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Mellow Frames: Too Many Spies

There does seem to be a lot of spy films coming out this year. Not that I’m complaining, I’m a fan of the genre. 


Check out this amazing piece of ‘90s nostalgia: a clip from MTV's Clueless premiere beach party, including a brief interview with three of the film’s stars and a pop quiz on Bronson Alcott lingo.


Paramount Pictures 75th Anniversary party - Los Angeles, 1987

From left to right
- front row: Martha Raye, Dana Andrews, Elizabeth Taylor, Frances Dee, Joel McCrea, Harry Dean Stanton, Harrison Ford, Jennifer Beals, Marlee Matlin, Danny de Vito.
- second row: Olivia de Havilland, Kevin Costner, Cornel Wilde, Don Ameche, Deforest Kelley, Tom Cruise, Charlton Heston, Penny Marshall, Bob Hope, Victor Mature, Elizabeth McGovern, Robert de Niro.
- third row: Andrew McCarthy, Henry Winkler, Anthony Perkins, Robert Stack, Mark Harmon, Faye Dunaway, Buddy Rogers, Gregory Peck, Debra Winger, Timothy Hutton.
- fourth row: Jane Russell, Mike Connors, John Travolta, Janet Leigh, Charles Bronson, Ted Danson, Lou Gossett Jnr, Ryan O?Neal, Rhonda Fleming, Leonard Nimoy.
- fifth row: William Shatner, Peter Graves, Molly Ringwald, Dorothy Lamour, Olivia Newton-John, Cindy Williams, Matthew Broderick, Gene Hackman, Walter Matthau, Robin Williams.
- back row: Ali MacGraw, Burt Lancaster, Scott Baio, Rhea Perlman, Bruce Dern, James Caan, Glenn Ford, Fred MacMurray, Shelley Long, James Stewart.