henry proving he still has it

i’ve been thinking about this for two weeks now and i know i will never have the time to actually get this au done unless i wait like… after i do two other multi-chapters (so like a year or two basically) but JUST HEAR ME OUT. long post. because do you really expect anything different from me at this point??? i’ve thought the whole thing out. this is basically a story outline rather than a prompt. lakjfhlkhj. guys.


(Do I have your attention?)

Emma and Henry move into this old house on the outskirts of this sleepy little town, Storybrooke, so that they can be closer to the woman who helped Emma get back on her feet a decade prior, Mary Margaret, Henry’s honorary aunt. The house is massive and could use some serious work but they got it dirt cheap because of some town myth that something terrible happened there to the original owners who lived there 200 years ago. Legend has it that there were strange, terrifying goings-on in the town for weeks, nothing anyone can prove though aside from some hokey old newspaper clippings hanging up in Granny’s Diner. Emma takes it all with a grain of salt. Henry thinks it’s awesome.

They slowly settle in, unpacking very gradually. Emma and Mary Margaret spend a lot of time trying to clean up the dusty, cobwebbed mess of the long-closed house while Henry escapes to explore. He startles when he hears something odd. The sound leads him to the attic, which is still stocked with countless items from those who lived there prior, stuff he can’t wait to dig into. But first he has to figure out what that noise is, and he’s excited when he comes across a fancy, but worn, leather box that has “Once Upon A Time” scrawled across the top. The noises stop. It’s a board game. Definitely something he can get behind after all the work they’ve been doing to the house.

He takes the game downstairs to his mom and MM and begs them to take a break and play a little, and they relent. The game comes with vague sort of instructions, that whichever player reaches the end first wins, yada yada, maybe a reference to happily ever afters being harder to seize than one would think. So they start.

And things get. Crazy.

I’m talking… beanstalks curling around the house and an ogre trying to break through and flying monkeys invading the town and fairies casting spells and magic beans opening portals and the Dark One coming after them.

And, of course, towards the beginning one of Emma’s rolls conjures a man from within the game. It’s Captain fucking Hook, or, as he explains to her, Killian Jones – the original owner of Emma’s home. The only reason Emma, Mary Margaret, and Henry survive as they do is because they have Killian to guide them through the chaos. He’s closed off, but opens up slowly as they go on, particularly to Emma.

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im lovin the toon henry au idea so far, mind if we tossed out a few drabbles if we give credit?

You’re welcome to do so!  The basic idea, though, is that Bendy hates his creators for abandoning him and the rest of the cast… all of them.  He intends to punish every one of the studio’s crew in the best way he knows how…

…except for Joey.  As far as Bendy’s concerned, Joey’s the only one who proved he still really cared about his creations.

Mind, Bendy might not have a complete understanding of what’s really happening here.

EDIT: the answer to this post has changed significantly.

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Hey, sorry to reference a bit of an old picture; but could you tell us a bit more about Sammy after Henry saves him in an inkwell? How is his mental state? How do the toons interact with him? What does he spend time on? Just tell some general stuff about him. You don't see many good end AUs where people take Sammy into consideration ^^

Oh no worries anon! I’d love to talk more about Sammy’s post-studio predicaments.

=How is his mental state?=
Well, Henry tried his best but he wasn’t exactly able to save ALL of Sammy after Bendy… passed judgement on him. Just the globules that were still vaguely pulsating in the puddle with his mask and overalls. Despite not knowing the extent of how much of the already depraved composer he managed to stuff in that ink well, he did manage to get a good amount of Sammy’s conscious mind in there (or what was left of it). He’s essentially blind, can’t hold long conversations with getting weak or distracted, can’t move aside from nudging the bottle a centimeter or so, and is easily frightened by loud noises. But he can still talk plenty (OH can he talk), and he regains a bit of his memory from before the studio crumbled. He can also sing, hum, and even whistle. He also doesn’t seem to feel pain anymore, much to Henry’s relief. But that’s not to say he’s… grateful for the rescue, either. (Phenomenal cosmic attitude, itty bitty living space.)

=How do the toons interact with him?=
He refuses to talk to Bendy, still harboring feelings of betrayal and disgust for attempting to kill him after his “undying servitude” and then later proving to be “a huge disappointment of a demon”. He can’t really talk with Alice because he can’t see and she no longer has a voice, but if Henry acknowledges she’s in the same room as them, he’ll say a uncharacteristically fond “Hello, dear”. He gets along the best with Boris because the wolf can play the clarinet, and will often quietly jam with him. Just don’t tell Henry about it.

=What does he spend time on?=
Just Existing, mostly. Being angry at Henry and Bendy. His music. He’s pretty much just 95% of a liquified brain and a voice in a jar now, there’s not much he CAN do except sing and stew… and terrorize Henry’s already few visitors with a “haunted inkwell” schpiel. Only Bendy and Wally (who, as previously mentioned in another ask, now exists as a soul tethered to a tape deck) find the humor in it.

=Just tell some general stuff about him.=
He’s not a happy camper about his whole new existence at the start, understandably. During his time with Henry in the studio, he’s more of a hinderance than a help, leading Henry and Boris into traps, luring Bendy and the Searchers to their hiding spots, etc. after Henry recruits Alice (who Sammy mistakes sadly for Susie at first) and then Bendy, he mellows out considerably. But he’s still bitter.

He still harbors his grudges and finds no joy in being trapped as living goop for the rest of his life (to which he does not know when will end), but… He’s pretty much helpless as he is. And he knows that Henry knows this. But not once does Henry threaten to hurt him or dump him down a sink.

Henry plays old records for him and the Toons when he’s not home, and he keeps him on a desk next to the window on sunny days, so even if he can’t see it he can still feel a ghost of what sunlight used to feel like. On good days, he thanks Henry.

Aaaand that’s about all I’ve got so far. Thanks for asking! 💫
#Henry Saves Everyone AU #batim #bendy and the ink machine

Okay I’m doing another one of those Hunger Games simulation things cause I’m bored and procrastinating.

Day 1:

Henry VII is playing no games this time around. He’s here to win. RIP Team France (and Richard)

Day 2:

After his initial entry, Henry is still proving to everyone that he is not messing around.

And York has now killed his own son. Meanwhile, in Henry VI’s neck of the woods:

Sounds about right.

Day 3:

A truce has been made.

Team Lancaster may have an edge but there can only be one winner. And honestly, it’s gonna be Henry VII let’s be real here.

Not sure how Owen Glendower managed to infiltrate the Badass Lady Squad but he did.

Day 4:

As if he would ever. 

NOW everyone better watch out!

Day 5:

Team York has really not been doing well this game.

This entire thing is a mess, but RIP Charles. 

French alliance.

Day 6:

And wisely so.

Hotspur is now on par with Henry VII for number of kills I think.

Day 7:

CATHERINE THAT’S YOUR SON everyone needs to stop killing their own kids okay

*casually steals Richard’s girl*

idk this is just kind of cute.

Day 8:


Day 9:

Less cute D:

Day 10:

*Jaws theme*

Okay so between Henry VII, Hotspur, and Montjoy… my money’s on Montjoy. 

Day 11:

Oops never mind. Also don’t give Henry a hatchet

Day 12:


Day 13: 

We’re just down to the Badass Lady Squad at this point (minus Catherine, I forgot what happened to her)

Day 14:

War of Three Queens

Day 15:

RIP Margaret you made a valiant effort

Day 16:

She’s not the Kingmaker’s daughter for nothing, folks.

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Slow burns with abusive Ron?


So I tried to go through our Anti Ron tag to find some slow burn stories.

tags> Characters> Anti Ron

Most Abusive Anti Ron stories tend to have fast romances between Hermione and Draco. So I found a couple where they start off as friends or they tolerate each other sort of before more happens.

Dead Reality by lezonne- M, 14 chapters, complete

Raped by her boyfriend, Hermione turns to the comforting, unexpecting arms of Draco Malfoy in her time of need. Dramione in future. Non-consensual sex, talk of suicide and dark themes. Warning: Ron bashing.

Keep Moving by Agent Henry- M, 19 chapters, complete

Hermione has to get away; she takes the kids and she goes to the last place He would find her and to the last person anyone would expect her to go to.

Who Would Have Guessed? by mayawrites95- T, 31 chapters, complete

After the war, chaos is still at large. To prevent this, Dumbledore requests the marriage of two certain individuals to allow for unity to be shown. Can Draco and Hermione get along long enough to prove to everyone that the world can come together once more?

The Token by mezy- M, 21 chapters, complete

Hermione has mysteriously disappeared. She is depending on Draco Malfoy to solve the mystery and save her life. But why him? They hadn’t spoken for years, even then they had never been friends. Of course, he did owe his life to her. She had his token to prove it. She could only hope that would be enough. **Please read AN for warnings. M for many reasons** DM/HG

- Wynken

CS Oneshot: The Bookstore Pirate

Day 2 of Ficmas prompted by @kat2609​ you are a fantastic friend and cheerleader MFAMB!

It’s Emma’s first Christmas with Henry and she is desperate to find him the perfect gift. Which is how she ends up in a pirate themed bookstore talking to a complete stranger about the stress of gift giving. Captain Swan Modern AU that’s kind of like a non-cursed AU. One-shot.

Other Ficmas Stories: Day 1

3.6k | T | AO3 | FF.net

Emma wasn’t exactly panicked, she still had a month before Christmas, but she was worried about getting the right gift for Henry. So far nothing had felt right as she scoured the internet and the local Storybrooke stores. Probably because subconsciously she was trying to pack ten years worth of gift giving into one day.

Ruby had suggested she try The Pirate’s Cove Bookstore because the owner had the reputation for picking the perfect book just by looking at a person. And although Emma thought that unlikely she had still made time on her lunch break to check the place out. Located on a side street and tucked between a furniture store and a dance studio it’s small display window was filled by a model pirate ship with books cleverly showcased on it’s decks. Emma appreciated the commitment to the theme.

She pushed open the dark mahogany door only to practically run into somebody. She pulled up short of knocking into him. Because it was a him, a him dressed in tight dark jeans, a button-up shirt (that wasn’t entirely buttoned up), and a black leather vest. His hair was dark and his handsome face covered in facial hair that wasn’t quite a beard but more than a five o’clock shadow. Despite his smirk, or maybe because of it. Emma felt like he was trouble

“Sorry.” She mumbled and moved to let him pass by her.

“No worries, love. Can I help you?” Emma gave him a confused look and his smile grew causing her to wonder if she saw a small dimple. “I work here. So can I help you find something,” he clarified as he gestured to the store with what Emma was surprised to notice was not a hand but a silver hook–now that was commitment to a theme.  

“Oh. Right.” Emma gave her head a little shake stopping herself from thinking of dimples, and hooks, and unbuttoned shirts. She had to find something for Henry and it didn’t look like the owner was in. She glanced around at the store. “I’m just looking.”

“Alright. I’ll just be at the register if you need anything.” He gave her another smile and then walked away.

Emma felt relief that he wasn’t a pushy salesman and turned her attention from the strange clerk to the store itself. In keeping with the pirate theme the entire place was covered in dark wood paneling and decorated with various nautical touches. It was bigger than it appeared; the small entrance giving way to a spacious backroom. She wandered to the first shelf and frowned at the hand-lettered sign above it.

For A Rainy Day

The shelf was full of books of all sizes and genres; she shook her head and moved to the next one.

Fascinating People

This shelf included the expected biographies but also nonfiction books like Emma by Jane Austen and Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli. Emma checked her watch she didn’t have time to wander the entire store hoping for a shelf labeled “books for ten year-old boys who you gave up for adoption and really want to impress”. And even if there were she was pretty sure she would pick the wrong book. She needed the savant owner to just pick a book for her and take the burden of the decision away. She looked over at the clerk. He was leaning on the register appearing to be engrossed in a slim copy of “Captain’s Courageous”.

“Excuse me.” He pulled the book down so fast Emma was sure he had been watching and waiting for her to ask for help. “Do you know when the owner will be around?”

His eyebrow ticked up and he gave a little half bow. “Killian Jones, bookstore pirate, at your service, lass.”

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eeep hello crimson!!! <3 i was just wondering, i know this throws off the entire eobard thawne thing, but what do you think it would be like if Henry Allen WAS actually guilty of killing Nora? We know Barry's life ia basically shaped around the premise of trying to get his innocent dad out of prison (and so are many of his decisions e.g. career) but what do you think it would be like if Henry did actually kill Nora, and a 11 year old Barry had to witness that instead of a streak of light?

There is no Eobard Thawne. There’s just Harrison Wells and his wife, who never got into an accident, and they started STAR Labs together, worked together on the particle accelerator, but sadly not they or even Hartley or anyone else at the labs recognize what is about to happen when they turn it on until it blows.

Almost everything else is the same. Barry still believes his father’s innocence, because all the shrinks he’s seen over the years are right. He just couldn’t handle seeing his father murder his mother so brutally, so he wiped it from his memory, repressed it and replaced it with thoughts and dreams of a streak of red–like the streaks of blood left in the living room. Barry ended up several blocks down when Joe found him because he’d turned and ran, not because a speedster got him out of there.

Even into adulthood, Barry visits his father and maintains the man’s innocence, and Henry, being deranged and lost himself, feeds into it. Barry is taking several medications, most of which he doesn’t actually take, and Joe figures it’s better that he throws himself into forensics than anything else he might have done with himself, even if occasionally Barry uses his knowledge to try and work his father’s impossible case. 

Cue lightning, and coma, and waking up as The Flash. Everything plays out the same, except Wells IS the man Barry believes him to be, and the others are all sympathetic toward Barry’s belief his father is innocent. They even start to believe him until Joe makes it clear this is just Barry’s delusion.

They try to help him overcome it, but any time someone brings it up in any way other than backing Barry’s claims, he snaps.

Meanwhile, Len’s researching into The Flash, as he would, after their first encounters, and discovers Henry. Learns Barry visits him, that the kid is assured of his innocence, but there is no reason to think he’s innocent. And Len gets this, he knows what it looks like when someone has been let down by a parent but still more than anything else wants to believe they aren’t really that bad, that they could be better, that no, my dad would never be that kind of monster…even when all the evidence proves otherwise.

Rogue Air would never happen, but everything else would, and maybe a few other heists, just for fun, in between…before everything with Lewis goes down. Maybe it would be that moment after Len kills his father, and Barry is there comforting him, but Len just goes off that Barry should understand the need to kill a man who earned what he got, who did terrible things and should be punished for it. Barry should understand but no, he’s too naive and good, fooling himself into believing that people who can’t be saved CAN, to recognize that his own father is just as much of a killer and worthy of being wiped off the earth as Lewis.

Barry flashes Len out of there, not to save him from the police, but to rail against him, yell and rant, snapping as he always does when put in this position, that his father is innocent, Len doesn’t know what he’s talking about. But Len pushes like no one else ever has. Throws evidence at Barry that he’s looked into while researching Barry, says everything others have tried to calmly say and more, in a way Barry can’t escape, and it just…breaks him down.

Soon Barry is crying and shaking as the repressed memories rise to the surface, and damn it, Len is in the same state because so many of his young memories are there in his mind’s eyes too. Len hates his father, but part of him still can’t believe he killed him.

There’s nothing more for Len to do, so he just gathers Barry against him, and they shake and cry together until the tears are all gone. And it’s not all fixed or better for Barry, for either of them, but it’s a start. Finally, some healing can begin as Barry is forced to face the truth.

He doesn’t bring Len to the police. He brings him to the labs to see Lisa. Then let’s them go. Helps the police pin everything on Lewis having stolen Len’s gun and it misfiring on him on accident, saving Len from prosecution. Len gets the gun back eventually. Things return to normal…eventually.

Barry’s better, by stages, trying everyday to accept the truth he can’t run from anymore. He doesn’t visit Henry. But Len visits Barry…at the labs, at home, at Jitters, and they just…talk, about their fathers, and their pasts, and their NOWS that continue to be wrapped up in each other and maybe, because of that, aren’t so bad.

Musings on Madam Secretary 2.13

Excuse me while I tuck away the mountains of used tissues so I can write this week’s Musings.

What “Invasive Species” has taught me is that many families act the same during a time of crisis: fighting instead of supporting one another, yelling instead of hugging, arguing over stupid things like table linens or chicken pot pie instead of talking about what really matters. We also all have our own Maureen. Not all are as rude and acerbic as she, but there’s that one person who makes you physically cringe when they open their mouth out of fear of what horrifying and embarrassing thing they may say. Ah, family.

Maureen isn’t managing web pages or sending out newsletters as the president of the Elizabeth McCord Fan Club. We learned that about .02 seconds into the episode. Elizabeth should’ve just brought a shovel to give Maureen to better help with all the digs that woman took at her. Money. Elizabeth’s job. Henry’s success. Why the groundhog saw its shadow. Maureen basically blames Elizabeth for everything in her world. She even used the phrase “Secretary of State” as if it’s a disease or something to be ashamed of. Of course in classic form, she later demanded Elizabeth leverage her connections to find out who stole Patrick’s money. Maureen pulled the same exact antics Patrick did during his visit last season. You know what they say about the apple not falling far from the tree…

Despite her larger-than-life persona in the political world, Elizabeth is a pleaser in her personal world, or at least in Pittsburgh. She volunteered to help wherever she cold, however she was needed, but she couldn’t seem to do anything right. I’m convinced the woman could’ve brought Patrick back from the dead and Maureen would’ve found a reason to criticize her. I kept expecting to see a shot of Elizabeth’s severed tongue on the floor, cut clean off from biting it so hard. I realize Maureen is a grieving daughter with her own full set of family baggage. I’m not debating that Maureen wasn’t deeply hurt by her father’s death. I also don’t have some deep hatred for her. I actually enjoyed watching the “Elizabeth and Henry Deal With Maureen” side show. However, Elizabeth’s comment that Henry apologized for Maureen the first time the two met 25+ years ago proves this is Maureen’s personality, not Maureen through grief. Did I miss who’s older? Maureen is bossy like an oldest, but it was mentioned that they needed to lean on Henry. I’m a lonely only so I know nothing about sibling hierarchy.

Side note: Kate Burton flawlessly plays the bitch in every role. EVERY role. She makes me want to throttle her through my television. The woman needs to play on Sesame Street or Care Bears at some point, just so she’s allowed to smile.

Henry. My favorite leading man had quite the week, but he (and Tim Daly) soared. I felt for the guy. His relationship with his father wasn’t ideal, but they were still father and son. Death always exacerbates the “What ifs” of life. What if I called more? What if I went home more? What if I said this? What if I didn’t do that? Death has a way of making you see things through different glasses. Rose-colored regret glasses. The fact that Henry remains so troubled from the incident in college proves that the littlest moments are often the things that hurt the most and make you cringe, even decades later. Henry feels guilt for his relationship with Patrick, not just for the college dinner. For a lifetime of situations and arguments and non-conversations. Maureen telling him that she blamed him for Patrick’s death was maybe a look into a small sliver of Henry’s heart that fears that’s true. She also hit him right in the religion, a particularly sensitive spot for Doctor Religious Scholar. From anger to hurt to angst to despair, the range of emotion was evident on Henry’s face, portrayed beautifully by Tim. When his voice caught and he teared up, I did the same. (If Henry cries, I do, too. Apparently it’s some life rule I live by, first realized in Tamerlane.) Henry didn’t think he was the right guy to give Patrick’s eulogy. Turns out, he was the perfect one. Maureen reaching her hand back to Henry afterward as a peace offering was a sweet gesture. I’m sure she’ll continue her trollish ways, but for that moment at their father’s funeral, it was a McCord accord.

I applaud Henry’s refusal to ignore the fact that Patrick committed suicide. Suicide shouldn’t have an embarrassing or shameful stigma. Depression and its effects are real and devastating. Not talking about it is worse. Elizabeth’s admission to Stevie that funerals and burials are more for the living than the dead rings true. What we do after death is for the ones left behind, more than it is for those who died.

Through the drama and the devastation, Elizabeth and Henry stayed each other’s true constant. No matter who was at the center of the firing squad, the other was there, physically and emotionally present. Virtually every scene showed them touching: their hands together, her hand on his leg, their heads resting on one another. A physical reminder that the other is there, supportive and loving. They even have their own sweet way of holding hands, grasping a single random finger. It’s like their own silent language they can speak in public. Of course, my favorite scenes will always be their private talks, be it in bedrooms (which applies to the Pittsburgh bedroom) or on their walks. That’s where the true confessions come out. These two are the poster children for “relationship goals,” as the kids say.

I’m happy the writers didn’t just focus on the adults. Death affects everyone, and the McCord kids aren’t clueless toddlers. Each reacted in a different way. Jason coped the way any budding anarchist would by cracking into Patrick’s computer, thanks to Alison’s sleuthing. The argument between Jason and Henry in the kitchen came full circle, when Jason later admitted he didn’t want to fight with Henry. It was a sweet, poignant father/son scene, one Henry probably wishes he could’ve had with his own father. Life is so cyclical. As for Jason’s outburst, I’m not sure what that was about. He could’ve just been being a (very good) teenager, ate Pissy Flakes for breakfast or have something else going on that will be referenced later. Either way, he’s still my favorite McCord kid. Also, don’t be so eager to grow up, dude. The real world ain’t so fun. Just ask Stevie.

Which bring me to the eldest McCord. Miss Stephanie has come a long way from moving out of the house because of who her mother is. In fact, she’s now running interference to protect her mother. When Elizabeth whispered her nickname “Queen Elizabeth” (which felt like a gut punch), Stevie looked at her mother in shock. It’s like she’s now at the adult table and her eyes were opened to the messy aspect of families. Their heart-to-heart about Maureen was a life lesson for both. Elizabeth is willing to get repeatedly burned by a loved one to be part of the family. It’s messy, but it’s her mess. Leave it to Elizabeth to soften my cold, hard, black heart for Maureen. I love badass Elizabeth, but nothing beats the vulnerability that comes in her roles of mom, wife, sister, sister-in-law, etc. That said, I would’ve given a kidney to hear Elizabeth go off about Maureen and eviscerate her the way she does foreign leaders.

So apparently political things happened at the State Department. I wouldn’t really know. I tried to pay attention. I really did. I just preferred the family storyline so I didn’t invest much time into this side plot. It’s basically this week’s ISS story for me. I fear I need to eventually figure out what happened because with Nadine telling Russell she has to let Elizabeth know, it sounds like it’s going to come back at some point. Also, everyone needs a Nadine. That woman is fiercely protective of Elizabeth. Quite a road those two have travelled down so far. She’s the person you want in your corner when your life is falling apart. You’re a mess and she not only has your laundry washed and folded, the animals are fed, your Christmas shopping is done and your taxes are in the mail.

“I don’t take orders from you.” The earth shook when Nadine dropped that microphone. Of course Russell tried to take control when Elizabeth was away. He also called Matt “son” in such a condescending way, like he’s trying to assert his authority over Elizabeth’s staff. Noticeably absent: Conrad. I’m fine with that.

This was my favorite episode, by far, since “Catch and Release.” We were even treated to a Will call. If I can’t get an episode of the McCords on lockdown, I want a holiday with the McCords, Henry’s family and Will. I don’t care which holiday. Christmas. Thanksgiving. Arbor Day. Super Tuesday. Whatever. I can only imagine the family dynamics with those explosive personalities. Sign me up.

It’ll be interesting to see where Henry goes from here. I don’t think his DIA life is completely over, and the effects of his father’s suicide will continue to echo. I honestly have no idea what the next few episodes will bring… and that’s exciting.

Other things:

–I don’t know if they did, but I love to think Elizabeth and Henry were forced to sleep in a twin bed. It takes them back to their dorm room days. Another full circle aspect of the episode.

–Elizabeth took a shot of liquor to cope. I feel you.

–Elizabeth flinging herself on the bed saying “Holy smokes” was one of my favorite shots of the entire episode, and I had a lot of favorites. Hats off to the director.

–“He believed in marriage.” Cut to a shot of Elizabeth. My heart melted.

–The smirk Elizabeth made after she told Stevie “and then I fell in love with your dad” melted my heart again. I don’t have much heart left. The writers keep snatching little pieces every week.

–Elizabeth traded in her tie blouses in the State Department for an apron in a kitchen. It was such a stark contrast from her typical day-to-day persona, another little nugget of Elizabeth the loving wife, willing to do anything to keep peace with her in-laws. Which brings me back to Henry’s “World’s Best Dad” apron and their phone call from Iran. Swoon. Requesting a GIF set of both apron-clad McCords, please and thank you.

–Speaking of wardrobe, every McCord sibling wore a plaid shirt and/or a vest at some point. Elizabeth obviously married into the uniform because even she sported both. I can only imagine what the wardrobe department looked like while they shot this episode.

–The episode started in the kitchen. My heart jumps when these family scenes begin an episode.

–I agree with Elizabeth. UVA gave Henry the greatest two-for ever.

Selfie 1x13 'I Woke Up Like This' Review: Why We Need Selfie! [SERIES FINALE]

It seems that the message shared through this episode is the exact reason that everybody should have tuned in for the entire season. The series finale of Selfie ironically teaches us to not judge a book by its cover and yet, here we are, wiping our tears because the television world is a cruel place that doesn’t deserve the excellence of this show.

Spoilers are included in this review.

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a/n: Hunting Queen fic for outlawqueenluvr set during 1x07, except Regina doesn’t crush Graham’s heart.

She’s not entirely sure when she grew soft, but something has shifted in her. She tried for what seemed like hours to crush the huntsman’s heart but was unsuccessful. She had screamed in to open air until her voice cracked, enraged by her inability to go through with it. She feels her mother’s gaze searing in to her, branding her disappointment in to Regina’s soul.

She knows it’s only a matter of time before he comes for his heart, before he comes for her. She feels weak for not being able to crush his beating heart into dust. She feels dirty for having any semblance of affection for him. She feels: that’s her problem. Perhaps she should have taken out her heart as well and placed it in a matching box beside his. Of course, she could never do that, or really she should say she’s never been able to do that, not with Henry. She could never do that to Henry, raise him like Cora raised her; heartless and determined.

She’s sent Henry off with Emma tonight, freeing up both her and the huntsman’s schedules for the inevitable confrontation. She’s left Henry a little note on the dining room table, explaining that she loves him, that she’s sorry, that she wishes things would have gone differently. She’s even left a ring that belonged to her father; she’s always wanted Henry to have it, a family heirloom that wasn’t tainted by her reign as the Evil Queen. It’s not that she thinks she’ll die, but it Graham attacks her, she’ll fight; magic or not, she’ll fend him off. But she knows herself, and eventually she’ll give in, willingly. It’s been some time now that these ominous thoughts have been looming over her. She feels her control slipping from her grasp, thanks to her son and his blonde bitch birth mother. So if Graham does try and kill her, if he does offer her the easy way out, she might just take it.

A solid knock fills the empty halls. Regina inhales deeply before walking over to the door, subconsciously straightening her spine. She catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror, and the resemblance to her mother is daunting. She must be doing something right (or something very, very wrong).

She takes one last deep breath before putting on her mayoral mask. She twists the brass lock and pulls the door open; a gust of cold wind hits her. She’s just welcoming impending death into her house.


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Snow & Charming sees Emma & Killian kissing (rather hot) in the hallway at Granny's. They didn't know about them yet.

A/N: This ended up with much more feelsy captain charming than I anticipated. Sorry not sorry, I love captain charming (so damn much). 


Snow is halfway through her meal, David probably not halfway through his grumblings about ice monsters and frozen engines, when a few high-pitched whines replace the happy gurgling that had been coming from her left. She sighs, and looks to the carrier beside her, and the little boy inside – the one showing every sign of an oncoming tantrum; a wobbling lip, tightly bunched fists – and sets down her knife and fork.

“I think he needs changing,” she tells  David, carefully gathering her son into her arms, bouncing him lightly in an attempt to soothe the cries that are growing steadily in conviction.

Her husband’s mouth is full of the lasagne he’s been practically shovelling in (whether it’s because he loves it that much, or because he’s worried lunch will be interrupted with another ice-related disaster, or a combination of both, Snow doesn’t know) so he only nods.

She makes her way across the diner – the wailing of her son not heard over Grumpy’s very enthusiastic (and loud) play-by-play of the frozen car incident – and ducks into the hallway, watching her son and gently hushing him as she rounds the corner.

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No Matter Where I Run (The Past is Always There)

A/N: This was originally going to be a part of my still-needs-to-be-completed sequel to “A Fraction of Your Smile (A Fragment of Your Mind)” but I kept writing more and more, and before I knew it, I had cranked out almost 3000 words on this scene alone.

While I fully accept that Killian will be able to move past his well, past, with Emma, I truly believe he will hit his own emotional roadblock with any future children, even if his fears are all in his head. This explores that.


“What’s a My-lah?”

His daughter had been previously stuttering over words in her book, sounding out vowels and tripping over consonants as she attempted to read to him and her mother. Now she looks at his arm studiously, blue eyes squinting as she attempts to make out the name branded on his skin. Not even five, and her teachers have noted that she is ahead of the curve when it comes to her literacy skills, a fact that he boasts to anyone who would listen. In this moment, however, he curses her abilities, not at all ready to open that can of worms on this Sunday night. Killian’s eyes rise to meet Emma’s, silently pleading for help.

Emma, his hero – his Savior – rises to the task, wrapping her arms around their little girl, attempting to return her attention back to her book. “Eliza, honey, why don’t you finish telling me about Frog and Toad? I really want to know if they stop eating those cookies.”

“But I wanna know what a My-lah is…” Eliza whines, large blue eyes darting between him and her mother, confusion etched on her features.

“Um.” Emma Swan – the woman who broke countless curses, fought numerous monsters, and literally marched into the Underworld – is somehow felled by persistent preschooler.

Killian sighs. It’s a conversation he knew he couldn’t avoid forever. Eliza is at the age where almost every other sentence out of her mouth is a question, her favorite words being “why,” “how,” and “what.” She’s an inquisitive little thing, that daughter of his. It’s another trait of hers that he normally admires, one that seems to do him in at this moment. They long ago addressed his tattoos, leading to an adorable moment where she sloppily colored her arms with markers to be “just like Daddy,” but that was before she could read. Now her questioning nature is driving daggers into his heart.

But just as he is with her mother, he cannot deny his daughter anything.

“It’s Milah, little love,” he corrects softly, his voice just above a whisper. He feels Emma reach around and squeeze his hand in support. “Milah is the name of a person I once knew.”

“Oh. Okay.” Eliza nods, eyes returning to the book sitting on her lap. For a moment, Killian believes that his daughter is satisfied with his answer. He is wrong. Much like her mother, she does not make things easy for him. “Do you have a tattoo of Mommy?”

“No, I’m afraid I do not.” He isn’t sure where this line of questioning is leading, and is afraid to find out.

“Why not?”

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penandinkprincess  asked:

Additional possible prompt: moved into their house together with Henry staying over. Henry has a nightmare about seeing Killian die again. Captain Cobra bonding because I am a sucker for it.

(Okay, I love these two but I haven’t written a lot of them and I HAVE NO IDEA WHY! Thank you for giving me the chance to remedy that. :) Also, present tense is still new to me so I’m trying to catch all my tense issues but I’m sure I’ve missed some. Eep!)

A strangled cry pulls him from slumber.

Killian’s thoughts turn first to Emma. His poor Swan hasn’t been sleeping well. Neither of them have been. The torments of the past few months – the darkness and Camelot and the Underworld – plague them every night without fail. She’ll wake up screaming or he’ll wake up hollering and they’ll both lie in bed holding each other until they fall back into uneasy slumber.

But it’s not Emma whose cry has roused him tonight. When he checks on her, she’s still sound asleep. She’s even snoring lightly, much to Killian’s endless amusement. (Oh, the teasing he gives her. She’s adamant that she doesn’t snore and she refuses to believe it even when Henry joins in the teasing. As a matter of fact, earlier that night, Henry said he was going to record her one night to prove it to her.)

Henry …

It was Henry who roused him.

Killian slips from bed gently and silently so as not to wake Emma. Her peaceful sleep is sure not to last but he wants to allow her as much of it as he can. Then he tiptoes into the hallway and down to the door of the bedroom beside theirs.

He knocks softly and waits for the soft, “Come in” before entering. Henry’s tear-filled eyes register surprise at seeing him; clearly he was expecting his mother. “Is everything all right, lad?”


Ah, but it’s not. Killian sends him a look that says he knows as much, and the poor lad crumples. “I watched you die … and there was nothing we could do this time.”

In an instant, Killian’s sitting beside him and wrapping an arm around his shoulders. To his surprise, the boy hugs him back fiercely. He’s watched Henry grow from young boy to teenager but tonight all Killian sees is a scared child who needs to be comforted. “Hush, lad, it’s all right. I’m not going anywhere now.“

He feels Henry nod and waits until the boy pulls back from the hug, a sheepish little smile on his face. Sensing that the lad still needs soothing, Killian stands, holds a finger to his lips, and gestures for Henry to follow him.

He wants to take the lad to the sea but he doesn’t want to leave Emma in the house by herself. So he does the next best thing and leads the boy to the giant spyglass Emma placed at the window. (She calls it a telescope.) “Have a look,” he says, nodding towards the window.

As soon as Henry’s eye finds the ocean, the tension in his shoulders relaxes. “It’s calming, isn’t it?” Killian murmurs. “The moon on the sea.”

“It is,” Henry agrees.

They stay downstairs talking until Henry’s eyelids begin to droop again. Taking that as his cue, Killian leads the boy back upstairs and into his room. To his surprise, Henry doesn’t draw the covers over his own shoulders and lets Killian do it instead. “Sleep tight, lad.”

“G’night, Killian.”

Killian has just gotten to the threshold when the boy’s voice stops him. “Killian.”

“Yes, lad?”

“Thank you.”

Killian smiles at him. “You’re welcome.”

Operation Mongoose (The finale)

Here we go my last recap for this season …. Please no crying we all knew that this day would come.
Now let’s start shall we…

Operation Mongoose is a go.

The finale finally gave us the answer to why on earth someone in their right mind would let Isaac become the author. It looks like our dear friend was a TV seller back in the days, working for a boss that didn’t appreciate his work and mocked his dream to become a writer.

Well the joke is on him when Isaac received a letter from Star Publishing and that’s where he meets the apprentice. Since the last author died (Yes this only proves that Walt was the previous author and you can’t convince me otherwise.) a spot opened up all Isaac needs to do is choose the write pen….and dear lord it is a miracle he does…..Isaac is destined to become the new author and a whole new world opens up for him….literally …..if only the apprentice knew what he got himself into.

Once Upon A Time with a Twist
The heroes are working hard on finding a way to stop Isaac and Rumple when August walks in with the news that he knows who the apprentice is but here is the thing he is still in the hat. They call the fairy squad to release the poor man from his prison.

Now all they need is the page of the door and the key to lock the author away where he belongs.

Unfortunately ….the author can writer faster than everyone seems to think. Before writing the final page Rumple needs to know why Isaac is helping him.
Well that answer is quiet easy they are alike, both struggled mightily for their happy ending and it is about time they win.
With that said the author writes Rumple his last wish to let Baelfire remember him as a hero.

The pen hits the paper and all stories are turned upside down.

A new hero
It seems that not everyone is influenced by the new story. Since Henry isn’t from a magical world he is the only who can save his family and the rest of Storybrook.
After a short trip to a local diner (looks like David’s driving lessons really did pay off….sort of) He sees a familiar name on an apparently bestselling book. Isaac wrote the story Heroes and Villains and become what he always wanted to be …. a writer.

Well actually to be fair he wrote his own fanfiction based on Disney…the man is one of us.

Henry confronts Isaac and discovers that the only to save everyone is to get his ass into the book. Since Isaac isn’t really into Henry’s plan he decided to knock him out and leave him behind as Ogre food. But not before he tells Henry that after the bells toll everything will remain as it is …nothing can be changed.

And this is our first meeting with knight Rumple using his light magic to save Henry. It makes sense that he would write himself as a hero but I am positive that his nickname ogre slayer has a deep connection with Belle since in the first story she called upon him to save her kingdom from the Ogre war in exchange for herself.

Henry to the rescue
Being freed from the Ogres Henry resumes his mission and finds Bandit Regina. He tries to convince her that he is her son and that they are all trapped in a book. Now let’s face it if someone would tell that to you you would probably back away slowly…..
He tries to tell Regina that she has to find Robin, that he is her true love but instead she simply laughs away the idea and burns the book. (of course you can see her eyes that somehow she is hoping that he is telling the truth and that there is a better life out there for her)

Isaac isn’t having any luck
After trying to find Henry so he can kill him part 2, Isaac is captured by a group of evil dwarves and being taking to Evil Snow…. and can I just say that I loved the sass of Snow, she was simple amazing as the Evil queen. You could see that Ginny was loving this and I loved Ginny acting the part.

Before it was off with his head…Isaac convinced Snow to keep him alive by telling her about her true love James and that he knows a way to kill both Regina and Henry so she could get her revenge on what Regina did to her.

Oh yeah did I mention that Charming looks hella fine as a evil heartless (literally) person with eyeliner. Yup he looks fine indeed. In case you are wondering Snow just keeps his heart and body around because he is the spitting image of James (you know twins and all)

Now not wasting any more time Snow finds Regina and is ready to kill her and everyone that follows her when Robin swoops in and saves the day. Now two things haven’t change. One: Regina still has a hard time to say thank you for saving her and Two: she still feels that there is something more about him, perhaps a second chance.

Unfortunately her newfound hope is crushed when Robin that he is about to marry to none other than Zelena….that’s right Zelena once again got the happy ending that Regina deserves.
Not wanting to show her disappointment Regina wishes hem all the luck and leaves the tavern only to run into Henry. Upon hearing what happened Henry quickly figures out that the story ends with the wedding of Robin and Zelena.  He only needs Regina to stop the wedding and confess her love but she isn’t having any of it so he tries another approach telling her about the saviour.

Regina informs him that there once was a woman who called herself the saviour but she has been locked away by Snow.

So another mission occurs ……

Save the saviour
To bring this mission to a good end Henry needs the help of a certain pirate to get him to the bottomless sea.  Now here is the catch Hook isn’t really a pirate nor is he really fearless…he is a deck boy who rather wants to stay far far faaaaar away from danger. But Henry has no time to lose so he knocks the real captain out (Blackbeard) and convinces Hook to come with him. And even though this hook might not know it Henry gave him a wonderful comment when ask where he learnt to sail by saying that he had a great teacher…..you.

Once they arrive and pass the guard Henry makes his way to Emma who is trapped in the tower. She still remember who he is and a beautiful moment occurs between the two of them when she is almost crying. She knew that Henry would find her, she knew that he would never give up. Emma also reveals that she probably still has her memory as a punishment since she isn’t able to do anything. But hey now that Henry is here….she can save everyone, together.

While escaping the tower she bumps into Hook, and I can tell you there chemistry was very much intact. Even though he didn’t know her you could see that he was intrigued by her and that she was making him blush. And by the way she was smiling and fluttering her eyelashes at him you could tell that she was very happy to see him. This proves again that no matter what happens to them somehow they still have that strong connection they ties them together.

And Hook seems to feel that their probably was something going on between them in their previous lives. During their really hot sword training session he even asks her about it and reveals that he was jealous of the other him (no matter where he is or who he is that man is always jealous of his past selves….it’s kinda cute.)

The session is interrupted by Snow and Charming who came to kill Henry. Emma tries to stop them by using an approach they really need to know will never work. Emma give up they aren’t going to magically accept that you are their daughter as far as they are concerned you are a mad woman and the mother of that meddling kid.

Ready to kill Henry, Hook steps in and uses the tricks that Emma taught him to fight Charming. Eyeliner against eyeliner.
And see even if he doesn’t know her, Hook is still willing to die for her so that he can protect her and the person she loves the most Henry. That’s what I call dedication.

It seems that Charming isn’t really for the romantic stuff as she brutally kills Hook. Not cool Charming not cool at all.

And while he is dying he never looks away from Emma as if he wants to memorize her beauty before he closes his eyes forever. And you can see that at that moment a piece of Emma died with him, you can see the her heart breaking when she sees the man she loves laying on the ground without a beating heart and you can see that she is more determined than ever to finish this once and for all.

Before the last page turns.

Meanwhile the author informs Rumple that he is about to lose his happy ending with Belle and with their newborn. Of course Rumple doesn’t know what he is talking about but you can see that he is worried and that he is afraid that Isaac might be telling the truth.
He talks to Belle about his struggles but he doesn’t reveal to her that the author told him to kill Regina in order get what he wants. Belle tells him that he is a hero and that he will always make the right decision. (cue in chipped cup)

At almost the same time, Emma tries to convince Regina to stop the wedding. She tells her that she just watched the man she loves die and that he will never know that she loves him because she was to scared….Yup that’s it I am done….The feels have officially killed me.

She doesn’t want Regina to make the same mistake and she will do everything to help her get her happy ending.

Convinced by Emma’s words Regina goes with them to the church where they are greeted by Rumple. Apparently he made the decision to be selfish and kill Regina to get his happy ending. While Rumple fights against Emma, Regina rushes to church where she is watching the wedding. Robin sees her and that’s when I thought he would do something Ross like and call out Regina’s name instead of Zelena’s. There are some lingering looks but before Regina can say something , she sees that Rumple is about to kill Henry……a decision has to be made…..

And she chooses to save Henry’s life  instead of her happy ending. Even when she can’t remember it, she still finds Henry more important than anything else…..The love for her son was greater than the love for any other man. She sacrificed her life for Henry.

When the newlywed couple emerges from the church Robin rushes to Regina. Zelena turns green with jealousy when she has to share her day with someone else and runs away. Robin doesn’t even notice, his eyes never leaves Regina’s as he refuses to let her die alone.

And just when the bells toll and all hope is lost a true Harry Potter moment occurs as the quill chooses his new owner….Henry is the new author and he is able to right all the wrongs. With the blood of Regina as the ink he changes everything back to normal.

Once Upon A Time

The first thing Emma does is rush of to the loft to find that Hook is still alive. She surprises him with a attack hug bed making them stumble onto the bed.  (YES! Finally some bed action!) The giggles and smiles says it all as Hook once again remind her that he is a savoir. And can we all appreciate the moment that Hook finally finds himself worthy to be called a hero….it took him almost two seasons but he is finally in a good place knowing that he did everything he could to be a good man. He made it!

And Emma still can’t tell him that she loves him even though she was trying to the words to him. Something was still stopping and yes you could see Hook smile fading for a bit but deep down he knows that she loves him….he really does know.

The author named Henry
The apprentice and Henry have a little talk about the responsibilities and power that comes with the quill. And you notice that Henry is struggling with the fact that he can’t bring his father back from her the death since he was killed in the real world. I can’t image how hard it must be for a kid to hear those kind of words, hearing that there is no hope to see his father again.

A second Harry Potter moment occurs when Henry eventually break the quill saying that no one should have the power to change, write and influence the stories of others. Proving himself to be a true author and the hero of the day.

Dark Swan
And while everyone has their happy ending….they forget one thing: Rumple. 

The man’s heart is still dying when Belle rushes in to make sure that he can’t hurt anyone else again. Rumple tells her about their happy ending and Belle is clearly trying her best not to break down because that was all she wanted a story with him to tell their children but she wasn’t enough

Rumple finally admits that he couldn’t believe that she could love someone like him and that’s why he couldn’t let go of his power. He proves that he is a real and good man in this world by letting Belle go. *now bring out the tissues my fellow Rumbelle fans * Belle admit that she doesn’t love will and she refuses to leave his side….she will be there until the end.

Now to be honest Belle did leave Rumple’s side once to warn everyone about the danger that is lurking behind the corner (in Gold’s shop to be precisely)
The apprentice pulls the darkness away from Rumple to save his life and we can see that the name Rumplestilskin is vanishing from the dagger…..revealing that Rumple is no longer the dark one and has no more magic.
After a failed attempt to get rid of the darkness, the apprentice speaks his final words on his deathbed. The darkness can only be contained if it can be channelled into a human who will be controlled by the dagger. He informs Emma and Hook that the only way to defeat the darkness is by finding the sorcerer…..Merlin.

Camelot road trip!

The darkness is still looming in town and is about to suck away the light from Regina when Emma steps in.  She is willing to sacrifice herself for the happy ending of others.

Emma turns to her parents to make them promise her that they will find away to pull the darkness of her just like they did last time but this time as heroes.

Of course her plan is welcomed with open arms and Hook rushes to her side trying to stop her. Now remember what Hook told her last season? That he will win her heart not because of some trickery but because she wants him to? Well he did it…..she finally says those precious three words to him.

She loves him.

He is being loved, someone things he is worthy enough and that’s why my heart is breaking because once again he has to see how  the woman he loves, the woman who loves him back is being taking away from him.

After pushing Hook away for his protection Emma holds up the dagger and let the darkness consume. I want to point out that another prediction came out in this scene. Back in season 2 Emma told Hook that she would keep her eyes on him, she would not let him out of her sight and once again she kept he promise. Her eyes never left his as the darkness consumed her. This time she was doing everything she could to memorize the image of the man she loves, the man who was strong enough to break down her walls, the man she considers her true love.

And with that she is gone.

The only thing left was the dagger with her on name on it

Dark swan.

Evil!Emma Pilot/Re-Curse AU: In 2001 recently freed Emma Swan anonymously receives a sleeve of starter cash attached to a promise of more, and a set of mysterious directions that take her and her infant son Henry to an obscure town in Maine. Her new beginning before her, Emma commits herself near pathologically to proving she can be a good enough mother, educating herself along the way. But there is something very very wrong with this picturesque town in which the inhabitants who never age, never marry, never die have little memory of their time before Emma’s arrival. A simple welcoming present from local teacher Mary Margaret Blanchard to Emma’s son unravels an impossibly true explanation. The town is under a timeless curse that she is prophesied to end. Soon Emma becomes tortured and twisted by her inability to save the cursed residents as she witnesses them live each day in miserable unaware monotony. Now ten years later, the once social deviant lost girl has risen to the stature of town Mayor after the post had been vacated for years. Mayor Swan guards the mystery of the town and its origins as closely as she does her son, taking any ruthless measures necessary to do so. 

Despite therapy to the contrary Henry still insists upon Emma’s place as the town’s Savior, meant to break the curse even when his mother no longer believes. Henry develops a theory that the Evil Queen responsible for casting the curse has been unaccounted for, and that her absence is the reason for the curse persisting. After hiring a bounty hunter through the use of his teacher’s credit card, Henry learns of a woman living in squalor found with amnesia outside of Storybrooke weeks before they moved there. Henry feels convinced that the woman named Regina will prove harmless now that she is without memory. He starts to write to her, telling her that he believes she is his biological mother. Regina, curious and desperate comes to town hoping to finally make a connection to her past. Emma in particular is immediately hostile to Regina, using legal threats, jail time, and physical intimidation to force her to leave, until they realize Henry’s overall scheme.  Still Regina feels a strong fondness to him, and he to her that she finds herself unwilling to let go to get back to her life. The first time Henry hugs her, Regina’s decision to stay is set, and Emma sees the clock tower in the town without time inch forward in recognition of returning happiness.—With Eyes Closed Night and Day Are the Same

A.K.A how does the pilot still happen if Emma is “Evil” and Regina is not. And if August and Rumple meddle in order to accelerate the curse breaking. Also the theory that the curse requires both Emma and Regina to break. Because Soul Mates.

anonymous asked:

When the Curse of Shattered Sight went across the town, Henry expresses his dislike for his mom and Hook dating. I know he was under a curse, but I was always under the impression that the curse spoke of our inner, darker secrets toward people. But then in the s4 finale, Henry seemed very fond of Hook. I was just curious what your thoughts are about Henry's feelings on Hook/Captain Swan. :)

Just because Henry wasn’t thrilled about Hook dating his mom doesn’t mean he doesn’t like Hook. There are other, really important reasons, for him to be unhappy about that relationship.

First, Henry is a 12 year old boy - he’s probably not thrilled about thinking of his mother dating, kissing, canoodling with ANY new man.  And he clearly had hoped that his mother would get back together with his father. He lost Neal after just meeting him, and after spending with him what amounts to a few days at most. They had pizza, they fought with swords, and before they even got to really know one another it was all over. Henry was kidnapped; then he was rescued - only to have his memories of his father taken away immediately after. And then Neal passed without Henry and he ever reuniting.  It’s tragic - for both of them. And Henry clearly mourns this loss and the loss of what he hoped would come - a happy family with his parents reunited and in love.

It’s a kid’s fantasy - which makes sense since he is, after all, a kid.  Henry is a boy who loves fairy tales and believes in True Love and Happily Ever Afters.   He views his mother as a storybook heroine and he, like Snow (and some of the fandom), thought that she would end up with the first man she fell in love with. It’s idealistic and a bit naive - but who could blame him when that man also happens to be his father?

Going back to Henry’s thoughts about Emma - it’s likely that he expected her, as the hero of his tale, to end up with a “knight in shining armor”. He’s young and naive enough to sometimes forget that heroes come in all different packages - and that his mother’s perfect match may not fit the “prince Charming” mold he expected for her. 

Henry is aware of Emma’s past - he knows she gave birth to him in jail, she’s even tried to teach him a few of Neal’s tricks about breaking and entering without getting caught. But he still seems to think of her idealistically. We saw him tell Regina that his other mother was the most powerful sorceress  - despite the fact that her magic has proved no match Cora, by Zelena, and even by Rumple. Yes, she lacks incredible natural power - but her lack of training has shown to be an important limiting factor. Still Henry sees has as a hero and a Savior - he’s got her on quite a pedestal - and I think it would be hard for any man to live up to the ideal he sees as the match for his mother.

And a pirate for sure falls short of the mark in Henry’s eyes.  I think it’s clear that Henry likes Hook - and without his memories he requested to spend more time with the pirate than with his grandparents.  It’s funny because a lot of the things  that Henry feels makes Hook not a good love interest for The Savior are also the things about Hook that Henry enjoys - Hook is fun, but also a thief, a gambler, a drinker, smart and cunning, and a rule breaker.  An the reality is that those things are also all things that Hook and Emma have in common.  They have similar backgrounds - they are both non-traditional heroes!

I think the curse of Shattered Sight wasn’t really handled well by the writers - it was set up as this awful, ominous curse that would reveal everyone’s darkness, But what we got was a lot of petty annoyances and a lot of comedy.  So I think it’s best to take what we saw in those scenes with a grain of salt.

What’s important to consider is that Henry likes Hook and trusts Hook.  And he sought him out to rescue Emma in Isaac’s AU - because he believes Hook to be a hero, and he knows Hook truly loves his mother.  Don’t forget it was Henry pushing Emma forward into Granny’s to ask Killian on that date - because he wanted her “to be happy”.  Above all Henry’s other concerns about the type of man Killian Jones is, he believes that the man can make his mother happy.

Expect their relationship to grow in only the best of ways from here on out :)


Thought Trails: Expectations, the Media and Moving to MLS

In one week, Toronto FC have managed to sign Jermain Defoe, one of England’s best strikers, and Michael Bradley, arguably America’s best player at the moment. It’s a coup for Toronto, a shock to many, and everyone has something to say. 

Maxi: If you had asked me a few years ago how I felt about MLS offseasons, I would have raised an eyebrow and said something along the lines of, “…M..L..S…offseason..?” For as long as I can remember, MLS offseasons were a time period frequented only by devoted beat writers and the sort of committed fans who created Excel spreadsheets stockpiled with information on the most unknown college soccer player from Blackfoot, Idaho. As the league has grown, so too has interest in that painful period between seasons, and in the last week, we might have experienced one of the most significant periods in MLS history: both Michael Bradley and Jermain Defoe, players of a recognized, international stature, are moving to MLS, and the implications are widespread.

Eric: Implications cause ripples. Implications create thousands of opinions. At this point, it might not even be possible to create an original thought about Jermain Defoe and Michael Bradley’s big (or little, depending on your perspective) move. Major League Soccer has, once again, shaken up the generally accepted narrative of how things work in “the world of football”. Globally recognized footballers go to MLS when they want to retire… except, ugh, wait… something just doesn’t make sense. Sure, MLS may be getting better and dozens of world class players may be asking Thierry Henry and David Beckham what it’s like living in cosmopolitan cities and doing what they love for a living… But it can’t be that simple. You know what?

Jermain Defoe doesn’t know what Jermain Defoe is doing, according to me. I may know very, very little about Jermain Defoe’s personal thought process, yet thousands of people who also know very, very little about Jermain Defoe agree with me. As for playing in MLS? It seems like everyone who knows the league well likes this move; therefore, I need to trust the unbiased opinions of people who know very, very little about MLS. That must be the solution here, right?

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