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Gráinne Ní Mháille (c.1530 - c.1603), commonly known as Grace O'Malley, was a legendary Irish pirate and Chieftan of the Ó Mháille clan during the 16th century.

Born around 1530, Ní Mháille was the child of a wealthy sea trader who she accompanied on his voyages from a young age. As a teenager she was married to Donal Ó Flaithbheartaigh, heir to a powerful clan, as a political move. The marriage lasted for 19 years, during which they had three children and Ní Mháille gained considerable experience commanding ships in her husband’s fleet.

Following the death of her husband and her father, Ní Mháille inherited a considerable amount of money and took over her father’s fleet of 20 ships and hundreds of sailors. She built on her father’s success to become one the dominant forces on the Irish west coast, launching raids on rival clans, forcing merchant ships to pay for safe passage, and imposing taxes on fishermen as far away as England. She also transported Gallowglass mercenaries between Scotland and Ireland, often raiding Scottish islands at the same time.  Her position was strengthened by the control of several coastal castles, most prominent of which was Rockfleet Castle, which she gained through her second marriage to Risdeárd Bourke. After a year of marriage she is said to have taken control of the castle, barring Bourke from entering and yelling from a window, “I dismiss you!”.

Ní Mháille had a tumultuous relationship with the English. From the early 1560’s onward she was accused of piracy multiple times, but she won some favour with the English by assisting in coastal attacks on southern Ireland and won the respect of Sir Henry Sidney, the Lord Deputy of Ireland. However n 1579 she was besieged in her castle by English forces, who she defeated by pouring hot oil on the attackers and according to some accounts by making homemade bullets from melted down armour.

Ní Mháille made a lasting enemy in the form of Richard Bingham, the English ruler of Connacht, after she fought alongside the Bourkes in open rebellion against him from 1585 to 1589. Bingham sought revenge for the rebellion by targeting Ní Mháille, destroying her lands and property. Bingham killed Ní Mháille’s eldest son, Eoghan, and captured his castle, while making a deal with one of her other sons, Murchadh, to switch sides. Ní Mháille swore never to speak to Murchadh again after his betrayal and burned his lands.

Financially ruined, the final blow to Ní Mháille came in 1593 when Bingham captured her other son, Tiobóid, as well as her brother and threatened them with charges of treason. Ní Mháille petitioned Queen Elizabeth of England directly to ask for their release. Elizabeth sent Ní Mháille a list of questions which she answered, and later that year the two women met at Greenwich Palace near London. Despite Ní Mháille’s rough manners and refusal to bow, the two women, both in their sixties, seemed to develop a healthy respect for each other. As neither spoke the other’s language they conversed in Latin, striking an agreement that Ní Mháille’s family would be released, reparations would be made for her stolen property, and that Bingham would be removed from power.

The agreement did not last. Reparations were not fully made, and while initially stripped of his position, Bingham was eventually allowed to return to power in Ireland. Angered, Ní Mháille returned to helping Irish rebels during the Nine Years’ War. She died of old age in Rockfleet Castle at the end of the war in 1603. After her death Ní Mháille’s fighting prowess led to many Irish folk tales being told about her and she is still remembered as a legendary pirate.

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What are some of your favorite Old Hollywood scandals?

Oh gosh, don’t even get me started! There are some really sad ones around, but most of these will be about sex. There’s a really good post somewhere with a ton of really juicy tidbits, I wish I could find it but I don’t remeber what I tagged it as. Most of these are from that! Anyway, here are a couple, I’m putting them under a cut because they’re kinda crude. I don’t know how true these are and I don’t know if they’re all “scandals” because most of them weren’t known to the public at the time, but here are some things that I have picked up over the years:

Thank you for this! I could go on and on and on if you like especially about the gays!

Ask me questions about Old Hollywood!

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the picture of the trio
  • Henry Wotton: tall, graceful young man with a "romantic olive-colored face" and a "worn expression", with a beautiful melodic low, languid voice, and with cool, white, flower-like hands that moved as he spoke "like music, and seemed to have a language of their own"
  • Dorian Gray: a young man of extraordinary personal beauty, looks as if he was made of ivory and rose-leaves, a perfect Narcissus, certainly wonderfully handsome, with his finely-curved scarlet lips, his frank blue eyes, his crisp gold hair, there is something in his face that makes one trust him at once
  • Basil Hallward: has black hair maybe

Sneak peeks of Z Nation season 4!

I got access to these by winning @DavidMLatt’s caption contest. Follow him on Twitter for more opportunities to see exclusive Z Nation content.

Pretty sure they don’t mind that I am sharing them considering they took the time to watermark the photos with the September 29 premiere date!

amazing moments in potc5

- the return of my son william turner and his son henry to grace us at the beginning
- (captain) jack waking up not knowing how tf he managed to get locked in the bank and after realizing decided to tell everybody else
- the amazing Ripped Af™ horses pulling the entire bank (even the building) down the street while the pirates theme played
- “there’s a woman in my shop. there’s a woman and a pirate in my shop!” “today’s ur lucky day then”
- “filthy pirate” “there’s no need for name calling”
- jack’s slow mo run and leap over the bridge as the building crashes through it
- carina and jack arguing while they were about to be killed bc jack wanted to be hung instead of getting his head chopped off and the crowd actually listened lmao
- the lowkey dick jokes “wish i was hung”
- carina running off bc ghosts and jack simply “love 2 stay and chat but my map’s run off”
- henry “i saw her ankles” turner
- uncle Jack Sparrow™ protecting his boy henry from salazar’s sharks
- jack calling barbossa his bff
- THE MONKEY’S BACK i love the monkey
- barbossa saving the day like the True hero he is
- “what am i to you?” “you’re treasure”
- henry and carina holding hands and smiling at my parents will and elizabeth, Relatable
- uncle jack watching from afar pretending he’s not happy for them when in fact he sails willabeth more than he sails any ship ever even the black pearl

the whole movie basically, it was amazing