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I’m not a genius. I don’t believe geniuses exist. Everyone practices very hard. To be honest, I haven’t had the chance to practice very much lately. I’m amazed at something lately. When I heard ‘FXXK IT’ for the first time, I thought whoever wrote it was a genius. I heard 'and I wanna get down’ in English, and in Korean, it’s '에라 모르겠다’. Do you know their contact information? Please let me know. - Henry, Super Junior M

xenobladefanboy  asked:

If we get grooms to go along with the brides, we'd probably get groom Marth, groom Xander (Since Xander x Charlotte is very popular), groom anyone that isn't Chrom and groom Hector (I suppose any male from Blazing Blade would work, Hector was just the first that came to mind)

Groom Marth would be a must since he’s Caeda’s canon husband but I’m not sure for the others. Awakening and Fates don’t have “canon” pairings (well, except maybe Chrom and Sumia since she appears as Lucina’s mother in the intro cutscene, and Kamui and Aqua cause they get a lot of ship tease) so not sure.

I’m going to try and get Charlotte or Caeda for the Bride Banner `v´ Hopefully I can summon one of them…

Repeat after me:

Blackface is not okay. Blackface will never be okay. Blackface isn’t funny. Blackface is not fucking cosplay. Darkening your skin for the sake of a fucking joke is not funny. It’s not cute. It doesn’t make you cool. However, it is hurtful for black kpop fans to keep seeing this happen. It is annoying for black kpop fans to watch you defend your faves when they do problematic shit like this. It is a cause of anger in many black kpop fans who see their race turned into a fucking caricature. It’s 2017 people can freely educate themselves on the internet about whether or not doing something is okay or not. So you can casually miss me with that “oppa/unni didn’t mean it uwu” bullshit because yes they fucking did. 

3rd Voting Gauntlet

It has come. The Voting Gauntlet starts on Saturday (it’s May 12th on midnight, so basically Saturday), and this is how the brackets look.

I see that they have returned to how the 1st Gauntlet was: each candidate against the members of the same team. It’s not like the 2nd Gauntlet where they faced against members of the other team instead of theirs (so wyvern riders vs pegasus knights instead of wyverns vs other wyverns).

I think that this is a good move because a “Same” outcome isn’t forced; it’ll just happen somewhere.

Also, in my opinion, I can see a few places where there might be “Same” outcomes right at Round 1.

  • Look at Leo vs Henry. From what I have heard, Leo is more popular in Japan, but Henry is more popular in the West (or was it vice versa?), so there could be some challenge over there.
  • Julia vs Sanaki are both mages of the old games, but might have obtained some fans since they are pretty good heroes to have in the game. That fight could be interesting since they’re not that well-known.
  • Linde might also put up a fight against Tharja since she is also a pretty good hero to have (might not win over Tharja, but at least the votes won’t be so devastating?? I’m hoping…).

If anyone has other speculations, I’d love to hear them.

Well, anyways, HERE WE GO GUYS


And so, the 3rd Voting Gauntlet has ended, with the final battle ending up what people have speculated: Tharja vs. Robin.

And with Tharja ultimately wining.

But you know what? I don’t even mind. For me, it didn’t matter that the speculated winner won. It was the journey that mattered, not the results. I enjoyed coming back every 30 minutes to fight my team’s opponent. It was amusing to see others posting how their teams were doing. And it was just pure fun to see everyone doing their best. This gauntlet wasn’t one-sided, and that’s what I loved about it.

Some people could have better sportsmanship, but oh well. Thanks for the fun Gauntlet, everyone! See you in the next one!


I am SO TIRED of SM neglecting their artists, and leaving them to fend for themselves. First Henry complained, and now Amber is saying the exact. same. thing. They deserve so much better than this nonsense. I truly hope that they both stay strong. ❤