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Hi. I wonder if you can write a fanfiction in which Regina is the one who goes after Henry in the mine?

Thanks for the prompt :)

She vaguely heard Emma telling her it isn’t safe, that she’s in better shape to go down there but the words don’t register.

All she knows is that her son is trapped in that mine and the thought of losing him breaks her heart.

He doesn’t think she loves him but she does, oh she does and so she runs into that mine.

The air is thick and dusty and the mine is pitch black. She doesn’t care. She needs to find her son. She needs it not to be too late for them.

She coughs as she runs but she keeps going until finally she spots a dim flicker of torch light. Regina sobs in relief at seeing that glimmer of hope and races towards it.

“Mom?” Henry asks surprised and she nods, she sobs because he’s alive and he called her Mom. For this moment she isn’t the evil queen, she’s his Mom.

“You came for me?” he asks.

She nods again pulling him in for a desperate hug, “Yes,” she tells him, “because no matter what you think, no matter what anyone tells you I do love you.”


4x23 // 1x01

#I can’t tell you how much this means to me #her son Henry will find her #in any realm #any place #any time #he approaches Emma thinking she doesn’t know #like he is reliving his past #but then she remembers this time #she knows its him #i love family relationships #and this parallel makes me cry