henry has two moms

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Ohana means family.
Family means no one is left behind or forgotten.


SwanQueen rant

Henry literally has TWO MOMS though.  I don’t understand why Once Upon a Time never picked this up and ran with it.

Henry states several times to different people, “I have two moms” and we all know how that sounds.  Why aren’t we making it an actual thing?  Does Henry even NEED a dad?  I mean, honestly, does he?  He got all the love and affection and support he could possibly ever want just from Emma and Regina in seasons 1 and 2.  If he needs a male role model, that’s what his grandpa Charming is there for.

I love Hook and Emma together (at least I used to) but, honestly, they’re relationship isn’t needed.  Emma, Regina and Henry were a perfect family with just the three of them.  Henry got all the support and love he needed and Emma and Regina also got that same support and commitment from each other.  Hook and Robin Hood really aren’t necessary for anything except to squash hopes of a possible relationship between Emma and Regina.

The Swan-Mills family dynamic is honestly the thing I’m most angry about that OUAT has ruined.  I miss seeing Emma and Regina working together to protect THEIR son.  I miss my badass lesbian moms.

For the #nationaladoptionday I choice them for the importance/message  that represent .

She is his mom and He is her son without IF/BUT/MAYBE/PERHAPS 

She is his mom and He is her son without AND cause

a forced marriage, especially when it concerns a minor and/or teenager,  can not be put on an equal footing with mother/child relationship

a forced marriage, especially when it concerns a minor and/or teenager, can not be regarded as a legal/positive basis for setting personal ties

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Regina/Emma because I'm just now fully boarding this ship and sailing away.

vomit / don’t ship / ok / cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying / i will ship them in hell

I am personally unable to handle the perfection that is Swan Queen.  It hurts me so good.  DID YOU WATCH TONIGHT’S EPISODE DID YOU NOTICE IT’S AS CANON AS MERTHUR JESUS FUCK JUST KISS ALREADY

Ulterior Motives


Henry has an ulterior motive when he tells Emma about Operation Light Swan.

Henry tells Emma about Operation Light Swan.

He says it’s it to help inspire her light the Promethean Flame, but there’s an ulterior motive to his handing over the classified section to Emma, the one with Hook’s super elegant handwriting circling a home that’s going to be theirs. This motive has nothing to do with potentially defeating the darkness once and for all, and everything to do with helping his mom along on this next step in her relationship. Because no matter how she finds out – from him or Hook – she is most definitely going to freak out.

Hook suspects she might freak out a bit, but he’s hopeful she won’t because he’s super in love with her and super distracted with the Dark One thing. He’s not thinking too clearly, because Henry also saw him fiddling with a ring, and that would really scare his mom, and Hook has to know that. Right?

Henry’s pretty sure that Hook is his mom’s True Love, but Henry is still (and will always be) her first True Love, so he feels he has a little more insight into her. Insight such as knowing that his mom is definitely ready to move in with him, but needs to be totally eased into the idea by someone not Hook. Because though she really likes the pirate and his sweeping declarations, they also scare her a bit, because that means he really cares and she wants him to really care.

And nothing scares Emma more than wanting something.

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Lol WTF at people who think Henry isn't Regina's son, and that he is now legally Emma's and that his name is Henry Swan. Lol nope.

They had a head canon that has no supporting evidence and was directly and contradicted by the show.  Head canons that are proven wrong should be abandoned not clung to.

They appear to have gone to the bathroom during a true love’s kiss.

And when Henry moved back home.

And when the entire Charming-Mills family talks about how Henry has two moms that he takes after both of them.

When Henry and Regina (and Emma) acknowledge each other.

And when Henry tried to lay down his life for his mom and she wouldn’t let him evne though she didn’t remember him.

When they believe and protect each other.

Such people are in denial of the story and are irrelevant.

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It's Henry Daniel swan. Regina illegally adopted Henry

Are you f*cking kidding me? You’ve got to be kidding. Right anon?
If Regina has no right over Henry then neither does Emma. Emma gave up Henry. And who do you think named Henry “Henry Daniel”?
I posted that in the Swan Queen tag. How did you even find it and why did you bother to come to my ask box?
And this is not about what your foolish mind thinks. This is about what Henry thinks. And Henry has two moms. They are both his moms.
Regina raised him and took care of him and is his mom no matter what.
Do you know why Henry didn’t call Emma “mom“ first? That’s because they had no mother-son bond yet.
It’s not blood and genes that matter, or a piece of adoption document paper. It’s their relationship that matters.
If you think Regina is not a mother figure to Henry then you haven’t watched the show.
If Henry was real, would you tell him that Regina is not his mom? That’s not your business. Nobody cares about who you see as his mom. We care about who Henry sees as his mom(moms) and all of Storybrooke knows that Henry has two moms. End of discussion.

I’m just gonna post some gifs that are not mine, from this gifset (x) made from swanqueengifs

It looks like Henry doesn’t think like you anon.
Here, have more gifs:

Have some Swan-Mills family quality time where both of Henry’s moms comfort him and are worried for him.

Bye bye anon!!!

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