Can we just talk about the fact that in any universe, any where, even with out her memories, Regina stil would sacrifice herself for Henry because her love for him is that strong? Because I’m still not over it. 

Let’s not forget that if the show is about any “ship” it’s this one. 

Sorry I’m just sobbing over here because these two. 

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Mini fic meme: Regal Believer 12 things you said when you thought I was asleep. Please :)

She’d collapsed onto the couch, her body as weary as her mind and body after the events of the past few days.

Robin. Marian. Emma. Her present once again stripped from her because of her sister’s dalliance with the past.

Damn those Charmings and their inability to leave things alone.

Footsteps rouse her although she doesn’t move—moving would require effort, and she has no desire to do anything at the moment except to lie here and feel sorry for herself. She knows it’s childish. She knows it’s pointless. But right now, it’s all she has.

“Mom, are you asleep?”

Henry’s whisper strokes her from behind, making her smile into the cushions. She’s about to turn over when she hears him kneel down beside her.

“I’m really sorry about Robin,” he continues, his tone lighter than air. “And I want you to know that no matter what happens, I’m here for you.”

Tears prick the corners of her eyes as waves of love wash over what hurts.

“I’m sorry for how I acted, too. You know, in the past when I kept pushing you away. I didn’t realize how much I was hurting you then.”  He pauses, and she can visualize him speaking into his hands, the way he tends to do when he’s contrite. “Well, maybe I did, but I just didn’t care. I was being selfish by pushing you out of my life.”

She rolls over then knowing there’s no way in hell she’s going to let Henry feel guilty over her past sins.

“You saved me by pushing me out of your life.”

He pauses and looks back at her, one corner of his mouth creeping up towards his ear.

“I thought you were faking,” he grins, prompting her to roll her eyes.

“I mean it, Henry,” she states. “You’re the person who made me want to redeem myself. If you hadn’t made me really examine my life, I’d still be…” She swallows through the thickness in her throat. “I’d still be the Evil Queen.”

He scoots closer and looks her in the eye.

“You’ve more than redeemed yourself, mom. If anyone deserves a second chance at happiness, it’s you.”

She pulls back tears just fighting to get out as she presses herself up on one elbow.

“I’m not sure that’s possible anymore.”

He takes her hand then, his face smoothing into the smooth lines of conviction.

“I know it is, Mom. And I’ve got enough faith for the both of us.”

Gold & Henry parental advice

2016-02-08 06:08 am (UTC)

Henry has a crush on a girl and needs advice.

But he’s too embarrassed to talk to his moms about it, and his dad is dead so he can’t ask him for help. And he knows if he asks David then he’ll tell Snow, and the whole town will know by sundown.

So he goes to his Grandpa Gold for advice.

Please make the conversation as embarrassing and awkward as possible.

Gold, Henry- Overprotective, fluff

2016-01-07 05:33 am (UTC)

So, after the writers throwing Gold’s redemption story out the window, I need some less-evil Gold.
Gold’s against taking his teenage grandson to the Underworld. But, as neither Emma nor Regina are in the mood to listen to him, he’s overruled. That doesn’t mean he can’t to everything in his power to protect Henry, though.

This can take the form of protection spells, loading Henry up with magic weapons, or just making sure he’s never more than a few feet from Henry.

Bonus if Regina and Emma believe he’s trying to hurt Henry only to be proven wrong.
Double bonus for uber overprotectiveness (ex. “Henry! Get back! It could be dangerous!” “But we’re in the Elysian fields! And it’s just bunny!” “Or, it could be the Rabbit of Caerbannog!” “That’s from a story!” “Well, so is your family and they’re not less real, are they?”)