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“Here is a favorite picture of my dear pal Micky Dolenz. It looks like it’s from a past lifetime, but it’s really from a Monkees episode called "Hillbilly Honeymoon” in 1967. It was always fun when they filmed outdoors in the old Western movie town on the Columbia Ranch in Burbank.“

Henry To Release New Self-Composed Track

Henry will be releasing his new self-composed song “Real Love” on April 29!

The digital single will be released through various music sites that day at noon.

His new track “Real Love” is described as a bright medium tempo song that expresses feelings about wanting to love in a witty manner. Following his success with his previous self-composed song “Girlfriend,” many fans are looking forward to more great music from the talented star.

Henry is currently appearing on MBC’s “I Live Alone” and receiving much love for his charms.


OUAT 6x15 Mini-Review: A Wondrous …ly Slow Pace

It took me a while to get through this episode because I was playing with the babies, petting the cat, looking over my tax returns … Here’s a one-gif recap:

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  1. Jafar wasn’t a threat so much as a Mean Girl. “God, Jasmine, you’re such a loser. Why don’t you be a loser with the rest of your loser friends, loser.” And he ran around giving people Inappropriate Woodies and then Jasmine bested him with some 99 cent glitter, the end. That was the episode, right?
  2. Is one of the show’s cost-cutting measures losing character motivations? What was Jafar’s deal, anyway? He wanted to rule Agrabah but Aladdin and Jasmine stopped him and then he was mad people called him names? So he was going to hurt Aladdin but gave him the shears instead, and now he blackmailed Jasmine into giving him a magical diamond so he could shrink the entire city out of revenge? For name-calling? Couldn’t he curl up with a copy of How to Win Friends and Influence People and get over it? (That said I would totally let him put his magical staff in my cave of wonders, if you know what I mean. *wink*)
  3. If this episode was a test run for how S7 would fare without Rumbelle and with minimal Snowing and Emma … yikes. Every scene needs an actor who is an anchor– an actor so good they can convince you that the rest of the ridiculousness happening on-screen is real. Regina is one of those; Rumple and Cora are others. Hook can’t quite manage it. Jafar tried his best but they gave him a turban and some Dollar Tree accessories and told him to wing it. The episode gave him NOTHING to work with.
  4. Jasmine is mad that the shop owner took Ariel’s necklace … but he did that because Ariel stole from him. Ariel is the one in breach of etiquette here, not the shop owner who needs to sell things to eat. Likewise, Nemo and his crew wander off in below-zero temps to try and fish the Nautilus from the bottom of a frozen-over lake and no-one thinks to offer them some hot cocoa or something? If Liam 2.0 wasn’t going to be a plot point why was he there? And how can Ariel and Eric survive in a tiny shack with no central heating? No wonder Eric’s on a cruise.
  5. Is the price for Hook coming back from the dead mild hearing loss? BECAUSE THE SHOUTING HAS TO STOP! WE CAN HEAR YOU NOW, HOOK! Hilariously the only person who can get Hook to talk in a normal register is … Belle. Maybe he has to lower his voice because she’s so short.
  6. This episode features a Teachable Moment in tone. When Aladdin is interrupting Hook to ask if Jasmine loves him or just likes him, it’s supposed to be humorous– that’s how Aladdin plays it. But Hook plays it like he’s going to stab Aladdin in the neck because he needs to CONCENTRATE on the ridiculous plot. Hook wants to get back to Emma, sure, but he needs to throttle back the intensity for some light banter or the scene doesn’t work. The director should have fixed this.
  7. When Regina was mourning Robin’s death, Henry brought her a gift basket of chocolate, wine, and movies. When Hook disappeared, Henry spent the entire episode listening to tunes on the couch. Guess he doesn’t ship CS :-P. (Having Hook try to win over a moody, hostile teenage Henry would be a hilarious sit-com I would totally watch.)
  8. And speaking of which, Emma cried two itty-bitty teeny-weeny incy-wincy tears over Hook being gone forever. Girl, I’ve cried more over the loss of limited edition ice cream! And she says she needed that to “move on” and moved all his shit out? Didn’t Hook leave YESTERDAY? ♫ Now you’re just somebody that I USED TO KNOOOOW ♫
  9. Regina, Emotionally Supportive “It’s Complicated” is something I never knew I needed. Although I’m not sure she should be giving advice, you know? “Emma, how are you feeling?” “Sad.” “No, I mean, how do feelings work? I can’t snap my minion’s necks anymore when I’m upset and I’m at a bit of a loss.”
  10. Drunk!Snow throwing knives with Vikings is everything. EVERYTHING. Can we keep her for the rest of the season? The series? Why can’t this have been the entire episode?
  11. Charming took the news that Hook killed his father pretty well. Suspiciously well for someone who tried to shank senior citizen King George for that last episode– I think screaming: “I can never forgive you!” was involved. I guess this is a “next episode” kind of thing?
  12. This episode wrote-off three hot POC guys (Jafar, Nemo, and Aesop). When they said Snow White was a big part of the show they were talking about the character, right? 
  13. Gideon Gold is a graduate of the James Bond Villain school of Extra-ness: he probably stalked the real Aesop, read up on being a mixologist, practiced making cocktails, disguised himself as a marketer and told Aesop to print up 2 for 1 flyers to increase sales by 20%, and personally *poofed* to Regina’s house to deliver the coupon. Why couldn’t he just have asked Emma for help– Villain Union Rules? P.S If he wanted to make Emma cry, all he needed was do was show her this season’s ratings. (Too mean?)

In short: This episode gets an A for Aesop Effort but an F for Failing to Keep My Interest. Here’s hoping next episode is a bit more compelling. I want a S7, dammit!

The Dim Sunshine

HAAAAAAPPY belated BIRTHDAY @asthenicia !!!!! of course im always late with my gifts coz of who i am as a person lmao I WISH YOU HAPPINESS AND PROSPERITY IN YOUR LIFE!! thank you for being my friend and for filling my life with smiles and laughter. may one day we get to meet so i can squish u to death with my hugs. xoxo lov u :3c

 Once upon a time, there was a happy family.

 There was a jolly man, though his bliss was a creepy contrast to his love for death. He smiled often, laughed daily, always inflicted joy and caution wherever he stood. His skill for dark magic was unlike any other. His love for the undead and all that was unholy struck fear even in the boldest. He was quite a frail man, but his lack of strength was compensated by his terrible talent of the otherworldly. He held love for many things, both disgusting and disturbing, but there was one where he held the highest form of love.

 There was a breath-taking woman, though her love for dancing contradicted terribly with her crippling stage fright. She blushed often, stuttered daily, always instilled amusement and serenity in her presence. Her skill for dancing was unlike any other.  Her skill in battling struck bafflement and awe to enemies and allies alike. Despite the immense talent, her love for performance, her love for entertaining people remained true to her heart. She was a beautiful woman. A dazzling dancer. Even with her timid personality, she never shied away from danger or person’s call for help. Her heart, just as her face, was as angelic as her. She held love for many things, and was loved by everyone else.

 But, in the end, her pure heart fell madly in love with the man whose heart could no longer be considered human.

 However, just as she had fallen in love with him, the man soon realized that he too had a heart as well – that he too had a chance to obtain the happiness he so long had given up.

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Who said “I love you” first

Gansey. Gansey spent a lot of time testing out the word ‘love’ to the hotel mirrors on their adventures and one time to a mannequin in a second hand store while Henry and Blue dressed up in various colourful pantsuits. When he said it officially to the two of them, they were all wrist deep in a saggy ice cream container, smeared chocolate and vanilla on their knuckles. Blue had smacked kisses all over Gansey’s face while Henry smiled against Gansey’s throat, the both of them returning the phrase with aplomb. 

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background

Henry. He constantly switches between pictures of Gansey and pictures of Blue and pictures of Gansey and Blue and pictures of Gansey piggybacking on Blue and Blue leaping off a fence onto Gansey and Gansey staring pensively in the half moon light into the horizon and Blue untangling a clip from her hair. Though he does have one picture, Gansey and Blue smiling softly at the camera from across the table, love in their eyes and fingers tangled with Henry’s, that he keeps just for himself.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror

Blue. Usually it’s cryptic clues about what they’re going to get up to that day. One time Blue created the Ultimate Puzzle that kept Gansey in the bathroom for a good hour and a half, where he constantly turned the shower on over and over so it would fill up with steam and he could puzzle it out. Henry ruined it all by walking in, professing the solution, and walking back out again. 

Who buys the other cheesy gifts

All of them are terrible for cheesy gifts are you kidding. Blue tends to go toward the more off brand hilarious gifts, like slinkies, Tamagotchies, and the occasional napkin-into-a-rose magic trick. Henry purchases an alarming amount of knicknacks that he proceeds to spring on the other two when they’re least expecting it. Gansey buys a lot of colourful paper and notebooks and pens and ink and everything an explorer would need, showering Blue and Henry with ideas and gifts at the same time. 

Who initiated the first kiss

Blue, because she’s no longer afraid of kissing and she’d been eyeing Henry since they went on the trip tbh. Gansey followed right after, nearly knocking the three of them to the floor. There were many smooches after that. 

Who starts tickle fights

Gansey. He always loses in the end though. 

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower

Gansey always asks, but Blue tends to be in and out pretty quick (her weakness is long baths) and Henry has a Routine, okay, Gansey you can’t just disrupt the Routine! One time they all tried to get into the shower together and Gansey definitely slipped and - well. They figured dying in a shower was much less cool than dying from a prophecy, thank you very much. 

Who kills/takes out the spiders

Blue. Her boys are such scaredy cats, it’s adorable.

Send me a pairing and I’ll tell you fun facts!!


Visit of Henry’s godmother!|05.02.2017.

Hi there! What’s up? :)

As I said in the last post, Henry’s godmother must come to us. Angela and her adorable daughter Amara came around 11-12 pm.
Henry had a nap at those time. So, while he was asleep, we had some tea and talked about many and different things, while the babies were playing on the backyard.
We had lunch on outside, so we looked after our babies.

I just could not look at them without smiling. They danced in a circle, holding hands, and it was too funny and cute! In addition, they danced to the music, but I didn’t take photos, because I left the camera house to the house by that time.

At about 2pm Henry woke up, finally! Amara asked to show the babe to she too, so…
just look at that picture! It was too sweet when she saw him. Seriously, even the twins did not react to it that way haha!
Looking at this picture, I literally cry :)

Also, Henry loves Angela! He didn’t not cry at all. He ever fell asleep in her arms at the end.
Angela is our very good friend, and our kids are friends too. I have a post about the playdate with Amara!
So, when I was still pregnant with Henry, I suggested to Angela be godmother for him :)
I’m proud that he have so amazing godmother.
In addition, she gave Henry many gifts!
One of them - a bracelet with his name, which he wears in these photos. He will wear it always now.
So, I want to say thank you again for all gifts you gave to him! They’re all very cute!
Thank you for visited us! We cannot wait to see you again c:

Fate had Twice Given her Precious Gifts

I had woken up really early, earlier than I had to and could not go back to sleep, so I wrote this instead.


Hips gyrating.

Breath gasping.

Emma moved in a rolling motion astride Regina’s lap, whose naked back rested against a crushed pillow propped between her soft skin and the headboard.  The bedsprings protested with every rock and jerk that Emma made, accompanying her gradually louder moans and signaling the soon arrival of her impending release.

Regina dragged air in raggedly as her hands left a lovingly cupped bottom and traveled over curves to cradle soft swelling breasts, relishing the feel of beaded tips against her palms.  She held on as Emma bore down and her heat coated Regina’s skin.

Lips came together, capturing, nipping and sucking before the slide of tongues stoked a fire beginning to rage out of control.  It was moments like these where their connection was at its most pinnacle.  It was more than just the physical act.  It was visceral and emotional.  It was something they knew they would only have with each other.

With a broken sigh of pleasure whispered urgently against her mouth, Regina slipped adept fingers into her lover’s slick softness and won a whimper and then so much more as Emma threw her head back and undulated her throbbing arousal more forcefully against the welcome hand.

When two digits slipped into her quivering tightness and a coaxing mouth closed over her hard nipple, Emma crested brilliantly with a cry, feeling all at once loved, liberated, and overjoyed.

Emma greeted each pump with a trembling lurch and Regina’s moans could no longer be held back.  

Hot tightness gripped wetly at her and because she was so in tune with the writhing woman atop her, Regina released Emma’s breast, turned up her face and was immediately met with her wife’s thrusting tongue kissing her with a needy force to be connected everywhere.

Regina felt Emma cradle her head to hold her steady for her mouth’s assault.  She swallowed a torn shriek and then Emma’s fingers were in her hair holding her close, wanting her never to leave as she rode out her mighty crescendo.

Finally, when her body was completely sated, Emma sucked on her lover’s tongue one last time before collapsing against her limply and panting against a lightly perspired shoulder.

Regina slid out of her, wrapping her arms around a tapered waist in celebration.  With each coming together, she felt that they had flown to even newer heights.  Emma was a never-ending feast that enriched her life.  Though she may not be so forthright to verbally admit it to the woman above her, she felt Emma’s importance to her in every fiber of her being.  Fate had twice given her precious gifts, Henry and Emma, and she would cherish them both.

It was with this thought that Regina rolled a gratified Emma onto her back, hovering over her on a propped elbow.  She slowly traced a finger, taking a blonde tendril and moving it out of the way before placing a gentle and lingering kiss on a slightly damp forehead.  The scent of heated flesh and hair enticed her still.  

Regina was happy to let her sleep, but the peek of a green gaze and the caress of soft fingertips against her cheek alerted her to Emma’s consciousness.  The back of her head was massaged before slowly being guided down, bridging the gap between them and before their lips met again, Regina’s heart leapt at the wide dimpled smile.

Many times, during the day, Regina felt like she was lost in that smile.  But presently, she knew she was not lost, but happily found by Emma, never to be lost again.