henry lang

Before vs After seeing Ant Man
  • Before: *steps on an ant* ugh, ants everywhere. freaking annoying
  • After: *steps on an ant* oh no oh no I'll never forgive myself SOMEONE CALL AN ANT-BULANCE


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“– oh wait, everyone hates me here, too!”

Scott Lang’s thoughts on Tony Stark from Ant-Man #1 (Vol. 2)
by nickspencerly, Ramon Rosanas and boydcolors

  • You: How are you?
  • What I'm Saying: I'm okay.
  • What I'm Thinking: Kristin Kreuk is a mixed race woman with Chinese heritage and Smallville never said anything. They never canonised Lana as having Chinese heritage. All we're told about Lana's family history is that she has French ancestry. It would have been so easy. They could have made Laura Lang or Henry Smalls Chinese but we were denied. We were denied and I'm not over it, yet. Ever. Kristin and Lana deserve better than this.

The Crimson Fairy Book,
Edited by Andrew Lang.
Illustrated by Henry Justice Ford.
Longmans, Green, and Co.
39 Paternoster Row, London
New York and Bombay.

The Story of the Seven Simons

The Ship arrives

The ship cut through the waters like a falcon through the air, and just a week after starting sighted the Island of Busan. The coast appeared to be strongly guarded, and from afar the watchman on a high tower called out : “Halt and anchor ! Who are you ? Where do you come from, and what do you want ?”