henry needs to do me a favor

Love & Death S4E6

•Elizabeth: Mary can’t marry my cousin
•Me: Aren’t you all related?
•Are you really fighting over who can marry Lord Darnley? Have you met him? Girl, trust me, Mary’s doing you a favor.
•Mary/Henry is everybody’s notp
Elizabeth: I don’t have many-
Gideon: -looks at her-
Elizabeth: any friends
Why does Agatha have to die? Like can you not?

•Charles is MIA/ is living in the wild
Narcisse/Leeza umm…no this is NOT what I want. But this could be used to send her back to Spain.
I need a parallel of Leith being forced to leave back in S2? and leaving the castle by choice
•In a year!?! Are we gonna get a flash-forward?
•”I won’t fall in love” TOO LATE. BOOM. IN LOVE. WITH 2-3 HEIRS.
•I am in LOVE with Luc. He doesn’t pressure Claude to be with him even though they both agreed to the terms. He leaves. LEAVES.
•When Clieth appeared I was so confused considering last episode Leith said, “no” to the open marriage. Looks like he came around.
When your trying to get pregnant with your husband AFTER you just slept with your lover. Am I the only seeing this could lead to a Clieth baby?
I totally forgot about Catherine/Henry/Diana. Another parallel w/ Catherine saying, “poisons the heart” & Leith, “I feel a poison in my heart”  which just means MOTHER KNOWS BEST.
Leeza’s shade to Catherine, “Who is an actual member at court”
Endgame: Leith + rising in station
Leith was thinking of leaving my baby to die in the woods. But he didn’t because he’s a good person & knows Luc is a good man too. It’d be easier to hate Luc if he was cruel but he’s not.
Leith using saving Luc to gain back his lands and a source of income. I was so surprised & impressed

I couldn’t stop smiling when the theme song came on
“Long may we-” NO. NO. NO. “Long may SHE reign”
“King Darnley” *chokes* I don’t want to hear this
Not gonna lie those Mary/Henry reunion scenes were cute 
Lord Darnley’s ex ran away to Scotland?
•James why do I get the feeling you were behind the assassination? JAMES.
•I’m calling it now: James/Elizabeth alliance
This rivalry or more like dislike of James and Henry will def. be a problem
James: Castleroy was a fool
Dan: Castleroy is a fool (x)
Me: (the office) ITS HAPPENING.
James, “I don’t mind when I’m in the company of beautiful woman” He says that to Greer which means he thinks she’s beautiful.
My James/Greer shipper heart. Mood: I’m always used to giving & now i get to receive

Overall, I felt this was a filler episode?

NEXT EPISODE PROMO: England needs a reason to invade Scotland *cough* Lady Kira *cough* and the rivalry between James & Henry continues.