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A Shakespearean Character Guide to Dealing with an Annoying Roommate

Macbeth: Invite him to a sleepover. Then stab him.

Hamlet: Put on a play that outlines all of your roommate’s annoying flaws. Then stab him.

Romeo: Marry his cousin and try to start a new, peaceful relationship. When that doesn’t work, stab him.

Brutus: Petition your roommate to change for the better. Then stab him with 60 of your closest friends.

Othello: Talk to your friend about the problems you’re having with your roommate. Then strangle him.

Shylock: Make him sign a pound of flesh as collateral on your roommate agreement. Collect on it.

Cleopatra: Set a poisonous snake loose in his room.

Henry VIII: Marry him. Then cut off his head.


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The Signs as Underrated Male Shakespeare Characters

Aries: Henry Percy (Henry IV Part I)

Taurus: Pistol (Henry V)

Gemini: Thersites (Troilus and Cressida)

Cancer: Enobarbus (Antony and Cleopatra)

Leo: Jack Cade (Henry VI Part II)

Virgo: Berowne (Love’s Labour’s Lost)

Libra: Pompey (Measure for Measure)

Scorpio: Duke of Suffolk (Henry VI Part I)

Sagittarius: Ross (Macbeth)

Capricorn: Philip the Bastard (King John)

Aquarius: Gratiano (The Merchant of Venice)

Pisces: Antonio (Twelfth Night)

A warning to the people, the good and the evil, this is war


If you want to keep the love of a p r i n c e, this is what you must do: You must be prepared to give him the thing you most care for in all the world.