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do you have a list of everyone you've married in the games?

Well, not a list, but I think I can remember them all! Mmmh…

Awakening: Henry, Emmeryn, Virion, Say'ri, Miriel, Laurent, Sumia, Kellam, Ricken, Chrom, Palne, Gaius, Nowi, Stahl, Libra, Tharja, Olivia, Tiki, Yen'fay, Inigo, Brady.

Fates: Rhajat (4 times), Zero (3 times), Tsubaki (3 times), Caeldori (3 times), Hisame (twice), Ryouma, Xander, Camilla, Sakura, Setsuna, Hayato, Shinonome, Shigure, Jakob, Silas, Velouria.

… I can’t believe I threw almost 1000 hours in Fates and I S-supported less people than in Awakening.

Question : to Cynthia “do you like coffee or tea”

Hypothesis : Coffee doesn’t exist in Awakening

Evidence : I don’t remember it being there

Data : Coffee is never brought up once in any support conversation, while tea is brought up in at least eight. (Kellam, Henry, Maribelle, Say’ri, Yen’Fay, Basilio, Aversa, Inigo )

Results : The amount of times tea is brought up is significantly larger than coffee.

Conclusion : Coffee does not exist

Counter-Theory : if it does, no one wants to drink it

Displaced persons protest the forced return to Germany of passengers from the refugee ship “Exodus 1947.” British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin is hanged in effigy. Photograph taken by Henry Ries. Hohne-Belsen, Germany, September 7, 1947.

Carrying out some revision on liberation of Bergen-Belsen in 1945. It is shocking to see the conditions Jews (amongst other ‘minority’ groups) were forced to live in five years following the war.