henry clay people

A cool 2:12 punk roots anthem (is that a thing?) pre-nostalgia song that has the singer about to turn 25 yearning for the time when “we had nothing on our minds” and doesn’t want to “settle down” or “settle for anything.”  

Oh the angst. #firstworldproblems

This is the title track from Glendale’s HC People’s recently sent out sophomore album.  

The cover illustration shows a flanneled hippy either jumping off a building or trying to be superman on top of a crudely drawn city and I guess that’s what’s sucky about being 25 in California - thinking you have to make a decision in life to fly or die.  Why can’t we just stay young and be able to party all night all night?  


Here’s a Super 8 Film we did for The Henry Clay People here in Austin TX. If you like it please share it and check out the live songs from the session and the Lomography photos here: http://www.transistorsix.com/artist_henryclaypeople.html


The Henry Clay People - Backseat of a Cab (live) (by nesslurpee)

If you’re a fan of Japandroids and Deer Tick, you will certainly enjoy The Henry Clay People. Here is a live performance of a track from their just released album “Twenty-Five For The Rest Of Our Lives.”



trailer for the new record from the henry clay people, I got it last week at the show, it is unbelievable. go check it out on the 26th


@henryclaypeople is one of our favorite bands from Los Angeles. Better musicians than fighters. At the Satellite on May 13, 14th. Must see!

I just got back from one of the most amazing shows I have been to in a long time.

ok, so I had heard about the front bottoms and knew they would be pretty cool but holy hell that shit was off the hook.

the henry clay people. if you don’t listen to this band then what the fuck is wrong with you. they are like a mix of all things good.

mother fucking motion city soundtrack brought it like always. it was unbelieveable.

after the show we ended up in a crowd of people taking pictures with justin so we photo bombed a bunch of them. after that we ended up talking to joey from henry clay people. crazy small world he knows violets step day. crazy.

also between hcp and mcs we somehow ran into an internet friend and now he is a real world friend. pretty rad night. fuckin stoked.