henry starving

I’ve seen ARBs argue that Henry was starved because Regina left him at home for a few hours.  He’s literally got a plate of food and milk in front of him in the shot yet this is evidence that he’s starving?  There are eight year olds on national television cooling fancy dinners of Master Chef Jr but apparently Henry Mills can’t feed himself if his mother isn’t home?  

I’ve seen ARBs claim that she’d have child protective services called on her for leaving him at home.  When you show them guidelines from the state of Maine that say otherwise they then say you are hung up on legalities.  Like they aren’t the ones who brought up the legalities in the first place.

But what annoys me most about people using this scene as proof that Regina is a terrible parent is that it usually comes with a side of slut shaming.  Because single mothers aren’t allowed to have sex.  Or apparently ground their children for the long list of misbehavior including credit card fraud and running away across state lines that happened in the previous few days.