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Broken Bone (Whumptober/Inktober Day 6)

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Emma was going to kill him.

It was the only thought running through his head as he clutched at his knee, writhing back and forth in the middle of the road and trying not to focus on the chilling, sharp feeling where his shin should be.  He didn’t know where Henry was, didn’t know if the lad was all right, just knew that the car that had been hurtling at Emma’s son had hit him instead.

By the gods, he hoped Henry was all ri-


He breathed a sigh of relief.  There was the boy, sounding worried but not injured.

Killian managed to open his eyes, Henry’s face looming above him and looking a bit frantic.  “Are you all right, lad?” he asked through clenched teeth.  Gods, his leg hurt.

Henry laughed, a little hysterically, but he nodded as he pulled his talking phone from a pocket.  “I think that’s my line, Hook,” he managed.

Killian shook his head.  He could see blood, now, dripping down from the boy’s elbow.  He tried to reach out for it, tried to see how badly Henry was hurt, but letting go of his leg had been a monumental mistake.

He cried out against the agony, tried to bite it back when Henry’s head whipped around, but ended up shaking and cold from the effort.

“There’s”—Henry began, gulping as he turned a little green—“there’s a lot of blood, Hook.”

Killian thought he might have nodded, a jerky movement of his head that may have been an agreement or just a spasm against the pain shooting through his leg.  “Let me see, lad,” he managed, trying to see to Henry’s elbow without letting go of his knee again.


The boy looked confused, gaze darting from Killian’s leg to his elbow, finally.  “This?  It’s fine, Killian, I meant your leg!  I can see the bone!”

The breath rushed out of his lungs.  Killian could count on his only hand the number of times Henry had called him by anything other than his moniker.  He was caught in the absurd notion that he wanted the boy to do it again.

“Killian?” Henry sounded terrified.

Okay, so not like that, Killian decided when hearing Henry’s fear hurt decidedly more than his leg did.  

“I’m all right, son,” he soothed.  “Did you call your mother?”

Henry shook his head.  “No.  An ambulance.  I’m not going to be the one to tell her about this!”

Killian laughed, curling further into a ball when it assaulted the ribs that had, up to this point, been blissfully silent in their protests.  He groaned through it, wrapping his left arm around them, already hearing the wails of the ambulance in the distance.

“You’re going to be all right, aren’t you, Killian?”  Henry sounded impossibly small.

Killian bit back a groan and nodded instead, clenching his teeth and gripping at his leg harder.  “Aye, lad, I’ve been through worse.”

Henry nodded jerkily, but Killian felt the boy’s hand wrap around the brace that held his hook, small fingers gripping tightly.

He tried his best to keep from making any noise, tried to keep from trembling for Henry’s sake.

Men in uniform surrounded him, tearing his hand away from his knee and pulling Henry from his side.  Killian felt the chill seep further into his bones as the boy backed away, but then had to focus on not passing out as the men rotated his leg and strapped things to it.

It hurt.

Gods, it hurt worse than when he lost his hand, the pain long and drawn out as they tied knots tightly above and below his knee.  He could see the bone that Henry had been worried about, gleaming white in the moonlight and sticking through not only his skin, but his pant leg as well.  Bloody hell, he’d liked these jeans.

And then they lifted him, and Killian couldn’t bite back the scream that tore from his lips.

Over his own agony, though, he heard Henry whimper, and Killian tried to gulp back the pain.

He looked wildly around for the boy as they lifted him, wanting to assure Henry that he’d be fine.  Wanting to assure himself that someone would look after the boy’s elbow.

Then, they jostled him on the moving bed, and he had no choice but to succumb to the blackness.

old loser, new friends. part 1.5

I managed to define the name of the fanfic (YEAH!) But I lost half the content for bullshit BUT I believe that this chapter will leave some confusion in your head, but it is ready. Be a protector, it will be the name of another fanfic (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °).

complaints and opinions, my ask is open to you, babies

(Gif not mine, let me know if it’s yours.)


“ I’m going to be crazy without him!” I put her to her feet. “It’s already with him, imagine without!”

My mother, crazy in the head, pulls me out of bed screaming to buy her useless remedy. Just in the morning, I have no patience.

I picked up 3 chocolate bars and opened one with my teeth and bit the candy. I put the others in my pocket and heard something fall on the floor, I quickly turned to the side. I saw Bill and his friends in cottons and bandages and a girl on her back.

“ What? ” He said, swallowing the chocolate near them. “ Are they going to save a dead half? ”

“ None of your business! ” Stan said quickly. “

” There’s a kid out there all bruised! “ Eddie said quickly. ”

“And we need bandages but we do not have enough money …” Bill looked down when he said “

” I also have to go through this, “ said the girl turning in front of me ” Y / N?

“ Miss Marsh? ” I said taking the package in hand. “

I looked at the bottom of the store and sideways.

” I’m going to do you a great favor, I’ll pay. All, all’’

They gazed at me with smug eyes and smiled.

“I-i-it serious? "Bill said as he looked at the group.

” Uh, but it has to be quick! When I go to talk to the Mr Quinn, I want them to leave as soon as possible, okay? “I said, pulling everyone down.” I hope so, now wait for the signal! “ Get out of the group and listen to footsteps behind me ”

“ Can you do me another favor? Get a cigarette? ” Beverly said when she got a small bottle of Whiskey “

’‘You drink? ” She said

“ Do you smoke? ” I said over the top. “ Stand between us, I will not tell you if you do not tell me, okay? ” She zipped her fingers, picked up the cigarette, and handed it to her. !

coming up to the counter, I leaned my arms and rang the bell.

“ Good morning, Mr Quinn! ” he said smilingly.

Good morning, Y/N ! What brings you here? “ He pulled the newspaper from his face and went to the counter. ”

“ Ahh, I’ve come to get my mother’s medicine! ”

“ Alright, I will not be late! ” He said going to the back “

I looked back and said ” now, “ they went out fast, Eddie hit his back in the cabinets, Beverly opened the door and they all left. While Kim was not coming back, I pulled out an aviator-style sunglasses with blue lenses and put them in my back pocket.

” Here! “ He put the remedies inside the bag and handed me ” Enhancements to it, see?

“ Thank you, Mr Kim! ”

I grabbed the bag and left the store quickly, saw Marsh talking to Bill and entering the alley.

“ Hello Guys … ” I appeared in the corner and approached them “

’'You again? ’'Richie Says.

” Richie! “ Bill said without flinching.”

“ Me again! ” I watched the boy sitting in a box “ Damn, fell on what?

” On top of Henry Bowers! “ 'Richie said’

’'Ri-Richie shu-shut up” Bill says “

’'What is it? It is true! ” Richie spit his words. “

” Are you sure they have the right things to treat you? “ Beverly said winking at the boy and he’s embarrassed. ”

I looked at them and took the glass from my front pocket.

“ I’ve seen in some series that alcohol can help close wounds, that’s ” I was interrupted “

” it helps to staunch the blood! “ Eddie said together and we looked ”

“ That’s it, ” I smirked. “

” You can help the boy! “ Stanley said and took the cotton from his hand, turned the glass over the cotton ”

“ Could you raise your shirt? ” Said the boy in front of him and lifted the blouse. “ It’s going to hurt a little, if it hurts, you can squeeze my shoulder, okay? ” I took his hand and put it on my shoulder “

I opened the cotton and put it on his cut, I felt the weak grip, Richie handed it to me and I took the tape with my mouth, I made an 'x’ on the cotton and got up. ”

“ Le-let’s, let’s take care of him now! ” Bill said to Beverly and me. “ Thank you Y / N!

” You’re welcome! “ I said and kept my eyes on Stanley. ”

What does he have to call my attention? The fact that he hates me? Maybe, your hair reminds me of those plaster angels. But it’s too early to fall in love with someone I barely know! ‘’ I looked away. “ Or not? 'I looked back at the boy.; Still thoughts about him went through my head.’’

” We’ll see around, “ Beverly said, and I agreed. ”

“ We wanted to go to the quarry tomorrow. If you want to go, you’re invited! ”

“Good to know! We’re going, not Y / N? ” she nudges me while staring at Stanley “

” Uh, even more boys! “ She said as she walked out of the alley ”

“ You’re looking at Bill’s friend! ” Beverly said taking a cigarette out of the box. “

” Stanley? Oh, he does not seem to like me, I do not know. Bill would not stop staring at you, “I laughed as I crossed the street.” Go to the quarry tomorrow?

“I’ll go, I hope you go too! ” Beverly came up the emergency stairs and waved me to her house.

I left my bicycle parked in front of the house, opened the door with the bag in hand.


Displaced persons protest the forced return to Germany of passengers from the refugee ship “Exodus 1947.” British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin is hanged in effigy. Photograph taken by Henry Ries. Hohne-Belsen, Germany, September 7, 1947.

Carrying out some revision on liberation of Bergen-Belsen in 1945. It is shocking to see the conditions Jews (amongst other ‘minority’ groups) were forced to live in five years following the war.