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Whoa, just breathe ok? Bendy isn't here. As for where you are uh...let's just say you've got bigger problems to worry about. *waves off* Sammy was mind controlling you or something, and he's gone now, but will probably be back soon- so I would get out of here or at least call out to your friend.

*Henry runs to the door reaching for the door knob* 

*Henry freezes entirely for a long moment before suddenly shuddering and backing away from the door. As he does his hand returns to normal. He takes a seat over where Sammy and Norman had been not too long ago.*

H: I- urgghh my head. 
*He pauses for a moment before his frown deepens* 
H: Bendy- Bendy wouldn’t want to see me anyway… I’ve broken too many promises…


Henry Turner

Worry, angst, fear, relief, fluff, love

Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean

Request: “If you wouldn’t mind… Could you possibly write one with Henry Turner were the reader literally "falls” (like faints)deathly ill while doing something with Henry and his parents (maybe Jack?) with just like a high fever, shivers, coughing blood, knocked out… And he is like on a rampage to make her better and is freaking out and the three adults don’t even know how to help… And idk. Maybe you can chose if she lives or dies? All I know is I am craving angsty fluff.“

Word count: 960

gif is not mine.

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To The Trenches

starblissuniverse submitted:

     Henry sat alone at his desk. Papers cluttered his drawing board and the trash bin next to his desk was over filled with pieces of crumpled up paper. Worst of all, his coffee mug was empty. It was a Friday night, soon to be an early Saturday morning. The silence around him made this overwhelming feeling of sadness much worse. 

How was he going to tell Joey?

    The paper in Henry’s hands had just turned his world upside down, but the words on the page spoke very clear. So clear in fact, he thought it couldn’t be true. Henry was being drafted into the war. So many questions zoomed through his head as he read the letter over and over again. Why was he being drafted? How long would he be serving the army? Would be a soldier or a pilot? What would happen to the studio during his absence? Nothing too bad…right? With a heavy sigh, Henry gripped the paper even tighter, and re-read the words on the page. 

“To whom it may concern;


       Having submitted yourself to a local board composed of your neighbors for the purpose of determining your availability for training and service in the land or naval forces of the United States, you are hereby notified that you have now been selected for training and service therein.

      You will, therefore, report to the local board named above: Heartford Railroad Station, at 8:30 AM, on April 17th, 19XX. 

      We thank you for submitting yourself to your local board in the name of the United States of America. Upon arrival to your induction station, you will medically examined. If you pass, you will be inducted into the land forces of the United States Army.

Thank you for your cooperation.”

     Henry shut his eyes. Joey was going to be enraged! Henry himself was angry…he was being taken away from his passion. Why now? He had so much to gain from working in the animation industry. Now he was being drafted to go fight in the trenches. It was…overwhelming. His biggest fear was letting Joey find out. He was going to have to tell him in person. He’d have to hope for the best that Joey wouldn’t blow it out of proportion. Henry glanced his wall clock. It was 11:52 PM. He should be home by now…but he wouldn’t be able to sleep anyways. April 17th is just a week away. Henry knew that this draft meant he would be leaving everything behind. He couldn’t just leave that quickly. His life’s work laid here, on his drawing board. His life’s work…was put into that little Dancing Demon.. 

    Henry pulled out a drawing or two he had been working on earlier that day, before he received the letter. Both of the drawings were drawings of Bendy. They were some fun doodles he decided to do for the new short; A Dance with the Devil’. Henry was excited to be releasing another short so soon, it seemed liked the kids really enjoyed Bendy and his friends. A faint smile grew on Henry’s face. Maybe the draft wouldn’t be so bad? He could easily mail his drawings to Joey. He could still enjoy drawing in general in his free time. The hardest part of the draft would just be…leaving home. With a heavy sigh, he began to clean up his work area. After straightening his drawings and cleaning out his trash bin, he gathered his paperwork and set it all in his briefcase. 

Suddenly there was a knock on his door.

     Henry looked up, and raised an eyebrow. Who is here at this late hour? The door slowly opened, and a friendly face peeked in. None other than Joey Drew. The long silence was broke. “Evenin’ Henry, you’re still here this late again I see?” Joey asked in a playful tone. Henry gave a soft chuckle. “Yeah, just been gettin’ some of the old ideas out onto some hard paper. You know me.” Henry said. Joey smiled, walking into the room. “That’s all good…mind if I see some?” he asked. Henry walked away from his brief case and over to his drawing board. He picked up a few sheets of paper and handed them to Joey. “Nothin’ special really. Just some doodles for the new short. I’ll have more by the…end of the week.” Henry said, his tone softening as he finished his sentence. Joey glanced over them. “I like all of these, they’ll make good material for the animation.” Joey said, handing the papers back. “Thanks.” Henry said, setting them back down. 

    Joey looked over at Henry’s briefcase and gave a small playful smirk. “C’mon now Henry, we all know you keep the good drawings and story boards in your world famous brief case.” Joey said as he walked over. Henry’s entire body froze, and he felt his blood run ice cold. He quickly walked over. “Haha..yep. Here let me get them for you.. its a mess in there..-” Henry stated as he tried to take the brief case. Joey raised a brow. “What’s with the pale look Henry? It’s not like you’ve got anything like bomb codes in here right?” Joey stated in a joking tone. Joey opened the briefcase and pulled out  a handful of paperwork. The drafting letter must’ve been somewhere in the middle, because he started shuffling through papers as he glanced over them. “C’mon now Joey, quit peeking in on my drawings would ya’?” Henry said as he tried to grab them from across the desk. “It’s not like I haven’t seen any of your other drawings befo-”. Joey was suddenly stopped. His eyes were caught to a certain paper, like a moth to a light. As his eyes darted from one side of the page to another, his pupils shrunk, and his eyes were wide. He had found it. 

    Henry gulped. Joey’s expression turned from playfulness, to anger. He took a moment before slamming the rest of Henry’s papers onto his desk, and he held one single paper in his hands as he held it up to Henry. Henry didn’t know what to say. But Joey already beat him to it. 

 “You’ve been…drafted? And you didn’t tell ME?”

    The anger in Joey’s voice made it clear that he was not happy with this turn of events. Henry had to speak, he had to defend himself. “Now listen here Joey, I just received that letter today! I’m just as angry and surprised as you are! I was planning to tell you but not tonight! Its late.” Henry said as he took the paper. Joey scoffed. “Right, cause that’s always an excuse! Are you seriously going to go?” Joey asked. Henry gave a confused look. “What do you mean am I going to go? Joey, I have to! They’ve drafted me! I can’t just ignore that! I could go to jail!” Henry said, stuffing the letter back into his briefcase. Joey walked up to him. “How can you just leave everything behind?! I’ve put everything into his company, you can’t just leave!” Joey said. Henry glared at him. “WE’VE put everything into this company Joey, you weren’t the only one who used hard cash out of his pocket to help pay for this studio! I’m just as upset as you about having to go.” Henry said looking at him as he gathered his coat. Joey’s glare narrowed. 

    “You seem to forget Henry that I’m the boss around here, I call the shots! If you up and leave here because of some ridiculous draft, I won’t wait up for you, Neither will Sammy or Susie!” Joey stated in a angry tone. Henry looked at Joey, processing his words. Henry stopped buttoning his coat and spoke. “Are you tellin’ me that because I’ve been pulled into something which I had no control over, that you’re gonna fire me?” he asked. Joey clapped. “Congrats! You figured the riddle out! Yes that’s what I mean Henry!! Don’t you dare think for a minute that I’ll keep a needed seat open for someone who may not come back alive!” Joey exclaimed. Henry felt himself begin to boil. He shoved by Joey and grabbed his briefcase. “Fine, if you’re gonna get your man-panties in a twist, than go ahead and fire me! See if I care! They’re plenty of other animation studios out there I can work for Joey!” Henry said as he threw his hat on. Joey snorted angrily. “Fine. Whatever Henry. You’re done. And don’t you dare think about coming back, that is if you even come back alive!” Joey yelled as Henry walked out of the building. 

    Henry continued walking, further and further away from his dreams. He felt so guilty, raising his voice as Joey, his long time best friend. But what’s done is done. Henry felt in the back of his mind that nothing would go wrong since he’s gone. Maybe he can revisit Joey once he returns from the war…nothing big should’ve changed by then, right? Just an old animation studio and his friend. Nothing drastic will happen, and nothing will change while he’s gone. Nothing.

And that’s what Henry told himself until the day he returned. 


[Pssst Hey its Starbliss again, I wrote this short story up about Henry getting drafted and how it pretty much ended his friendship with Joey? I hope you enjoy!]

Yo daaaaang this is pretty brutal dude!!  Poor Henry, yikes…


Imagine: Attending the Man from U.N.C.L.E. premiere with Henry.

Words: 1216

“Would you like me to handle those for you?”

As you glance across the car, you find a pair of bright blue eyes and a raised brow. Ten minutes in the limo and you and Henry have yet to speak. You knew he was mentally preparing himself for the flashing lights and interview questions. So, you didn’t take offense. You, on the other hand, were mentally preparing for walking in the stilts attached to your feet.


The look of pure confusion sent his way pulled a light chuckle from Henry’s lip. He shakes his head before sucking his bottom lip into his mouth. Unbeknownst to you, you had been fiddling with your breasts the last two minutes. The rich plum gown you wore was Henry’s favorite from the prospects chosen by his stylist. You loved the whistle he’d released upon first seeing you in it, and the way it flowed when you walked. You weren’t quite comfortable with the deep neckline. The feeling you were going to spill out, any moment, resulting in you absentmindedly adjusting the fabric while you stared out the tinted windows.

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Can you just imagines when Henry goes trick or treat with young Inigo and carry around giant coffin and he threaten the house owner a curse if they doesn't give them candies

thats exactly how inigos trick-or-treating went. hes too smol and too shy so he hides under his dads cape. but after a lil comfort he goes to the door and shyly shows his bucket n goes “t…t-twick or tweat…” while his dad happily watches a few feet behind him

hes smiling at his son but if the owner of the house is being a bit rude (like questioning inigos costume or giving him less candy than usual) henry can sense it. he can feel the rudeness and he exhumes aura of pure hatred and death to the owner. the owner sees him. henrys in a smoke of deep purple with eyes a bloody red. his coffin has been opened and is now floating on top of him as we speak. henry himself is grinning with those fangs thick in questionable blood.  the owner is trembling and begging for their life.

in a matter of seconds, inigo gets A LOT of candy and even his costumes being praised (in a very shaky and faint manner) and inigos happy. he bows to the house owner and turns around excited to show daddy henry what he got. henrys already back to his loving chill preppy mode the moment inigos turned. hes so happy for his son! :’)

He's mine! - Requested (Luke)

Can one of you write an imagine where Luke hasa kid with a WOC and airport security has an issue with thinking Luke’s kid isn’t actually his kid?

So for this one imagine you are a WOC (woman of colour, I had to look that up by the way haha), cause else it won’t make much sense.

“Go on baby, go with daddy”

“But mommy”, his little hands reach for you.

“Mommy is coming later, just go”, you give him a little kiss on his head. “So you take him to security, I’ll meet up with you later. I really need the pee”, you give Luke a kiss and quickly run towards the bathroom.

“Come on Henry”, Luke takes the little boys hand and starts walking.

“I want mommy”, Henry just stops walking.

“No boy, come”, Luke pulls a bit, but he’s not moving.

“Mommy”, he stamps his foot on the ground.

“How can a three year old be this stubborn”, Luke speaks more to himself than anyone else. “Henry, listen to daddy”, Luke goes through his knees, so he’s at the same level as Henry, “mommy is coming, we are going to see her in a bit. Now we are going to security, you remember those people in their uniforms who check our bags, do you remember?” he nods. “Yeah and after that we will go watch some airplanes and then mommy will come back”

“Okay”, Henry says cheerfully. He starts walking, pulling Luke with him. “Come on daddy, hurry”, Luke quickly stumbles up laughing.


“Hello sir. Business or pleasure?”

“A bit of both”, Luke smiles to the security woman.

“And who are you?”

“I’m Henry”, he is standing right next to Luke’s legs.

She gives him a smile. “Sir could you please stand there to the side”

“Sure”, Luke frowns. “Come buddy”, he sees the woman talk to some other security agents, they all look at him.

“Could I see your ID sir?”

“Yeah, it’s in my bag”, she signs to a guy to bring Luke’s bag. “It’s in the front zip”

“Luke Robert Hemmings”, she looks from the ID to Luke. “Can you clarify your relationship to the child?”

“He’s my son”

“Do you have proof of that”

“On me? No. Why don’t you believe that he’s my son?”

“We are just doing our job sir. This looks highly suspicious”

“Henry who am I?”

“Daddy”, the boy sais proud.


“Sir we can’t be cautious enough. You can’t believe the things we have seen, the things they make children say. We need proof”

“You need proof?!” he whisper shouts. “Do you want to take a DNA test?”, Luke is getting more and more frustrateded. 

“His passport will do, sir”

“I don’t have his passport”, Luke says angry.

“Did you think it was possible for him to go on a plane without his passport?”, she ask Luke childish.

“No. His mother has it”

“And where is his mother”

“She’s coming”

“Until then you can wait here”

“Are you fuc”, he stops and looks down to Henry. “Are you kidding me. He is my kid. He’s mine! I can’t help it that he doesn’t look like me, that he takes after his mother!”

“Sir, please stay calm”

“How can I stay calm when you accuse me of kidnapping my own boy? Yes he has mocha coloured skin, yes he has black curly hair, none if it he got from me. But look at his eyes, he got those bright blue eyes from me”

“Sir we can’t assign a child to his parent by eye colour”

“Fine”, Luke says bitter.


He takes Henry and picks him up. “We have to wait for a bit buddy”

“I want to go and see the planes”, he wines.

“We will, but we need to wait for mommy first”, he pecks Henry on the cheek.

“Mommy! There is mommy!” Henry points to you.

“Babe! Come, quick!”

You run towards them. “What’s wrong?”

“Give them Henry’s passport”, you do what you’ve been told, you get it out of your bag and hand it to the woman.

“It looks all good, you can go. Sorry for the inconvenience mister Hemmings”

“You should be”, he puts his arm around, still holding Henry in the other one. “Come”

“What was that about?” you asks confused.

“They didn’t believe Henry was my son”, Luke says sad, but you can’t supress a laugh. “It’s not funny”

“It is a bit”, you smirk.

“I hated it”, he pouts

“Who cares what they think, we know better. We know that you’re Henry’s dad and you are the best dad in the world. Right Henry”

“Yes. Daddy is the best”, he says looking at Luke with his bright blue eyes he inherited from his dad.


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"We are Henry and Viktor Landa," said Henry, speaking for himself and his brother Viktor who stood on the side, "Now Aldrich nor our mother has told us anything, I just heard the name Cheryl Kingsbury and I became curious...your name has been popping up often around our house, care to fill us in?" ((stirring again ehe))


“Oh,” Cheryl replied softly, too shocked to say anything else.  She looked from one young man to the other in utter consternation.