henry iv pts 1 & 2


The Hollow Crown has been nominated in Critics Choice Awards 2014 for ‘BEST MINI-SERIES’!  Though no nominations were given for any performances, we applaud the astounding cast that made The Hollow Crown some of the best Shakespeare ever put to screen!


Richard II: David Morrissey, Clemence Poesy, Rory Kinnear, Ben Whishaw, Patrick Stewart, James Purefoy, David Suchet

Henry IV Pts 1 & 2: Michelle Dockery, Simon Russell Beale, Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons, Joe Armstrong, David Dawson, Julie Walters

Henry V: Edward Akrout, Paterson Joseph, Melanie Thierry, Tom Hiddleston, Anton Lesser, Owen Teale, Lambert Wilson

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darling-highness  asked:

I'm interested in hearing about these Shakespeare aus you're thinking about..

BRUH!!!!!!!!!!! okay disclaimer by “aus” i mean “i thought about specific check please characters in relation to a specific shakespeare character and cried” SO KEEP THAT IN MIND they’re not aus as much parallels/connections BUT OKAY!

  • obvs hamlet au comes to mind with Sad Hockey Man jack seemingly easily translated into Sad Denmark Prince Man hamlet with bitty as ophelia and shitty as horatio and us being sad
    • but i also think shitty!!! would make a good hamlet au (perhaps this is just me) but like i think his personality? fits hamlet better…and jack fits horatio so that dynamic….we can Cry About It
    • either way someone’s holding the other in their arms and saying “goodnight, sweet prince” IT’S A GOOD TIME
    • ALSO n u r s ey as hamlet ahhHHHHHH DEX AS HORATIO BYE I’M OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • nurseydex much ado about nothing au…..i scream
    • if you’ve seen the Iconic David Tennant and Catherine Tate Production please picture it with nursey and dex!!!!!!!!!! p le a s e!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • ransom x holster as dogberry and verges!!!!!!
  • The Possibilities for a twelfth night au (aka she’s the man!!!!!!!!!!!!) i’m just!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • and romeo and juliet au WHOOASDLKFAF (except maybe they don’t die idk it’s an au we’ll bend the rules)
  • MY FAVE THO is henry iv pt. 1 and 2 au i screaM AND CRY about this daily i wake up in a cold sweat
    • jack as prince hal who’s gotta live up to the legacy of his dad the king
    • shitty as falstaff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • kent as hotspur - the Pa r a llels that shakespeare puts between them makes this like so good for kent and jack my HEART is literally beating faster as i type this
    • political intrigue!!!!!!! swords!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of Angst!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • also reconciliation between father and son ahhHHHHHHH i’m probably not explaining this well but these plays are amazing and perfect check please au material I ADFKCMg