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add maggie stiefvater to the list of writers i owe a formal apology


Brother’s Best Friend - Dylan O’Brien [Smut] (Teen AU)

Author: @writing-obrien

Character(S): Dylan O’Brien/Reader, Brother!Tyler Posey, Daniel Sharman

Word Count: 3153

Notes: Fingering, Oral (female receiving), shower sex, this is much shorter than my usual works - excluding my first two or three works - and it didn’t really take the direction I had originally intended, but it’s cute and I was in a cute mood, let me live. Huge thanks to @stilinski-jpeg​ for her help on proofreading this. She’s my #SinTwin and I don’t know where I would be without her, I love you, Nia!! We all know how much I love drummer!Dylan so lets go fucking overdrive.

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you wanted to see me burn? fine.

here’s the crucifix, here’s the witchhunt,
here’s the coal in my mouth and the matches
from the hands of a dead girl in the streets.

and don’t forget,
here’s the bullets in my cheek, 
triumphant eyes, terrible hands, 
deific blood on my fingertips,

are you happy? are you here or are you alive?
pick one.


reign + parks & recreation

i am kind of sad that claude wasn’t around on reign when king henry was still alive, because for some reason i feel very sure that henry would just dote upon her and find her antics completely delightful (a la mona lisa saperstein and her pa on parks & rec), and it would drive catherine 200% – nay, 300% – crazy [x]

So What Are the Searchers Looking for, Anyway?

So, what do we know about the Searchers?

  • They’re called Searchers (duh)
  • They look vaguely human-ish
  • They’re made of pure ink
  • They attack Henry

So yeah, not much. However, I feel like we can start to make some guesses based on the little info we have.

Let’s start with one of the big factors here: The Searchers form out of ink puddles, and when hit with the axe, they splatter back into pure ink. Why is this suspicious?

Because according to Boris’ corpse, ink-based creatures should have some sort of skeleton, and possibly even flesh/internal organs. So why don’t the Searchers have these features?

In order to answer this, let’s consider our other two points. Their name tells us they should be, well, searching for something. They also seem very, very intent on attacking Henry at any cost. And when they do successfully off Henry, they seem to smother and choke him in the ink they’re made of.

Now, as has been speculated many, many times, it seems there’s a good possibility that the cartoons are made from human corpses, which may be the reason for their apparent bones and organs.

One can speculate a lot on what the Searchers actually are - if they’re just ink that’s somehow been animated (huehue), failed early attempts that didn’t hold up, or even just human souls bound to ink a la Sammy. No matter what they are however, they’re missing the stability of the other cartoons.

So what if the reason why the Searchers attack Henry is because they need a body to give them support?

It explains almost all of their behavior - for whatever reason, they’re made of pure ink, and thus can’t hold a stable form well. Properly-made cartoons, such as Boris, have a corpse giving them support. This is why they all rush Henry for the chance of having a proper human body to bind to (whether or not that would actually work is another question entirely, but they’re probably desperate), which is why he sounds like he’s drowning in ink when they do successfully take him down. And, of course, it explains why they’re called “Searchers“ - because they’re searching for a body of their own.

TL;DR: The Searchers, like the other cartoons, need a corpse in order to be stable - which is why they’re so determined to attack Henry.

upperstories  asked:

Hey there Squiggly? I'm curious about something. Did Meatly make it an official canon that Henry left the studio to go do service in military, or is that just widely accepted fanon? I can't find a source for it so I was wondering if you might know.

That’s just widely accepted fanon, I think!  TheMeatly hasn’t indicated one way or another why Henry ever left the studio. :O

Why ARE so many the larger male engines in Thomas the Tank Engine so… oddly attractive-looking?

They’re not typical cutesy kids show characters. 

Look at their big, sensitive eyes.  Their defined lips.

Who the hell would they be trying to appeal to with this kind of thing? The moms who have to watch the show with their kids?  The fairly small portion of the older fanbase that isn’t a straight male?

Maybe I’m out of my mind and it’s just elements of the model series carried over to CGI.

But, still, I want to know the reasoning behind this.

Henry’s girl

Paring: Henry Bowers x reader

Fandom: IT(2017)

Henry Bowers was not liked by many kids. Mostly because he spent a fair amount of time torturing them. But there was one kid, one girl above the rest that could change a bully into the sweetest boy you’d ever see.

Her name was Henry’s girl. She was his switch, the moment he saw her he stopped whatever he was doing and turned to mush. He loved her more than he loved life. The way she laughed, the way she smiled at him, the way she kissed him. The two had been going steady since their seventh grade year. She knew what he did but looked past all that and still loved him. He still didn’t understand why, no matter how many times he asked her he never did.

When Henry moved away she still loved him, she still promised herself to him. The last night before he left the two spent the night under the stars. Her body flushed against his. Her sun kissed skin marked by his lips, marked as his. They both cried that night for the same reason. It would be the last time they would be together. Henry had only survived because of her, she was his reason for living.

“I’ll write you everyday,” she said playing with the ends of his hair. He smiled at her and kissed her forehead gently. She had taught him how to be gentle, how to love.

“I’m really going to miss you you know.” Henry pulled her to his chest and stroked her soft auburn hair. If he could do one thing right now it was try to give her a little happiness and security. He placed little kisses atop her head.

“I love you,” she whispered barely loud enough for him to hear. He smiled and gave her a soft kiss on her pink lips.

“I love you too,” he said kissing her once more. She was his drug, he couldn’t get enough of her. And soon he was going cold turkey whether he wanted to or not.

The two laid underneath the stars just watching the sky silently. Every once in a while Henry would kiss her and she’d smile at him. How he would miss that smile. How he’d miss her.

The day he left she cried more than she had ever cried. She had never thought so much pain was able to be felt at once. She didn’t think it was all real. She wished it wasn’t.

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Something Henry needs to hear: You are more than your surname. Somewhere in Dunwall, your housemaid's child still draws breath because of you. That is worth more than blood or coin.

You refer to the housemaid whose son I allowed to stay at my home during the Rat Plague, yes? I appreciate your kind words, and in return I think it is only fair that you know I did not do it out of human kindness.

The maid, of everyone who had ever frequented my home, would know its ins and outs like the back of her hand. The plague was upon us, and I feared she would be tempted to sell my secrets to the next pair of eager ears on some shaky promise of either her smuggling out of Dunwall or a discount on bootleg elixirs for her son. Paltry, useless things in comparison to my life. 

So I beat the price before she could even think to consider it. I allowed the boy to stay with me, so that his safety was tied to hers and mine, and won his mother’s thinking that I was a kind master all the while. 

There is a price for people’s hearts. There is, in fact, an economy for people’s loyalties. Those who blame others for being fickle with their allegiances are likely trying to buy and sell with the wrong currency. Would you go to a barter market and demand the fishermen yield their catches for useless gold coins? Don’t be foolish. You offer them eggs, and you offer them clothes, and they will be happy to trade fish with you.

The Goodwinters are tradesmen. We have always been, in more than material goods. That is the weight of my surname, and the pride I take in my legacy.

It’s not fair.

So happy beginnig to the Swan Mills family begins with question what’s wrong with Emma?   with their family fallen apart.

Regina doesn’t understand how Emma agreed to let Henry go to another book and after that losts in her thoughts.

That’s how.

a few days earlier:

Emma understands that Henry  wants to leave (or more accurate - Hook told her that)   and wants to talk with him but Hook (that’s our “how”) stops her.

Actually, Hook needs “more” from Emma:

Hook: This isn’t an ending, Emma. There’s more to come.
Emma: But we don’t know for sure. What if I don’t get a second chance?

So, it’s absolutely normal that Henry wants to find his story. It’s normal if he wants to leave his mothers for it. But why is he so upset? Why he sudenly thinks that he isn’t good enough? For whom he isn’t good enough in this story?

Yep, that’s the question.

some time later.

Adult Henry is in trouble and calls  Emma, Regina and Captain Hook for help.

Emma haven’t appeared, and when Henry asks why, Hook lies to him and after that it’s very interesting dialog between Hook and Regina:

Regina: What the hell was that? Why did you just lie to Henry?
Hook: Because that’s what Emma wanted. If he knew what really happened, he’d drop everything and come back. She wants to let him get on with his life.
Regina: Well, I think she’s wrong.
Hook: Well, that’s not your decision. We have to respect Emma’s wishes.

We already know that Emma wanted talk to Henry and didn’t want him to go at the first place.

But maybe she changed her mind and really don’t want to bother Henry now? Nope. Killian wanted it.

And then she openly and in the same time nervously - as it’s not really her thoughts -  tells Henry that she wants fresh start with Hook.

Emma: I mean, neither of us have donethe diapers-and-the-feedings thing. It’s what I missed with you. It just… it took a long time to find each other and find ourselves, and… Now, we both made mistakes,and we both can learn from them, and we both can do something good from the start.

I think you’re remember how the same words about Emma was Snow’s DARKEST secret, and she told them to Emma only under death pressure?

And how Emma wasn’t good enough for Snow until she started to turn into Princess Emma from Snow White’s fairy tale?

Yep, that’s the answer.

After Henry are assured by Emma that she already has a new family, “almost”, Hook take Emma back to the Snow White’s book.

and you know what’s not fair? "Not fair" is being separated from your kid.

Not my words, canon words from the episode.

And if you think that Hook try to separate Emma Swan and her family for some good reasons - for Henry sake or because he cares about Emma - you are wrong.

As usual the reason is himself.

We were introduced to the good part of Killian Jones who  was lost somwhere all this time. He tells us why Hook so fixated on Emma: 

Good Hook: You see, our stories were the same, up to a point. But in my realm, Regina’s curse was never cast, and that’s when our tales parted ways, and that’s…when you found love and happiness. But I found…misery and heartbreak.

The Evil Queen casted the curse and the Saviour - Emma Swan - was born. Hook had been staying  young for 30 years  then met grown up Emma and fell into the Snow White’s happy ending as Princess Emma’s Prince. And he is who he is - the Pirate without a real redemption, a liar and an alcoholic as long as Emma Swan is with him. As long as he plays with the loaded dice the Pirate wins.

Never Lost

Fandom: IT
Character: Henry, Vic, Belch
Relationship: Henry/reader
Request: Can you do another henry bowers one where the readers there when his dads shooting at the ground (in the movie) and the reader runs over to him after to see if hes okay and he pushes her away and accidently hurts her and she runs away from him? Like, that’s the reasons Henry kills his dad is because he thinks he has nothing else to live for.
You were lying on the grass just outside Henrys house while the boys played with his dads gun. You had already told them they shouldn’t be doing it but none of them listened.
You knew how bad Henrys dad could be and, to be honest, you didn’t want to see Henry hurt again.
You had started to drift into a light sleep under the warm rays of the sun, your mind only being kept away by the sound of the gun every now and then. You heard a cat meow somewhere and the boys talking but didn’t think anything of it until you allowed your head to lazily roll to the side and see a rather scared looking Belch holding a car on the podium they had been shooting cans off of and Henry pointing the gun at it.
“No!” You called out, turning to scramble to your feet when another voice filled the air and you saw Henry freeze in spot. His back was only slightly to you and you saw his eyes widen as his father came out of the house.
You stayed where you were, having a deep fear and hatred for Henrys father and always trying to keep as far away from him as possible. Henrys father had a very nasty habit of trying to destroy your relationship with Henry. You had been dating for a little over a year now but had known each other since you were a child and been friends from the first moment you toddled up to him.
Your friendship had blossomed into a relationship when he kissed you out of the blue one March night you had been inseparable ever since.
But his dad didn’t like this. He would sneak ideas into Henrys head when you weren’t around. He would tell him you had no feelings for him, that no one could ever care for him.
“I was just cleaning it.” You heard Henry mumble, holding out the gun to his father. He had shrunken into himself, his head low and his shoulders hunched. You wanted to run over and wrap your arms around him but fear had glued you to the spot. You looked over at Vic and Belch, who looked just as on edge as you felt.
Henrys father mumbled something you didn’t quite catch and your attention was drawn back to him as he turned to walk away.
You let out a sign of relief until he twisted back and held the gun up.
Gun fire filled the air and you let out a cry of fear which only stopped when you saw he was firing at Henrys feet, missing them by mere inches.
Henry became jumpy, filching but trying not to move as he held his hands up, protecting his face.
“See how the paper man crumbles.” His father called to you, looking directly at you as he motioned the gun at Henry.
You glowered back at him, trying to stop the tears coming to your eyes. But all he did was laugh and walk back into the house.
Once he was a little closer to the house, you heard Henry let out a whimper, still standing with his hands in front of his face. You knew his friends would do nothing. They couldn’t comfort him for fear of facing homophobic reactions.
You raced forward, throwing your arms around him.
You wanted to comfort him, to tell him it was all going to be okay. To tell him you loved him. He meant the world to you and you to him. You weren’t going to let that asshole get in the way of you two. You wanted him to wrap his arms around you and hold you until he felt strong enough to pull away. He did that often. He pulled his strength from you. And you knew Vic and belch wouldn’t say anything. You were pretty sure they could walk in on the two of you in any way and it wouldn’t reach anyone else’s ears.
But that didn’t happen. In fact, you weren’t really sure what happened.
He pushed you away slightly, before full force pushing you back. You wondered if he had maybe punched you by the force in which you were thrown back from him. You managed to look at him as he did so, and his eyes went on you, they were on his father.
But due to the new holes in the ground, your heel caught in one and you fell backwards. As you hit the ground, you put your hands out to try and stop yourself, but you felt something sharp penetrate your skin before your head hit the ground, scrapping across a rock.
Your ears started to buzz as you blinked wildly, tears running down your cheek.
Pushing yourself up, you looked at your hand to see a massive shard of glass had cut across your palm, blood pouring from the new wound.
Your other hand reached up to touch your head and you instantly felt the blood.
Someone appeared in front of you and you hoped it would be Henry. But it wasn’t.
“Geez [y/n]. you need to get to a hospital!” Vic said in shock, his eyes on the glass in your hand. You knew you had to get the glass out, so you grabbed it and pulled it out the wound, letting out a cry of pain as you did.
“I told you that you’d hurt that girl!” You heard Henry and you glanced over to see he was standing at the door, pointing at you. He had seen the whole thing.
You looked up at Henry, who had stopped shaking. He stood, frozen to the spot, his eyes wide as he looked at you. His mouth was slightly open in shock.
A part of you wanted to scream at him, to tell him to help you up, to take you to the hospital.
But then it hit you. He had pushed you away. He had hurt you. Maybe not intentionally but he wasn’t making any effort to show it was an accident, to tell you he was sorry.
Tears ran down your cheek and joined with the blood on your cheek.
Looking away from Henry, you stumbled to your feet with the help of Vic. Belch seemed to be in as much shock as Henry.
“Ive got to go.” You mumbled to Vic before turning away from the group and walking down the drive way. You could feel your whole body shaking as your tried not to cry. You could feel eyes on your back, but you didn’t know if it was Henry, Vic or Belch. Or all three.
———time skip————————-
You had gone to the pharmacy first, only because you knew Gretas dad would probably be able to take care of you without you having to go to the hospital. He gave you a shot in case the glass had anything nasty on it and cleaned your wound, which he said should heal nicely without stiches since it was a clean cut and not nearly as deep as it looked but you had to keep it bandaged up. He did his best with your head, saying it was just a graze but if you felt lightheaded or if you felt like you were going to pass out, to get help immediately in case you had a concussion. He gave you some drugs for the pain but nothing strong before letting you go. You were very thankful that you were close friends with his daughter, because it cost you nothing. Just before you left, he called you back, asking you how you had gotten your cuts. When you didn’t answer and tears welled in your eyes, he asked if it was Henry. This took you by surprise and you shook your head, saying Henry had just been trying to protect you. Realising what you had said, you left in a hurry.
You were walking home, your mind racing. You weren’t angry with Henry, although you were very hurt. He didn’t mean for you to fall.
You wondered if it was because you tried to help him too early. His father had still been around and had seen what happened. Maybe if he had accepted your affections, it would have led to another altercation, possibly involving you.
Then your mind fell on the words Butch had yelled.
“I told you that youd hurt that girl.”
He had spoken about you before. He had told Henry that he was a danger to you.
You shook your head. He wasn’t a danger to you. He would never intentionally hurt you. Ever.
He had proven that countless times. He had went out of his way to make sure you were safe. Arguments, though rare, never ended with punches or even the slightest pain. He just wanted you to be happy, so would often cave in to you. You tried to think of a time you were actually frightened of him or scared he would hurt you.
But nothing came to mind.
Before you realised, you found yourself on Henrys drive, walking up.
You needed to see him. You needed to talk to him.
“[y/n]?!” Vic called you, drawing your attention to the car, which him and Belch were leaning against. You didn’t know why you were surprised that they were still here. You just hadn’t counted on anyone being here except Henry.
“You alright?” Belch asked warily as you approached.
“Yeah. Nothing serious.” You raised your hand to your head, but smiled. But then you saw something in their eyes. Fear? “What?”
“Its henry. Something wrong. Like really wrong.” Vic nodded to the house.
You were off like a gun, bolting to the front door. Was he in danger? Was his father beating him again?
It had to be bad if they were this worried.
You opened the door carefully, your eyes falling on Henrys back.
As you crept quietly inside, you noticed something odd.
He was standing directly behind his dads seat, his father sitting in said seat. But his fathers legs were shaking and you saw his hands reaching up to grasp at something. At Henrys face. His knife had been lost ages ago, something about falling down the side of a hill, but you didn’t know why. You knew Henry had taken a beating for it though.
“Shes gone.” Henry mumbled, breathing hard as you ventured closer.
The sight you saw made you gasp in horror.
Butch was bleeding from the weapon in his neck. Henry was holding his knife into the side of his father neck and Butches movements slowly began to stop before he slumped down.
“Shes gone.” Henry let out a sob, his eyes squeezed shut as he shook his head, his hands shaking. “’Cause of you.” He growled at the now corpse.
“Henry?” You made your presents known, for fear of making a noise and him lunging at you with the knife.
Henry froze, his eyes wide but unseeing as he stared straight ahead, as if listening to see if it was just in his mind.
“Love?” You called gently to him, using a nickname that you knew he adored. It was something sweet that he craved, loving it so much that he didn’t even mind you calling him it in school.
“[y/n]?” He whispered, looking at you. He had blood splattered on his face as his gaze switched to the TV, which was only playing static.
He let go and backed away from the body, shaking his head.
“No, no, not her.” He mumbled to himself as you took a hesitant step forward. “[y/n]?” He said again, looking at you.
He looked lost, broken and scared.
you felt a strong pull of protection as you looked at him. You knew it was only a matter of time before his father went too far, not that anyone in Derry cared. They wouldn’t care that Butch Bowers was dead. Many would agree he would beat his son black and blue then go drinking. Henry would have no chance if the town thought he had been killed in cold blood. Henry needed someone to protect him for once. Not to validate his actions, but to protect him.
“i-i-i-“ He trailed off, looking to the body and back to you. “H-H-He.
“He attacked me.” You say, your voice strong and sable, unlike Henrys who was shaking like his hands. “He attacked me with a broken bottle. And you thought he was going to stab me, so you ran up behind him with your knife. You only meant to stab him in the shoulder to give me time to get away but he moved and your knife went into his throat. Vic and Belch saw the whole thing.”
You didn’t drop his gaze as you spoke, telling him your plan.
A very, very small part of you was screaming that you were letting a murderer get off the hook, but then your eyes fell on the cigarettes burns on his arms, the bruises on his skin and the permanent scaring.
A fresh start. That’s what he needed.
And that’s what you would give him.
“I never meant to hurt you.” HE whispers.
“I know.” You smiled, but your eyes flicked to the knife and you couldn’t help but shudder at the blood.
Henry saw this. He looked down at the knife in his hands, and the blood. The knife dropped from his hand, clattering on the floor by his feet.
You moved forward, pausing every couple of steps to make sure everything was still okay. Once you were close enough, you wrapped your arms around his neck. He instantly responded, his arms wrapping around your waist and pulled you tight against his body.
“I thought I lost you.” He whispered as he buried his head in your neck. You could feel the blood smearing on your skin, but you supressed a shudder.
“No, baby. Im still here.” You ran your finger up the back of his neck and back down, feeling his hair.
“I love you.” Henry whispered, his voice breaking as you froze.
Neither of you had ever said the cursed words to each other before. Not even when you had held him as cried from beatings. Not when he fucked you into his mattress or when he made love to you in your bed. Never.
You had always just assumed he couldn’t say it. He hadn’t known love before you so you just assumed he wouldn’t be able to say it.
You pulled back, looking at him dead in the eyes.
“Really?” You asked, your heart beating hard in your chest. Henry nodded, his eyes showing some signs of embarrassment for showing his feelings but you didn’t care. “I love you, too.”
You threw yourself at him, feeling him stumble a little but he held you, letting out a small chuckle.
“I love you, I love you so much.” You mumbled into his neck, feeling fiercely protective over him. Tears ran down your cheek and onto his neck, but you didnt care as you mumbled your love for him again and again.
The words soothed him and you felt his shaking stop. His hands no longer clutched at your sides but now started to run up and down your spin as he held you.
“We should go and speak to the guys.” You pulled back, wiping your tears away.
You pulled your sleeves down to cover your hand and you used your sleeve to wipe the blood off his face.
Henry moved forward quickly to smash his lips to yours in a needy but passionate kiss. You could tell it was his way of saying ‘thank you’, of saying ‘sorry’ and that he loved you.
Neither of you knew what would happen when you stepped outside that door. You had no doubt that the guys would back you up, and you could say you had been scared and ran to the pharmacy, who would verify you were there and it was because Henry had protected you.
No one would care, it was just how Derry was. In a couple of months, everything would blow over and everything would be forgotten. Just like the children.
Whatever uncertainties that Henry was feeling vanished when he kissed you, knowing you would be by his side through it all.

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bendy wouldn't be so upset over henry having left if he didn't care about him, hmmmmm?

Well, the toons weren’t ALIVE when Henry left.  They have memories of who they were on the screen, and a vague sense of attachment to their creators… but they’ve been told all sorts of things by Joey.

In other words: the reason Bendy feels so betrayed by Henry is because A: he’s a creator, therefore Bendy feels like he ought to be able to love the old man as he would any kind creator and B: because Joey told them that Henry (and the others) were NOT kind creators, that they didn’t really care about their creations at all.

In a weird sort of way, I guess you could say Bendy sees Henry as a sort of deadbeat dad, who wasn’t there when he should’ve been.

50 times no, 1 time yes

Summary: Alex proposes to John, John says no. Alex is persistent and stubborn.

Note: I posted this on ao3 but I decided to post it here too :) enjoy the domestic fluffy cutenessssss

Alex could say a few things about himself he knew to be true. His IQ was far above average, but his decision making skills could be a little more up to par(as he has been told before). He was a damn good journalist and could out write anyone on any given topic. He was also an asshole sometimes. It was more than likely because of that, that most of his relationships never lasted. Another thing about him was that he was persistent and stubborn. It was this stubbornness that had him in the situation that he was in right now.

“You should marry me” He said simply as he let his head rest in his boyfriends lap. John scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“This is probably the fifteenth time you’ve asked me and the answer is still no.” John said, but there was a hint of endearment behind the annoyance. It was actually the thirty-seventh time he had asked, but who’s keeping count? This had been going on for over a month now. Alexander had asked his boyfriend of almost two years now to marry him, but John had said no.

“You know I’m going to keep asking until you say yes” Alex said, repeating the same words as the first time John had rejected him. John hummed and looked down at Alex.

“And I’m going to keep saying no until I think you’re serious and not just going on another tangent” John said and leaned down, pressing their lips together in a soft kiss. Alex leaned into it, content for the moment, but still just as intended on asking John again later that day.

For not one month, but two, Alex would ask for John’s hand

“I really love you want want you to marry me”

“I love you too baby, but no”

Only to be shot down. May and June had passed like nothing and Alexander was running thin on his ever strong patience. He had a plan, though. One he had started from day one of the proposal disaster. He still had count of each proposal he had made to John. They were on fourty-nine now.

“You know, this is really nice of you, driving down with me to visit my family on the fourth..” John’s voice brought him from his thoughts and he looked over at John.

“Of course. You always spend the fourth of July with your family and I didn’t go with you any year before..so I thought I should this year since I’m not busy with work” Alex hummed, watching John from the passenger side seat. Honestly, Alex thought John was too good for him. John’s smile made his heart beat quicker and his laugh sounded akin to angels singing…and dont even get Alexander started on his freckles. He had told him before that he could probably map the night sky with his freckles and that even every star in the sky couldnt amount to how beautiful Alex thought John was. It was safe to say Alex had it hard for the man.

“I know you don’t like my dad much either, so I’m happy you’re putting that aside to be with me here this year” John smiled at him and Alex thought his heart might stop.
“You’re beautiful..you know that, right?” Alex said and John’s face turning red made him smile some.

“Yeah. Its hard not to know when you tell me every two seconds” John teased.

“No, really Jack. I don’t know why you’re with me sometimes. You’re so perfect and I’m just…me” Alex murmured, using that nickname for John and reaching across to brush his hand against his cheek. John leaned into his touch and his hot skin warmed the cold of Alex’s hand. Alexander was telling the truth, though. Some days he didn’t understand what John saw in him. His hair was rarely really brushed and just pulled back to make it look decent. His nose was a little crooked from the time in college he got it broken in a fight and, against what everyone said, he set it himself instead of paying money he didn’t have to go to the hospital. He had dark circles under his eyes from the lack of sleep he got on a daily basis. He got angry easily and yelled when he was frustrated. He very rarely thought before he spoke leading to a lot of fights between them. He didn’t deserve John, but yet here he was sitting next to him.

“Alex…” John sighed and parked the car once they were in the parking lot of a McDonalds. They were both hungry and had decided to stop for food almost ten minutes ago. John turned to him with a serious look on his face.

“Alexander Hamilton I love you. Do you understand that? I love you because you’re sweet, kind, handsome, and funny. Because you’re such a nerd and don’t realize it half the time. Because you know what to say to make me feel better when I’ve had a bad day. Because you tolerate me when I have a nightmare an pull you away from the little sleep you manage to get at night. Because you look at me like a blind man seeing the night sky for the first time. You make me feel loved and you let me love you just as much and its all I could ever want in my life. I love you. I mean it and it goes so far beyond words.” He said and Alex didn’t give himself any time to think, just leaning over and catching his lips in a needy kiss. He wasnt the best with his emotions and sometimes his anxiety got the best of him and he didn’t like to talk about those feelings..so they build up and up until they pour out like in this moment.

“I love you too..” he breathed out once they parted.

“Hey..” Alex hummed as they were getting out of the car, lacing his fingers together with John’s

“Yeah?” John replied, looking at him curiously.

“Do you love me more than turtles?” Alex asked with a sheepish smile. John rolled his eyes, but chuckled.

“Yes, Al. Even more than turtles” he chuckled out,walking inside with him.

Nervousness had turned to straight anxiety by now, but Alexander was trying to stave it off with some game on his phone. Alex had never met John’s family before in the two years they had been together..though Alex had his reasons. One of these reason, for instance, was because Henry Laurens, Johns father, was very disapproving of their relationship. John and Alex both knew if Henry said anything, that Alex would have words to say afterwards. Before the drive even began, though, Alex promised to hold his tongue. It seemed to make John happy..and if his John was happy then Alex was happy. He was sure things couldn’t be too bad.

He was wrong. He was very wrong. The moment they pulled up, Alex could feel John’s nervousness. Reaching over, he gave his hand a little squeeze before they got out.

“I’ll grab the bags” Alex offered as John popped open the trunk.

“Alright” he sighed and Alex offered him a small smile as he got out.

“Hey Alex?” he heard John ask and he looked back, having just been about to shut the car door.

“Yeah?” he asked and John gave him an anxiety filled smile.

“I love you” he said and Alexander felt his heart flutter, though he could still feel the worry weighing down on him.

“I love you too” he said and shut the door, going around to grab their bags. As he grabbed them he could hear John getting out of the car, then the front door to the large house opening. Now, Alexander knew John had a lot of siblings(a lot being more than one in his eyes), but he had almost forgot that John was the oldest of five until four people left the house, one woman, two teen boys, and a younger(preteen possibly?)girl.

“Jackie!” the youngest squealed, jumping up for a hug, which John happily gave. He didnt seem as nervous as before, Alex noted silently as he shut the trunk. The siblings were chatting happily when Alex wandered over.

“You look a lot calmer now” Alex murmured to him as he stood by him.

“I am” he hummed and sat the younger girl down.

“Martha, James, Henry, Mary, this is my boyfriend Alex” John introduced him and Alex gave a small smile in greeting. The oldest, Martha, gave him a once over before nodding.

“I approve” she said bluntly and John’s face heated some.

“Martha..” he said in a tone of warning and the brother, Henry hummed.

“So you’re doing our brother?” he said and John gave a noise similar to a yelp, covering Mary’s ears.

“Henry, Jesus can you be any less subtle- Don’t answer that” he said and the girl huffed.

“Jack I hear way worse at school” she said and to say the least, Alex liked these kids. Okay, Martha wasnt a kid, but the statement still stood.

“I like your siblings John.” He teased and kissed John’s deeply reddening cheek.

“You’re all terrible. Should be ashamed. I’m never speaking to any of you again. I hate all of you” John muttered and Alex laughed.

“Babe you never stop talking, ever. Hey. James, right? Wanna show me where I can take these bags?” He said, walking on past them as Henry and Martha burst out laughing while John let out a whine of embarrassment. He knew John didn’t mind the teasing, though.

James seemed to be the quiet one seeing as he barely spoke more than a few words the who way to the room. They stopped in front of a door and James opened it so Alex didn’t have to put the bags down.

“Thanks man” Alex said and was about to walk in when James stopped him. He paused and looked at him curiously.

“I havent seen John like this for awhile..happy, I mean. So..um..thanks” he said, voice soft. Alex’s gaze softened and the managed a smile.

“Of course. I’d do anything to make him happy..Hey actually, can I ask a favor. Its for John” he said and sat the bags inside the room.

Alex was resting on the bed about twenty minutes later when John came in, frown on his lips. He sat up immediately, concerned.

“Whats wrong?” he asked and moved to let John sit, wrapping his arms around him once he did.

“Just talked to my dad is all..” John murmured and Alex’s own frowned deepened now.

“Did he say something..?” he asked and John shook his head.

“No..well..kinda. He didn’t say anything directly, but the way he said things..I..ugh. He doesn’t want us in the same room together. ‘Only married couples can sleep in the same bed in my house’ yadda yadda yadda. Its just his old fashioned bullshit. I already told you we cant have sex while we’re here because of that and..god I want to smash my head into the wall sometimes!” John said in exasperation, but Alex could see tears in his eyes.

“Hey..Jack..look at me. It’ll be okay. Its just for tonight and tomorrow we can make up a bullshit excuse to go home after the fireworks. It’ll just be the same as the time you kicked me out of bed for proposing again after sex. Which. I mean it was a sneaky move on my part, but it was still a story to tell people eventually” Alex snickered as John’s eye roll.

“Does that sound okay though?” Alex asked, kissing the corners of his eyes where he could see tears threatening to fall.

“Yeah..that sounds good.” John murmured and pulled him in for a short and soft kiss. Alex leaned back and gave him a grin.

“Ya know..we could get hitched today and sleep in the same room tonight~” Alex purred and yelped as he was pushed from bed.

“Yep, I’m kicking you out. Your room is across the hall, two doors down. Take a shower and brush your hair before dinner. You have about..20 minutes so hurry” John said with a blank look of annoyance. Alex was sure he saw a hint of amusement in his eyes.

“Just saying, baby, its an option” He laughed and ducked out of the room as a pillow was thrown at him. God he loved that man.

Dinner was just as tense as he thought it would be. Alex had done as john asked, showering, using the blow dryer he brought for them to dry his hair, and making sure it was nicely brushed before pulling it back up into his normal ponytail. It looked a lot neater than normal, though. It was an accomplishment in Alex’s eyes at least. John did let him back in the room for about 5 minutes(to which Alex took advantage of with an impromptu makeout session) before they went downstairs for dinner.

“Its nice to meet you sir” Alex said as politely as he could manage, shaking the hand John’s father held out when the older man greeted him.

“I’m Alexander, John’s partner” he said, using the term as John had suggested. John said his dad might not seem as uncomfortable than if he used ‘boyfriend’. It seemed to work..or Alex just assumed it worked.

“Its nice to meet you as well, Alexander” Henry Sr. had a tone that held authority and every bone in Alex’s body despised tones like that. Nonetheless, he kept his smile until his hand was released, moving to sit next to John.

“Across the table, if you will” Johns father stopped him and, despite every fiber of his being telling him to sit next to his lover, he politely went and sat across from John. John looked upset, but Alex, the sly man he was, reached his foot across the way to rub his leg in a comforting manner. John gave a barely noticeable jump, but looked at him incredulously before giving a small smile. Not much talk happened during dinner, Alex trying to keep himself quiet for once in his life as they ate.

“So, what is it you do for a living, Alexander” Henry Sr. said and Alex swallowed his bite of food before replying.

“I work at the New York Times, sir. I plan on going to school for my law degree, though. I have plans on being a lawyer” he replied smoothly, covering his nervousness with his charm.

“A lawyer. Thats good money” the other man hummed and Alex nodded.

“It is. Although I am simply aiming to help people, the pay is a plus” he said and continued eating. Whatever it was that Henry was looking for, Alex seemed to have given him his answer. Though his exterior looked calm and collected, his knee was bouncing nervously under the table. He wished John was next to him, holding his hand, giving him words of comfort. Dinner was almost over, though, so he could bear it a little longer.

Once dinner did end, Alex was able to relax as himself and John walked back upstairs.

“Ya know what you should do?” Alex murmured to him and John sighed, but smiled

“What, Alex?” he asked and laughed softly as Alex snaked an arm around his waist.

“You should come back to my room for a shower~” he purred and John pushed away his head as he tried to nuzzle his neck.

“You’re terrible. You already took a shower today. If you want another one, take it by yourself” John chuckled and Alex pouted.

“So cruel. My heart. It has shattered” Alex said dramatically and smiled at John’s laughter.

“Go to bed lover boy. If you lay down now you might get a decent amount of sleep tonight” John said as he moved away from Alex and want to his door.

“I’ll see you in the morning..” John said and Alex could tell he didn’t want to go yet. Walking over, he kissed his forehead.

“No different than when you kicked me out of bed. It’ll be okay. If you need anything just text me and I’ll sneak over. We can be like rebellious teenagers again” Alex murmured with a chuckled, giving him one more kiss before going to his room.

It was safe to say Alex didn’t sleep that night.

In total he possibly got around 3 hours of sleep, worried that John might need something. He would keep waking up and checking his phone, but there was never anything from him. Maybe it was his anxiety. Actually..thats exactly what it was.

He was at least woken up by a pretty site. John was straddling him, pressing soft kisses to his neck.

“Well hello there. Whats a sweet country boy like yourself doing in my bed. Didn’t your father raise you better than this” He laughed sleepily, but tilted his head back. He felt John smile against his neck and he chuckled at the gentle nip he got.

“Obviously not well enough” John replied and leaned back.

“Get up now, we’re going out. I’m going to show you around Charleston and then we’re going to the beach” John said and Alex let his hand rest on John’s hip.

“I’m into any kind of day that has you being shirtless in it” Alex said, and John rolled his eyes, but smirked.

“Heel, boy. My brothers are coming with us to the beach. I promised I’d take them” John said and got off him.

“No one else is up yet, though..so..I dont see why we can’t get a quick shower in~” John said, his voice lowering as he sauntered off the the smaller bathroom attached to the bedroom.

Alex was surely awake now.

An awkward breakfast came and went before Alex and John were able to leave the house. John had drove them around, showing him some places he used to hang out as a kid, his old school, they got lunch at a local place that John used to go to a lot when he lived there, they madeout in the bathroom. It was a good day so far. Well..as good as a day could be with people giving you and your boyfriend looks. The only real highlight was when they went back to the house and get ready to go to the beach. The younger boys were already ready when they arrived and urged them to hurry so they could get there sooner. Alex and John were both laughing with Henry Jr. took it upon himself to physically push them to make them move faster.

Finally they were off and at the already crowded beach in no time. It was still nice. Alex had been to the beach before when he was younger, but up north with John…well..the water was a bit colder and Alex didn’t do cold water.

“You coming?” John asked and Alex was pulled from his thoughts, looking over only to have the sight of John in all his shirtless glory grace his eyes.

“Can I tell you again how beautiful you are” Alex said and John snickered.

“Come on the boys already left to find us a spot. Lose the shirt and lets go” He said and Alex smiled some, stripping his shirt off and tossing it in the backseat for now. Now, Alex was by no means as fit as John, but he wasnt over weight either. He had a bit of chub on his stomach and had no shame about it…but, sometimes, he did wonder if John would like it if he was a bit thinner. Those thoughts were always very quickly dashed as John turned and looked at him. He looked at him the way he looked at John.

“Well hey there, sexy. You come here often. Don’t answer, I already know you dont, because Ive never seen someone as hot as you at a place like this” John winked and Alex laughed.

“And you call me a nerd. Come on Romeo lets see if your brothers found a decent spot for us” Alex said as he took John’s hand in his, kissing his cheek as they walked off to find the two boys.
They spent most of their time at the beach that day. John and Alex went for a few dips in the water, built a sand castle with Henry, and Alex even conspired with the two brothers to cover John in sand when he dosed off on their towel. All and all it was a really good day. It was getting closer and closer to evening, though and the family was apparently having this big fourth of July barbecue that they all had to go get ready for. Honestly, Alex was getting nervous again. He was dressed pretty casual like John said, but it wasnt the barbecue itself that had him nervous. It was his own plans.

“You excited for the fireworks?” John asked and Alex hummed.

“Yeah. They any good down here?” he asked teasingly and John chuckled.

“You’ll see” he said as they made their way down stairs. Alex and John both set out to help get everything ready for tonight. They had to split up, but Alex didn’t really mind all that much. Talking with Martha as they set up things out in the backyard was good on his nervousness.

“It’ll be fine” she said and Alex jumped when he heard John’s voice

“What’ll be?” he asked and Alex smiled nervously.

“Just worried about meeting more people. Martha told me a lot of people from the neighborhood were coming over..” he said and John seemed to believe him.

“It’ll be fine. If they say anything I’ll personally punch them for your honor” he said with a wink and Alex scoffed.

“Yeah, I see that happening” he said and though his tone was sarcastic, they both knew that John could and would fight someone over Alex..and Alex would do the same for him.

“It’ll be okay, hun. I promise” John said and kissed his cheek. Alex smiled and nodded.


Almost a half an hour passed before people started to show up. It was time for pleasantries again. He let John introduce him to people, blatantly ignoring the looks some gave them and trying to calm his nerves as it was getting dark. He ate with John out in the yard while everyone else was mingling.

“You know? This day hasnt been half bad” Alex hummed and John nodded, looking at the night sky above them as he leaned against Alex.

“Mm..I think its about time for the fireworks to start. We can always seem them real good from here.” John hummed and Alex gulped. Well..now or never, he supposed.

“Hey John. Mind standing up with me for a minute” he said and John looked at him curiously, but nodded, getting up from where they had been sitting. He could see Johns siblings from across the yard getting up and moving to a better spot to watch. Not the sky, but them.

“John. I love you. I love you more than words could ever describe. When I met you I had nothing. I had a shitty apartment barely big enough for myself. I was working a job that barely paid enough to feed myself every day. I was nothing. Then we bumped into eachother at that bar and you spilled your drink on me..and suddenly, I had everything.” Others had stopped what they were doing to watch as well, but Alex paid them zero attention.

“I didn’t care anymore if I had money, I didn’t care if I had a roof over my head. You were..are the light of my life. The reason I get out of bed. The reason I live and breath. I would give up anything…everything for you. I dont need the sun, I have your smile. I dont need the stars, I have your eyes. I dont need the world or anyone in it..because I have the privilege to see your face every morning. I get to hold your hand. I get to kiss your lips. I couldn’t imagine spending a single hour- no, second without you by my side. John Laurens..would you make me the happiest man in this universe and give me the upmost honor..to marry you” He said as he pulled the small box from his pocket and slipped down to one knee. He opened it and he could hear John’s breath hitch in the silence around him. The ring might not have seemed special to anyone else, but the turtle who’s shell was filled with Garnet and Opal pieces was very special to the couple. It was a ring he saw John look at the month before. It was the ring he had jokingly asked John about. He had asked if he got John that ring, if he would say yes….and John said in laughter that the likelihood of that was high.

“Alex…” John breathed out and Alexander looked at him. John was crying.

“How many times have you asked me now?” he asked and Alex gulped.

“This time makes fifty-one..” he managed out and John sniffled.

“You really were keeping count…you big..” he rubbed his eyes.

“You big nerd..I can’t turn you down now. Fifty seems like a good stopping point of rejections” John said and Alex could hear his heart thumping as his hands shook lightly.

“Is that a yes, then..?” he said, his voice shaking some.

He got his answer when John dropped to his knee’s and kissed him. He ignored the cheers from John’s friends and siblings. He didn’t care. All he cared about was John. They only separated when the loud boom of a firework startled them enough to make them clash teeth painfully.

“Romantic” Alex murmured and looked up at the sky.

“Yeah. Cheesy and a little painful, but romantic” John murmured in reply. They sat together there and spoke to a few people who came by to congratulate them, enjoying the fireworks.

“I love you Alexander Hamilton” John said softly to him as he watched colors dance in the sky.

“I love you too..soon to be John Hamilton” Alex replied and smiled as John pressed a kiss to his lips.