henry busby

I drove across the country with my dad last week. It was a pretty remarkable experience (aesthetically and emotionally). I’ll be sharing some of the pictures over the next few weeks as the film comes in. This is one of the few digital pictures I shot. 

Early in the morning of our third day, we stopped by this dried up lake just outside of Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, NM. The lake had dried up into little more than a very wide puddle. The dirt and rust clung to the highest edges of  ladders and the concrete slabs jutting into the lake as reminder of the depth the lake once held. 

The western half of the drive was filled with scenes like this. As a lifelong southerner and current New Yorker, I’m accustomed to density. I know kudzu, and I know concrete, but I’ve never seen emptiness so wide or so deep. The effect was one I won’t forget.

Santa Rosa, NM

February 2015