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add maggie stiefvater to the list of writers i owe a formal apology


Brother’s Best Friend - Dylan O’Brien [Smut] (Teen AU)

Author: @writing-obrien

Character(S): Dylan O’Brien/Reader, Brother!Tyler Posey, Daniel Sharman

Word Count: 3153

Notes: Fingering, Oral (female receiving), shower sex, this is much shorter than my usual works - excluding my first two or three works - and it didn’t really take the direction I had originally intended, but it’s cute and I was in a cute mood, let me live. Huge thanks to @stilinski-jpeg​ for her help on proofreading this. She’s my #SinTwin and I don’t know where I would be without her, I love you, Nia!! We all know how much I love drummer!Dylan so lets go fucking overdrive.

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Hey there Squiggly? I'm curious about something. Did Meatly make it an official canon that Henry left the studio to go do service in military, or is that just widely accepted fanon? I can't find a source for it so I was wondering if you might know.

That’s just widely accepted fanon, I think!  TheMeatly hasn’t indicated one way or another why Henry ever left the studio. :O


reign + parks & recreation

i am kind of sad that claude wasn’t around on reign when king henry was still alive, because for some reason i feel very sure that henry would just dote upon her and find her antics completely delightful (a la mona lisa saperstein and her pa on parks & rec), and it would drive catherine 200% – nay, 300% – crazy [x]

Why ARE so many the larger male engines in Thomas the Tank Engine so… oddly attractive-looking?

They’re not typical cutesy kids show characters. 

Look at their big, sensitive eyes.  Their defined lips.

Who the hell would they be trying to appeal to with this kind of thing? The moms who have to watch the show with their kids?  The fairly small portion of the older fanbase that isn’t a straight male?

Maybe I’m out of my mind and it’s just elements of the model series carried over to CGI.

But, still, I want to know the reasoning behind this.

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bendy wouldn't be so upset over henry having left if he didn't care about him, hmmmmm?

Well, the toons weren’t ALIVE when Henry left.  They have memories of who they were on the screen, and a vague sense of attachment to their creators… but they’ve been told all sorts of things by Joey.

In other words: the reason Bendy feels so betrayed by Henry is because A: he’s a creator, therefore Bendy feels like he ought to be able to love the old man as he would any kind creator and B: because Joey told them that Henry (and the others) were NOT kind creators, that they didn’t really care about their creations at all.

In a weird sort of way, I guess you could say Bendy sees Henry as a sort of deadbeat dad, who wasn’t there when he should’ve been.


Margaret had once had command of Henry, when he was a boy, and the grandchild who would heed her, not the King who would march away from her in billows of impetuous anger and frustration. It was as if all those constant jousts he delighted in had begun to damage his head and his logic. But now she saw the greatest ruin of all, and no matter the pleas she had made, the arguments she gave, the proof she provided, Henry had broke with God himself and with each day it seemed a new house of God was torn apart, burned, wrecked, ruined….and Margaret was not certain her soul could take it. 

And it was all for a woman, when he had a woman already, a wife, a Queen, the Mother of his heir. But Henry wanted sons. She had tried to tell him that God sends what we need not what we want; Margaret had hoped as a child to have as large a brood as her own Mother, though in her childish mind, she had believed children simply appeared, delivered by God’s angels, but God had seen fit only to give her one, and Henry had been what she had needed, all she had needed. Was Mary not the same for her grandson? He was too blinded by men’s lust to see it. May God forgive him. 

“But you cannot think the marriage would be accepted?” Margaret challenged, when she finally chanced to have the girl alone. She was pretty, very pretty, with eyes so dark that they easily mesmerised with a glance. She was intelligent also, well schooled, well presented…in different circumstances Margaret might have found her only a pleasure. “What God has brought together no man can tear asunder, not even a King, not even my Grandson. Do you not fear for your soul with this union? That God will find it false and strike you out for it?”

That God might strike us all out for it, she added silently.


“Pan! You know this can’t happen!” You argued.

“Why though?” He questioned you, “we could be happy!”

“Because I have Emma and Henry now!” You gave your reason, “You don’t truly love me anyways.”

“But, I do,”

idk i think the reason i like henry cavill’s clark kent is because he’s so soft. like he’s just so soft, and kind, and caring. he cares SO MUCH. and he isn’t scared to cry or scream or feel vulnerable. and yet none of that negates his power. i just think he’s very important okay

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I have a hope that the reason Henry goes crazy on Maggie B is because he blames her for the pain he has caused Lizzie with her plan on pretending to be cheating and then it escalates to a whole bigger thing

then, it would be once again blaming a woman for the terrible things that a man did. lmao *FEMINISM*
but yes… tbh… i would like to see this happening ;)