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bellbottoms  asked:

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🐼 if you could meet anyone, who would it be and why?

If I could meet anyone, if I had the choice of somebody who’s dead: Amy Winehouse. Mostly because she’s my favorite artist of all time and I’ve been in love with her work for years, and the struggle that she’s gone through makes me empathize with her a lot and makes me want to sit down with her, talk to her, and understand everything that had gone on. Also, based on what I know, I’ve been through a lot of the same exact experiences or I’ve had people around me who have and she is basically the only artist I’m aware of that I actually relate to on such a deep level. Realistically though, if it was possible, I actually think we probably wouldn’t get along.

If I had to choose somebody living: Henry Rollins. Mostly because I’m a massive Black Flag fan, and I’ve read his books and I’ve listened to his podcast and his views on the world. He just seems like a really amazingly insightful person and there is something about him that is really powerful and confident and it makes me want to be the same way. And his political views are so open-minded, listening to him speak about it makes me want to be a better person. There are a few other people I’d want to meet but not for any particular reason other than I’d think it would be cool to sit down and speak to them.

☁️ talk about your dream universe.

This question almost gives me a crisis because I was thinking about it and realized that I don’t have to stay in the bounds of the real world, and that anything could happen in a universe that I created. If I had to create my own, I’d want to be in charge of something. I’d want to be the most powerful figure in my world. I’d want a really distinct culture and traditions that I created and that other people could be proud of. I would want everything to be beautiful and cinematic and colorful but comparable to classic paintings. I would want all my favorite mythological figures to be real, I’d want there to still be life and death but I’d want a secured afterlife. I’d want to be on another planet like Neptune or Venus. There is also an aspect of me that wants none of that at all and that makes the entire “dream” universe, completely boring because I think that if I had everything I wanted, I wouldn’t have anything to desire or love or lust after at all and that doesn’t interest me much. But I love the creativity of the idea.

If I had to just create my own ideal world, consistent with the real world, I’d mostly just change the problems of ignorance that we have internationally involving things like homophobia, etc. I’d really just want political peace, because it’s really tense right now. I’d also want there to be a way to live forever. I think about that a lot, whether or not anyone in this generation would even be alive by the time they find another planet to actually live on for civilization to progress after ruining this planet or if they could find a way to secure immortality for certain people. I have almost a phobia of death at this point because I’m afraid of losing the chance of being able to accomplish my goals. That’s pretty much it. Even though I sometimes don’t feel connected to my surroundings, for the most part, I enjoy having a world that I don’t have complete control over, and even the fantasy of it, isn’t that much of a fantasy at all for me.

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It is sad that the things that we saw in each other are no longer there. It is a shame we tore each other apart looking for things that we needed desperately but could never find. It is tragic that we only wanted to give to each other but only stole from ourselves and blamed each other for the emptiness in our lives.
—  Henry Rollins, Solipsist