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I know no ways to mince it in love, but directly to say, “I love you.” Then if you urge me farther than to say, “Do you, in faith?” I wear out my suit. Give me your answer, i’ faith, do; and so clap hands and a bargain. How say you, lady?

                                                         Henry V, Act 5, Scene 2. W. Shakespeare



My Favorites Kings Pretty Far: 

-Henry VII Tudor, famous for  unite England under the Tudor dynasty, wise and brave

-Henry VIII, Whose hunger for lust and power are legendary 

-Alexander the Great, All the strength and power of youth, there will never be another king in the East or West like him. Alexander is the King of Kings.

-Augustus, the first Empeor of Rome, famous for his charisma & cunning spirit

-Ragnar Lothbrok,  His vision of the world crossed borders without him just left darkness

-Louis XIV of France , The king for whom  any dream was  impossible

-Leto II Atreides, The king who sacrificed his life for his country, the martyr

-Jon Snow, Coming from death to reign, the revenge is of him 

-Edward III, King of two nations, the time does not exist owns him

-Henry V , where the fury becomes in storm