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okay guys, theses days we got little update of amber on several insta account. (just before speaking a little bit i just wanna tell you to not spam to much thoses account, respect the privacy eventhough i think amber allowed them to post the pic ty).

Well, a lot of people notice the fact that she got thin. I don’t know if it was on purpose but i want her to eat well and be healthy. I’m glad to know Amber goes out and see friends, it’s good for her moral. 


As u can see she dyed her hair really blonde, i love it. When i first see the picture at the wedding of her gray hair i was so happy af. Some people say “new hair= comeback”, well, im mitigated. I hope so but due to the conditions of amber, i hesitate. Nevertheless, new hair for me are a sign of renewal. Starting again. Will to moving forward. (Im maybe wrong but that’s really how i fell things about hair. For me they are significant of a conditon)

you know i won’t lie to you, i feel pain and sadness into amber eyes looking at thoses pics. At least she looks really tired. But you know, sometimes it’s okay to be sad, better than hidding the truth and pretending to be happy. I’m really grateful to amber bc she is honest and she trusted us and accepted to confide in us. She loves us really, be sure of that. She accepted to be shown on insta FOR US GUYS and FOR HER FRIEND. she knew there will be infatuation on the pics, some spam, a lot of notifications also. But her friend did it for us too. Please be really tankful to them it’s important. She is tired or maybe exhausted but THAT’S NORMAL GUYS, NORMAL. She is having a tough time. It’s life. her company doesn’t treat her very well, she is neglected despite her enormous talent. yes, i’m worried, but all we can do is loving her. It’s a lot trust me. The quality of our fandom is that we are truthworthy dont we?



Amber is never far from Henry.

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Leaving homes when we were young, 
Passionate was all we had.
Followed our dreams, followed our hearts,
Kept in mind, “Go big or go home.”

How did we start? I can’t remember.
The faster time runs, the closer we get.
“Look like siblings,” people often said,
That is what we first be named.

“A sister whom I feel good with,”
“A brother who takes care of me well.”
Those normal words we usually said; but, 
Today, heart beats faster. I can’t tell.

“Can we be something more than that?”
To find the answer, I keep chasing,
Then realize, it’s no longer needed.
We are, right now, already beautiful.