henry because of reasons

I really don’t understand why everyone makes out Bendy to be someone who’s trying to kill you.

Like, there’s no evidence for him wanting to make you dead. In fact there’s more evidence of him just messing with the player than anything: placing cardboard cutouts behind the player without being noticed, teasing the player by waving a cutout of himself in front of the player, etc.

It’s almost like he’s being the goofy cartoon that he is.

Even when you finally see him there’s no malice involved. Bendy just looks around then disappears.

Also, maybe the reason he traps Henry here is because Bendy needs his help with something.

Bringing Boris back to life maybe?


add maggie stiefvater to the list of writers i owe a formal apology


Why ARE so many the larger male engines in Thomas the Tank Engine so… oddly attractive-looking?

They’re not typical cutesy kids show characters. 

Look at their big, sensitive eyes.  Their defined lips.

Who the hell would they be trying to appeal to with this kind of thing? The moms who have to watch the show with their kids?  The fairly small portion of the older fanbase that isn’t a straight male?

Maybe I’m out of my mind and it’s just elements of the model series carried over to CGI.

But, still, I want to know the reasoning behind this.


reign + parks & recreation

i am kind of sad that claude wasn’t around on reign when king henry was still alive, because for some reason i feel very sure that henry would just dote upon her and find her antics completely delightful (a la mona lisa saperstein and her pa on parks & rec), and it would drive catherine 200% – nay, 300% – crazy [x]

Killian doing some mock sword fighting with Henry hits me on so many levels because one of the reasons Captain Cobra is so beautiful too me is because of how it connects to Baelfire. Killian is a link for Henry to his father. Killian knows things about Neal that Emma and Rumple don’t, he had a different relationship with him and I have zero doubt that Bae and Hook used to spar or mock sword fight. I don’t think Killian gave Neal all of his sword fighting training he probably picked the basics up other places. We know that after Rumple became the Dark One nobody would spar with Bae for fear of hurting him and becoming escargot. And we know that Hook gave him a cutlass and that Bae felt confident enough with it to challenge Hook directly when he discovered who he was. 

So imagine this brave kid who wasn’t allowed to get a skinned knee around his father being presented with a cutlass because he was a pirate and expected to defend himself. And then imagine Hook patiently teaching him and smiling proudly as Bae perfected a move. And imagine how for all these years those memories have been tainted by the betrayal that followed. Every time Killian thought of them he was reminded of just how low he sunk for his revenge. But now those painful memories can bring happiness once again because they can help Henry connect with his father. Help him discover the parts of him that are also a part of his dad. But at the same time Killian gets to make up, in a small way, for abandoning Bae. He gets to make sure that Bae’s son isn’t abandoned and that he knows about his father. 

And that’s what is so beautiful because Killian is a link for Henry but Henry is also a link for Killian.

“How did you escape?”

“He let me go. Because he didn’t want me. He wanted a boy.”

   As heart breaking as the line was, I’ve come to notice something (which has probably already been discussed), but essentially it’s regarding Wendy’s and Henry’s hearts. Wendy stated she was released of her own free will because she wasn’t wanted. Which is true: Pan doesn’t want Wendy, he wants Henry; the truest believer. Why? Because, for some reason the writers did not give, it grants him immortality or solidifies the shadow’s power (or whatever). But it’s also safe to say that the more appropriate term could be ‘need’ even though it can be used to justify a want for something. However, as Tink later said that no one entered or left Neverland without Pan’s permission which means he was fine when Wendy arrived regardless of whether or not he wanted / needed her to be there. Why was she was approached by the shadow in the first place, is the point of my post.

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