henry lime

Then Let It Be Declared War

Victor Criss x reader
Word count: 7446
A/n: Please inform me if there is any mistakes or anything out of place.  Tank oo :) Hope you enjoy ;)

I’ve always been a weird child.  A weird person.  Odd, off set, weird, not normal, anything else you want to call me.  

Ever since I was little, I’ve was obsessed with knives.  The blood that they can make come out of people, how sharp they can be made to be, how they can so quickly put fear in someone.  My parents tried to keep them away from me, knowing they were bad from me, but I’ve always found a way.  Whether I stole some from the butcher store, or if I found out where they hid them.  Sometimes, I’d even go out of town to go and buy me a whole other set.  I always ended up grounded for days at a time for leaving town without permission and go missing for a couple days.  The cops had been called on me more than enough to come a retrieve me from a couple towns over, mostly because I never changed my spot to acquire my knives.

My knife obsession was the cause of me never being able to get pets.  We had to move a little out of the town so I won’t be close to my neighbor’s pets.  Mom/Dad would sometimes go out and catch birds so I can fulfill my desire to use my knives on something that’ll struggle.  Of course, my odd mind caused me to have a lot of people fear me, which I loved to see in their eyes.  Some of the kids say I’d be a perfect match for Bowers or Criss, or really anyone from the Bower’s Gang.  The schools Drama update section of the school newspaper was even gonna come and talk to me about it.  Little would I know, the outcome of my answer would fulfill my lust without needing to use a knife.
“No, I’d never date any of those pussies.  You should see the fear in their eyes when I pass by them.  Carving our gang’s symbol in little Patty boy took a number on them.”  The words came out of my mouth with the biggest smirk ever.  Gretta’s eyes widened, the knowledge that I just revealed scaring her.  Our eyes connected for a split second before her head went crashing down, looking at her notebook, scribbling my answer down in rushed pace.

“You actually dared to do that to Hockstetter?!”  Her voice came out in a high shrill sound of surprise.  A smug smirk grew on my face, I loved being admired for striking fear in those who seem to be rulers of peasants.  

“I mean, everyone wanted to, I’m just the one who doesn’t lack the confidence.  I did what everyone was desiring to do.  Plus, how else was I supposed to let him know not to touch me?”  A malicious laugh came out of my mouth, one that I was proud of.

“And if they have a problem with it, then let this be declared war, Bower’s”, I let out a dry laugh and got up, walking out of the journalism room.  “I believe that is enough.”  

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Gretta hurriedly nod her head up and down before running off to go write down what she got.  Once she was out of ear shot, I let out a crazy laugh, toppling over, holding my stomach as my shoulder’s shook from the laughter.  A crazed smile drew across my face as I reached into my back pocket and pulled out my knife.  It was my favorite knife, one that I hid from parent(s) with my life.  And, luckily, they never got it in their grips.  
It was funny, something so dangerous could calm me down the most.  A knife, something that is made to kill and protect, calmed my nerves.  Helped me with anxiety, panic attacks, or when I was just plain sad or angry.  It helps even more when I use it one the person who’s made me mad.  Whether it’s for a stupid reason or not, I still used it on them.  My knives made me normal. Made me calm.  Sometimes, it’s like my knives sing a “calming” melody to me.

My laughs started to die down, the lopsided smile held on my face disappearing along with it.  I stood in place for a second, looking at the wall with a blank face.  In the corner of my eye, I could see a transparent red balloon.  Goose bumps erected all over my body as I stared at it in the corner of my eye, not being able to move an inch.  I wasn’t afraid, I wasn’t afraid of anything, but this emotion was new to me.  I didn’t know how to describe it.  It was weird.  It was an odd feeling.  
Suddenly, a clown appeared, it’s face showing through the balloon as it’s hand gripped the string.  A creepy smile was painted across its face.  I was still glued to the ground, not even being able to move my eyes so I wouldn’t be able to see the clown.

“(Name)! Lynn wants you!” Juan busted through the door, his gruff voice yelling out to me.  The clown disappeared, but not before giving me a smirk.  This new emotion, one I’ve never felt before, kept me still, almost like I was afraid.  Like I had fear in me.

“(Name)?” Juan questioned, confusion infused in his voice.  “You alright, dude?”
I nodded my head slowly, the image of the clown still burnt into my head, before I turned, my steps seemed to be going slow motion as I walked towards Juan.

“What does Lynn need?”

I walked out the door, blocking the image of the clown from my head.  I don’t have time to be distracted by some hallucination.
My gang included five people, who were supposedly “friends” to me. (A/n: Reader-Chan/kun has major trust issues.)  Lynn Hykun, Juan Topwards, George Wilsh, Inqua (In- kwua) Hockstetter, and, of course, the leader, me.  We were all different in ways.  We all had something wrong with us in the head.  Like Lynn, she was obsessed with seeing blood.  Juan was obsessed with guns.  George was obsessed with inflicting pain.  And Inqua, she was obsessed with seeing fear, just like me.  She was obsessed with revenge, blood, pain, fear, and just plain being a legend of fear.

Juan, our messenger, was a tough man.  All he knew was pain and anger.  His daddy always hittin’ him, his mom always yellin’ at him, his grandpa always disappointed in him.  His sister hated him.  Despised him.  Spits upon him.  The reason was something unheard to the ears of Derry.  He once got arrested for shootin’ his daddy when he came at him with a knife, but everyone believed his daddy instead of him.  I remember beating the shit out of his mom once for shit talking him to my parent(s).  Except, that’s a secret known between her and I.  And it better stay that way.

Lynn was my special case.  I was, in other words, in love with her.  She was an optimistic devil.  I loved seeing her eyes light up when she gets blood in her sight.  She was my submissive, yet kicking little puppy.  She didn’t really get involved in the fights unless she needed to, she rather stand from the sides holding the victim down and watch as the blood comes out from their body.  
George was like the co-leader.  He knew that after I’ve had my fun with my victim, he had them to himself.  He knew what rules and directions were needed to be called out to the others just by a glance at my face.  He was my tall, faithful little mutt.

Inqua Hockstetter, older sister of Patty boy.  The only person to strike the most fear in him without him fighting back.  When we found her, she was a crying mess.  Squatting down, hands over her face, around the back corner of school.  It was a silent crying session, but she was pooling river out of her eyes.  Old Patty boy was the reason for Inqua crying, she never told us what he did, but it happened.  

You see, Inqua was my little submissive, loyal, and faithful person.  She never talked, attacked when it was time, and listened to order’s when given.  Inqua rarely talked, and when she did, it was never to be talked about.
A loud, shrilling, ugly sounding bell erupted through the now empty halls of school.  It was the late bell for fifth hour and all the students had already rushed to class, even if they knew the teachers didn’t give a care whether or not they were late. Juan was in front of me, leading me to where Lynn was.  We were both quiet, no conversation to exist between us.  It seemed like Juan was stuck in his mind, searching and sorting out question that were invisible to me.

We were usually never this quiet, which was odd that we were now.  We didn’t fear getting caught by the teachers or the principal.  Juan’s silence made me wonder if he saw the clown, too.  Or if it was just a hallucination I only saw.  Was the clown a fragment of my imagination?  No, cause there was the balloon.  I know the balloon was real, the Denbrough boy was talkin’ about them.  

I shook my head, I can’t let my imagination get to me over something so stupid.

 Nothing’s ever got to me, and this wasn’t gonna be the first one.  As smirk crawled across my face, I don’t know why, but it felt good.

Juan and I exited the building, turning the corner and heading straight to the rest of the gang.  Everyone was scattered.  George was leaning against a wall, his foot resting on it along with him.  Inqua was leaning on a fence, the same pose George was in. a smoke in her hand.  Juan went and stood by George, taking a cig from him and tossing it to me, a lighter coming at me not long after.  
Lynn was on the ground, howling out sobs, tears dropping to the ground as she punched the dirt.  Almost instantly, with a stabbing pang in my heart, I was by her side, rubbing her back.  I hated to see her like this.  I hated the people even more who made her like this.  Last time this happened, I fucked that person up.

  They didn’t mess with us again.

“Lynn, baby, what’s wrong?”  I wanted to cry at the sight of her pain, this wasn’t the pleasurable pain liked to see, this was the pain that hurt the ones I love.
Lynn shook her head, another chocking sob coming out.  She never talked during these times, which killed me little by little.  I wanted to take her fingers and lace them with mine, pull her back and hug her till she explodes.  Maybe even tickle her side as I hold her close.  I was in love with her, yet I wasn’t.

I acted like she was my girlfriend, like she was my human, but she wasn’t.  I protected her, I love seeing her smile and laugh, and just happy in general, but I wasn’t in love with her.  Like, we are in love with each other, but we’re reserved for other people.  We weren’t meant to be each other’s, even if we felt like it.
My arm wrapped around Lynn, my other leading my cigarette to my mouth to take another puff of it.  My head leaned on Lynn’s shoulder and I closed my eyes to relaxed.  With a weary smile on my face, I pulled Lynn to the ground to lay her head on my chest.  

“You called for me?” I smiled as I talked to her.

She nodded her head, her sobs dying down as she put her arm around my waist.  I laughed, noticing how much we need each other.  I would never be able to live without her.

“1 out of 10, how much do you love me?”  My smile grew bigger as I noticed her sobs had stopped.

George laughed from his place on the wall, flicking the ash on his cigarette.

“10,” Lynn whispered, a small laugh coming from her.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought, “ I laughed, moving my fingers on her side.

Lynn laughed, starting to wiggle around.

“Oh?  Did I hit someone’s tickle spot?” My voice peaked up in interest as I laughed more, moving my fingers around her stomach as I straddled her.

It’s been a couple days since Lynn’s outbreak, and she was back to the optimistic devil she was.  I was happy that she was, even if I never found out what unsettled her, but I knew, when the time comes, she would tell me.  I wasn’t going to force the answer out of her if she didn’t want to tell me, so I’ll wait for her.  

The whole gang was sitting on a building’s roof that was near the school.  We didn’t know if it was occupied, but we really didn’t give a shit if it was.  Lynn was laughing at the school newspaper, the biggest smile occupying her face.  I brung my cigarette to my mouth, taking a long drag out of it before looking at Lynn and putting it up to her lips, which she gladly took a drag out of it too.  Smoke came from her lips while she laughed at my gesture, me joining in on her laughter.

  “Really, (Name)?”  Lynn looked back at the school newspaper.  I peeked over her shoulder, she was reading the drama section.  

“You are so nice with your responses,” Lynn had sarcasm dripping from voice, looking back at the drama section and laughing even more as she read on.
“Yeah, so nice Lynn.  Like, out a hundred, she would be listed as 120% on the nice list,” George laughed, Juan joining him.

Soon enough, everyone in the group was laughing, even Inqua had a little chuckle with us.  I looked down, seeing how far the ground was from the roof of the building.  It wasn’t far, nothing that we couldn’t handle.  I mean, we’ve all jumped from higher places.  

  “Guys, I dare you to jump from here,” I said, standing up and dusting off my ripped jeans.  “To down there.”  I pointed at the ground before jumping.
The air rushed passed me, challenging me to defy it, which I did as I landed on my feet, stumbling a little bit from the landing.  I jumped up and down, waving my hand up at them as they all laughed.  

  “Common guys!  It’s fun, I promise!”

“Okay!” I heard, and soon enough, George came plummeting towards me, laughter rumbling from his stomach.  Next came Inqua, landing like a pro- as always.  Then Juan, who fell straight on his ass.  

And here came Lynn, yelling, “You better catch me!”  I put my arms out, looking up to see where she’d land.  My arms dipped as she landed in them, her legs kicking out and hitting Juan as he stood up from landing on his ass.  

   “Oh common guys!” Juan yelled out, rubbing the spot where Lynn hit him.  I busted out laughing again, George and Lynn joining in once again.  
These were times I loved.  When we all would just laugh nonstop, even if they were at the stupidest things.  This was a time when we could all forget about our problems and could just be in each other’s comfort.  These were loving times, one’s that everyone in our gang loved.  Juan ran up and pushed me, making Lynn and I topple over.  We all somehow started laughing harder than we were before, which almost seemed in possible.  

  “Then let it be declared war, (Last Name),” a foot stepped in front of vision, blocking my view of the grass.  

My smile instantly dropped as three more pairs of feet gathered around the ones already in front of me.  The Bowers Gang.  Of course, our happy time just had to be ruined by them.  I tapped Lynn, signaling her that she needs to get up and off me.  Once she did, I stood up, dusting myself off.  I knew I had the biggest sneer on my face at the sight of the Bower’s boy and his little cock suckers.  

“Who knew that I didn’t need to get the cat to drag the trash in,” I laughed.
It was a malicious laugh.  One that held evil in it.  One that fed my sanity when it was low.  It made me feel good when my mouth produced that laugh.  Henry took a step forward, his tall figure hanging over me.  I reached into my back pocket, pull out my knife and flicking it open, much like I did before I say that clown a couple days back.  My head cocked to the side, a sneer mixed smirk still on my face as Bower’s flicked his knife open.  I laughed at how petty his knife was.  My knife was way bigger than his, one to be proud of.  

Though, my knife may be bigger than his, he still had much more strength than me.  His gang had four people, though.  Mine had five, so I had much more manpower.  Not to mention, I had Inqua and he had Patty boy, so technically gives him less manpower.  

In a blur, my knife lifted and slashed across his shoulder, cutting through his stained yellow shirt.  Bowers’ hand gripped his shoulder, grunting as he looked back at Victor, who seemed to get the signal.  I laughed, a really loud and malicious laugh, one that crossed fear in Bowers’ eyes.  



Henry’s and I’s orders came out at the same time, and our little mutts responded with not even a second to spare.  Victor and Criss collided, wrestling to get control over the other.  Victor was strong and tall, as was George.  So it was hard to tell who’d win, but it better be my mutt.  

“Inqua, you know your orders,” I said with a serious voice.  Inqua nodded and lunged at her brother, a murderous smile on her face.  

“Pat, you better fucking win,” Henry called out, his voice booming.  

A smirk crawled across Henry’s face as he leaned over a little bit, getting a good look at Lynn.  

Before I could react, Belch jumped out behind Henry and grabbed my hair, banging my head on the ground.  I screamed.  It was a painful scream, but it was entwined with more insane laughter.  I rushed to spring out my hand, slashing Belch’s side.  His grip loosened, giving me the perfect opportunity to turn on back.  My hair pulled as I turned, his grip tightening as he noticed what I was doing.  Once on my back, I lifted my hand that didn’t have the knife, and punched his ribs.  I kicked up my legs, putting them on his stomach as he crushed me with all his weight, and pushed him off.  I noticed his nasty hand wasn’t in my hair anymore.  A stinging sensation was still left, spreading itself over my scalp.

Without even thinking, I was on my feet.  Belch stood and lunged at me again.  This time, I was prepared.  I moved my dominant foot forward, my other foot going behind me to keep my balance.  Before Belch could tackle me, Juan had close lined him, sending him to the ground.  Juan looked back at me and smirked, turned back around, and sent a punch to Belch’s face.

Victor and George were sending punches at each other, waiting for an opening to tackle the other to the ground and hold them there.  George was a dirty fighter.  Kicking balls, poking eyes, throwing dirt, tripping, anything to blind his victims for a second so he could over power them.  I didn’t know about Criss.  The only knowledge I had of him was that he usually holds down Bowers’ victims, more following after.

Inqua had her brother down, already having straddled him and throwing punches at him.  It surprised me that little Hockstetter was struggling to get out of his sister’s grip, usually he didn’t fight back.  I guess everyone changes once they are given order’s.

I turned around to where Lynn was previously to see her struggling to get away from Bowers’ knife.  Anger struck me.  He was messing with my Lynn.  His gang was messing with my mutts.  He was damaging my property.  And I was going to give him a taste of his own medicine.

I ran towards Lynn, my hands tightening at the thought of Bowers’ putting his hands on my property.

My fist struck Bowers’ face, making his mind go blank for a second as he stood as still as a statue.  My foot hit his ribs, pushing him off my Lynn, making him fall onto the ground.  It was funny that school wasn’t doing anything about a gang fight going on right across their property.  This school really does fucking suck.

I kicked Bowers again before I got on top of him, my free hand squeezing his neck, just a little bit though, I wouldn’t want him to pass out before I had him have another meet up with my knife.  

“Mutts!” I yelled, spit landing on Bowers’ face as I screamed.  A series of yes’s came back to me as the gang still fought, a nod coming from Inqua.

“Do you see what happened here?!”  I squeezed Henry’s neck more as I yelled, anger pulsing through me like it was my own blood.  

“Some fucking peasants decided to mess with my property!  We all know what happens when this occurs, correct?”

I looked at George, who slammed Victor down on his back.  He kicked him, spitting on his face in the process, before picking him back up and taking Criss’s hands behind his back.  I moved my eyes to Inqua, who had stopped throwing punches at Patrick, and was now holding his hands down on his chest, pushing more pressure on them when he tried to struggle.  She, like George, also spat on her victim’s face.  Juan, who surprisingly got Belch down and on the ground, was punching Belch each time he tried to move- which was happening a lot.  

“Yes!” Everyone, but Inqua, who once again nodded, yelled out.  

“Lynn,” I yelled, looking at her.  She had dirt and cuts on her arms, and a forming black eye.  A wave of anger splashed against the bay of my calm, and I punched Henry in the face.  He had not only put his grimy hands on my Lynn, but he had also punched her and cut her.  He was definitely gonna get the worst punishment out of the four.

“What do we do to people who touch my property?” I questioned, staring into Lynn’s eyes before looking back down at Henry.

“We fuck them up.” She stated firmly.

I smirked down at Henry when she said that and sent another punch into his face.  

“Now, Bowers’, I’m guessing you know who my property is?  The one I value the most out of all my mutts.”  
Henry’s eyes widened as he saw me talking to him, and he knew I wanted him to answer.  He opened and closed his mouth, but nothing came out.  He had fear in his eyes, which made a deadly smirk appear on my face.  Me, the (First Name) (Last Name), is striking fear in the Henry Bowers.  This was an even bigger achievement then making Hockstetter fear me.  

A minute passed by and Henry still didn’t manage to get an answer out of him.  I tightened my grip on his neck and slammed his head into the dirt again.  

“Answer me, Bowers.”

“L-Lynn,” he weakly said.  

I laughed, and looked back at the rest of my gang, who were also chuckling with me.  

“Maybe we should get Denbrough boy in here,” I said through my laughter.  “Or maybe even the whole Losers’ Club!”  

My whole gang bursted out laughing, George and I laughing the loudest.  You had picked on the Losers Club before, but they weren’t your favorite punching bag.  No, they weren’t even close to your favorite ones.  Plus, you decided to lay off a little after Denbrough’s little bro went missing.
“Sh-sh-should we-we Henry?”  I laughed at him again.  

Almost all my anger I had against Henry earlier disappeared as I watched him.  His face heated up in embarrassment, and would probably look down if he could.  I mean, he had five people laughing at him for the thing he almost always made fun of in others.  Who wouldn’t be embarrassed?
I looked at George, who was still holding a struggling Victor in place, then at Juan, who had punched Belch so much that he finally gave up on struggling, to Lynn, who was dusting of her black tights.  

George was much stronger than Juan and could most likely take Belch more than Lynn could if I sent Juan off to go get the Losers.  I wouldn’t have Inqua move, she’s the one her brother fears most.  Patrick did struggle against Inqua, but he didn’t use all his force against her.  So, if I had Lynn take her place to go hold Criss down would be a bad idea.  No moving Inqua.  

Lynn would have to hold Criss.
George- Belch.
Inqua- Patty boy.
Me- Bowers.
And Juan to go catch the Losers.  

I yelled out my next orders,” George, switch with Juan.  Lynn, go hold Criss.  Juan, go get the Losers.  I have a feeling they’ll like this.”

Lynn ran over to George, which they carefully switched places since Criss decided that struggling was best for him.  George’s fist decided that for him, along with Lynn corndogging1 him in the ass.  George jogged over to Juan, who punched Belch three times and told him not to do shit when George holds his ass down.  

“Aw fuck, man,” I groaned, noticing I lost my smoke.  I put my knife’s handle in my mouth and reached into my leather jacket’s pocket, pulling out a cigarette.  I patted my other breast pocket for my lighter, but it wasn’t there.  I groaned, my head pulling back.  I couldn’t even smoke after my goddamn fight.  

“Juan-“, I looked behind me to see if Juan had ran off yet, and to my oh so wonderful luck, he did.  

“Dear fuck of all fuck hole’s, I was gonna ask him for his lighter,” I grumbled, replacing the handle of my knife with the filter of my cigarette.  I scoffed, disappointed in the fact that I lost my cig and lighter during a fight.  That was a first.  

“Aye Bowers,” I looked down at the little fuck who started this fucking fight.  “You have a light on you?”

Henry looked at me, confused at the sudden change tone, shaking his head.  I sighed and rolled my eyes before looking back at George, who also shook his head.  The craving to smoke pulsed through my body.  

“I have one, (Name),” I looked back at Lynn reaching in her back pocket and hers out, tossing it at me.  The lighter fell into my hands, as Juan come running back with the seven losers.  I was going to embarrass the fuck out of Bowers for messing with my mutts and I.  

“Juan, come hold down Bowers for me,” I laughed, getting up and stretching my knees.  Juan quickly ran over, not sparring a glance at Losers.  

“Wow, she has the whole Bowers Gang down …,” A whisper came from Trashmouth Tozier.  
The Bowers and (Last name)’s’ Gang shared a lot of the same nicknames for their victims, and some they made up by themselves.  I looked over at the Losers, surprise and confusion mixed on all their faces.  I laughed, looking down at Henry and his embarrassed little face.  Juan had already gotten him restrained, just like I ordered him.  

“W-Why ar-are wuh-we-we here?” Denbrough asked, pushing Trashmouth to get to front of their little club’s crowd, “Are you going to hurt us?”

Lynn busted out laughing, putting her forehead on Victor’s shoulder.  He shrugged her off him, but that didn’t stop her from laughing.  “Ya’ll idiots!  If she wanted to do that, she would’ve sent all of us to go get your puny asses!”

“No, no. I’m not gonna hurt you, Denbrough,” I laughed.  

“You see, Bowers here decided it would be fun to mess with my little mutts,” I spat on Henry and kicked him in the side.  

“So, Bowers, are we gonna mess with property again?”

His face flushed, turning his head to the side so the Losers wouldn’t be able to see him.  “Nuh-Nuh-No!” Bowers shouted, his face turning redder than a firetruck.

“And I got this little bitch to stutter, too!  Thought I outta bring out the Losers to see his embarrassment!” I laughed, clutching my stomach as I toppled over.  

“Holy shit, I think I’m in love,” Trashmouth said in awe.  
I looked at George, who, somehow read my mind, got off Belch before I could even give the order.  I had shaped George into the perfect person.  He was a mutt who knew what I wanted without me even saying it.  

I looked up at Belch when he stood, “Belch, darling, do me a favor and scram.”  Belch didn’t hesitate to run off, even if he did have blood dripping from his side and his nose.  Once his limping body was out of my site, I smiled.  He frustrated me, Belch.  

“Inqua, let Patty boy know that he needs to run off, too,” and Patrick did run off, following the same path as Belch.  Inqua went and stood by George.  

The Losers, were gonna help me decide what to do with Henry and Victor.  I didn’t want anything to do with Hockstetter and Belch, they were just useless mutts that always had their tails in between their legs.  That’s what fascinated me about Criss.  He followed orders, yet he surprisingly has a mind of his own.    

“Now, Losers, tell me some of the things Bowers has done to you,” I smirked and looked back at Bowers as almost all the Losers raised their hands.  

My eyes scanned, looking at all seven of them, choosing which one to pick.  There was Denbrough, Marsh, Trashmouth, and Hanscom.  Beverly Marsh wasn’t your favorite character, so she was already a no.  Trashmouth was, well, Trashmouth.  You’ve been giving Denbrough a lot of attention, so he can hold back on this one.  

“Hanscom.”  I pointed at the small chubby one, who seemed surprised that he was called on.

Ben lifted his shirt, which made me question what in the Hell he was doing until I saw a scabbed over ‘H’ near the bottom of his stomach.  Oh, was this gonna be fun.  I chuckled, and grabbed my knife off the ground, which I didn’t even know I dropped, my thumb rubbing over it’s oak wood handle.  
“Oh, I’m gonna love this.  Thank you, Shorty.” I turned around, facing towards Bowers.  

“Get him up on his feet.  Lynn, baby, come hold his other arm for me.  Inqua, you’re free to watch.  Keep an eye on Criss, I want him to see what I’m gonna do to his boss.  Same for you George.  Make sure he’s lookin’,” I laughed darkly as I finally lit my cigarette, watching everyone do what they were ordered to do.  
Henry struggled as Juan and Lynn picked him up.  Lynn spat in his face, which made me laugh as his face twisted in disgust.  I couldn’t wait to see my knife cut his skin and see him bleed even more than he did with his shoulder wound.  He wouldn’t mess with my gang again, and he’d know that he is a pussy.  Soon enough, I’d have everyone in his little gang marked up.  I should’ve had Belch stay so I could get him too, but he’s far gone by now.  I would carve the first letter of my name into Henry, and I’d carve it deep.  I’d make sure he’d remember not to mess with my property.  

“Say, Losers, what should I do Criss?”  None of them answered.  They knew that they deserved this, but they couldn’t help but let the guilt get to them.  I laughed at them.
Victor ran towards me the second Lynn released him, but George caught before he could try anything.  I walked towards Henry, knife in hand with a creepy smile on my face.  Juan and Lynn were each holding one of Henry’s arms, restraining him as much as they could as he struggled.   Inqua and George were doing the same thing to Victor behind me.  

“Hanscom.  Come here, I want you to watch this.”  

Hesitantly, Shorty came towards me, placing himself by my side.  Juan lifted his shirt up, revealing a lot of other scars.  

“Does your Daddy hit you, too?  Henry?” I laughed, not giving a single shit.  “Or are those your battle scars?  “Cause either way, we have someone,” I placed my knife on Henry’s stomach, near the same place they did it to Ben.  “just,” I put pressure on the knife, slowly inching it down, putting the first part of my first letter of my name in his stomach. “Like,” I put another slash in him as Henry howled in pain.  “You.” Harshly, I drug my knife in his stomach, finishing the letter.  
“How does it feel to be on the other side Henry?” I patted Shorty on the back, Lynn and I laughing like maniacs.  

Blood pooled from the cut, Lynn was entranced by the sight of it.  

I smirked, “Why don’t you sample test his blood, Lynn?”

Lynn nodded her head eagerly, reaching down and, purposely, sticking her finger in the wound to get the blood.  Henry howled in pain, begging her to take her finger out of the wound, which she did, but not before she gave him a dry laugh.  She seemed to savor the blood on her finger, swirling her tongue around it like it was an ice cream.  

“Drop him.” I ordered, and Juan and Lynn did as I said.  Henry fell to the ground, grunting as he curled up.  Ben took it as his time to leave and went back to the awing crowd of losers.  I loved seeing him in pain, and Inqua must’ve loved the idea of getting revenge for Ben.  Ben’s scar gave me the perfect reason to take my knife out on Bowers, too.

“What else has Bowers’ gang done to ya’ll?”  Whether or whether not it was Victor who did it to him, Henry has had enough, no matter how much more I want to do to them.  Victor was going to suffer consequences, even if he wasn’t the one to deserve them.  

Trashmouth’s hand was the first to shoot up, so I pointed at him as I took a puff from my smoke.  

“They hit me in head with a rock once,” he rubbed his head as he said that, like he was remembering the whole thing again.   I laughed- How come I never thought of that?

“You started it, Richie,” Eddie, who I knew as Baby Face, said, hitting him on the back of the head.  

“A fucking rock?  What am I supposed to fucking do with a rock?  I ain’t gettin’ arrested for bashing a kid’s head open with a rock.”

Henry whispered something, but I ignored it, focusing on what the hell I’m supposed to do with Criss.  Next thing I knew, I fist collided with my temple, sending me to the ground next to Henry.  Victor had shaken of Inqua’s and George’s grip.  Fucking Inqua’s iron grip.  Pain pulsed through my skull as I ashed my cigarette, laying on my back next to Henry.  

“Goddamn, you almost put out my smoke, dude.”

Victor paid no heed to my sentence and flung himself on top of me, dodging George’s and Inqua’s tries to get him restrained again.  I could barely breath with all of Victor’s weight on me, but I didn’t care.  I flung out my hand, putting my cigarette out on his cheek.  Victor yelled, shoving my hand out of the way to clutch his burn.  I spat on Victor and brung my knee up, hitting him in his tailbone.  The force made him lurch forward, his chest landing on my face.  All his weight was crushing my nose almost to the point of breaking it.

My fist hit Victor’s ribs as my other hand grabbed his shirt, pulling him to the side and onto the dirt next to me.  Hurriedly, I climbed on top him, straddling him and gathering both his wrists into my hand.  

“For someone so hot, I would hope they weren’t as hotheaded as you,  Guess I was wrong, “ I shrugged and started moving my hand behind me, searching for my knife.  

“Maybe I should bash your head open with a rock.  Then again, I wouldn’t want to ruin a master piece like you with something as blunt as a rock.”

I heard Trashmouth say something close to the lines of, “She’s so hot, of course she’d be able to beat Victor and Henry together.”  
As much as I loved being awed by an audience, they seemed to be an inconvenience, even though they weren’t in the way.  Maybe it was me just getting tired of the attention, or I just didn’t want the Losers here.  It was hard to tell with me, even I had a hard time understanding me.   Either way, I was gonna get the Losers out of here.  They were here for too long anyways.

“Mutts, herd the Losers out of here.  I’m sick of them,” I waved a dismissive hand at them, holding Victor down as well as I could with one hand and my light weight.

Everyone ran to chase the Losers off, but I snapped at Inqua.  The snap was my way of telling her to stay behind when I didn’t or couldn’t talk.  Inqua skidded to stop at hearing my snap, and turned around, standing straight up.  

“Inqua, go ditch Henry somewhere, his groaning is starting to get annoying,” and Inqua did so, kicking Henry before picking him up and running.  “And just go to the café without me.  I wanna fight Criss alone.”

Victor broke free from my grip and sent a punch flying at my nose, knocking me backwards and off him.  I landed next to my gem, wondering if I should fight with it or not.  He didn’t have a weapon, but when did I ever fight clean? Never.  I laughed, grabbing my knife and jumping up to my feet.
“For a chick who has strength, you sure do depend on your knife a lot,” Victor and I started circling each other.  We were low to the ground like lions ready to jump after their pray.  

I smirked at Victor, clutching my knife even more than I was and ran at him, slicing the side of his stomach before turning around and nipping his shoulder with it.  Victor’s face twisted into a pleasurable sight of pain, but didn’t dare move his hands to his cuts.  He knew that’d I’d strike him the moment his hands were occupied.

“For an infamous and hot kid, you seem to have a little bit of brains,” I laughed.
Victor smirked back and false ran at me, tricking me to lunge at him with my knife.  I couldn’t stop in time; the train had already left the station.  As I closed in on Victor, he gripped my sides and swung me to the side as if I was limp puppy.  I grunted as I stumbled to get my balance on the ground, the warmth of where his hands were still lingering on my sides.  

“For a lady who seemed confident in winning, you don’t seem to be doing well.”

I laughed as I crouched down a little bit, my dominant arm holding the knife tucked behind me and my less dominant one being the one to block.  Not only were his comebacks good, but he knew a thing or two in fighting.  We both had smirks on our faces, our eyes having an unexplainable glint in them.  

“Once the train is off, it’s off.  Just like I am in bed, but you’ll never be able to experience that, will you?” I smirked, pretending to run to the left of him.  He ran after me, but I juked him and ran to the right, jumping and kicking his back, getting his side with my knife again.  

“We’ll have to see about the bed, you’d be surprised at how convincing I am.” He laughed.

I hadn’t notice that school was released, but I did notice the growing number of people looking at us fight.  I just got rid of all our previous attention, and know I had more gathering.  My mind couldn’t decide whether I wanted the attention or not, but Victor seemed to make up his mind.

“Out of here before you’re the next asses I whoop,” Victor grumbled as he ran at me, hitting me in shoulder and tripping me.  I landed straight on my ass, dirt kicking up around me and Victor.  I smirked, dirty fighting techniques coming to mind.  I gathered a fistful of dirt and threw it at Victor as his foot hit the middle of my chest.  The pain didn’t bother me as much as it should of, but the coughing fit Victor threw me in was affecting me.  

Victor stumbled back, his hands rubbing at his eyes in a desperate attempt to rid of the dirt.  Now on my hands and knees, I reached out for his ankle and pulled at it, making him fall straight on his ass.  A cough mixed with laugh came from me as I straddled him.  

“Then I’ll have to beat them, ‘cause they won’t be your next if you ain’t beating me.”

I punched Victor’s cheek, hearing him groan under me.  The sound of feet scrambling came from where the crowd once stood, only some of the students staying behind to watch the fight.  I laughed, noticing how Victor forgot how I work in fights.

“Sad, you seemed to know that I’ll strike the moment your hands are busy earlier.  What made you forget?”

Victor stopped rubbing at his eyes and looked up at me, “Dirtiness happened to make me forget.”

His hands gripped my thighs, squeezing them as he stared at me from his position, him and I sharing a quick chuckle from his previous comment.  His thumbs started to rub circles, making me falter as I was getting ready to punch him.  I looked at the remaining students, sneering at them.  Victor’s comment didn’t scare them off earlier, but the anger on my face seemed to make them fear what was to come tomorrow if they didn’t scram.  

“But if you want to play dirty, then let me show you how I play dirty.”  

With that Victor flipped, now hovering over me.  I didn’t know what he was doing or what fucking fighting technique this is, but this was the first time seeing it.  Victor dipped his head next to my ear, his warm, heaving breaths erecting goosebumps all over my body.

“My way of playing dirty is … different,” he whispered, his voice coming out in husky and seductive tone.  He placed a kiss on my neck, rubbing his hand up and down my arm.  More kisses and bites followed after the first one, a small moan coming out with each one he placed on my neck.  I was choking on my words, and if I had something to say, it would be replaced by a moan.

“You wanna take this to my house?” He dipped his head next to my ear again, nibbling on it a little bit.  Not only has the school failed to notice a fight on campus, they have failed to also notice two kids that were having a very heated make out session on campus. I nodded my head eagerly, not being able to wait for the events to come.

And let’s just say, that night was a very, very fun night.
“I can’t believe I forgot my knife,” I shook my head and placed it in my hands as my gang searched for knife, laughing at me as they saw my shame.

“Shut it and find my knife,” I grumbled, embarrassed that I forgot my gem to go have fun with another gem.


Plant of the Day

Saturday 30 September 2017

One of the last trees to flower is Tilia henryana (Henrys lime, lime, linden) providing the insects with some late nectar. This species was discovered in China by Augustine Henry and introduced to the UK in 1901 by Ernest Wilson. Here the trees are being trained to shade visitors on the cafe terrace of the Cambridge Botanic Garden, UK, allowing the eyelash like margins of the leaves and the fragrant, creamy-white flowers to be appreciated.

Jill Raggett