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Captain Cobra Swan + Hogwarts Houses

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okay but ronan would be the best at giving adam things he needs (ex. secretly paying for aglionby). for christmas he would get him a huge thing of socks as a joke, but really he noticed that almost all of his have holes in them. he would get him really nice soap that gets grease off skin because ‘dude I’m sick of you smelling like oil all the time it’s giving me a headache.’ he would bring dinner over and maybe buy way too much because he 'couldn’t decide’ and left all of it at adam’s so he 'doesn’t have to carry it all.’ ronan is just so kind and he knows how to give to adam without taking from him like everyone else


Swan Mills Family - Regina and Emma giving one another what they always wanted but could never have

CS Oneshot: The Bookstore Pirate

Day 2 of Ficmas prompted by @kat2609​ you are a fantastic friend and cheerleader MFAMB!

It’s Emma’s first Christmas with Henry and she is desperate to find him the perfect gift. Which is how she ends up in a pirate themed bookstore talking to a complete stranger about the stress of gift giving. Captain Swan Modern AU that’s kind of like a non-cursed AU. One-shot.

Other Ficmas Stories: Day 1

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Emma wasn’t exactly panicked, she still had a month before Christmas, but she was worried about getting the right gift for Henry. So far nothing had felt right as she scoured the internet and the local Storybrooke stores. Probably because subconsciously she was trying to pack ten years worth of gift giving into one day.

Ruby had suggested she try The Pirate’s Cove Bookstore because the owner had the reputation for picking the perfect book just by looking at a person. And although Emma thought that unlikely she had still made time on her lunch break to check the place out. Located on a side street and tucked between a furniture store and a dance studio it’s small display window was filled by a model pirate ship with books cleverly showcased on it’s decks. Emma appreciated the commitment to the theme.

She pushed open the dark mahogany door only to practically run into somebody. She pulled up short of knocking into him. Because it was a him, a him dressed in tight dark jeans, a button-up shirt (that wasn’t entirely buttoned up), and a black leather vest. His hair was dark and his handsome face covered in facial hair that wasn’t quite a beard but more than a five o’clock shadow. Despite his smirk, or maybe because of it. Emma felt like he was trouble

“Sorry.” She mumbled and moved to let him pass by her.

“No worries, love. Can I help you?” Emma gave him a confused look and his smile grew causing her to wonder if she saw a small dimple. “I work here. So can I help you find something,” he clarified as he gestured to the store with what Emma was surprised to notice was not a hand but a silver hook–now that was commitment to a theme.  

“Oh. Right.” Emma gave her head a little shake stopping herself from thinking of dimples, and hooks, and unbuttoned shirts. She had to find something for Henry and it didn’t look like the owner was in. She glanced around at the store. “I’m just looking.”

“Alright. I’ll just be at the register if you need anything.” He gave her another smile and then walked away.

Emma felt relief that he wasn’t a pushy salesman and turned her attention from the strange clerk to the store itself. In keeping with the pirate theme the entire place was covered in dark wood paneling and decorated with various nautical touches. It was bigger than it appeared; the small entrance giving way to a spacious backroom. She wandered to the first shelf and frowned at the hand-lettered sign above it.

For A Rainy Day

The shelf was full of books of all sizes and genres; she shook her head and moved to the next one.

Fascinating People

This shelf included the expected biographies but also nonfiction books like Emma by Jane Austen and Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli. Emma checked her watch she didn’t have time to wander the entire store hoping for a shelf labeled “books for ten year-old boys who you gave up for adoption and really want to impress”. And even if there were she was pretty sure she would pick the wrong book. She needed the savant owner to just pick a book for her and take the burden of the decision away. She looked over at the clerk. He was leaning on the register appearing to be engrossed in a slim copy of “Captain’s Courageous”.

“Excuse me.” He pulled the book down so fast Emma was sure he had been watching and waiting for her to ask for help. “Do you know when the owner will be around?”

His eyebrow ticked up and he gave a little half bow. “Killian Jones, bookstore pirate, at your service, lass.”

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