith and Claude would be interesting too now that I think about it…

Louis and Claude—they only had that one scene together but I felt more chemistry there than Louis/Mary or Claude/Narcisse. I thought these two actors had great chemistry and it would have been great to see them work off each other, but instead we got Louis and Mary, which isn’t nearly as cool as Claude and Louis. Oh well… Maybe now they’ll kick Claude of the show since she has no other purpose for being there. 

What do you guys/girls think? 


"How can I choose to be a part of your world? I don’t even know if it’s real."

Catherine and Henry in the 2x11 promo (x)


Just another ordinary fireside discussion in the Valois household. [Reign 1.14].