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Im so tired of this happening every time an idol fucks up.

 1: your not black so your opinion on his hair doesn’t matter.

2: if black kpop fans are upset let them be. It doesn’t concern you so keep it pushing.

3: the company may be at fault in some cases.

4: stop treating korea like it’s a fucking no mans land. They got computers. Koreans aren’t shut off from the world around them.

5: you know damn well that they aren’t trying to recreate greek/ Scottish matted hair.

6 : if you are a black kpop fan and is not offend and is mad that others are refer back to number 2.

7:  to go with number 4, stop treating idols like they ain’t grow men/ women.

8: shut the fuck up and log out if you don’t want to see “angry black people” calling out your faves on their stupid things.

9: saying that “well_____wasn’t called out why are they?!?!” Without looking up the others that have been called out ( which is all Of them)  shows you don’t care you just want your idol to not be held accountable.

10: calling someone out and telling them to leave the group is 2 totally different things. Don’t send hate.

11: just stay the fuck in your lane.

12: saying it’s just hair bullshit will get you blocked *im not agreeing with people who don’t think it was a mistake he looked not his best.

* I will still stan nini ( just like I’m doing Jackson , which in my way is staying the fuck away from him) after this but sadly this had to be said for all of you headass (non black/coon) people in the kpop world.

SM Entertainment Confirms Henry’s Plans To Release New Music

Super Junior M’s Henry is set to release a new song soon!

On March 8, a source from SM Entertainment stated, “Henry will be releasing his new track on March 11 at midnight KST.”

His new track was briefly revealed during his appearance on an episode of MBC’s “I Live Alone,” and is titled “What Should I Do?” The track received attention after the show’s broadcast for being a song that Henry wrote himself. After a flood of requests for the song, Henry has decided to release the track.

Meanwhile, many are anticipating to hear the full version of “What Should I Do?” and are excited to hear a new release from Henry.

Check out Henry’s hilarious walk-through of his song on “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” below!


SUJU Reaction: When you (girlfriend) meet his parents for the first time.

Of course, it’s not a problem at all. I finished last night but it wouldn’t post for some reason. ENJOY! -X

Leeteuk: *Sees you and his mom cooking together and making jokes*

Heechul: “I knew you guys would get along.”

Yesung: *Cant stop smiling*

 Kangin: *Hears you guys giggling, starts giggling as well before he realizes* “Wait, you guys aren’t talking about me are you.” 

 Shindong: *You were scared to meet his mother because you heard she didn’t approve of any of his previous girlfriends* 

 Shindong’s mom: “So when are you guys planning on getting married.”

Shindong: “You approve?”

 Sungmin: *So happy to see the most important people in his life together in one room*

Eunhyuk: *You tell his parents about how amazing of a boyfriend he is* Eunhyuk’s parents: “She’s so much more nicer than your members.” Eunhyuk: “That’s why I love her.”

Donghae: *You and his father bond over soccer, and you guys even end up playing a game. The two of you against Donghae, and you guys end up winning* “This is so unfair, there’s two of you.” 

Siwon: *You all sit in the living room and exchanging stories, and laughs* 

Ryeowook: *You were nervous to meet his parents since you weren’t Korean, but they welcomed you into your home and treated you like their daughter* “I told you they’d love you, you’re perfect.”

Kyuhyun: *You look through the family album with his parents, and find embarrassing pictures of him* 

 You:“Look how cute you were." 

 Kyuhyun: "This is so embarrassing.”

Zhou Mi: *You and his dad have the same sense of humor, and you guys share your terrible jokes* “Your jokes are so bad it hurts.” 

Henry: *After you guys leave the house* “See you had nothing to worry about, they really liked you.”

Henry To Release New Self-Composed Track

Henry will be releasing his new self-composed song “Real Love” on April 29!

The digital single will be released through various music sites that day at noon.

His new track “Real Love” is described as a bright medium tempo song that expresses feelings about wanting to love in a witty manner. Following his success with his previous self-composed song “Girlfriend,” many fans are looking forward to more great music from the talented star.

Henry is currently appearing on MBC’s “I Live Alone” and receiving much love for his charms.



Special Stage ~ 《Love Yourself》by Henry (SJ), Benji (B.I.G), Jaehyun (N.Flying), Young K (DAY6), and Eunwoo (Astro)

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  • Super Junior M’s Guest Show
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