henry get in my belly

The Rag Doll - Part 7

Modern AU

Ivar x OC

Words: 1.444

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“Did you really think that you could hide this child from us?” Aslaug said with a fake hurt voice.

“I wasn’t trying to hide, I was going to tell Ivar, before you framed me and say to that I’m a thief. Remember that?” I raised my eyebrow.

“You learned how to talk back, I believe the environment is to blame?” She smirked at me, God I hate this woman.

“I always knew, but guess what? You’re no longer my boss, so that means that I don’t have to respect you. Get out of here.” I tried to shut the door, but she entered the apartment anyway.

“I don’t remember asking you to come in.” I said while Aslaug was looking with disgust to my apartment.

“Believe me, this will be quick. How much do you want?” She signed and grabbed her check book on her Hérmes purse.

“What you’re talking about?” I asked confused.

“Well, clearly you can’t have an abortion now. So how much do you want for the child?” I slapped her, I wasn’t going to put up with any of her abuse anymore.

“Get out of here, right now.” I was crying already, how could she think that I accept this offer.

“I’m not here for me, Ivar told me to come here.” She walked towards the door.

“You’re telling me that Ivar knows about my child and told you to give me money for him?” I asked, I couldn’t believe this, Ivar is just like her. How I didn’t see it before? She nodded. “Well, both you can sleep peacefully, I don’t want your money. While you’re at it, go fuck yourself Aslaug.” I slammed the door on her face, I never felt so good.

I can’t believe that Ivar wanted me to abort our son, he’s a horrible person, just like his mother. I hate her so much. Ivar, you were make me abort if we were together? God, how could I be so wrong about him?

Lady went to me, I was crying on the couch.

“What happened my child?” She sat on the couch and she put my head on her lap, she reminds me of my mother.

“Henry’s father, he’s a horrible person. I can’t believe that I didn’t saw it before Lady.” She started to play with my hair, that felt so good, I think that I’m starting to love Lady like a mother.

“Don’t cry because of that, it’s not your fault that he’s not a good person. The important thing is that our baby Henry, won’t grow up with him.” She seems so wise. “I’m gonna make you and baby Henry feel better, I’m gonna sing a song for you two.” She started to sing a song in French, I didn’t understood a word, but it was so relaxing. I felt asleep after a few minutes.

It’s been a month after that night with Aslaug, I still couldn’t believe that she could think so low of me. And the worst of all, Ivar, he wanted me to abort my son. He will never be a father to my son, he has no right to him, my son doesn’t have a father.

I went to the supermarket buy a few things that we need, I just love take care of Lady, she’s so sweet. She is always thanking me for helping her, I love her already, I can’t imagine my life without Lady.

I entered our apartment, Lady is in the couch. She was looking to a paper, she looked anxious about something. I put the bags on the kitchen and I sat with her, she must seen something that scared her. Now, I could leave her on the apartment alone, but just for a few hours, not enough to get me a job.

“Lady, what happened?” I hugged her and she looked at me.

“I remembered something.” She whispered.

“That’s great, what was it? Your name?” I asked excited, I could stop calling her Lady.

“No, an address.” She handed me the paper and I gasped.

“Lady, this neighborhood is for rich people, maybe you worked there? Before your accident?” I asked her, I found out that she’s been in a accident. I went to a hospital and they told me that a Jane Doe was on the hospital. But one day she was gone, and they didn’t found her anywhere.

“I don’t know, what if they were mean to me?” I could see that she was really anxious.

“Lady, we can go there together. Look, if they were mean to you, we come back here. I will take care of you, no one will hurt you while we’re there. But we need to know who you are, okay?” I asked her, but she only nodded in response.

“Great, we will go there tomorrow. Sounds good to you?” She nodded again.

We started to watch a movie, when Henry started to quick.

“Do you feel that Lady?” I put her hand on my belly, both of us are crying.

“Oh my child, our baby Henry is strong.” She put her head on my belly and started to sing that same song in French.

It always made me sleep, she’s so sweet. I love the Lady, and I don’t even know her name.

It was morning already and the Lady was really nervous about this, but she needed this, even if her family or bosses are mean to her, she needs to know from where did she come from.

“Lady, we need to get going. It’s a long way to that address, and we will walk for at least 10 minutes. We will arrive in the afternoon, are you ready?” She only nodded in response.

“Don’t worry Lady, if they are mean people, we will live our lives without them, okay?” I looked in her eyes and she smiled.

“Do you promise?”

“I promise.” I hugged her and she hugged me back.

We were at the bus, Lady was feeling less nervous about this, deep down she wants to know who she is. She needs answers, answers that I can’t give, neither does she.

It was afternoon, the sun was bright, but it wasn’t so hot. We were walking the streets of the neighborhood, it’s so nice and quiet, very different from our neighborhood downtown.

I started to feel some pain in my abdomen, I was scared, I hope that Henry is okay.

“What happened?” Lady asked concerned, I stopped and I sat on the sidewalk.

“I’m feeling a little pain, but it’s nothing much, it will pass.” She nodded and started to rub my belly gently, I could feel Henry getting calmer with her touch.

After ten minutes, we started to walk again, and we finally saw the house, it’s beautiful. It’s bigger than the Lothbrook mansion, if that’s possible.

“This is the address.” I signed relieved, we were finally there.

I pressed the intercom, and a man answered it.

“How may I help you?” I could hear the British accent, he sounds old, maybe he’s a butler or something.

“Yeah, hi…..I’m here with a woman, she has amnesia. And the thing she remembers is this address, could you come here and see if you know her?” I was a little unsure, maybe Lady works here, maybe she’s a maid, like I was.

“That is not necessary, put her in front of the intercom. There’s a camera in here, I will be able to see her.” I did that, I put Lady in front of the intercom.

“You found her, good heavens, the Master will be so happy. Come in, please.” He sounded surprised.

We entered the house, Lady was really nervous now. I felt bad for her, but there was nothing that I could do about it. We entered the mansion, it’s breathtaking. Everything is elegant, and bright, it’s amazing.

We were sitting on a huge white leather couch, so comfortable, very different from what we had on the apartment. The man that answered us came to us, he seemed emotional.

“What happened to the Madame?” He asked.

“She had an accident and she lost her memory, I found her on the streets, I took her in and we are living together ever since.” I said looking at the Lady, she seemed a little better now.

“As a homeless person?” He was shocked.

“Does she used to work here?” I asked, we needed to know.

“Work?” He laughed. “This is her house, but the Master will explain everything when he gets back. Don’t worry he will be here shortly.” He walked away and left me and the Lady totally confused and shocked.