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The series of interviews conducted by Dr. George Henry with lesbians in the ‘30s illustrates a contentment in the lives of many of these women that would have frazzled the censors had that picture been reflected in the media. Many of his interviewees were self-actualized individuals, living to their full potential in mutually productive relationships. They say things such as:

I’m doing the work [as an editor] I always wanted to do and I’m very, very happy. I’m very much in love with the girl too. We click… She has had the most influence for good in my life.”  — 20-year old white woman

If I were born again I would like to be just as I am. I’m perfectly satisfied being a girl and being as I am. I’ve never had any regrets.”  —  26-year-old black woman

Our relationship is just as sweet now [after eleven years] as in the beginning.”  — 29-year-old white woman

Since we have been living together our lives are fuller and happier. We create things together and we are devoted to our [adopted] baby.”  —  30-year-old white woman

I have a great confidence in the future. I think I’m going to be a very well-known artist… Homosexuality hasn’t interfered with my work. It has made it what it is.”  —  30-year-old white woman

Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers: A History of Lesbian Life in Twentieth-Century America, pg. 112 by Lillian Faderman

Ouat Con Chicago 2017 - Lana’s Panel
  • Lana loves playing the duality of Regina (x)
  • “I don’t scare you do I?” Lana says as the little girl runs away. (x)
  • Regina is very happy that the EQ is with a version of Robin (x)
    • Lana thinks Regina is not jealous or envious of EQ and wish realm Robin. She’s come a long a way and is content with who she is. (x)
  • Lana thinks Regina and BauervanStraten would love it if Regina was Lily’s other mom. (x)
  • Lana has talked like a good 2 min about a little girl farting next to her at a 21 pilots concert and I am dyinnng (x
  • Aww, Lana loves Jared like her son (x)
    • Lana said Jared is her heart, like her own son & that they used to have sleep overs at her house w/him & his sister to practice (x)
  • Lana took off her jacket and everyone started screaming and she goes “I’m not stripping! There’s children in the audience” (x)
  • Lana stole a bra from jcpenny when she was 17 (x)
    • Fan: “Thank you for being a good influence on me growing up ..” Lana: “OKAY! But I stole a bra!” (x)
  • Lana: “I don’t know where Henry lives but hopefully not with Violet, she needs to get her claws out of my son” (x)




So, about that break, heh…

Well, after receiving some amazing fanart and lovely words from all you wonderful people, it honestly made me feel great, which…I haven’t really felt in a while, I won’t go into any detail but like…holy hell, folk actually really liked my content, what. 

And so…writing is going to be my way of thanking you all.

Once again, this story is based on the 2D Bendy AU created by the wonderful @shinyzango. I can’t recommend checking out her artwork highly enough, it’s pretty damn amazing. c:


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Best Damn Bachelor Party

Commiserating over the traditions of bachelorette and bachelor parties, Emma and Killian end up having their own celebration on the eve of their wedding. A little bachelorette/bachelor party one-shot on the eve of the Captain Swan Wedding! Thanks to @like-waves-on-the-beach for the last minute read through and writer support! Thanks to @lizzyc807shipscaptainswan for the writing challenge prompt and invitation to all to participate.

Rated M - If M is not your thing, read NO further


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“A what?” Killian asked, looking as befuddled as he had when Henry had congratulated him on their Wookie prisoner gag.

“A bachelor party,” David and Henry repeated in unison.

The three most important men in Emma Swan’s life sat together at a corner booth in Granny’s discussing the plan of action for tonight.  It was the night before David would walk his baby girl down the aisle, the first rite of passage he would get to experience as Emma’s father. It was Henry’s last night before officially having a stepfather, and seeing his mother marry the love of her life. And it was Killian’s last night as a bachelor, although he didn’t quite see the importance of celebrating his single status.

“Why on earth would I celebrate being a bachelor? I’ve been a bachelor for lifetimes. I’ll be a married man tomorrow, now that is something to celebrate,” Killian exclaimed.

David’s heart swelled a little bit at the happiness that Killian exuded, knowing that this reformed pirate was going to be the absolute perfect husband for his daughter. “Well, that’s just it, a bachelor party is one last hurrah, one last celebration as a free and single man.”

“And as I said, what I truly wish to celebrate is marrying Emma. So why don’t we have an ‘I’m getting married’ party instead?”

“You want a wedding shower?” David smirked.

“Aye, I quite like the sound of that. Now, just what does a wedding shower entail?”

“Jesus Christ, Hook, it was a joke. Wedding showers are for women… for the bride to be, not the groom!” David explained, exasperation at his future son-in-law coloring his tone. The blushing groom, he thought.

“Oi, mate, no need for sarcasm,” Killian shot back. “I don’t know everything about your realm. If it is a bachelor party I must have, then so be it.”

“Alright!” Henry pumped his fist into the air. “So what’s the plan fellas?”

David’s eyes about bugged out of his head at his grandson’s assumption that he would be at the bachelor party. A celebration among men. “Whoa, Henry, I’m not so sure your mother would be on board with you being at a bachelor party.”

“Gramps, we live in Storybrooke, it’s not like there will be drugs and strippers.”

David was speechless as he tried to pick his jaw up off the floor. Why was Henry even saying the word stripper? How did he even know about strippers? And drugs? He’s growing up too quickly, David panicked, now he positively felt like a grandpa as the need to keep Henry young and innocent surged through him. When he looked at Killian, the grin he saw on the pirate’s face wasn’t what he was hoping to see. He narrowed his eyes at Hook, as the man made eye contact with him, eyes filled with mirth no less. “What are you teaching my grandson?” David asked accusingly.

“I’m a pirate, Dave, not a man whore,” Killian deadpanned. He didn’t hold it against David, it was easy to blame a pirate, especially in uncomfortable situations; like when your grandson mentions naked women. Killian tried to school his features as he was having a hard time not bursting into laughter over the prince’s outrage.

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I thoroughly enjoy the continuing line of “Emma Swan has the diet of a six-year old with no supervision at a birthday party”.

Because really. She likes grilled cheese and onion rings. She reaches for the root beer first. She makes popcorn with melted malt chocolate balls mixed in. As a specialty.

Henry clearly takes advantage of this by eating PopTarts for breakfast. Clearly the morning we saw in New York City Serenade was influenced by Regina’s magic memories, because I can see Regina being the one to get up and make a wholesome breakfast for Henry before he goes to school. Emma? PopTarts.

Charming coming over and making breakfast makes so much more sense, aside from Charming family feels. He and Killian eventually learn that the other is also horrified by Emma’s diet – “How have her teeth not fallen out of her head?!” “She turns her nose up at a perfectly good mackerel breakfast!” – and they slowly try to replace things in the house with healthier alternatives.

Emma takes a week to realize, then doesn’t throw it all out (because she remembers what its like to have nothing) but she definitely buys new sugary crap and puts “If you throw this one out I will find out and I will hurt you” notes all over them.

It gets less subtle. Killian switches her Cocoa Puffs with a bowl of grapefruit one morning when she’s refilling her coffee. Emma eats both, trying not to make a face as the two flavors clash.

Bear claws are replaced with bagels at the station.

She retaliates by switching his rum for water, like she’d threatened to.

Charming makes giant salad-based dinners for Sundays. Henry picks at it. Emma eats his tomatoes but picks out everything else around the grilled chicken.

Snow rolls her eyes at the lot of them and makes sure to put extra cinnamon on Emma’s hot chocolate the next time they have a mom-daughter sit-down.

welcometotheplanets  asked:

About your post concerning Henry being Elizabeth's fave child... how do you know that? :)

It’s something that’s been inferred from the surviving records by scholars. Elizabeth left little in the way of her personal feelings, but her actions and the related information and Henry VIII’s own words indicate that she and Henry were very close. She never said (that we know of) he was her favorite child but it becomes evident when you examine both of them.

For some examples: she made sure his wetnurse’s meals were checked for poison (an understandable protective measure when you consider the disappearance of her young brothers combined with the fact the Tudor dynasty was not expected to last five years); she taught him to read and write personally; kept him in the nursery WELL beyond when he should have been given his own household; I’ve read Henry VII groused at her that she spoiled him; among other things. She also spent most of her time at the royal nursery with her children (excluding Arthur), so it’s clear she adored her kids and being with them.

By far, it would have been easier for Elizabeth to bond with her second son versus her first; she didn’t get to raise Arthur in almost any capacity that we know of. She had more influence over his marriage than Arthur himself it would appear, and that was trying to make sure Catherine of Aragon was prepared to be his bride and provided the tools to adjust to her adopted country. Prince Henry, meanwhile, was described in a dispatch as being part of Elizabeth’s sphere/world; Arthur was in his father’s.

She had a great deal of influence over little Henry, enough so that Starkey believes she may have deliberately raised him in the way of a York. At the very least, Henry VIII (in his early days, I stress) had quite a lot of reverence for his York bloodline – besides his kindly treatment toward his York relatives, he positively idolized Edward IV and loved to hear about him and be compared to him. I think this most probable to have been due to stories his mother must have told him about his grandfather. Certainly, his father would not have much good to say of his grandfather, while Elizabeth was remarked upon as very close to her family.

Furthermore, Prince Henry was positively crushed upon her death and – in my opinion – very well may have grieved more than his father. In a letter to Erasmus four years after her demise, he called her death the ‘most hateful intelligence’. There is also a manuscript of him sobbing inconsolably on her empty bed. The latter is very unusual for royalty – his grief at the loss of his mother must have been very strong to be depicted by a contemporary – as well as very moving.

Add this to how Henry would get visibly extremely emotional in public when his mother was spoken of. He got so choked up when someone related a story of them many years later that he rushed out of the room. Another time, he said his mother was the kindest and most beautiful woman he had ever known. By contrast, I can’t recall Henry having spoken of his father, except at the beginning of his reign?

I find their relationship incredibly endearing – it’s rather clear to me that little Henry was the light of Elizabeth’s life and very likely the person she loved most. It’s very sad she didn’t live longer.

On a side note, I wonder if she commissioned this baby portrait of Henry. (From all I’ve read, his father seemed distant to him as a child and I don’t see why he’d desire such a portrait that strikes me as much more personal rather than dynastic propaganda.)

If The Worst Happens

Prompt Summary: Robin and Regina are trying to figure out who would take in then kids if they die when Henry says that he’s taking care of his brother and sisters.

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“What are godparents?”

Regina pauses, the knife in her hand going still mid-swipe as she cuts up Clarissa’s chicken. She looks toward Roland in surprise as he stares at her from across the table, his brown eyes brimming with innocence as he waits for an answer. She looks over at Robin and sees he’s just as much thrown off guard by the question as she is.

It’s Henry who finally answers him.

“They’re the people who are supposed to take care of you if your parents die,” he absentmindedly answers as he continues to stealthily text from beneath the dining table. Regina’s eyes whip toward her elder son, silently trying to convey her displeasure at his nonchalant tone. Her reaction goes unnoticed.

“Oh,” said Roland, his eyes going wide with understanding. Curiosity satisfied, he simply shrugs his shoulders and goes back to eating his green beans.

His parents, on the other hand, aren’t left so relaxed. Locking eyes they have an intense silent conversation that ends with Robin clearing his throat and turning to his son. “Why do you ask Roland?”

“Because at school Freddy said that he had godparents and I didn’t know what they were,” he answers.

“Oh. Okay,” says Regina nodding her head, still a bit thrown off.

Another moment passes before Roland pops an even heavier question. “Do I have godparents?”

Regina locks eyes with Robin and sees the answer written clear across his face.

And so begins the longest argument they’ve ever had.

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anonymous asked:

I find it very telling that H8 later threatened Jane Seymour by implying Anne's downfall was due to her meddling in politics and not the more personal crimes she was put on trial for. Do you think this is the slip of a guilty conscience or that Henry was just trying to save face by this time?

yeah, it’s very interesting. i know a lot of people disagree (and i’m not saying he wasn’t cruel before the accident), but i really do think that jousting accident in 1536 caused some possible…damage to him. i think after it he was more paranoid than he had been before. he had had an accident before that (in the 1520s, iirc) that left him with frequent migraines and headaches for years after, so i think it’s possible the 1536 accident exacerbated the effects of the former as well.

the theory that it was because of her involvement in politics partially is one ives supports (although he thinks cromwell played a bigger hand in it than henry), as well as gareth russell (he believes she was born in 1507, and that given that; her age suggests something more sinister than that she was getting near too old for childbearing):  

“At 28, Anne Boleyn was still undeniably in her childbearing years. Yes, she would have been at the tail-end of them by Tudor standards, but she would have had at least four or five more years before she was considered infertile, and so the idea that it was just her “failure” to produce a son which led to her death in 1536 suddenly becomes a good deal less convincing and the idea that it was her husband who orchestrated her monstrously unfair death becomes infinitely more likely.”

it could have just been a ‘don’t forget you could be replaced’; i’m honestly not sure. here’s what the book i got it from says. 

‘A claim that Anne had died for meddling too much with state affairs would serve as a warming to Jane to cease and desist. Of course, the claim would not actually mean the meddling with affairs of state was the reason for Anne’s execution. Yet Henry’s bringing it up when Jane asked him to restore the abbeys would not have been accidental, for it now can be said that Anne was opposed to the despoiling of the religious houses.’

it’s hard to know what a historic figure felt, but there a few things that may suggest guilt:  by Good Friday 1539, “’he was able to take part in that strange pre-Reformation liturgical rite of ‘crawling to the cross’’”, despite the significant pain and injuries he was suffering from at the time (but then, this could mean nothing– one of the deepest ironies about him creating the church of england is that he was a deeply religious man, devoted enough to the church to be named ‘defender of the faith’, even). he kept items of anne’s in his inventory, and she was referred to as ‘the late quene’ in documentation

and before his last days, there was this exchange:

It was thought also imperative that a man have time to prepare his soul and so Sir Anthony Denny undertook the perilous task of warning his master that ‘in man’s judgement, he was not like to live’ and should remember his sins, ‘as becometh every good Christian man to do’. Henry responded by saying that he believed that Christ in all His mercy would ‘pardon me all my sins, yea, though they were greater than can be’”

sometimes i find myself wondering if some of his actions in his nadir years were influenced not only by dynastic pride but also possibly masochism: 

‘In March 1544, the ulcers on Henry’s legs flared up yet again, confining him to bed with a fever. The royal doctors urged him not to personally lead the 42,000 English troops then being assembled for the Anglo-Spanish invasion of France and his ministers flapped about in the same cause, ever fearful of provoking another of the king’s rages….. The practical and realistic Chapuys urged his imperial master to intervene to persuade Henry against taking to the field of battle, with all the discomforts and inconveniences of campaigning. The emperor sent a special envoy who ‘found Henry so determined upon the voyage that he dared not try to dissuade him’. Once again, with a grim fortitude, Henry recovered and in early June wrote to his ally, promising that he was sufficiently well to embark for Calais ‘where he would resolve whether to go further’. ’ 

of cromwell henry said: ‘on light pretexts, by false accusations, they made me put to death the most faithful servant i ever had.’ how does this tie in w/ anne, i wonder? was cromwell the orchestrator of her downfall, acting as part of a conservative faction, with no influence from henry, as ives suggests? or was he behaving as henry’s ‘most faithful servant’ by orchestrating her downfall at his command?

anyway, sorry. that’s more questions than answers. back to your question: i don’t think it was a slip of a guilty conscience. what i think this encounter demonstrates is really, a stark contrast: he honestly respected anne’s opinions during both their courtship and marriage (up till 1536, or earlier, perhaps) and she influenced him greatly. he more than let her have a say, she was actively involved in architecture and design of certain houses, and an incredibly active queen, politically and otherwise– he would let his current wife stick to her sphere (domestic, her ladies, etc.). he was done, basically, with having women/his spouse ‘meddle in his affairs’.  

Henry Rollins of Black Flag, Bon Scott of ACDC, Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters, and Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead

I’m pretty proud of this, and it’s a good thing too seeing as it’s a present for my dads birthday. All of these musicians are musicians that my dad admires in one way or another, but they also hold significance to me too.
I grew up listening to my dad’s music and in the same way they’ve influenced him, they’ve influenced me too. Just as these legends have lived to create, my dad lives to create, and I live to create.

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Today on Kit’s brain won’t leave them alone, I started thinking about how I wish I could have written a thing on how The Secret History relates to the traditional structure of a Greek tragedy when I was still studying and had people poking me so I actually finished things.

I think this is a good sign though. I’m intensely analytical as a person - I thrive on it - but that part of my brain kind of goes to sleep when I’m not doing well and so I’m happy to see it slowly starting to boot up again. Maybe I’ll manage to at least write some kind of mini-meta on it one of these days. (I’m thinking you have to do it on a character-by-character basis. Is Henry a Tragical Hero? Does he view himself as one, and does that influence his actions? How does Richard’s thoughts on his own fatal flaw relate to his personal storyline, and to the Greek concept of hamartia? Does Richard’s narrative function as a chorus? AND SO ON)

The Dark Curse

So…I was watching OUAT 1x05, Jiminy Cricket’ s episode, and part of 3x11, Going Home, and I’m more convinced than ever of a couple of things.

There is still a curse. One which Emma and Henry and I think to some extent, the others are aware of.

Here’s why.
A. I’ve already mentioned this but it bears repeating. Henry’s girlfriend, Violet, is actually Jefferson’s/the Mad Hatter’s daughter Grace. Henry actually calls her that in 5x21 then corrects himself.

B. 1x05 and 3x11 actually explain how the curse works.
- 1x05 tells us that the curse makes it harder to do what you actually want to do and be who you actually want to be. It makes it harder to make the choices you want to make by making it harder to hear the voice inside telling you what is right for you.

-3x11 tells us that the curse services the person or people that cast it. It makes their wishes and darkest desires come true.

Which brings me to another thing. Every Dark Curse that has ever been cast that has been successful (so not Pan’s) has been the work of two people. Yes, even the first one. There are a couple of glaring clues to this.

When people talk about the curse they talk about the Queen’s curse. And we take it to mean they are talking about the Evil Queen. But that’s not what they actually say. Because the truth is that “the Queen’s curse” could also be “the Queens’ curse”. Same pronunciation, different meaning. And the thing is that there were two Queens present at the casting of the original dark curse, two Queens whom both gave up the thing they loved most.

You know what else? I firmly believe they both gave up two things. You don’t just give up a person. You give up a thing or things that represent(s) something of value to you. Something that’s not tangible, but real nonetheless. They don’t have to be a person or people, but they can be because it’s what these people represent. Pan actually lists the acceptable prices of the curse in 3x11. They are love in the form of “romance, family, loyalty, friendship”.

With the dark curse Regina gave up her family, both her current family in the form of her father and her future family in the form of Emma and Snow. I say this because Regina came to Snow’s castle looking for Emma. And I’m absolutely certain it wasn’t her intention to kill her, but to keep her.

So did Snow. She gave up her family in the form of David and Emma.

So the first curse was a combination of Regina’s and Snow’s wishes. But The thing is the middle ground that needs to be found when the people’s wishes are conflicting.

It’s why the curse made both Regina and Snow miserable. Because that’s what they wished for each other. But at the same time why Ruby, Snow’s best friend was fine. As happy as she had ever been even. Snow’s doing. Although she dressed slutty. Regina’s doing. People’s realities become a combination of what the different people want. And when one doesn’t care about a certain individual or doesn’t mind either way, the other has more control. Regina harbored no ill will toward Ruby and so Snow was able to make her as happy as she could. She wasn’t separated from Granny. I think Snow was also able to affect who came to Storybrooke with the curse. Like the dwarfs. I don’t see any reason why Regina would have brought them. She hated them originally.

There is also the matter of there being two components to the curse. That of the memory wipe and that of the actual curse. With the original curse Regina did the memory wipe. That is the curse that was broken. If the curse had been broken in its entirety in season 1 then everyone would have returned to the Enchanted Forest. Storybrooke would have ceased to exist. Like it did in season 3. Just the fact that it exists and that everyone is in it means there is a curse in effect.

It’s also why both Snow and Regina being framed for murder, creating a rift between them and the people they care about and Emma calling Regina her friend in early season 4 after Regina’s and Snow’s curse is broken is so important. Snow and Regina being framed for murder, Emma’s parents trying to turn Emma against Regina, that is Snow and Regina throwing a wrench in each other’s happiness yet again. And anyone looking at seasons 1 to 3 would probably call Emma and Regina friends by 3x11. But the curse is in effect. A combination of Regina (and Snow) getting what she wants and it being taken away. In part because Snow wants it and in part because Regina herself doesn’t believe she deserves to be happy. Also, once Regina’s memory wipe is lifted, half of Snow’s happy ending is returned. Although even by season 3 she can’t get the other half to work, her relationship with Emma. Regina manages to do a better job of that. It’s also important to note that lying and cowardice were important parts of David’s curse identity. He had a hard time being honest when he was cursed.

I also wonder if Snow wasn’t the one who somehow wrote the book into the curse. Or at least wrote it into her own possession. It’s also interesting that it was found in a closet. It tells me that she was an important key to breaking the curse, she got Henry the book, but also that she had more control over the story from the get go than she believed or might have known. Control that she passed to Henry. It’s also interesting because it was what the author influenced Snow and Charming to do that got him trapped in the book in the first place. And it was Regina who ended up freeing him for good.

Which brings me to the current curse, evidenced by Henry calling Violet Grace.

Now, a lot of what I’ve mentioned had been already theorized by Shady. She has even theorized that there is still a curse happening now. And by whom it was cast. Snow and Hook. I agree with all of this. I just don’ t agree with when it was cast.

First of all, I think that this curse happened over time. So it’s much harder to detect. And we need to remember that there has also always been a curse in effect. Even while curses were supposedly broken. Remnants remained.

Part of me doesn’t believe that Snow’s curse was ever lifted. In part because she never got back part of what she gave up. Her wish as she mentions in 3x11 was to have her family, to raise her daughter. She never got that back in any form. Through any of the curses being lifted. Even though she tried to recreate it. It seems to me like a curse being broken would mean things being restored to how they were before. If you don’t get everything back that you gave up to cast the curse in some way, shape or form then it can’t have been lifted completely. This goes for season 1 and season 3′s curses. Although when I think about it Snow did get pregnant shortly after 3x11. So maybe that was her getting back what she lost, Emma’s childhood through a new baby. The other reason (when it comes to season 3) was that it was simply never broken. As Shady has said, Zelena’s memory curse was broken in season 3. And if all of these arguments fail, just looking at current events it does feel like they could be a combination of Hook and Snow’s wishes for Emma’s life.

For comparison, Regina did definitely get back what she lost. Emma…and Henry, in the form of her son.

It’s also obvious due to the fact that that is what she gives up to reverse her and Pan’s curse. I think the reason she had to do that is to affect Pan’s curse, to have any control over it, to influence it she had to give up again what she got back. It’s what having control over the curse requires. You could say that Regina essentially counters Pan’s curse by casting her own new one. Over Emma and Henry. In order to protect them. But her curse is very specific. It involves them, her family, not being a part of her life fully. Together. A choice she made to affect the curse in such a way that it ensured their happiness without her. Happiness that was an illusion, but still. And I’m not entirely sure that that curse isn’t still going as well. Actually, I believe it is. Emma is lonely just like she was in New York even though she was just engaged. Just like she was in New York. Emma is happy only she isn’t. Hook is especially horrible at being a good person. He is a pathological liar even moreso than I would expect and often gets caught in his lies. It’s like he’s having the hardest time being a good person and doing the right thing when he’s around Emma and her family. One could call it a curse. Regina’s maybe? Being conflicted between wanting your best friend to be happy but not with the person she’s trying to be happy with must be hard.

Especially when you know your friend doesn’t love the guy. Which I think she does know.

So Regina’s new curse started in 3x11, ensuring her family’s illusion of happiness without her.

Snow’s curse is the savior princess curse. I think the Wish Realm was an exaggerated representation of the Emma Snow wants her to be. Or Regina’s joke version. And interesting that since it was Emma’s wish wished by Regina, Emma ended up with a dead Neal and a drunk, old Hook. And no prospects. Aside from Regina. The whole “someday your Prince will come” theme. You gotta love this show. 

Emma is docile, the perfect princess. I don’t think this is how she would have turned out had Snow raised her originally, but taking a adult -wouldn’t be caught dead being a princess-Emma with a mind of her own, her own views and beliefs and making her fit in the mold of princess would mean that her backbone and willpower would have to be the first to go. Which I think is what Snow has actually been doing this whole time, but more subtly. (Snow’s season 3 curse that hasn’t been broken).Trying to re-raise Emma. Re-mold her into the princess that Snow had always hoped she would be. But the system is glitching. Because it goes against who Emma actually is. And kind of reminds me of Snow removing Emma’s inherent darkness as a baby. Darkness everyone has within them. The choice to be who they want to be, be it good or bad. This actual canon action of Snow’s makes me actually wonder if Emma raised by Snow wouldn’t have been a lot like Wish Realm Emma, because Snow actually removed part of Emma’s ability to stand up to her parents, to rebel. I think removing Emma’s darkness was in itself a curse. Emma had no choice but to be a hero. She literally didn’t choose it, it chose her. Or her parents chose it for her. When it came to Aladdin becoming a savior he did so for two reasons.

1. Jasmine believed he was
2. There was the urgent need for one (when something almost collapsed onto Jasmine) and Aladdin believed he was the savior himself so he could protect Jasmine.

Jasmine made Aladdin into two things he was never meant to be. A savior and a genie. Both so he could save Agrabah. In the end Jasmine saved it herself. Well, with his help. And by the end Aladdin was neither the savior or the genie. And Jasmine realized she should never have turned him into either.

With Emma, she became the savior because Snow, Regina and Henry all needed her to be one. I’d say Rumple as well but Rumple said himself that he only took advantage of what she already was. I’m guessing he saw the future.

Snow calls Emma the savior as a baby. She is the first one to believe. Henry is the second one, the first one who creates the necessity for a savior.

But it’s Regina being in danger and no one being willing to protect her along with Emma’s promise to Henry to protect her that makes Emma’s savior powers manifest.

So far we have as current curse casters Regina and Snow. Regina affects Emma’s illusion happiness and Emma being happy without her. Snow affects Emma’s behavior, making her the perfect savior princess. One that has a love of her own. Snow basically wants Emma to have what she has. Because that is what makes her happy. And she thinks that the same things in a similar package will make Emma happy.

Moving on to Hook. In order to be able to bring Emma back to Storybrooke- part of what Snow’s curse was meant to do-Hook gives up his ship. I believe this gave Hook control over the curse. His ship is the thing he loves most. His home, the thing he’s loyal to, his freedom, his shipmates were his family. Even now that he has it back he doesn’t have his shipmates. Nor does he really use his boat. He has still given it up in favor of creating a home with Emma on land. He gets to see the sea, but never sail it with his boat. Something that really stood out to me was that Emma and Henry actually went kayaking without Hook. Which makes no sense unless you consider it as part of the curse’s price. Just like in season 3 Regina got to see Henry but he didn’t have his memories. She had him, but she didn’t really have him. It wasn’t the same. 

I think Hook originally had limited control maybe in part because he didn’t realize he had it, but over time his control has increased. While I think Regina’s has decreased. Her part of the curse is still in effect, but she can’t go against it that much. Also, I think because the things she would want to make happen now go against her original curse wish. I think as caster you can make things happen within a curse, but only if they fall within the frame of your original wish. Not if they go against it completely.

I think that’s why trying to break Emma and Hook up in 3x17 didn’t work. Both her own curse of Emma’s illusion of happiness and Hook’s  and Snow’s were working against her. And it’s probably also why a break up between Emma and Hook never lasts.

Hook wants to be with Emma. And started chasing Emma in earnest after he gave up his boat. Giving up his boat is also what gave him his wish at the time. A kiss.

I think that the period between Hook giving up his boat and early season 4 is Emma’s rebel period. It marks Emma rebelling against what Hook wants. I think at that point Snow also may not want Emma with Hook. She just wants Emma with a man. So her dislike of Hook might also be a factor there. And Regina’s dislike of Hook. But I think that Emma and Regina’s fight must have affected the curse. Regina’s and Snow’s parts of the curse were both focused on Emma having their idea of happiness. But with Emma and Regina at odds with each other Emma wasn’t happy and no curse could make her. She wasn’t feeling like being the savior or being with a man. It was also the time where part of Regina’s curse was in effect. She had neither Emma nor Henry. I feel like this period is where Regina’s curse was the strongest and maybe Emma had the most control when it came to refusing the things Snow and Hook wanted for or with her.

She was chasing Regina and Hook was chasing her. Until 4x03 where her and Regina’s fight reached new heights. Regina insulting her savior quality. But there was also the acknowledgement of mutual trust. That apparently hadn’t been lost like the first time around. Emma gained some ground with Regina.

This is also when Hook and Emma started dating in earnest. But she was still chasing Regina. And her relationship with Hook was an illusion. She didn’t dress like herself. Hook got violent with a drunk who tried to pop the bubble of the happiness illusion and Emma came home standing against the door looking unhappy and puzzled instead of blissfully happy.

And I think when Emma and Regina became friends, it made Emma happy and so that again affected the curse, making Emma maybe more susceptible to Hook and Snow’s wishes. Someone who is happy is less likely to rebel.

I think Hook now has double control over the curse. When Emma forced him into his dark one status. I think loyalty was lost between them. It completely corrupted their romance. And it’s still corrupt. It’s why they can’t make their relationship work. I think this moreso than Regina is what makes their relationship fail. Because now that I think about it, Regina wasn’t able to get the desired effect when she did try to influence their relationship. Because now Hook is a vital part of the happy illusion she cursed Emma into. But Emma and Hook corrupted their own relationship when Emma shattered what they had by turning Hook dark against his will. They haven’t come back from that.

I think this entire show is one curse on top of another. Overlapping, entwining with each other.

I wonder how death affects a curse. Is Emma going to the underworld also part of the curse? Not being able to let go of the reality the curse assigns you?

Is that also why Regina couldn’t let go of her Robin but did let go of Wish Robin? The hold of the curse was in full effect with her Robin making it hard for Regina to first realize she didn’t really want to be with him and leave him and then let go of him after his death? Where there was no curse hold with Wish Realm Robin, not on her at least. The Queen is another story.

It does seem like Robin might have been a twisted part of the curse by Snow. Her version of a happy illusion for Regina. Not ill-intended maybe. But doing the same thing to Regina as she did to Emma. Wishing a similar happy ending as her own onto both Regina and Emma.

Then there is the other matter that Emma is not just part of Hook’ s curse desires for her, she is also his genie.

Just like Aladdin was for Jasmine.

I think that what Hook added to Emma through curse and wish were two things

1. For Emma to be his savior
2. For Emma to be his happy ending

So that is what she is.

In conclusion, I believe the current curse is a combination of Regina’s, Snow’s and Hook’s desires.

I also think a combination of True Love’s kiss and sacrifice are probably what will break it. Like the last was broken.

I just thought of something else. Regina broke a curse in season 3. And we all assumed that it was Snow’s. But what if it wasn’t? What if a curse can only be broken by the person who cast it or by their blood? So when Emma broke the Dark Curse in season 1 what she was actually doing was breaking her mother’s part in it? But would that then mean that the memory wipe was actually Snow’s doing somehow? That she also inadvertently desired to forget her despair so she could make it through the time the curse lasted? No, I think that being the person who cast the curse or blood-related to the person who cast the curse is not the only way to break it. But I think it may be one way. The question then does remain which part of the curse Emma and Henry broke in season 1. Regina’s or Snow’s? It makes more sense that it was Regina’s part since Regina was very clear on being the one to do the memory wipe and create curse names, etc. But then Regina was the one to reverse the curse completely in 3x11.

Which also begs the question. Which curse(s) did Regina break with Henry in season 3? Zelena’s? Definitely, or the residents of Storybrooke wouldn’t have gotten their memories back. But did she and Henry also break her own?

So that would mean that the current curse is just Snow’s and Hook’ s. Adhering to the two person casting rule
1st Curse (1x01) Snow and Regina

2nd Curse(3x11) Regina and Emma or is it again Regina and Snow? I’m gonna go with Regina and Emma. Emma did say that the price would have to be paid by both of them(her and Regina). Emma gave up a significant part of her family along with Regina. She is the one who made that decision. Just as Snow originally made the decision to give Emma up. After Regina made the one to give Henry up. Whether she lost Emma this time was up to Emma herself. Wait, if it was Regina and Emma does it mean that Emma’s part of the curse of having to give Regina and her family up is still in effect? So still a three person curse? Or did it break when she came back?

3rd Curse (after 3x11), Officially Snow and Zelena. Unofficially, in my opinion, Snow and Zelena, then Hook on top of that.

 4th Curse (season 5) Emma and Hook. With possible remnants of Regina’s curse. And Snow’s and Hook’s previous curses most likely still in effect. Making the current curse one of Hook and Snow and possibly Emma and Regina. Some part of me almost feels like Regina releasing Storybrooke’s/ Emma’s magic back into Storybrooke and Regina coming into contact with it as she did so may have lead to a TLK wannabe that might have removed any remnant of Emma and Regina’s parts in the curse, although not every curse in effect since it wasn’t an actual TLK. I don’t know for sure. There was just something about that scene though.

I thought about it some more and came up with a couple of rules when it comes to curse breaking.

1. The first and I believe most important one we’re introduced to as soon as the show starts is that whomever is breaking the curse needs to be aware there is one. In the series premiere when Charming and Snow broke Snow’s sleeping curse both were aware that Snow was under one. This exchange happens.

Snow:“You found me!”
Charming: “Did you ever doubt I would?”
Snow: “The glass coffin gave me pause”.

Snow knew she was cursed and was completely aware of her surroundings while under the curse. So you can’t break a curse you’re unaware of.

2. In order to break a curse you have to be personally affected by it-as in you were the one who was cursed-, be the one who cast it or be blood related to the one who cast it. I feel like there might be more to this depending on which part of the curse Emma and Henry broke in season 1. And which curse and/or part of a curse/curses Regina and Henry broke in season 3. What made it possible aside from TLK? These three things are not mutually exclusive, I don’t think. That means if you abide by one out of three you’re good. But it narrows down the list of people who can break particular curses and this list will vary from curse to curse.

With the original dark curse Snow’s part of the curse was broken by two of her blood relatives. Her daughter Emma and grandson Henry. Neither of which were personally cursed. Emma was affected by it as in she was sent away. But she was not cursed.

3. Belief. You have to believe that however you choose to break the curse will work. When it comes to using True Love’s Kiss both people involved have to believe their love for each other is strong enough to break the curse.

These are (some of) the rules. All of which we have seen enacted on the show.

But it also made me revisit the season 3 curses enacted by Regina(3x11) and Snow.

Using the blood relation rule Henry should have been able to break Snow’s curse when sharing TLK with Regina. He should have also been able to help Regina break both Zelena’s and her own curse. And they seemingly did break at least Zelena’s memory curse together.

But I don’t think he had any knowledge of any of the curses. Even with his memories returned. He would have gotten.his memories up to the moment he left Storybrooke. Did he even know his mother was casting a curse to counteract Pan’s? Did his mother even know that’s what she was doing? Not simply reversing her old curse? Unless like with Emma in season 1 just believing gave Henry the memories he needed to break the curse.

Emma gained memories of her time in the Enchanted Forest right after her birth. Which I don’t think she should have been able to remember.

But even so does it mean that just one person being aware of the curse is enough? It doesn’t seem likely. But that since Regina is the one related to Zelena it was her part in the kiss that broke Zelena’s curse? Or with TLK is it only the love that needs to be mutual and not the knowledge of the curse? Or did Henry maybe overhear them talking about the curse Zelena cast and did he only place that info in persepctive once he got the rest of his memories back?

So does that mean her curse, the one Regina cast on Emma and Henry in 3x11 is broken? Or is it still in effect? What about Snow’s curse?

I maintain that the current curse is probably a combination of Hook and Snow’s curses combined with possible remnants of Regina’s and Emma’s. I’m just not clear on what was actually broken with the True Love’s Kisses. And what the rules that came into play were.

Longest post ever!

There is more where that came from. I’m just too tired to write it out.

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YES!!!! To everything you just said. I stupidly let myself get excited for the new movie and the more I hear the more anger I get. I've accepted over the years that Sparrabeth isn't gonna happen but now it feels like they are deliberately ignoring everything we've learnt from the previous films, making a joke out of it. Nothing seems in character from the Jack I love and frankly it's feels like a slap in the face as a Sparrabeth shipper.


also i find it really hard to believe that elizabeth swann, who is a practical woman above everything, would try to leave henry in the dark about his pirate legacy…. it’s exactly like going back to potc1 when will didn’t know anything about it and we were proved that piracy isn’t a bad thing bc “you can be a pirate and a good man!” so???? trying to protect him by not telling him the truth?? she admitted it herself to will that she should have told him the truth about him way sooner! and she experiences first hand what happens when people act with lack of info! and now henry is set to save his father and he’s GOING OUT THERE TO THE SEA and elizabeth doesn’t tell him anything??? even if just as a warning??? doesn’t use her influence as pirate king to secure him safe passage?? doesn’t do ANYTHING? like lmao my children who are we kidding! was she afraid he may try to leave her and live like a pirate? well NEWS FLASH in the after credits scene he was wearing a hat and singing A PIRATE LIFE’S FOR ME how can they ignore their own canon this badly!!!!!!! (ALSO after what these movies are about, would it have been a tragedy or something??? for them to recognize that they are pirates and living like it?????) it feels like a slap to the face to any fan of the franchise to be utterly honest! after all this time, after everything that we suffered, after elizabeth coming to terms with the fact that yes SHE’S A PIRATE and yes she’s THE PIRATE KING she just tries to hide it?? REALLY? in a franchise full of pirates and the one character who EARNS IT doesn’t get to KEEP IT? also piracy was such a BIG THING in her life how can you erase that whole thing and expect her not to feel empty??? she was so passionate about it!! “i think it would be rather exciting to meet a pirate!” and the look on her face when she saw THE CODE IN PERSON like!!! piracy was more than just an adventure or a hobby, it also motivated her! it made her grew as a person! her whole character development was cemented on it!!! and she didn’t get to KEEP IT FOR THE SAKE OF A SON WHO ENDED UP KNOWING ABOUT PIRATES ANYWAY!!!!!! 

Live Blog - The White Princess Episode 2

Here’s my live blog of TWP Episode 2, it’s just over four pages.  I’ve given it a once-over rough edit, but this is what I wrote up while watching the episode.  Hope you find some humor here!

“drawn from the novel by Philippa gregory” righhhhht.

Wait, why is she smiling like that when she’s entering his apartments?  I can see a fake or strained smile, but she looks shy and happy?  Wtf?  Last I left them she was like “i don’t like this guy”, unless this is supposed to be her tricking him?

What is the hell is this scene?? She’s like… being seductive??  Also, neither of their costumes are working.  Her sleeves are ridiculous.  And he looks like he’s wearing an emo bathrobe.  Jacob is too good for this show.

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Rock and Compass Watches Once Upon A Time – 6.19: The Black Fairy


Many, many years ago, Malcolm and Fiona welcome a baby boy, but their happiness is disturbed by a fairy prophecy that says that he is destined to be a saviour who will die in service to his fated duty. This sets about a chain of events with far-reaching consequences. In Storybrooke, Rumple is determined to get his son’s heart back but in the process, he discovers the truth about why his mother gave him up.

Discussion and Thoughts and things of significance

This is an episode that improves on re-watch after the shock of Rumple’s short-held fated role of Saviour has been absorbed. It’s dense on detail and provides a fascinating chapter of Rumple’s backstory. What makes the story extra interesting is the parallels it offers and the very real possibility that this is foreshadowing future events. (I must mention that my enthusiasm for writing about the show is a little thin since the announcement that Jennifer Morrison is not returning. It doesn’t feel fun to speculate anymore. With the strange set-up for the shows continuation all the threads that I’ve been pulling at for the last six years are going to come to nothing and that makes me sad. I’ll finish out this season and try to be business as usual.)

Discussion and things that might be of significance:

Like Mother, Like Son – There are a lot of similarities between Rumple and Fiona. They both take on magical powers to “save” their child. He became the Dark One to stop Balefire from having to fight in the Ogre War and she becomes a Fairy, to try to find a solution to her son’s pre-prescribed life-path. They both become evil in the pursuit of that goal – Fiona is willing to (presumably) kill the child with the crescent mark and she goes so far as to create the dark curse spell that would send all the potentially threatening children to the Land Without Magic. Rumple kills, schemes and manipulates once he gets the magic that gives him power and status. Neither of them is willing to give up the power for the good of the child they are trying to save. Both of them are good examples of self-fulfilling prophecy - their choices, in trying to circumvent something actually lead to the thing they feared coming to pass. Rumple’s actions after he hears the Seer’s prophecy and Fiona’s choices after hearing the fairy’s both lead directly influence the machinations of their prophecies . Fiona literally becomes the thing that will kill her son, and Rumple’s actions lead to his son becoming fatherless. They are a great lesson that trying to change the future doesn’t work. This is demonstrated literally when Henry tries to write a set ending in the book and it is erased, and is contrasted completely by Emma being willing to meet whatever her fate has in store for her.  I also love the revelation that Malcolm blamed the baby for his wife’s loss. This is a fantastic explanation of why he was so neglectful, why he was searching for a place like Neverland. 

Like Mother, Like Wife – It was interesting that Fiona’s power comes from books – it is book-knowledge that allows her to become a fairy. Her fairy colour is yellow, and she gets about in a yellow ball-gown… the parallels to Belle are not a coincidence. 

Foreshadowing? – The flashback is interesting in its own right for sure, but on re-watching I was struck by some other possibilities, particularly during the scene in the fairy vault.  The story here involves two mothers – one biological, one “adoptive” in the form of a fairy godmother – both women are invested in the child’s future. In the potential parallel I’m seeing, the roles have been switched – Tiger-Lily wears red and is representative of Emma, Fiona, throughout the episode, is seen wearing a beige wrap over her yellow gown, a beige very similar to the coat that Regina has been sporting lately. Yellow turns into Black with the pursuit of the curse; this along with all the other similarities between the two hammers home their paralleled characters.  Tiger-Lily knows that Fiona is potentially dangerous, but works with her rather than against her for the good of the baby. Sound familiar? So now I’m wondering if Henry’s Author problem is not going to prove to be more serious than we presently know and that when this becomes apparent, Emma and Regina are going to disagree on the course of action,  leading Regina to do something drastic, and probably questionable, to try to avoid his fate. Which could indeed be the setup for our bizarro world season seven. I wonder though, will it end up with Henry banished, at least temporarily… Or Regina, and Rumple and Hook banished elsewhere.

The problem with saviours – they are apparently not as helpful as advertised, according to Rumple. But really, when has Emma not been helpful to him? She broke the curse as planned, she helped him find his missing son, she helped him out when his blackened heart would have killed him, she’s tidied up after so many of his schemes and he wouldn’t have his freaking powers back if it wasn’t for Emma making the hard decisions as the saviour! Or is he meaning that time that he wanted to kill her and get her power but she didn’t cooperate? Is that her being unhelpful? The real zinger though comes from Emma when she says the same could apply to him. Only in her example, it’s accurate.

A mother’s breath – Rumple is terrified of losing another son. Belle says he won’t, “not as long as his mother is drawing breath”. It’s an interesting line. She doesn’t say “as long as I’m drawing breath” so it invites one to consider multiple meanings. Is it foreshadowing Belle’s demise and the eventual loss of another son? Is Gideon too bound up with Black, the woman he calls mother, meaning that her death will lead to Gideon’s downfall? 

A family’s fate - there is certainly a pattern of children and parents being separated in Rumple’s family tree – it happens to every generation. Is it fate or choice? Maybe this family just needs to start making some better choices…

A Snow Job – Black and Gideon masquerade as Snow and David. It just seems like a timely reminder that this is a thing that the magic-types can do. Although it was weird that Black and Gideon revealed themselves rather than just stay in character and whisk blue away, confusing everyone in the process. That would have been funny. But alas, these villain’s do love to explain themselves.

A Snow Job II – Gideon gets cuffed and so is unable to use magic to get away. Belle tries to reach him, but he tells her that The Black Fairy has ordered him to feel great pain if he tries to resist her commands again. He gives a demonstration and Belle stops the interrogation. I’m not sure I’m buying it. Then, when they use the sands of Morpheus (Gideon’s particular speciality) to try to locate his heart, they end up in Rumple’s dream and Rumple is the one who ends up learning information that makes him more open to listening to his mother’s side of the story. Everything seems to go in Black’s favour – even the secret she didn’t want him to know (that she cut his fate to be a saviour) ends up working for her. And I’m still not very trusting of Gideon – how much loyalty does he have to his adopted mother? Because honestly, that family reunion didn’t feel very warm.

What’s good for the goose – Rumple does what’s good for Rumple. It doesn’t ask or discuss or think of others. He puts his need ahead of all. If you’re in his select circle he can seem very giving at times, but it often comes at the expense of others. Rather than ask Emma to delay killing the Black Fairy so he can get Gideon’s heart back, he forces her to join him on the dream walk by inflicting the dust on her without permission. Even if he is playing a deep game with the Black Fairy, it will still be at the expense of everyone except Belle and Gideon. This guy is no Hero even if his last minute actions do save the day in the finale.

Do you trust me? – Rumple asks Belle the question, and her answer is telling. Well, the big pause before she gives him a diplomatic reply is – she trusts that he’ll do what’s right for their son. Does she personally trust him? No, clearly not. But she trusts in Rumple doing what’s good for Rumple, and in this case, the salvation of Gideon is what’s good for Rumple. Sometimes it seems like Belle has forgotten that Rumple and his actions were what led her to give temporary custody of baby Gideon to Blue in the first place. She seems to have forgotten all about his dalliance with Evil Regina, but at least the lack of trust is a sign that she’s not quite as “forgiving” and spineless as she seems. I think that working with Rumple to get their son back is much more about Gideon than it is Rumple.

A different kind of stick – Regina teaches Zelena to drive. And whoa, what a car! This would seem to be a nice sisterly bonding thing, but it’s really about ulterior motive. Regina wants Zelena to take Henry away from Storybrooke once the final battle starts and if doesn’t go so well. In short if Regina dies, she wants Zelena to take him out of Storybrooke to live in New York where they can start a new life. Problem here – Henry’s not going to let that happen for one, and two, this proposal doesn’t; seem to have been discussed with Emma. I get that she wants to save Henry’s life, but her process is questionable – more ammunition for my earlier speculation perhaps? And what are they expecting this “last battle” to be anyway? A fight to the death with swords? A magic duel at dawn? The whole town bearing arms on Main Street? 

The heart of Storybrooke – it’s the jukebox. With songs. Music is the heart of Storybrooke. I see you upcoming musical episode.  And is there something else in the cavity under the jukebox? It kinda looks like there is… it’s silver and shiny. It might be a trick of the light but It doesn’t seem to match the shadows.  A wand perhaps…

Who are you – I like that Hook was so quick to vocalise suspicion that Regina was not Regina in the Diner. It wasn’t suspicion of Regina per se, but it was a welcome awareness that they need to be more cautious. Regina’s annoyance was funny – I’m not sure why she would be offended at the suggestion that she was not herself, a guilty conscious perhaps? If only. I would love to see the Charming family develop their own code words. Another missed opportunity.

My Town, My Rules – there it is again, that insistence that one particular individual owns the entire town. Regina thinks she owns it because she created it with the original curse. When the show continues with the skeleton cast, I would love to see Regina removed from this town to a place where she is not even a usurper queen – where she would have to face herself with honesty and without status, wealth or power. I’m guessing the Black Fairy has designs on “owning” Storybrooke too. The Regina vs Black fairy showdown played as superfluous to the episode – Not only do we know that conventional magic is useless against Black, as demonstrated by Zelena last week, it also comes across as hypocritical because she does everything that she cautioned Zelena against. But then, Regina and hypocrisy have always been close buddies. The scene seemed to be trying to make Regina seem more of a big deal than she presently is but it actually only reinforced her irrelevance in this entire “last battle” storyline. She has never felt more shoehorned in.  And apart from Zelena hitting Black with her car, it was an unnecessary waste of two minutes that might have been spent more effectively elsewhere. Is it just me or was Regina’s eagerness to “kill a fairy” a little chilling, her facial expression was pure evil.  Her taunt that the Black Fairy was not brave enough to cast the curse was positively alarming! Does she really equate killing the thing you love the most and cursing a kingdom full of people with courage and valour?

The Colour of Magic – The Black Fairy’s magic didn’t seem dark at all ? And Rumple’s magic, when freeing Gideon from his bonds is red, much redder than the dirty red it usually is.  

Over-identification much – Emma and Rumple go on the dream walk they inadvertently start to peel back some of the layers of his young life and, in the face of his reluctance, Emma encourages Rumple to seek the truth and councils him as to the scary nature of finding out why you were abandoned. She presumes anxiety and fear and assures him that this is the scariest thing he will ever face. Emma’s abandonment discourse is strong – she might be part of a family now but her experience has had a huge impact on her – we know it has – and it’s still something she carries with her. It is why she reacted the way she did when Hook went missing, it’s why she held her parents at arms length for so long.  When Emma hears that Rumple is also a saviour, she is ready to believe, perhaps over-identifying with his childhood abandonment and the burden of being the saviour. Rumple warns her not to presume his experience is the same as his, but I don’t think she listens – this is why she’s so ready to hand the wand over, and let him assume the mantle of Saviour. My God Emma Swan is a generous soul! How freely she shares her title with such a dishonourable man who has caused so much damage! It’s the same strategy she used on Regina – encourage the good  and ignore the bad. It doesn’t always work. 

Wand reformed – the reformed wand is handed over to Rumple. It still makes me incredibly uncomfortable to see that wand in anyone other than Emma (or Hook’s) hand, even more so after the flashback - Tiger-Lily sent it back for Emma; Emma saw the memory and finds out that Rumple is a saviour sure, but she still meant the wand for Emma, not Rumple. Of course, she didn’t see Rumple’s fate get cut but still, the wand was sent back as a weapon against the Black Fairy and the wand was sent to Emma – she should have kept hold of it. And why does Regina take credit for finding the wand when she very clearly didn’t.

Belle of forgiveness – Belle is chuffed to hear that Rumple “is” a saviour. She takes it as proof that he has been a good man all along – the man behind the beast. Too bad his actions and choices have not backed that up. The title “saviour” doesn’t make up for all the dark and evil deeds he’s undertaken, it just shows that he’s failed to live up to his potential to be a decent person. And Belle is remarkably forgiving – she seems to have forgotten all the things he did that led her to surrender baby Gideon, not to mention his affair with Evil Regina. Belle seems to have misplaced her backbone again.  One wonders how she will cope with his duplicity when it is revealed.  

Everything I do – Rumple assures Belle and Gideon that, even when it might not seem like it, everything he does is for them. It sounds noble, like he is pre-warning them that he is playing a deep game to protect them … but he also seems to be willing to sacrifice everyone else to achieve his goal and that ain’t noble at all.  And here we go off the same old well-worn track they’ve all walked before. Cos he’s about to do the wrong thing for a ‘noble’ goal, just as his mother did, just as he has done before. Do they never learn any lessons? And can I just say I have a bit of difficulty with a grown man and a grown woman needing this kind of intervention and protection. Surely they are entitled to the truth of the situation and allowed to have some choice in how the family proceeds. 

Banishment - I’ve also got to say, the Black fairy’s punishment for creating the curse and being a renegade is very odd. Tinkerbelle was stripped of her wings and power for attempting to help someone and for stealing a bit of pixie dust. Black gets banished, wings intact, to a realm that she is able to become overlord of AND be free to mine dark fairy dust – the most powerful and dangerous of all the magical ingredients – complete with slave labour. Some punishment.

Operation Best Man – so sweet that Killian asks Henry to be his best man. I like that Hook has always viewed Emma and Henry as a package deal. “Your mother will most certainly kill you” is a very interesting line though – Hook says it in relation to missing rings but … I don’t want to say it … but I’m going to say it -  that line sounds OMINOUS. Henry even says that word at the beginning of Hook’s speech. And there is an air of ambiguity about it with the generic “mother” used rather than a more personal, “Emma” or “your mum”. Is Henry in peril being foreshadowed here?

Very Superstitious - Hook is not staying at home tonight – it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding and he’s a superstitious seafaring man. “The last thing you and I need is another stitch of bad luck. “After tomorrow, there’ll be no getting rid of me.”  Oh great, you big buffoon – now you’ve done it – of course you’re going to get separated again! And for the whole of this freaking unnecessary season seven too. But apart from that their happiness is just gorgeous! Make hay while the sun shines.

WTF – so even though she’s got her son back in her corner, Black is determined to confront Emma because . . .  and that is the sixty-four thousand dollar question. Because she is the saviour? Because light and dark are ‘fated’ to fight the final battle? It all seems very thin and petty. This woman doesn’t know Emma Swan in the slightest, there is no vendetta or hate - there is nothing personal driving her malice. she just came out of nowhere determined to fight or kill Emma and hasn’t ever really made it clear why. And everyone just seems to go with it because the words “last battle” bandied about. It all just seems so misplaced and overblown. She is no worse than any other villain that’s paid a visit to town and not even anywhere in the same league as Rumple or Regina! She is simply not worthy of being Emma’s end-game nemesis.

(POTC5 spoilers in tags!) 

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OK so in "Timestamp: Obscurus Books, 2000," photograph Credence mentions Modesty being a codebreaker in WW2 and I would seriously love to hear more about that, like... literally anything.

Bear in mind I have not ruled out writing more timestamps in that series! So there are some questions I don’t know the answer to, yet. But. Modesty is the little girl who kept a wand she couldn’t use under her bed, in a household where it being found would have terrible consequences; she knew where her birth family lived (how did she find that out? Was she taken from them old enough to remember the address, or did she rummage through paperwork until she got the answers she wanted?) and kept the building in her mind as a bolthole for emergencies. She was not a devotee like Charity, or hamstrung by guilt and gratitude like Credence. I think once she got a bit older, she would have run away. Then, of course, the Obscurus happened.

In my fic, she’s taken in by Jacob and Queenie, which means she grows up loved but living on an invisible line between the wizarding world and the No-Majs. Her brother is basically married to the former Director of Magical Security, who feels he needs to be a good influence in her life so teaches her things like how to use a Vanishing Cabinet and brew Veritaserum, just to be on the safe side. Once she gets over the initial distrust, Modesty loves Graves.

By the time WW2 breaks out, she’s in her mid-twenties, blazing her way through 1930s American journalism. She’s the kind of reporter who would give Henry Shaw nightmares: freelance, honest and a bit savage. Modesty has at least three different pseudonyms, writes for No-Maj and wizarding papers alike, and has a tendency to get too invested in her cover identities. She has also been feeding Credence intel for years as he travels the world with Graves, and sometimes other friends, hunting Dark wizards. It’s not that big a step to move into code-breaking, when the time comes.

She looks for connections in the data that No-Majs won’t recognise: where a mass Obliviation has taken place, how a body looks when it has been hit by a Killing Curse, what isn’t code at all but runes. She calls Queenie every night to check that Credence is still alive, and hopes that means that the others are alive too. She uses a lot of Veritaserum. She does what she has to do, and some of it she’ll regret later, when she can afford regret, but she gets the intel where it needs to go and Credence isn’t the only one who stays alive because of that, not by a long shot.

After the war, Credence and Queenie write a series of boarding school books about a Squib who goes to Ilvermorny. Their protagonist is a stubborn little girl who is good at hopscotch and potions, and who hides a stolen wand under her bed.

Françoise Gilot painting.

In 1943, Gilot met Pablo Picasso and would soon become a student, muse and lover to him. He exposed her to an artist circle made of such notables as Braque, Miro, Gertrude Stein and Simone de Beauvoir. She also met Henri Matisse and the two became good friends. By the 1950’s, Gilot’s style began to move away from cubist influences of Picasso and developed into a more organic style all her own.

This is Halloween

“I could make a sweater big enough for all of us to wear,” Mable suggested.

“What would that be a costume of?” Dipper flipped through the channels on the television. While Gravity Falls public access tv had improved since the influx of nonhuman individuals with traits and stories they were willing to share, Dipper was thankful for making a deal that ended in them getting free cable.

“We’d be a close-knit family!” Mabel punctuated her sentence by playing a rimshot on air drums with her knitting needles.

“As fun as that idea sounds,” Henry started, “I don’t think the kids want to spend all Halloween at the McGuket-Northwest mansion and I doubt Stan will want to stick around the whole night.”

“Besides, what happens if I have a really strong summoning? You guys will either be dragged with me or will slip out of the costume when there’s one less person occupying the space.”

“Next suggestion, then, Twin-”

“No!” Both Henry and Dipper voiced their objection, but Dipper’s was more terse and Henry’s more firm.

Dipper shifted his focus to the television. On screen was a stop-motion movie with a skeleton singing about how different his surroundings were. Dipper quickly changed the channels, recognizing that it was claymation. Mabel’s phobia had improved over the years, but he didn’t want to risk a relapse.

“Wait, go back.” Mabel was looking at the television.

“Are you sure?” Dipper asked

Mabel nodded. Dipper returned to the channel, but his eyes were on Mabel. Her eyes widened. She gasped. Then a smile spread across her face.

“That’s it! Henry can go as Jaques Skullington. I can go as Ragdoll Sarah. Dipper can go as Woogie Boogie. The triplets can go as Lock, Stock, and Barrel. I guess we’ll flip the characters’ genders so we have two girls and one boy instead of one boy and two girls. That should be fun to design. And triplet costumes get even more candy than twin costumes! Grunkle stan can be Sandy Clause or the two-faced mayor, I could see it going either way.”

Henry nodded along while Dipper stared in shock. “How do you know so much about this movie?”

“Henry and I watched it a few years ago.”

“Wendy recommended I watch it with Mabel. I had never seen it but Mabel insisted that if I was willing to stick around for this long, she should tackle one of her fears.”

“Have you seen it, Bro-bro.”

“Yeah.” Dipper had seen it. With Wendy, in fact. She had summoned him on his second Summerween and offered a bowl of candycorn in exchange for watching The Nightscare of Christmas Eve with her. “It’s a shame claymation creeps Mabel out,” Dipper had said in the middle of the Woogie Song, “She would love this.”

“Well the triplets haven’t,” Mabel walked over and rested her head on top of Dipper’s, “When is it playing again. We can all watch it together, and if the kids like it, we’ll go with my idea.”

At least one viewing and an intense sewing project later, the group made their way to the McGucket-Northwest estate on foot, letting the triplets stop at a house or ten on the way. Acacia was wearing a red onesie with a pointy-eared headband. Hank was wearing a black cloak and pointy hat. Willow was wearing a black jacket and black pants with white felt bones sewn over. All three had masks for a devil, witch, and skeleton, respectively. They also had face paint nearly identical to the masks, so they wore the masks sparingly or traded masks every few houses.

“Onward to the next door, kids! Shall we give our next victims a trick or ask for a treat?” Dipper’s costume looked mostly like a brownish-green sack. To Henry’s surprise, Dipper’s face would sometimes be visible and other times only darkness could be seen beyond the mouth and eye holes. However, by some collaborative means that the twins refused to reveal, the mouth and eyes contorted with Dipper’s expression and the mouth was perfectly synced with his brother’s words.

“Don’t listen to that no-good Boogeyman. He’s a bad influence.” Henry called to his kids

“I think you’re a bit too in-character, Henry.” Dipper protested

“Who says I’m acting, brother?”

“Do I really bug you that much?”

“Oh, no.” Henry groaned.

“What? Was that some sort of word play?” Stan spun the helmet he was wearing to the smiling side. “It’s a good thing you’re not a gambling man, because the odds are not in your favor.”

“I guess he doesn’t find these very a-moose-ing.” Mabel added

Henry sighed, “You know I love you oh sew much, so let’s stop before someone laughs themselves into stitches.”


The Signs as Famous Kings pt. 1 (Fire)

This is the continuation to “The Signs as Famous Queens” which was uploaded on the blog sehn-sucht (Rike’s 2nd blog). Again our decisions are based on the signs as we know them and a more traditional view but we were also influenced by films or tv-shows due to the lack of information on some kings.
-May, Nele & Rike

Aries - Henry VIII, King of England (1509-1547)
Henry was known for his good looks and intelligence. The death of his older brother Arthur required him to learn quickly about the duties and responsibilities of kingship and many were impressed by his presence. This King was a man who enjoyed himself. He dressed extravagantly, loved eating and drinking and lived beyond his means. Although he was an extreme egoist, having more interest in his personal desires than public policy, he possessed strong political insight. Henry loved any kind of sports but his love for food grew bigger as he grew older. So he ended up becoming unbelievably fat. Today Henry is also famous for his passionate or rather volatile relationships with his six wives.

Leo - Cyrus II the Great, King of Persia (559-530 BC)
Cyrus was the founder of the Achaemenid Empire, the largest one the world had seen yet. He is remembered as a tolerant and ideal monarch who was called the father of his people by the ancient Persians. The Bible portrays Cyrus as the one responsible for freeing the Jewish captives in Babylonia and allowing them to return to their homeland. Moreover he promised not to force any person to change his or her religion or faith. Cyrus was tolerant and magnanimous as well as brave and daring, which is why he was honoured as a dignified and righteous king. He is well recognized for his achievements concerning human rights which even influenced the U.S. Constitution.‎

Sagittarius - Louis XIV “The Sun King”, King of France (1643-1715)
Louis’ reign lasted for 72 years, longer than that of any other known European sovereign and is associated with the greatest age of French culture and art. He loved food, hunting and sex and mastered fencing, dancing and horse-riding. Hereby he had a high opinion of himself. As a private person Louis was reserved, secretive but furthermore polite and open-minded at ceremonial display. He showed great loyalty to servants and friends. However, he desired personal glory and precious belongings so that he could afford a prestigious life, which caused a series of wars.


–> Favorite relationships in history: Henry VIII of England and Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk.

Brought up at the court of Henry VII, Charles Brandon soon became a favorite to Henry VIII, notably thanks to his talent at jousting, and one of his closest friends. He married in secret Mary Tudor, Henry’s little sister and then widow of Louis XII of France, in 1515. Although Henry was furious at first, he quickly forgave them, something that would not have happened later in his reign.

Following Cardinal Wolsey’s disgrace in 1529, Brandon’s influence grew daily. Despite being opposed to the marriage with Anne Boleyn, he remained on good terms with Henry VIII during the early 1530′s and thereafter enjoyed a position of influence at court until the end of his life.

Careful with his investment in court intrigues and a strong supporter of the king’s religious policies, Brandon had little enemies and was appreciated by most. It is a testament to the strength of their friendship that Henry, deeply grieved, buried him at his own expense at Windsor in St George’s Chapel in 1545 and noticed that Brandon had “never attempted to hurt an adversary, nor had he ever said a word to injure anyone”, which was more than many at court could say.